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@BigHitEnt | 17,316,939 followers
#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_BE Concept Photo
@JoeBiden | 11,224,420 followers
Trump: Biden will "listen to the scientists" if elected
@B_hundred_Hyun | 4,916,695 followers
@pledis_17 | 5,930,275 followers
SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) 'HOME;RUN' Official MV

#Semicolon #세미콜론
@davido | 7,960,926 followers
They have started hiring thugs to pose as protesters!!! E no go work!!! #EndSARS
@D4VEKAT | 1,495 followers
@TXT_members | 5,967,158 followers
어무니 아부지 결혼기념일 축하해요🥰❤️
@YourAnonCentral | 6,027,710 followers
Stop asking for money, go ask for justice. Focus. #EndSARS
@davido | 7,960,750 followers
Governors please tell THE PRESIDENT THE TRUTH !!!! PLEASE !!!! WTF
@pledis_17 | 5,930,368 followers
[17'S 원우] 구름이 많이 낌
@HelloSemiloore | 31,422 followers
A prisoner escaped in Benin today and said he’s been in prison since 2014 but he’s wearing this seasons Arsenal jersey #EndSARS
@ENHYPEN_members | 1,166,822 followers
나설마 감성에 젖어있나??😏😏

@billboardcharts | 1,369,326 followers
The #Hot100 top 10 (chart dated Oct. 24, 2020)
@B_hundred_Hyun | 4,916,689 followers
탈색 총 6번!! 근데 머리안아파두!!
@davido | 7,961,664 followers
Unity strength FAITH!!!!! #REFORMNIGERIA 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
@mrmacaronii | 592,823 followers
Take Responsibility!!!! #EndSARS
@davido | 7,962,722 followers
Prisoner with potbelly lol ok
@treasuremembers | 928,310 followers
#JIHOON #지훈 #ジフン
Those INMATES in Benin were ILLEGALLY released by authorities!! Just to SABOTAGE THE PEACEFUL PROTEST! we are not fools!!❌
@pledis_17 | 5,930,538 followers
[17'S 디노] D-day💖💙
@realDonaldTrump | 87,305,379 followers
GREAT news! New government of Sudan, which is making great progress, agreed to pay $335 MILLION to U.S. terror victims and families. Once deposited, I will lift Sudan from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. At long last, JUSTICE for the American people and BIG step for Sudan!
@JulsOnIt | 88,037 followers
Africa is not underdeveloped... it’s over exploited
@ENHYPEN_members | 1,166,855 followers

오늘 연습도 잘 끝냈어요!!😄

푸~욱 주무세요!!😊

🦮, 🦅, 🐧
@JYPETWICE | 6,420,793 followers
원스, 트와이스 5주년 축하해 💝
ONCE, TWICE Happy 5th Anniversary 💝

앞으로도 지금처럼 손잡고 함께 걸어가요.
Let's stay together WITH our hands in hand like we always have.

#ONCE #원스 #TWICE #트와이스 #TWICE_5thanniversary #ONCEWITHTWICE
@zeezish_ | 32,176 followers
No President is emerging from either of APC and PDP in 2023. Hope I'm communicating??
@BullofJohn | 21,219 followers
The thugs didn't break into the prison. The prisoners were released illegally by authorities to pin it on the protesters.

Don't mistake it for the other. #EndSARS
@fisayosoyombo | 86,603 followers
As someone who lived eight days in prison as an inmate during an undercover investigation, I can tell you that it is NOT possible for unarmed protesters or hoodlums to break into a prison in Edo State or elsewhere and set inmates free.

