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@jaemcityx | 246,411 followers
pengen bikin fast yg belum pernah deh, apa ya?
@inugamikorone | 950,992 followers



$100 ~ 30 S

- retweet 🙀
@jaemcityx | 246,411 followers
Replying to @jaemcityx
Winner 🏆 : @happilucky Congratulations! 🧚‍♀️ Please dm @jaejooya with this link to claim your prize 🎉 ✔…
@ArvindKejriwal | 23,268,244 followers
मां सरयू नदी के पवित्र तट पर महाआरती में शामिल होकर मां का वंदन किया एवं उनका आशीर्वाद लिया। बेहद आनंदित माहौल था।
@UnitedStandMUFC | 820,080 followers
Who will be #mufc's new manager? 👀
@chartdata | 1,142,836 followers
Billboard Hot 100: #1(+67) Easy On Me, @Adele [2 weeks]. *new peak*
@elmarianaa | 602,635 followers
Hola, cómo amanecieron?
@jaemcityx | 246,408 followers
fast dulu sekali udh itu aku mau up $1000 yap
@Carladiaz | 1,680,757 followers
Esses edits de vocês, essa foto que a @camilladelucas mandou, só me dão a certeza do quanto foi intenso aquele programa, mesmo não sendo fácil, eu vivi momentos lindos e felizes lá dentro. Sorte a minha de ter conhecido pessoas tão especiais!
@aguri_onishi | 126,520 followers
@Carladiaz | 1,680,757 followers
Paraaa, que eu acordei hoje com ela me mandando essa foto e teve até declaração! Amo tu amiga 🥲❤️
Essa energia caótica que deu errado, mas uma amizade que deu mais que certo! ❤️
انتصـارات أبطال الثنائية تتواصل 🤩

سلتنـا⁩ تحقق الفوز على أُحد 💪
بنتيجة 66 نقطة مقابل 63 نقطة 🏀

ألف مبروك يا نجوم⁩ 👏
nct! rep 12 untuk menjadi bff with me😱🤭
@DoyoungPromotes | 18,619 followers
Ok last daw e. Open your dm's for surprise dm.
@LFC | 18,286,243 followers
5⃣ years since Trent made his first-team debut ❤️

What's been your favourite TAA moment so far? 🤔
@tedlieu | 1,649,454 followers
This Rolling Stone article about January 6 is highly disturbing. No one should be above the law, including Members of Congress and former White House Staff.

And if pardons were indeed discussed in advance, why would that be? Because folks knew crimes were about to be committed.
EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in "Dozens" of Planning Meetings With Members of Congress and White House Staff
@UTDTrey | 118,743 followers
Salah currently is better than any version of Eden Hazard
@convomfs | 165,551 followers
💭 kalian lebih suka denger lagu di hp apa laptop?
@UTDTrey | 118,745 followers
I always keep my word
UTDTrey’s word is same as Manchester United. They’re both sh*t 😂😂😂
nct! hai, yang suka jbjb mari berk☁️ dnganku. rep ur bias, nanti ak like. jfb yaa!!
@sipvalen_ | 21,000 followers
rep sinii yang freetag👇
@minewithmine | 54,193 followers
have you join my pin? check now, join and reply here if you done, surprise dm come to you~
@parrvot | 115 followers
masih ada yg ready netflix sehari? #zonaba #zonauang
@chartdata | 1,142,835 followers
All of @Adele’s #1 hits on the Hot 100:

Rolling in the Deep
Someone Like You
Set Fire to the Rain
Easy On Me
@jajanbhlabels | 39,522 followers
/amb drop wtsan kalian yuk yuk
@PopCrave | 791,403 followers
#EasyOnMe by #Adele hits #1 on the Hot 100 this week.

It becomes her fifth #1 single.
@ChelseaFC | 18,300,846 followers
In action again at Stamford Bridge tomorrow? 👍

siga todos que FAV e RT esse tweet para ganhar seguidores. 🍀
@MMCrypto | 418,267 followers
Things I pay in #Crypto already:

