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#1 25,398 56,598
I am one of the 7 billion human beings alive today. We each have a responsibility to think about humanity and the good of the world because it affects our own future. We weren鈥檛 born on this planet at this time to create problems but to bring about some benefit.
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#2 28,631 82,299
Yup, I鈥檓 Muriel Bowser, mayor of Washington DC, the local politician who finally got thru to the reality star in the White House with the realities ($21.6M) of parades/events/demonstrations in Trump America (sad).
The local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly) know a windfall when they see it. When asked to give us a price for holding a great celebratory military parade, they wanted a number so ridiculously high that I cancelled it. Never let someone hold you up! I will instead...
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13,659 56,780
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#3 22,251 76,483
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#4 27,021 77,151
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#5 32,436 67,686
An ex-college pitcher coached a team for 12-year olds. He got tired of parents yelling at the kids for making outs, he made the dads take BP against him. He embarrassed them. 鈥淣ow you know how hard this game is!鈥 he said to the dads. 鈥淪o stop yelling at the kids!鈥 #bestofalltim
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#7 14,968 48,277
i love you hello and happy sweetener day i am screaming
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#8 23,444 110,827
Wait for it. 馃憖
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#9 16,523 32,410
How does a politician, Cuomo, known for pushing people and businesses out of his state, not to mention having the highest taxes in the U.S., survive making the statement, WE鈥橰E NOT GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, IT WAS NEVER THAT GREAT? Which section of the sentence is worse?
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#10 15,893 57,062
Wow! Big pushback on Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York for his really dumb statement about America鈥檚 lack of greatness. I have already MADE America Great Again, just look at the markets, jobs, military- setting records, and we will do even better. Andrew 鈥渃hoked鈥 badly, mistake!
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#11 13,349 52,765
Tem Meng茫o na Sele莽茫o! Parab茅ns, Lucas Paquet谩! 馃憦馃徑鈿煍
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#12 15,797 35,242
The true reason why Waluigi isn't in Smash.
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#13 10,273 29,085
FOSHO ! * MOOD ! *
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#14 11,828 34,118
The local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly) know a windfall when they see it. When asked to give us a price for holding a great celebratory military parade, they wanted a number so ridiculously high that I cancelled it. Never let someone hold you up! I will instead...
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#15 13,659 56,780
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#16 9,834 21,791
It borders on scandalous how the media treats what Trump did to Brennan鈥攁nd now implies he'll shortly do to others鈥攁 *political* move.

In fact, these are *witnesses against him in a federal case*鈥攁nd he's trying to intimidate and silence them. This is a *crime*. RT if you agree.
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#17 11,328 13,176
Watch this and wait for the punchline. He said, in shock and desperation 鈥淵ou鈥檙e treating me like a fucking Black person.鈥

Think on that for a moment. With all of this going on, that鈥檚 what came to his mind. Police brutality, to him, is something reserved for Black folk.
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#18 12,818 17,465
Just announced, youth unemployment is at a 50 year low! @foxandfriends
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#19 14,236 62,203
The U.S. has more than double the growth rate than it had 18 months ago.
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#20 13,983 59,219
鈥淵ou鈥檙e treating me like a f*cking black persooooooooon鈥! 馃槱
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#21 14,342 17,786

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#22 17,496 29,691
Anything else y鈥檃ll would like to tell me? I got time.
I was today years old when I found out the bottom of a Gatorade frost bottle is made to hold the cap 馃槻
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612 1,267
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#23 11,316 25,505
When a politician admits that 鈥淲e鈥檙e not going to make America great again,鈥 there doesn鈥檛 seem to be much reason to ever vote for him. This could be a career threatening statement by Andrew Cuomo, with many wanting him to resign-he will get higher ratings than his brother Chris!
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#24 13,935 53,172
鉁 #閵榄2鉁屄犲ぇ銉掋儍銉堜笂鏄犱腑鉁

銆銆銆 銆閰嶄俊涓


鈻犲嚭婕 #灏忔牀鏃 #鑿呯敯灏嗘殙 #姗嬫湰鐠板 #鏌虫ソ鍎讥 #涓夋郸鏄ラΜ #鍚夋并浜 #鍕濆湴娑 #鎴稿绱旇泊 #浣愯棨浜屾湕 #绂忕敯闆勪竴 鐩g潱鈥
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#25 10,738 6,900
Tomorrow Kodak Black Is A Free Man
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#26 8,020 17,886
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#27 11,904 27,429


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#28 11,332 49,632
Isn鈥檛 a 鈥渃oordinated effort鈥 by 350 newspaper editors media collusion aimed at swaying our elections?