Ko possible, sir.
@mrmacaronii | 591,666 followers
How difficult can it be for the government to meet the demands of the Nigerian Youths and create a better and enabling Nation for prosperity??
This tactic of creating chaos to cause distraction and confusion is shameless!!! #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
@B_hundred_Hyun | 4,916,615 followers
확실히 겨울느낌!
@billy_marsal | 10,171 followers
Soooo... that’s me. THE FIRST HIJABI ON PLT!!! Still so wild to me 😩😩🔥🔥🔥💕💕
@Cyrus_ThaVirus | 15,366 followers
I want to categorically state this: THERE'S NO BENIN CITY #ENDSARS PROTESTERS ON THE STREETS!We're NOT at airport road. Its been hijacked to push a stupid agenda. We all backed out!whoever is on the streets are street urchins/sponsored thugs

#EndSars protesters are NOT INVOLVED!
@fkabudu | 291,897 followers
I actually think the 'new Nigeria' is right here. We have not gotten to our #EndSARS goal yet, so we pin, but even a month ago could you imagine any of this happening? People taking a stand for real? I definitely could not. I think that's huge
@JYPETWICE | 6,420,872 followers
Eyes wide open - I CAN'T STOP ME


2020.10.26 6pm in KST
2020.10.26 5am in EST

#TWICE #트와이스 #Eyeswideopen #ICANTSTOPME
@UgwunnaEjikem | 67,307 followers
I worked in two prisons including the 2nd biggest one in the South East as a 'Prison Doctor' for one year & I can bet my life that no jailbreak can be successful without the help of Prison Staff...

Weyrey should stop disguising.

@IvyKungu | 142,870 followers
and the wild part is... i still don’t want one
Androids will forever be superior
@AishaYesufu | 450,584 followers
First they ignored us, all cries for #EndSars fell on deaf ears.

Then they laughed at us when #EndSars protest was called for

Now they are fighting us because they have seen the power of unified citizens.

The only thing left is for us TO WIN!

Stay strong!
@Falilatt_ | 124,981 followers
Nigeria Prisoners looked so fresh and well fed, no uniform on sight! One was even wearing belt??? Belt that’s termed a weapon on its own o, one was on headset abs worse part was the one carrying traveling bag 😭😭😭 was he on a visit to the prison? At least rate us na
@YulEdochie | 523,138 followers
President Buhari was very vocal during the previous Govt.
He called for Goodluck's resignation on the basis of poor performance.
Today Buhari's performance is worse than that of Jonathan.
We put our hopes in him & he failed us.
I call for Buhari's resignation.

@DanRather | 1,534,545 followers
So let me get this right. The closing argument from the Trump campaign is Joe Biden is a Mr. Rogers who will listen to the scientists on COVID?
@kirstiealley | 1,514,960 followers
Our country elected farmers, tailors, oil men, & generals as Presidents. Many served & went back home.
Career POLITICIANS swim in a swamp FOR DECADES!

We have another OUTSIDER here, who takes no PAY, who works 20 HOURS A DAY to make this joint better. F THE SWAMP!
@aproko_doctor | 643,206 followers
They've started sharing #EndSARS shirts to thugs in Abuja.

They're trying so hard to discredit this protest.
@JYPETWICE | 6,420,888 followers
Eyes wide open - I CAN'T STOP ME


2020.10.26 6pm in KST
2020.10.26 5am in EST

#TWICE #트와이스 #Eyeswideopen #ICANTSTOPME
@mrmacaronii | 592,959 followers
I agree that we should have strategic protest grounds to avoid thugs hijacking our peaceful protests. Nigerian youths protesting should meet only on those grounds. That way we are together, more secured, coordinated and efficient. #EndSARS
@Omojuwa | 972,337 followers
SARS are leaving the prison doors open on their way to extinction. So, when some of the released armed robbers start wreaking havoc, they will feel justified. It’s not so hard to connect these dots #ENDSARS
@JoeBiden | 11,227,420 followers
15 days. Let’s finish strong.
@bolanleolukanni | 203,874 followers
We are not breaking the law ! Any narrative about jailbreak is a lie. They aren’t part of us #EndSARS
@treasuremembers | 928,483 followers
트레저 메이커 여러분ㅎㅎㅎ 사진은 고등학생 재혁이에요!!
밤이니까 오랜만에 고등학생 재혁이를 꺼내봤어요!
오늘 하루도 고생 많았어요 푹 자요
사랑해요 많이 😊❤️
@namudior | 4,263 followers
LOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] Release✨

새로운 달의 시작을 앞둔 이달의 소녀의 [12:00]
경계를 넘어 하나가 된 목소리가 담긴 앨범을 지금 바로 음원사이트를 통해 확인하세요!


