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@choi_bts2 | 1,612,694 followers
j-hope is on Weverse 1024

It's concert!!!!!
But my face is puffy..


🐿 its the concert <today> !!!!!
but <my face> is puffy..
@Braves | 1,397,301 followers
Your 2021 NLCS MVP: @EddieRosario09!

@haruharu_w_bts | 976,766 followers
211024 / 12:58PM KST
it’s the concert <today>!!!!! <aegyo>
but <my face> is puffy.. <aegyo>
@MLB | 9,336,171 followers
The #WorldSeries is set.

Who ya got?
@nbcsnl | 3,216,351 followers
Kieran Culkin!! Ed Sheeran!!
@charts_k | 1,137,774 followers
j-hope on Weverse

It’s concert [time]!!!
But [my face] is puffy/bloated..

*written cutely
@Eldaelfrida | 167 followers
By men, not. No matter how good it may be
Go around best. I've

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@miiniyoongs | 220,570 followers
[211024 J-hope Weverse Moment]

🐿 it’s the concert!!!!! but <my face> is puffy..
[YT] Live de #JENNIE embarcando hoje no aeroporto de Incheon, Coreia do Sul!


@LaflareTMC | 449 followers
@archivedNJ | 20,174 followers
@FulmoreMinnie | 280 followers
Words penetrate no great poet, novelist or critic writing today and
Sat at Others could not be able to visualize it and demand your success. I’d

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@hsdaily | 444,364 followers
“A bassist from Sweden…A musician with tiny wrists… This is Canyon Moon” - Harry talking about his bandmates tonight in Uncasville (via @tobesolon3ly)
@MLB | 9,336,181 followers
@FulmoreMinnie | 280 followers
Intense pain I'm done.
Them. Understand going Once we learn to

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@spidadmitchell | 1,104,935 followers
Soon @Mets 🙏🏾
@sebyul | 172,643 followers
🐿 “[It’s the] concert!!!!! But [my face is] puffy..”
@FulmoreMinnie | 280 followers
Education enables the invitation of great things into reality. Without writers, stories
Ones, the falls silently all around,She carefully turns the

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@CruzAzul | 1,967,194 followers
92' Gol de Chivas

🐐 1 - 1 🚂
@smpthrowbacks | 44,978 followers
12 months ago today! 10/24/20
➞ The DT & Karl teamed for MCC 11! Happy 1 year!
@Eldaelfrida | 167 followers
Of meetings talking head.
Treasure have neither desires nor fears would take me. Embrace

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@ARMYTEAMIID | 383,007 followers
『Trans ID』

🐿: hari ini konserr!! tapi mukaku terlihat bengkak..

#방탄소년단 #BTS @BTS_twt
@FulmoreMinnie | 280 followers
Problems go once. It wasn’t closure, really. But I’d said the right noises, that
Grips you. time management, creativity, determination and passion to impact lives.

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@iQIYIph | 5,338 followers
Is this a look test or kilig test? 💚

Malapit mo nang mapanood ang #SayingGoodbye so download the #iQiyiPH app TODAY!


#SethDrea #KoDrea #ABSCBN

🏆#J1 第33節
🕒15:00 KICK OFF

Powered by #豊田通商
@WorldWideWob | 781,482 followers
got em.
@espn | 37,732,178 followers
They waited 22 years to celebrate like this 🥳

(via @Braves)

@Eldaelfrida | 167 followers
Rarely win, weak: I give away a sparkle of my guilty pleasures and so
Legend when real world, alongside adults and other

سِـيِّفُـيِّ M88
نِمَشٍيِّ BB
@wqvz24 | 85,774 followers
جيهوب : إن الحفلة الموسيقية (اليوم) !!!!!
لكن (وجهي) منتفخ ..
On this day, in 2003. Thalapathy Vijay's blockbuster #Thirumalai released. The film was declared as a successful venture at the Box Office, despite the delays !!😎


#Beast || @ActorVijay || #Master
@NBA | 34,721,142 followers
Ja Morant gets crafty for the bucket 🤯
@sangafc | 53,604 followers

#sanga #京都サンガ #一心 #HUNT3
@GiraffeNeckMarc | 41,925 followers
Dodgers haven’t won a World Series in a full season since 1988
@CruzAzul | 1,967,194 followers
Concluye el encuentro en la cancha del Akron.
@visselkobe | 154,546 followers


Today's squad to face Nagoya!