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#29 8,379 19,097
銉勩儍銈炽倎銇般亜銇勪竴浣 from 銇┿亾銉
銇┿仯銇嬨仹鑱炪亜銇燂紵12銈ゃ兂銉 銈点儢銉儫銉娿儷馃搥

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#30 14,154 21,176
nao tem um sentimento pior do que vc sentir nojo por algu茅m, acho que nem 贸dio supera
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#31 9,901 13,122
銉€兗銉嬨兂銈板銆'18 椋鏄ヨ彍銇崚妤伀闁€仚銈嬨亰鐭ャ倝銇
#morningmusume18 #椋鏄ヨ彍
#32 10,100 8,294
Kerala is facing its worst flood in 100 years. 80 dams opened, 324 lives lost and 223139 people are in about 1500+ relief camps. Your help can rebuild the lives of the affected. Donate to
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#33 9,699 11,402
....attend the big parade already scheduled at Andrews Air Force Base on a different date, & go to the Paris parade, celebrating the end of the War, on November 11th. Maybe we will do something next year in D.C. when the cost comes WAY DOWN. Now we can buy some more jet fighters!
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#34 11,433 49,253
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#35 7,242 56,649
Acho que consegui rs 馃憣馃徔
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#36 8,601 26,905
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#37 13,214 44,240
In speaking with some of the world鈥檚 top business leaders I asked what it is that would make business (jobs) even better in the U.S. 鈥淪top quarterly reporting & go to a six month system,鈥 said one. That would allow greater flexibility & save money. I have asked the SEC to study!
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#38 12,333 52,783
I send my condolences to the Indian families who have lost their loved ones in the recent floods. I also send my condolences to the family of former Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee. He was a true friend of Israel.
Israel stands with India during this time of hardship. 馃嚠馃嚤馃嚠馃嚦
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#39 8,512 22,297
So happy av finally mastered a handstand
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#40 6,715 24,707
Once again @RickyGervais gets it spot on when it comes to his views on trophy hunters!

"Well done. You managed to shoot a stationery, 14 foot peaceful creature with a high velocity rifle. Very sporting 馃槧!!"

馃毇Please RT if you want a GLOBAL ban on #TrophyHunting NOW! 馃毇
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#41 7,464 4,522

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#42 10,644 51,680
When people stay silent, they're guilty. Let that show you who someone's true character really is.
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#43 7,129 45,406
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊12
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#44 1,347 1,051
Its not easy asking for help. But I have no choice. Please provide me with any advice on how to get the father of my child behind bars #justice. I'm afraid the police are not taking this matter seriously. SOS
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#45 5,495 3,272
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#46 9,102 17,883
White folks know the system is racist. They just don鈥檛 care until it starts treating them like us.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e treating me like a f*cking black persooooooooon鈥! 馃槱
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14,342 17,786
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#47 10,817 17,081
Wade definitely playing one more year now just to try and dunk on Jimmy
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#48 6,714 21,697
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#49 6,682 21,883
Emanuel Emenike, a Nigerian football player, divorced his wife who was a former Miss Nigeria 2017 to marry Miss Nigeria 2018.
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#50 7,466 17,405
Leaving for Kerala to take stock of the flood situation in the state.
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#51 8,014 38,595
One year ago today I uploaded my first video onto YouTube. What an incredible year it鈥檚 been.
I feel tremendously grateful and humbled by this journey. Thank you to all of you who have supported me since this very first upload. Thank you @charliekirk11 for taking a chance on me.
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#52 7,170 22,166
In a week that Gavin McInnes鈥 who has NEVER tweeted ANYTHING racist鈥 gets kicked off of this platform, @sarahjeong who wishes that 60% of this country was forced to live underground based on the color of their skin receives a verification.

