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@Alvisepf | 183,936 followers
Registrado en Juzgado de Instrucción nº24 de Madrid
la petición total de hasta 23 años de cárcel y 9 años de multa para:

- @RubenSanchezTW
- Subdirección General del Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos
- Otros

Expliquemos, con limitación judicial, por qué:
@GeorgePapa19 | 394,345 followers
Biden center at UPenn has received $70 million from China the last two years
@emmachamberlain | 3,273,485 followers
my heart is so heavy. we need to learn, love, change, and act together #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

support george’s family:…

sign the petition:
@dbongino | 1,787,008 followers
How could General Flynn lie about sanctions if he wasn’t asked about sanctions by either Kislyak, or the FBI?
@BethRigby | 282,726 followers
This is a big deal. Another Sage member, the highly respected director of the Wellcome Trust also openly disagreeing with decision to lift lockdown. Trace & trace must be ‘fully working’. Infection rates lower. *And trusted*
Covid-19 spreading too fast to lift lockdown in England. Agree with John & clear science advice. TTI has to be in place, fully working, capable dealing any surge immediately, locally responsive, rapid results & infection rates have to be lower. And trusted…
@FINALLEVEL | 1,523,581 followers
When a MF has his knee on your neck…. And his HANDS IN HIS POCKETS… He’s sending a message.
@wajd0e | 24,754 followers
ماذا نفعل حتى نضيء العالم؟
@luscas | 6,625,217 followers
hoje eu to só a gracyanne quando pegou dengue
@lopez__tony | 376,925 followers
We are not going “back to normal” we are creating a new and better world to live in.
@dbongino | 1,787,118 followers
FAKE NEWS. The conversation was about expulsions, not sanctions. Those were separate issues. A real journalist would be asking right now how Flynn could’ve “lied” about sanctions if “sanctions” aren’t in the 302 or the transcripts? WAKE UP media hacks. Do some homework already!
In reply to @kyledcheney
NEW: Some of the Flynn-Kislyak transcipts are out, Including a Dec. 29 exchange that included discussion of limiting the impact of Obama administration sanctions on Russia for election interference. Details w/ @woodruffbets…
@X22Report | 316,664 followers
Newly declassified Flynn transcripts...
Just as we thought, it was all a lie, nothing in the transcripts
you can be horny if you aren’t racist. as a treat.
@drfahrettinkoca | 5,517,461 followers
PROF. DR. FERİHA ÖZ. 1957’de İstanbul Tıp Fakültesinden mezun oldu. Patoloji alanında ün sahibi bir bilim insanı, insan sevgisi ile tanınan, öğrencilerine kol kanat geren büyük bir hocaydı. 2 Nisan’da COVID-19 hastalığı nedeniyle aramızdan ayrıldı. Mücadelesi için #minnettarız
@OfficialTravlad | 70,084 followers
I will send $30 to someone who retweets is following the following Instagram within 30 minutes:
@Susan_Hennessey | 337,738 followers
The idea that this call was perfectly reasonable and not a basis for immediate investigative action in defense of national security is frankly absurd. The transcript is far worse and more explicit than even the Mueller report let on.
The Flynn-Kislyak call transcript (via @dnvolz)👇

It's no wonder, as @BarbMcQuade wrote: "The alarm bells sounded beyond the FBI. Others who expressed concern about the content of the calls included" James Clapper @AmbassadorRice @SallyQYates.

@JackPosobiec | 767,555 followers
Trump’s children were not the only members of his family unmaked - report
@Mounirofficial | 101,354 followers
يهمني الانسان ولو ملوش عنوان ...
@AlMosahf | 3,173,776 followers
وَلَا تَخَافِي وَلَا تَحْزَنِي
URGENTE: @Biakicis, @BolsonaroSP, @cabojunioamaral, @CarlaZambelli38, @filipebarrost e mais alguns deputados estão dando entrada em uma representação por abuso de autoridade de Alexandre de Moraes.

Há várias irregularidades no inquérito 4781 conduzido pelo Ministro do STF.
@thebradfordfile | 217,459 followers
Barack Obama destroyed General Flynn's life to coverup his own corruption.