#이달의소녀 #LOONA #Midnight #Why_Not
@AishaYesufu | 448,547 followers
Dear thug sender
A lot of your children are sneaking off to the protest so when you send thugs to attack the protesters keep it at the back of your mind that it might be your child they will attack

#EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND
@OgbeniDipo | 718,107 followers
Medical Doctors and Lecturers go on strike yearly but Nigerian politicians never go on strike because they enjoy endless benefits. Turning point. Here we are. #EndSARS #ENDBADGOVERNANCE
@AnonGeneralwire | 18,490 followers
All GTBank, Zenith and Access customers using Savings
Please Retweet aggressively

Turn on notification for instructions, but don't lose focus.
@AishaYesufu | 448,848 followers
Kano people are charged! They are demanding #EndSars. The government is emboldening the youth with the attacks. They are more resolved than ever

#EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND
@MrOdanz | 76,187 followers
Dear Abuja, we need to start protesting as a SINGLE UNIT moving forward. This idea of different protests happening in different parts of town exposes us to armed-thugs attack.Let us all meet at one point and move together. Our strength is in our number. Please Retweet for others


@fkabudu | 291,518 followers
I keep going back to that video of Chijioke's story. Every time I see how hard they are working to harm is instead of just doing the bloody right thing, I get gingered again. We're the only ones looking out for ourselves. That pressure? Apply it. #EndSARS
@AbdulMahmud01 | 156,573 followers
Detained in Kirikiri as an activist fighting military dictatorship, I've a fair knowledge of the inside. When there is an unrest outside, the Chief Warder orders lockdown- every prisoner to his cell. How did those prisoners climb up the wall from the inside of Benin Prison?
@TheTawah_ | 7,475 followers
The Nigerian Government is a sophisticated criminal organization.
@YourAnonCentral | 6,027,420 followers
We've noticed many of you in... Nigeria... are publicly sharing your bank account details across social media. For your own financial safety, we highly advise against such actions. Especially if you are openly sharing such details with alleged hackers.
@chartdata | 629,452 followers
.@BTS_twt's "Dynamite" extends its reign as the longest running #1 single on the Digital Song Sales chart this year (eighth week; 44K sold).
@fkabudu | 291,920 followers
Exhausted but we stay on job. Getting round to everyone. #EndSARS
@Tobiiii__ | 1,373 followers
Kano protesters are chanting “Buhari is a bad boy”? Love to see itttttttt!!! #EndSARS
@MeidasTouch | 471,933 followers
Retweet if you choose Dr. Fauci and science over Trump
We received shocking reports of attacks by armed thugs on peaceful protesters at CBN HQ Abuja early in the morning. Dozens of protesters were severely injured. #EndSARS
@chartdata | 629,452 followers
Billboard Hot 100: #5(-3) Dynamite, @BTS_twt [8 weeks]. *peak: #1 for 3 weeks*
@ProjectLincoln | 2,530,782 followers
Lincoln Project presents: @ddlovato’s “Commander in Chief”
@fkabudu | 291,685 followers
We're doing everything we can to get more security to Benin locations! Everywhere is out of hand. We're sending more security people and even they are afraid to go, but we will get everyone available to go there, ambulances too! #EndSARS
@Mochievous | 159,131 followers
If you are in Benin please stay safe. This disruption and violence is NOT caused by #EndSARS protesters.
Protesters have been peaceful and civil.
@Ebuka | 1,717,359 followers
Now imagine all the joy we’ve actually been denied by all those killed. #EndSARS
I'm still horrified about @ebuka's story. Imagine all the joy we'd have been denied! Sigh.
@pledis_17 | 5,930,292 followers
SEVENTEEN Special Album ‘; [Semicolon]’