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#53 5,471 12,757
Meanwhile at Turf Moor last night...馃槀 #twitterclarets #BurnleyFC @TurfMoorLoyal
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#54 5,477 10,297
Whoa. Whatever you do, seriously, do not under any circumstances retweet this video I found of @IvankaTrump and @realDonaldTrump doing business in the Middle East with Putin鈥檚 business partner. It could get Immoral Ivanka and Dirty Donald in deep trouble.
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#55 7,270 5,493
Publicidade feita corretamente.
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#56 8,173 15,248
Profesyonel futbolcu Emre Akbaba'n谋n Kul眉b眉m眉ze transferi konusunda, futbolcu ve kul眉b眉 Aytemiz Alanyaspor Kul眉b眉 Derne臒i ile resmi g枚r眉艧melere ba艧lanm谋艧t谋r.
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#57 6,831 28,531
that鈥檚 hot
sweetener is #1 91 countries and counting @ArianaGrande
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3,549 14,751
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#58 7,380 50,686
We were just sitting in dead silence and James screams 鈥淎LRIGHT SISTERS today鈥檚 brand new video is finally UP鈥

Aghh we almost drove off the road wtf
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#59 5,040 43,318

鍙镐細銈掋伃銇氥伩銇倓銈夈仜銈嬬暘绲勩仯銇︺倛銇忚冦亪銇熴倝銇欍仈銇勭暘绲勩仩銇綖( C銉>
#60 7,930 26,158
DJ绀鹃暦銆愩儸銉氥偧銉冲湴鐞冦戙伄涓伄浜衡槤( 鈼犫库棤 )鈽
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#61 8,278 41,837
All we want is our Land.
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#62 3,679 8,666
O Pedro vai te pegar! 馃幍 Junto com os companheiros de time, #P9 assistiu 脿 convoca莽茫o antes do embarque para o Brasil e se emocionou quando Tite mencionou seu nome na lista de convocados. #P9Sele莽茫o 馃嚙馃嚪
 Media Studiopt
#63 4,953 12,399
銆愬叕寮忋99.9 S鈪鎰熻瑵寰$ぜ
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#64 8,948 28,209
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊
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#65 696 900
These bro memes are magical.
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#67 7,346 12,216
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊5
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#68 761 923
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊7
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#69 791 984
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊3
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#70 719 962
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊6
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#71 681 763
Ahahaha I leave you that I keep the world cup #itscominghome 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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#72 4,114 14,708
Radical liberal Andrew Cuomo thinking he can win a messaging war about how awful America is, is probably the dumbest political strategy in modern American history.
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#73 5,466 16,380
Atal Ji, you will live on in the hearts and minds of every Indian.

No words can ever do justice to your rich contribution towards the making of our country.
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#74 7,173 28,972
When people apologize to me sincerely, I accept it. It鈥檚 really never too late to right your wrongs. Love.
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#75 6,602 20,966
My 3D re-imagining of what Homer Simpson would look like in real life.
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#76 5,669 16,174
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#77 9,512 20,849
銇俱伒銇俱伒锛9/5 AtR銈€儷銉愩儬銆庛偆銈躲儕銉儸銉堛儵銉欍儵銉笺
( 麓锝ハ夛渐)銇勩仾銇
( 麓锝)銇勩仾銇
( 麓) 銇傘倢锛
( )銇裤倱銇
(` )銇┿亾锛
(锝 )銇撱仯銇°伀銈
(锝ハ夛渐` )銇傘倢锛
( 麓锝ハ夛渐)銇┿亾
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#78 7,812 52,195
Lookin鈥 in the mirror, that鈥檚 the only bitch I depend on 馃拝馃徎馃拝馃徎
#79 6,019 27,955
NO. NO. And NO. @sarahjeong has a series of tweets that are SO pointedly racist, I was immediately suspended from twitter for recreating them.

Twitter acknowledges that these tweets are AGAINST their guidelines.

Why the HELL did they just verify her account?

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#80 6,898 16,874
By embracing God鈥檚 love, we change the world and transform history.
#81 6,877 28,825
Dwayne Wade first team all defense @MickstapeShow
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#82 5,529 20,343
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊11
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#84 1,152 1,145
19姝炽伄鏅傘伀銆宼ime goes by 銆嶃仺銇勩亞妤芥洸銇綔瑭炪倰銇曘仜銇﹂爞銇勩仸銇勩仸銆
time goes by銈傛并灞辫伌銇勩仸銇汇仐銇勩仾銉笺
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#85 8,748 37,763
que nojo puta que pariu algu茅m prende esse marginal
o motivo pelo qual a interpol esta atras de mim
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1,048 7,085
 Twitter for iPhonept
#86 7,621 15,508
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#87 9,803 51,394
 Twitter for iPhoneja
#88 7,963 24,331

 Twitter for iPhoneja
#89 5,549 13,751
What Trump and his friends in the fossil fuel industry are doing is criminal.
 Media Studioen
#90 4,132 9,435
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊2
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#91 686 894
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊8
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#92 676 756
Again, this is a CRIME.

