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#1 2,247 2,852
Shocked to hear about the sudden and untimely death of one of India’s favourite actress, Sridevi.

Sridevi was an incredibly talented and versatile actress whose vast body of work spanned a range of genres and languages.

My condolences to her family. May her soul rest in peace.
#2 485 1,308
Quite possibly Jim's best prank
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#3 296 789
Warriors just went on a 21-1 run...
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#4 377 1,244
If there’s anything we’ve learned from the aerial acrobatics of 2018 Winter #Olympics, it’s which numbers are fractionally and fully divisible by 360 degrees.
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#5 260 1,900
Warriors avalanche mode engage RUN FOR YOUR LIVES
  · Vine Camera · en
#6 320 573
#7 324 764
Russ wasn't feeling that shimmy in front of the Thunder bench.
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#8 314 704
Draymond forces the turnover, then throws it down on the other end! 💪
  · WSC Sports · en
#9 262 675
#Historyinthemaking2018 大阪ファイナルこの二日間本当に有難うございました!あっという間に #FirstJapanTour 終わってしまった😆
#グッバイ言うてもまた会える 💥🔫😎✨
#10 198 733
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#11 167 153
Laker fans: Are you SURE George Paul would change your life? I'm not.
#12 184 530
Draymond Green and the @warriors turn defense into offense on #NBAonABC!

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#13 207 516
#フィギュアスケート #エキシビション での #宮原知子 の演技をノーカット実況なしでご覧ください。 #NHKピョンチャン
  · · ja
#14 299 449
Tudo mudou. Eu, principalmente.
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#15 241 203
In preparation for the second half of #TWD season 8, I would like to share this brief update...
#Carol 👊
#16 190 584
Kyrie Irving goes for 31 PTS, 9 REB, 8 AST in the @Celtics win at MSG!

  · Media Studio · en
#17 147 415
Brutal cover of tomorrow's edition of Daily News for @FedEx
#18 132 271
さつき が てんこもり
#19 177 349
Eu já fui sentimental já me envolvi de coração. 😪💔
#20 157 97
Carmelo’s decline is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Doesn’t get to the line anymore. Barely rebounds. Misses a crazy amount of shots. He’s only 33, this doesn’t totally make sense to me.
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#22 134 541
"Schiff quotes key FBI documents that explicitly contradict the Nunes memo’s core arguments. Any fair-minded observer who reads these two documents side-by-side can only conclude one thing: Nunes is either deeply misinformed or straight-up lying."…
#23 171 321
Oracle is lit! 🔥
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#24 227 712
e as colega rica da classe que tinham mochila da Kipling
#26 131 837
é tão bonitinho ver alguém com ciúmes de você
#27 134 98
não desanima q amanhã tem outra derrota
#28 150 137
Swaggy P is FEELING IT.
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#29 85 260

ノリノダ 羽田空港で羽生結弦選手を全力で出迎えるぞ!

#30 83 140
Thunder smack the Warriors twice by 20 and people be like it’s only the regular season. Warriors beat Thunder by 20, and people are like this team is no threat at all 😂 quick narrative change
#31 95 103

Russ was not happy about that
#32 134 166
Hey, thank you for hurting me.
  · Feelings ☾ · en
#33 169 324
福岡ソフトバンク(@HAWKS_official )・工藤監督、今朝のランニングで肉離れをしてしまったそうです。 #sbhawks
#34 156 163
- ta achando que eu sou oq
- o amor da minha vida
#35 152 133
Quantos retweet esse sorrisinho merece? GLEICI ME REPRESENTA
#36 119 139
♪now playing song♪
【作詞 芹沢類/作曲 芹澤廣明/編曲 白井良明】
#kimimachi #agqr #joqr #radiko
#37 87 52
Psychology says: You don’t really need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely.
  · HugotDre · tl
#38 123 166
Yikes, Zaza dove on top of Russ before he could run back on D... 😖
59 150
Replying to @SLAMonline :
Dirty or accidental?
#39 92 160
This is our neighbor and he doesn't know all the words yet.
#40 59 301
“You’re now playing like a basketball team that can fly or grind it out.” - Cal
#41 48 216
Kinda wish some things in my life were different.
  · · en
#42 98 136
Será que nesse finalzinho de tag conseguimos duzentos rts?
#43 105 65
A woman warned the FBI 3 weeks in advance that Nikolas was going to shoot up the school.