#Semicolon #세미콜론
; [Semicolon]
@frankdonga_ | 108,554 followers
Wait.. a whole prison was broken into? No gun battle, no injuries, no officers captured? Freed prisoners wearing jewelry& headphones and granting on-the-spot interviews on their way out?.. please, in which country? I tweet in peace👀🚶🏿‍♂️ #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
#이달의소녀 작.소.펭 #츄 의 생일을 축하합니다🎂
세상 어떤 단어로도 정의할 수 없을 만큼 사랑스러운 츄 덕분에 매일이 기다려져💖

#LOONA #Chuu
@Chydee | 101,332 followers
They opened the prisons in Edo State to pin it on PEACEFUL protesters and discredit this movement. Pass it on. #EndSARS
@Blackeey1 | 178 followers
I knw this guy well he's a conductor dat runs barrack to new benin route he's not a prisoner o, this govt doesn't rate us at all
@Biisi96 | 355,741 followers
Folarin don vex 😩😩😩

Things I love to see
@scenesofriends | 524,997 followers
@aproko_doctor | 642,348 followers
If you remove protests from democracy, it's no longer a democracy!
@EditiEffiong | 63,009 followers
If you’re a journalist willing to investigate the Benin prison break and get video evidence, I’m willing to help. DM.
@jel_sub | 443,840 followers

喜んでくれるだろうなー( ◜ᴗ◝ )

自信あるなー( ◜ᴗ◝ )



@SWAtlasHoover | 64,266 followers
"The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."

"And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth."

George Orwell, 1984
@Sxmto_ | 9,333 followers
How can Protesters without heavy ammunition break into a Maximum Security Prison & free Prisoners? These people think they're smart. Lmaooo


@yourannoycentra | 32,459 followers

#EndSARS  #EndPoliceBrutality
@lalalalack | 437,002 followers
「 煉 獄 」
From what I’ve seen, the prisoners in Benin escaped without any resistance from inside the prisons.

Infact the wardens are just nowhere to be found. This is clearly an inside job.

Before media houses twist the story,
Let it be clear that Benin prisons chose to let this happen.
@dbongino | 2,535,579 followers
It’s Monday, October 19th 2020, and Barack Obama was the most corrupt President in US history.
@mrmacaronii | 591,354 followers
Let the world know that from the beginning of this movement till now, #EndSARS protesters have been peaceful! The Nigerian youths will not be blackmailed by a cheap move of using thugs to cause chaos. We are not violent and we do not encourage any form of Violence!! #EndSARS
@ToyosiGodwin | 40,908 followers
1.6 million to anyone who can find this murderer. This is not a joke. We must find him. Please put it on your various platforms. He can't hide for long. #EndSARS
@timidakolo | 263,742 followers
A Government that is more interested in Ending a peaceful protest than listening to the grievances of its citizens people. #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria #endsars
@Crhedrys | 26,602 followers

PASS IT ROUND. #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera #EndSARS
@youranuncent | 25,545 followers
@PeterPsquare | 3,204,322 followers
Wow! God pass them! ✊🏾🇳🇬✊🏾🇳🇬✊🏾🇳🇬✊🏾🇳🇬✊🏾🇳🇬✊🏾🇳🇬 #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria
@GhenhisKhan | 23,239 followers
FG will jailbreak their own prisons and set fire to their own @PoliceNG stations and then unleash same criminals on #EndSARS protesters and then turn around and blame protesters . Thats the new plan on ground
@ATEEZofficial | 1,657,585 followers
[#우영] 에이티니 우리 오늘도 연습하고 있어여!
에이티니도 콘서트 기대 많이 하기🤞🤞🤞 함께 달릴 준비되었죠?
#Ready_for_PORTOFCALL #2_years_with_ATEEZ #ATEEZ #에이티즈
@pledis_17 | 5,930,328 followers
[NEWS] SEVENTEEN Special Album '; [Semicolon]'이 발매되었습니다. 캐럿 여러분의 많은 사랑 부탁드립니다.

멜론 ▶…

#Semicolon #세미콜론
@aproko_doctor | 643,350 followers
Have you noticed that there hasn't been any Boko Haram attack since the beginning of these protests.

Join the dots.

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