- flights
- cars
- accommodations
- salaries
- watches
- NFT’s
@Kejeffreyan | 235,054 followers
Replying to @Kejeffreyan
252. Maafkan hadirnya saya
@AGpodcast | 89,052 followers
ok so this weeks episode is kind of … off the rails … but im
1. still recovering from the loss of the original episode
2. going thru a …. phase
unfortunately we are all going to have to ride this wave together
@SerkanArikan06 | 75,465 followers
$1400 in $ETH to a random person just Follow and Like 🌈🔥🔥🚀🚀
@pusholder | 999,320 followers
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan: “Türk yargısı kimseden talimat almaz.”
nct! mari bek☁️ denganku😘rep solostan and I'll hit you up😁😁😁dn ku ada '🌰'
@CosmoEditorial | 17,432 followers
Faltan 4 días para que revelemos nuestra siguiente publicación en físico 🌟
@seiichiproms | 7,496 followers
1st to guess what sweets i ate kanina
@TIGERX7JENG | 1,579 followers
@chartdata | 1,142,835 followers
.@Adele earns her fifth #1 hit on the Hot 100 with "Easy On Me".
@AGpodcast | 89,046 followers
if u have not listened to this weeks (extremely late) episode … enjoy this photo of my homemade salad with no context … but if you have listened … enjoy this photo of my homemade salad with context
@Being_Humor | 257,961 followers
Aisa kya hai ki desh ne inko sab kuch de diya magar inki loyalty dusri taraf hi rehti hai.. 😣😣
Teacher Nafisa suspended by Neerja Modi School for her pro Pakistan post. 😇
@HRMIrene | 194,083 followers
FOLLOW ME & All who Retweets and Likes •, 🍐 ~🍹*💗’
@chartdata | 1,142,834 followers
Billboard Hot 100: #10(-3) Kiss Me More, @DojaCat Feat. @sza [28 weeks]. *peak: #3*
@seiichiproms | 7,496 followers
1st to guess the fruit that i hate
@saylor | 1,701,156 followers
While our MacroStrategy is #Bitcoin Everywhere, our @MicroStrategy is Intelligence Everywhere.
@kaihavertz29 | 842,580 followers
@kurtisconner | 862,968 followers
@Tu1x7 | 17,755 followers
Congratulations please dm me to claim Truz Podong. 🥳
@snopyyyiscresia | 3,621 followers
Replying to @snopyyyiscresia
Ayan na ha HAHAHAHA
Reply here with:

5 Agust D songs
5 BTS songs
5 SUGA songs

add the # and keywords for trending and RT this

@arthurpicoli | 793,166 followers
😂😂😂😂 tolo
@jaemcityx | 246,411 followers
ketagihan 😓🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
In reply to @jaemcityx
nct! mari berkawan dengan kuu😻, if u don't mind i'm a myzen just rep with ur bias and i will hit u up...
@karexnnn | 2,531 followers
เปลี่ยนดิสแล้ว ลืมกันยัง
@gorgeous4ew | 760,144 followers
وزير التعليم:

أولياء الأمور يرون التعليم عن بُعد له تأثير إيجابي على صحة أبنائهم النفسية والعقلية.
@chartdata | 1,142,836 followers
Billboard Hot 100: #8(=) Levitating, @DUALIPA [55 weeks]. *peak: #2*
@forcabarca_ar | 657,514 followers
عاااااجل AS | غياب بيدري الى 3 اسابيع اخرى🚨🚨🚨
@tracklist | 639,278 followers
🚨 Sem surpresas, #EasyOnMe, de Adele, subiu para o topo da Billboard Hot 100.

A música marca o quinto #1 de Adele na parada de singles dos EUA.

In reply to @snopyyyiscresia
ate sino next truz huhu kabado
@snopyyyiscresia | 3,621 followers
Replying to @ara4trsr
Si Yochi po
@ScreenMix | 1,230,392 followers
لجين عمران :

لن أكذب وأقول أن سر نضارة بشرتي هو شرب المياة وأكل الفواكهه والنوم مبكراً ولكني استعمل القليل من البوتوكس والفيلر
@PopCrave | 791,401 followers
“Levitating” by @DuaLipa becomes the second song in Hot 100 HISTORY to spend 40 weeks in the top 10.
@cigxxjene | 367 followers
@convomf | 348,057 followers
💙 beli novel/album ya? budget nya cuma cukup beli salah satu T___T
@late_cod | 63,119 followers
Hoy revive el canal principal 😳
@MALEMPLUSPLUS | 62,043 followers
Plus+ ada M yg punya mau di rated atau tuker pap gak. Kebetulan aku lagi ngrokok sambil pakai lingerie merah. F disini
@cuitantheboyz | 46,676 followers
❤ kenapa comeback tbz tanggal 11/1? karena disini ada 11 disana ada 1 🥺🥲🥲
@CricCrazyJohns | 107,333 followers
Mujeeb becomes the first bowler to take five-wicket haul in T20 World Cup 2021.
#روم_العيله_المالكه_لتزويد_المتابعين #تيم_العيله_المالكه_للاضافه…
@NintendoAmerica | 11,587,029 followers
Rush hour on the iceberg is always aggressive. Dodge these bossy birds and be the last one standing in the Pushy Penguins minigame!