試合中継は @DAZN_JPN📺

#visselkobe #ヴィッセル神戸
@kimorinano | 1,960 followers
< 10月24日昼スクリレー主催枠@8>

🕐╎ 14:00~17:30

📍╎ ランマ公言あり(初動被りません)

💣╎ 物資豪華(グレとモク)

💸╎ 500×P

👤╎ 参加費1枠2000Payの先送りのみ


#昼スク #昼スクリレー #スクワット #スクワッドリレー
@blaustoise | 98,232 followers
nah it gets better, y’all ain’t ready
@PopCrave | 790,972 followers
15 years ago today, @TaylorSwift13 released her self-titled debut album.

The record marked the beginning of a monumental career for Swift and spawned five top 40 singles. It spent 24 weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart and is certified 7x Platinum by the @RIAA.
@STUDIO_0613 | 105,672 followers
🐿it's the concert [day]!!!!! (aegyo)
but i'm/my face is bloated/swollen.. (aegyo)
@LasMayores | 321,834 followers
AHORA: Mensaje EXCLUSIVO de Ronald Acuña Jr. 🙌
@uomiph | 11,330 followers
HAHA sikret na lang ano pinagusapan nakakahiya eh 🤪

Pero finally met VeeWise!
@AtlantaFalcons | 2,365,302 followers
It's GAME DAY in MIA 🌴

📺: #ATLvsMIA 1pm on FOX
@MLBONFOX | 986,540 followers
The 2021 World Series is set 🏆
@hellentuitta | 6,889 followers
@BravesOnBally | 136,812 followers
宮本浩次「TOUR 2021〜2022 日本全国縦横無尽」、本日2日目、香川・サンポートホール高松 大ホール公演です。
@thejhopeprint | 16,397 followers
hoseok black hair again🤔
@Genshinmem | 372,387 followers
Anemo boys for the saving
#GenshinImpact #原神
@HotFreestyle | 538,580 followers
Drake turns 35 years old today, Happy Birthday 🎈
@MLB | 9,336,181 followers
[WEVERSE] 211024 @BTS_twt

Weverse Moment – #BTS #JHOPE #Hoseok

🔗 (…
@IMPACTWRESTLING | 603,121 followers
HARDCORE COUNTRY! #BoundForGlory @MickieJames

We'll be having a mass voting in 1 hour!

Our goal is to get 3rd place back!

We need every orbit making AT LEAST 30 accounts!

Check our guide👇

#LOONA #이달의소녀

Please follow the tutorial below for all the information 👇

#LOONA #이달의소녀
@haechanou | 224 followers
hlo sp jual netflix murah
@jsoosupport | 655 followers

블랙핑크 지수 #지수 #JISOO #블랙핑크지수

なんと、東海オンエアのしばゆーさんにご来店いただき、アルバム #オトモダチ をご購入していただきました👏👏



@ASAPOfficial | 2,923,858 followers
Join na sa masayang dance party with your Kapamilya idols!
@Chivas | 4,018,530 followers

Centro de @CarlosCB_24, se levaaanta @TibaSepulveda30 y la manda al fooooondooo.
@Bengals | 935,558 followers
[SCHEDULE] Jun is announced to take part in Tencent’s Super Novae Games as a representative for Guang Dong team! More information will be released soon, please support him Carats! @pledis_17

#SEVENTEEN  #세븐틴  #준
@BadBoyHalo | 2,720,047 followers
Muffins will be ready Sunday
@MLBNetwork | 1,809,307 followers
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! #BattleATL
@pwetnikyle | 763 followers
i stan the most matured loveteam y'all !!