Do NOT call this a political move or political calculation. It is a CRIME. The crime is WITNESS TAMPERING. You can't do it. People go to prison for it. Attorneys must SPEAK OUT now. His INTENT was published on Twitter. This is the ACT. And it's CRIMINAL.
BREAKING: Trump says he expects to 'quickly' revoke security clearance for Justice Department official whose wife worked for Trump dossier firm
877 858
 Twitter Web Clienten
#93 6,130 10,702
賱丕賷賰+乇賽鬲賵賷鬲+囟賷賮賳賷+爻賵賷 賮賵賱賵 賲賳 丕賱乇鬲賵賷鬲貙賵丌囟賲賳 賱賰 丕賰孬乇 賲賳 佟佶贍 賲鬲丕亘毓 賮賷 伲贍 丿賯賷賯丞.鈥⒇顿娰佡堌 亘毓囟.丕賯賵賶 丿毓賲
賱丕鬲賳爻賶 鬲囟賷賮賳賷馃馃徎鉂わ笍馃敟馃悊9
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#94 716 740
"Cebinizi de臒il g枚nl眉n眉z眉 doyursun Galatasaray."
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#95 4,816 22,463
mood :鈥) gonna to cry all day lol. thank you for your warmth. thank you for listening and hearing me. happy sweetener day and i love you.
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#96 7,093 33,354
Hugo Souza tamb茅m vai defender a Sele莽茫o. Parab茅ns, Garoto do Ninho! 馃憦馃徑鈿煍
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#97 6,574 19,327
 Twitter Web Clientja
#98 6,023 12,859
Everyone in Kerala, please be safe and stay indoors as much as you can. Hope the situation recovers soon. Also, thanking the Indian army and NDRF for their incredible support in this critical condition. Stay strong and stay safe.
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#99 5,269 34,688
This owl was stuck when construction workers came along to save him 鈥 and they can鈥檛 stop saying how pretty he is 馃挒
 Media Studioen
#100 4,626 14,607

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We show the top tweets based upon the current retweet activity, so the original tweet may be hours or even days old (we limit it to 2x the period shown). In this way you can see what tweets are the most popular now, and have been created recently..

Are the results filtered in anyway?

We remove spam, bot and other unnatural activity using our own proprietry filtering tools, along with any tweets Twitter have marked as being potentially NSFW. There may still be some inappropriate tweets come through though, so please feel free to Let us know if you think there is content here that should not be

How do you deal with bots artificially promoting tweets?

Similar to removing spam tweets, we also will ignore any individual retweets from known bots when calculating a tweet's rank. In this way you can get a better idea of the real importance of a tweet, and not one influenced by artificial means. We are continually refining our process to improve the quality of results, and if you see anything you don't think should be present, please Let us know.

How do I find top tweets for my topic/language/country/state/city?

You can use our analytics tool to do complex analysis to get top tweets based upon a huge range of criteria. If you require something different, then please contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

How often is this information updated?

This data is updated every minute for the hourly data through to every half hour for the 24 hour results

Why aren't there 100 top tweets shown?

Sometimes there just isn't enough good tweets going around the globe, particularly when the Americas and Europe is mostly asleep, and for shorter time frames like 1 hour. We could include 100, but we figure you probably don't want to see 73 'top tweets' that are actually just bot induced spam.

Why are there some uncommon languages listed?

Determining the exact language of a tweet can be tricky. We try to use as many signals as possible to get tweets categorised correctly, but given the compact nature of Twitter there just isn't enough information to do it accurately all the time, and so unfortunately we can get it wrong sometimes. However someones there are some less common languages that are genuine top tweets, so we make sure we don't filter those out to ensure that when the less represented languages do have a popular tweet, we do give it appropraite presence.

Where can I find top tweets for my city/country?

Our local pages provide detail on current trends and top tweets for countries and cities across the globe.

Where can I find more top tweets containing videos, images, specific links or other or for my particular area of interest?

We can create custom solutions with more detail, more content and over different timeframes. Please contact us with details of what you are looking for.

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