Chill out with #MarioParty Superstars on 10/29!
@Seokjinpicss | 724,248 followers
I hope seokjin is fine:(
@chartdata | 1,142,836 followers
.@DUALIPA's "Levitating" joins @theweeknd's "Blinding Lights" as the only songs in Hot 100 history to spend at least 40 weeks in the top 10.
FOLLOW @NiiAroma @Gyiagyyimii +@BlackPantherAf2 +
@Eddie_iroro +
@KalyGains +

@KatGraham | 1,949,987 followers
Who wants to join me this Sunday for a special #Halloween zoom?! 20 fans will be chosen.

Fans in the US will be chosen via text: (323)310-4047
INTERNATIONAL fans will be chosen in the comments via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

👻🎃 @Ale_ssioFLP
@GGSell_fess | 18,886 followers
/ggbuy drop juwalan kalian sender mau jajan
@fluffyhwa | 4,399 followers
this is making me act up


@izzyb0i | 137,915 followers
$10 GIVEAWAY • ends fast

- RT, join tg, click press button + proof
TsarNetwork Official (Discussion)Group
@stariusstar | 25,913 followers
Sebelum tidur ayok berdoa dan rep Alhamdulillah / puji tuhan untuk hari ini 🙏🤲
In reply to @Pocah
Mais fácil ele me responder do que você kakakaka
@Pocah | 2,292,740 followers
Replying to @arthurpicoli
eu devo ser tóxica eu
@caarlamoontoya | 38,226 followers
RT y comenten lo de abajo por yoongi <3

❋ njin ini yang bener yang mana yaa? kalo ini oot bakalan sender hapus, btw TIA <3
Wtb all about lucas yang murce² dong drop💸
@QFER03FN | 278 followers
ว่าจะลบตอนตู่ลาออกกับตอนป้อมตาย #di3fnelle 🔪🚬
@CMYLMZ | 15,034,711 followers
Sadece kafa çizebiliyorum !
In reply to @arthurpicoli
perdeu tudo! Confira o drama de Conduru após receber emoji de poncho
@arthurpicoli | 793,165 followers
Replying to @Pocah
Mais fácil ele me responder do que você kakakaka
#MohammadShami being trolled is only a ploy to deviate attention from those who were bursting crackers after Pakistan's victory. Don't fall for it!

@bricepromos | 208,912 followers
$100 Giving in 24 HOURS

RT & Follow @stakecoins

Join TG… (Dont Comment) Post Proof
@AdamSchefter | 8,650,619 followers
Texans’ QB Tyrod Taylor, who has been on IR since he injured his left hamstring in Week 2 against the Cleveland Browns, will return to practice Wednesday. “He was our starting quarterback, and when he’s healthy, he’ll be our starting quarterback,” said Texans’ HC David Culley.
@RubinReport | 1,019,871 followers
Holy shit he said something actually coherent and true!
Biden tells kids reporters “get to ask you all kinds of questions and you try to figure out how you’re gonna avoid answering them”
@TherealUGman | 8,278 followers
Drop your handles lets follow you 💎

เปิดแลกรีพินก่อนนอนน้าาาา ขอสักไม่เกินตี 1 ละกัน

ยอดฟอล 2พันหน่อยๆ ต้องมีคนเห็นมั่งแหล่ะ ฝรั่งเยอะด้วย

ใครนอนดึกจัดมาคับ แป่ะอิโมจิไว้เยยยย
@Vforrkripto | 155,990 followers
Sepetimizden Memnun muyuz?
Sepetimizin çoğu güzel kar sağladı 🔥
Geride kalanlarda sağlayacak.
Birlikte sabrı yatırımı öğreniyoruz.
Videolu analizlere devam edeceğim.
Kimler hangi coinlerde ?
Yoruma yazıp kendinizi belli edin Sepetimiz Etkileşime girsin Dostlar⚡️
Club statement.
@EIIisBurner | 13,041 followers
Replying to @ManUtd
@papacthulu | 85,575 followers
Lm⚠️ cari apps premium yg masih buka dong sm liatin price list nya ya
@billboardcharts | 3,805,752 followers
The #Hot100 top 10 (chart dated Oct. 30, 2021)

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