It's never been more clear.
@Killer7Friday | 5,290 followers
There's always time for fun...It's Friday night.
@kimpaim | 96,195 followers
Por favor votem não
@TomFitton | 1,006,011 followers
Breaking: @GenFlynn transcripts declassified! Show no misconduct and further confirm Onama gang railroaded him! Big interview with @LouDobbs in minutes! #Obamagate @JudicialWatch @realDonaldTrump
@HermaineM | 681,406 followers
Tap ♥, comment and Retweet for a follow back.

@rafakalimann_ | 1,513,042 followers
Pra vocêssssss do tt
Vemmmm ♥️
@ToXsiK | 37,411 followers
I’ll send $50 to one person in 1 hour who retweets & likes this and follows @Zumpify @WatchThePop & Myself!
@oiIuiz | 64,232 followers
Oi Petra, conte-me mais sobre "fake news"
@BleacherReport | 8,625,517 followers
Stephen Jackson and KAT at today’s press conference in Minneapolis calling for justice for George Floyd

(via @Timberwolves)
@ACLU | 1,698,887 followers
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
@BerniceKing | 338,332 followers
White Supremacy is not something we agree to disagree on.
Racism is not a difference of opinion.
@TheVulcanSalute | 436,192 followers
THIS. 100% THIS. White people, we need to step up, we need to learn, we need to do better, we need to act. I am so sorry to the black community for not doing enough.
Don Lemon: It's not incumbent on black people to stop racism - CNN Video…
@jaketapper | 2,512,609 followers
With Chauvin’s knee on his neck for more than five minutes, according to the charging document, video shows at 8:24:24, George Floyd stopped moving.

At 8:25:31 he stopped breathing and speaking.

But it wasn’t until 8:27:24 that Chauvin removed his knee from Floyd’s neck.
8 minutes and 46 seconds.

That's how long Derek Chauvin held his knee on George Floyd's neck, as alleged by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office criminal complaint against the former Minneapolis police officer.
@PrinceTatted | 290,467 followers
NEW VIDEO Dropping in 30 Seconds


First couple likes and retweets on the video gets Cash App... Comment your Cash App under the Video HEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
@SenTedCruz | 1,540,062 followers
.@Twitter is publishing anti-Semitic threats of violence from the Ayatollah Khamenei – the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism – a direct violation of US sanctions on Iran. That’s why I’m calling for AG Barr & Sec. Mnuchin to open a criminal investigation into the matter.
@IanWright0 | 1,758,018 followers
I'm tired. We tired. The comments, the replies, every day explaining ourselves. That video. Just drained. Maybe time for a bit of break.✌🏾♥️ everyone.
@pefabiodemelo | 7,903,014 followers
Eu prefiro tudo o que em mim
dissolve a ilusão, ainda que só me reste o relento da realidade.
Porque até para sofrer, para que seja justo o martírio, é preciso que seja pela verdade.
@AlMosahf | 3,173,754 followers
تنويه : بإذن الله سنقوم بالعمل على ختمة جديدة، حيث سنقوم بتنزيل صفحتين من القرآن الكريم يوميًا.
@yisucrist | 1,686,147 followers
en fin la hipocondriaca
@punker_irl | 176,074 followers
Hi! Black friends, followers, and anyone seeing this that might be going to protests, please remember to be very aware of your surroundings, watch your back, look on top of buildings, etc because cops are taking the high grounds and targeting people from above
@TomJChicago | 123,952 followers
Preparation, focus & executive functions are gone as his dementia worsens. Drugs like uppers & Levodopa don’t help him move. Involuntary movements dominate him. Balance is shot. Pronouncing “Hong Kong” is beyond him. He hides now:
-An hour late
-A short presser
-Dodges questions
@Tim_Burgess | 216,016 followers
Original Pirate Material/ The Streets /Original Pirate Material/ The Streets /Original Pirate Material/ The Streets /Original Pirate Material/ The Streets /Original Pirate Material/ The Streets /Original Pirate Material/ The Streets
@REALpunknews | 90,131 followers
17,984 Police Stations Sadly Still Untorched…
@thebradfordfile | 217,455 followers
General Flynn deserves an apology, a massive payout from the federal government, and a new job in the Trump administration.
@for__infinity | 147,793 followers
Been getting dms regarding this post and let me clarify: that is NOT me. The artist in the pic redrew my sketch and added those texts apparently. Will link my original sketch below in the thread
Trabajadores del Aeropuerto Internacional, denuncian TONGO, de supuestos ventiladores que serian presentados por el ministro MAÑALICH.
Él equipo fue ingresado en una camioneta de la empresa minutos antes, para ser presentado como carga recién llegada.
@_thebestofnike | 259,915 followers
Nike Collection
@emptywheel | 229,714 followers
Kislyak starts by reassuring Flynn that Russia will work against the United States. Flynn says that's good.…
@Joshua4Congress | 75,133 followers
When I say I support unions, that doesn't include cop unions.
@Susan_Hennessey | 337,739 followers
It is just impossible to read this and not believe that Flynn was acting at the direction of then president-elect Trump.
Here it is. Flynn-Kislyak, Dec. 29, 2016:
@mundodabola | 332,153 followers
O momento em que esqueço de todos os problemas.
@miniminter | 2,593,664 followers
Spoke about it on stream and one of my viewers sent me this. Please check it out.
@nompiIo | 18,389 followers
1000+ FOLLOWERS Instantly !! ? Retweet and Drop your handles❤😘⚡⚡⚡
@SimoneGiertz | 512,953 followers
I asked @mattyxb to make a fridge backpack. He misread my message and thought I asked him to make a fidget backpack.