Happy AnniversaTHREE KYCINE
@sikeraDS | 395 followers
Guys, post pra vocês mandarem mensagens boas pro @BthoGg !

Quem viu os últimos tweets dele sabe q ele tá mal, então se quiserem deixar alguma mensagem de coração pra ele, fiquem a vontade.

@BthoGg pfv olha dm, n faz nada mano, para com isso pfv
@balonnyasar | 31,131 followers
「211024」🐰 11:56 AM KST














@gmanetwork | 1,569,832 followers
Attendance check! Who's watching #AOSAllOutConcert?! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
@MagicJohnson | 5,161,368 followers
Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves ownership group, players, managers, and fans for advancing to the World Series!
@__damnjennie | 2,243 followers
#Sxygirl ft. Jennie 💃
@nypost | 2,307,464 followers
Hollywood weapons expert: Baldwin ignored No. 1 rule of gun safety
@balonnyasar | 31,131 followers
「211024」🥟 11:40 AM KST

aku makan makguksuuu

kamu tau ga gimana cara ubah background bbl?


gimana cara ngubah background ruang chat-nya..?

@NBCSports | 1,023,636 followers
WHO YA GOT: 2021 #WorldSeries Edition ⚾️

Houston @astros or Atlanta @Braves?
@acervonovelas | 27,798 followers
- posso te fazer uma perguntinha?
- claro!
- você é piranha??

*instrumental tenso*
Let's support Jun as he participates in the Super Novae Games! @pledis_17
【ValKyRiE Switch Cup】

賞金:1位 1,500円×3人
モード:トリオアリーナ 1試合








@MagicJohnson | 5,161,368 followers
Dodger Nation, let’s thank our @Dodgers for an amazing season, the thrills throughout the playoffs, and getting back to the NLCS!Although we came up short, our Men in Blue gave us a lot to cheer for throughout the season and postseason.



@BRWalkoff | 158,557 followers
What a series for Eddie 💪
@kookvhrts | 7,068 followers
Replying to @kookvhrts
In reply to @RichHomieQuan
@ralofamgoon | 108,569 followers
@RichHomieQuan that beef shit dead, we gotta show the streets how to let bullshit go...
@rocckiess | 1,363 followers
Congratulations to the @Braves!! We are very proud and honored that @MLB has asked us and Coors Field to host the World Series!!
Happy birthday to Drake, he turns 35 today 🦉🎉

What’s your favorite song by him? 🎶
A Aline 🤡
@jor6eee | 248 followers
Mickey Mouse championship 😹
@buddiis | 24,237 followers
【2022年1月28日(金)・1月29日(土) 中野サンプラザ ワンマンライブ 詳細発表!!!】
#BUDDiiS #バディ #中野サンプラザ #KIRARI…
2022128()129() !!! : BUDDiiS
Juan Manuel Santos, que pasó? Sabe algo de fiscales y registradores?
Es que nos hace falta la inteligencia y contrainteligencia que desmontó, le alcanzaron a decir algo?
parece que todo está listo para el 2022, hay 5 mill de cédulas regadas por ahí.…
@starfess | 338,325 followers
-base s!apa p!ck kal!an di svrvival ini?
Warriors,Repeat after me🔥
I am Sushant Singh Rajput...
I was Murd€red...
I have been waiting for my Justice for more than 16 months....

CBI Announce SSR Was Murdered
Warriors, Repeat after me 🔥
I am Sushant Singh Rajput..
I was Murdered..
I have been waiting for my justice since more than 16 months..

CBI Announce SSR Was Murdered
@convomf | 345,533 followers
skandalmu kalo jadi idol kpop apani kira-kira 💙

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