All of these people dropped the ball and somehow this is the NRA's fault? Liberals passing blame once again.
#44 141 339
Meghan McCain rips CPAC head after crowd boos her father: You're "making excuses for the inexcusable"
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#45 87 247
Sumir por uns dias não é uma má ideia.
  · Twuffer · pt
#46 48 46
smh he went straight for Westbrook's knees
#47 50 115
ha! good one! you should be a comedian mackenzie. i mean that whole heartedly
@madisonbeer woah i didn’t know you had twins...
0 7
#48 89 657
Real men care and real men cry. Real men keep their softness on the surface and their strength inside.
1,622 7,892
#49 74 715
Mexican president scraps plans to visit White House after Trump refuses to cave on border wall: report
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#50 65 173
#51 97 369
don’t say anything just retweet
#52 71 129
#結果が語る厚底の速さ #きみの常識をうちやぶれ #日本新記録

快挙を支えたナイキ ヴェイパーフライ 4%を見る
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#53 100 277
Gtfo @ColbyCovMMA that’s some bitch shit. That Man went out there and fought his ass off. @PlatinumPerry when you near vegas hmu
Hey @PlatinumPerry, maybe having your ratchet horse faced girlfriend as your head trainer isn't the smartest idea on planet earth. But hey, when you're the product of cousins fucking in Ocala FL how strong can your decision making skills be? #UFCOrlando
473 1,419
#54 40 165
#55 95 139
Medo de ir dormir e o Fluminense meter mais um gol
#56 56 43
how am I supposed to go to school, do homework, study, stay in shape, be social, help out at home, and get 8 hours of sleep at night??
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#57 107 264
Everything has reasons.
  · HugotDre · fil
#58 151 223
FLASH FLOOD EMERGENCY for Louisville!! Water rescues are ongoing in the city. Move to higher ground NOW, and do not drive through flood waters!
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#59 55 34
#60 78 149
♪now playing song♪
『リニアブルーを聴きながら』《UNISON SQUARE GARDEN》
【作詞 田淵智也/作曲 田淵智也/編曲 UNISON SQUARE GARDEN】
#kimimachi #agqr #joqr #radiko
#61 86 73
These four anti-gun-control talking points are BS. Here's why:
  · Media Studio · en
#62 66 104
Strong people overcome bad times.
  · Buffer · en
#63 55 84
フジファブリック ツアー7本目
at 浜松「窓枠」終演。
108 723
  · Echofon · ja
#66 33 137
Melo ain’t been this mad since KG had some cereal
#67 65 104
No not really I’m just extra tired today
@KimKardashian do you get nervous before you speak publicly?
0 5
#68 51 773
次回第5話、僕が絵コンテを担当しました。演出は三上雅人さん、予告でも気合いの入り方が分かりますね。どうぞお楽しみに! #precure
HUGっと!プリキュア 第5話予告 「宙を舞え!フレフレ!キュアエトワール!」…
  · TweetDeck · ja
#70 69 60

@kylepalmieri gives the #NJDevils a 2-1 lead with his second goal of the period! #NYIvsNJD
#71 41 137
#72 53 74
wow.. A 14 year old wrote this, it's worth the read
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#73 79 217


160 362
#74 77 245
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. -Aesop
  · SocialOomph · en
#75 60 110
Illegal knee AF!
#76 41 239
Dear grown men. As a courtesy, I don’t think it’s necessary to walk around the locker room of a public gym, butt ass naked with no real destination or purpose other than to talk to people. Thanx
  · Echofon · en
#77 75 159
🌴🌴🌴 is 🔥🔥🔥 🆙! #NYIvsNJD
#78 33 97
  · Buffer · ja
#80 41 126
Warriors play one good game against the Thunder and everything changes. Thunder blow the Warriors out two times and it means nothing. I don't get y'all.
  · TweetDeck · en
#82 37 60
#83 51 133
HEADLINES: The #LAKings are pushing to acquire Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty ahead of the #NHLTrade Deadline.
  · Hootsuite · en
#85 43 40
#86 76 156
The Warriors may have four All-Stars, but when they really needed to put this game to bed, they knew who to give the rock to... 😏
#87 71 134
鹿島アントラーズ 公式
【2/25 清水戦】ウォーミングアップ!ともに戦いましょう!#antlers #kashima

#88 42 169
BAM! @ksorbs nails it by stating that only in America are legal citizens labeled "racists" and "Nazis" but illegal aliens are called "Dreamers".
#MAGA #LivePD, Dramond, Melo, Steven Adams, #MAGA #ThingsToSayToStartAFight #UFCOrlando
#89 50 71
#90 46 132
Exclusiva pra vocês! GLEICI ME REPRESENTA
#91 68 118
If Trump’s GOP thought it could win without Russia’s help, it wouldn’t be doing everything it can to get Russia’s help.
#92 71 117
John Lennon sniffing Coke.
  · Buffer · en
#93 53 145
#フィギュアスケート #エキシビション での #アリーナ・ザギトワ のしなやかな演技をノーカット実況なしでご覧ください。 #NHKピョンチャン
  · · ja
#94 100 121
get your awkward ass the fuck outta the grocery store
Don’t say anything, just watch pt2
424 1,312
#95 71 597
girl thank u. love you
Teenager In Love By @madisonbeer . She got the vocals
1 8
#96 26 310
Unbelievable.. Rip #Sridevi mam .. she was my favourite actress an big inspiration
#97 46 435
Giving Away $20 PayPal to 3 People that Follow @YesitsHatton and Retweet This🔥
#98 32 27
Live look at Paul George shooting 1-15 and laying bricks
#99 50 68
So am Oregon fan brought a 100 Grand candy bar to the Arizona game tonight. Pure gold.
#100 57 170

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