I made a fidget spinner backpack.
@Public_Citizen | 239,383 followers
There were just 27 days in 2019 where police didn't kill anyone.
@yamatokotobacat | 65,951 followers
@MarkDice | 615,308 followers
Screen shot them and archive the links before the Left-wing Terrorists threatening to burn down the White House delete their tweets once the spotlight is put on them.
@KeyGLOCK | 429,041 followers
if you don’t like me because another nigga don’t like just as worse as da nigga hating🤦🏾‍♂️😂
@SAMKLEF | 551,787 followers
Dey won’t retweet this..Justice for Tina. The people who are supposed to be protecting us are the ones killing us. This police man killed this 16 years old innocent girl pls let me tag that woman that use to talk b4 let her come and speak on behalf of the police for us tag her.
@Privacidades | 5,300,384 followers
Se não quer, não dê esperança.
@archillect | 2,016,509 followers
@iconickbeauty | 9,515 followers

BLACK WOMEN: ESPECIALLY black trans women, lesbians (non-binary lesbians are welcome of course), bi women, disabled women, and/or woman sw, single mothers, etc. — drop your p*yp*ls, v**mos, c*sh*pps down below if you need resources during this time.
@HoodHealer | 54,640 followers
Starve the corporations!
@EsAronPiper | 437,400 followers
🎨 🖌
@y3_y5 | 76,871 followers
الآن اللي أختاره أتمنى يرسل حسابه مباشرة علشان يتم التحويل فوري ✔️💵
@shuumai | 379,603 followers
@JudicialWatch | 1,654,876 followers
Judicial Watch released 80 pages of new emails recently found by the FBI that further document how former SecState #HillaryClinton used her unsecure, non-government email to transmit classified and other sensitive government information.
Julgar sem conhecer, é ter inveja sem admitir.
@no_cut_card | 16,204 followers
they gonna try to say that man had a heart attack or something and it wasn’t what it looked like on tape you just watch
@TheBabylonBee | 464,928 followers
Oh No! The Scientist Gavin Newsom Has Been Listening To Is Actually A Bunch Of Raccoons Stuffed In A Lab Coat
Oh No! The Scientist Gavin Newsom Has Been Listening To Is Actually A Bunch Of Raccoons Stuffed In A Lab Coat
@NetflixLAT | 3,461,850 followers
Wasaaa, Hacker. 😝
@FatosEx | 2,279,509 followers
decepção amorosa / decepção com amigos
@GRIERBOLUDO | 109,992 followers
"vas a llorar solo porque estás estresadx?"

@iamtyYT | 42,975 followers
@thomassantanas | 1,088,860 followers
Pessoa: tive um sonho que um anjo me falava algo

O anjo:
@dodo | 2,054,212 followers
This golden retriever made it her job to keep her little brother safe
トランプ氏、WHO脱退表明 中国への対抗措置も…
@LAWOFATTRACTlON | 239,178 followers
Surround yourself with energy that takes you up. Be around people who make you feel good. They will help you manifest what you want.
@Rconstantino | 403,480 followers
Diálogo de maluco:

- Cuidado! É preciso ser mais humilde quando se fala em nome da ciência. Há muita incerteza, arrogância. Vários especialistas discordam do tal consenso, e não é assim que funciona o método científico. Por que usar um e ignorar outro?

- Vc é contra a ciência!
There are zero things wrong with this Dec 29 call between Kislyak and @GenFlynn. And the tone of the conversation is clearly about expulsions, not the wider economic and political sanctions. That @Comey and the Obama admin wanted to Logan Act this is a disgrace
@JohnWHuber | 241,479 followers
Replying to @JohnWHuber
Word for word versions shows only Kislyak used the word “sanctions” or “sanctioned” - very briefly, Flynn only responded with “yeah yeah” a couple of times. No substantive discussion. Entire exchange less than approx. 4 minutes.
@chuckwoolery | 676,661 followers
Tucker Carlson Drops Adam Schiff BOMBSHELL - 'Resign From Office'
@Yamiche | 885,525 followers
Pres Trump just now at the White House on George Floyd's death: "It's a local situation but we're also making it into a federal situation. And it's a terrible thing. We all saw what we saw."

Prosecutors say Derek Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 mins and 46 secs.
@iAronpiperr | 13,429 followers
Te eligió o fuiste lo que le quedaba??
@BacoExudoBIues | 310,600 followers
Me arrependo só do que não fiz, o resto foda-se.
@RraneemOfficial | 10,378 followers
كثرت المسابقات وما تدري رزقك وين ، الله يرزقنا واياكم.
سحب على مبلغ 15,000 💵
الفــائز الأول 5000 ريال
الفائز الثاني 5000 ريال
الفائز الثالث 5000 ريال
١- لايك ورتويت للتغريده
٢- تابع هذه الحسابات



السحب بعد ثلاث ساعات بالتوفيق ⁦❤️⁩
@gtconway3d | 1,134,452 followers
his big stable jenius brain is perfectly fine move along nothing to see here
In reply to @kaitlancollins
Appears to have called the city "Mindianapolis" as he talked.
@CheriJacobus | 132,165 followers
RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel repeatedly voted by mail — before suing California for expanding the practice -…
@RedWingGrips | 47,165 followers
Now we know why Adam Schiff never leaked the Flynn phone call transcripts.

It was a perfect call.
@gtconway3d | 1,134,452 followers
You think?
In reply to @gtconway3d
Wait. It is almost like @realDonaldTrump is a deranged, delusional lunatic with dementia who confabulates and makes up conversations that never happened because his brain is broken.
@nobadvibees | 5,213 followers
Dejar ir, no significa dejar de sentir
@DrDenaGrayson | 303,606 followers
🚨Declassified transcripts show that Misha Flynn asked #Russia🇷🇺to work AGAINST the then-current Obama administration.

"Do not, uh, allow this administration to box us in.”

can all my nigerians retweet this, need more nigerian mutuals🙈🙈, everyone drop the flag BELOW!
@EASTRODINA | 108,493 followers
متابعة حساب الشاعر @alwatanksa37
للدخول في السحب 👏🏻
حبايب اسرع
ذهبيه 1000 ريال
مقسمه على شخصين
500ريال / 500ريال
متابعة : @alwatanksa37

رتويت + لايك لرودينا الشرق
بالتوفيق للجميع
@gigi_grigio | 320,581 followers
Lica não topou o poliamor porque ela n queria dividir a Samantha com ninguém e só minha opinião importa

Poliamor Limantha
@lanjamaar | 119,089 followers
Follow everyone who Retweet this twêêt. Within 6 mints

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