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We are not born with cynicism nor sarcasm. Neither a child nor a yogi has either of them. The rise of these traits in you indicates a diminishing life force.
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#2 451 478
why do we try so hard for people who don't try for us
#3 225 303
lol swear i fell off?
#4 97 430
Lets Go DC!
Yeah, @Capitals fans are pretty pumped up right now. #StanleyCup
589 2,084
#6 112 502
can’t change the game if you don’t break the rules , 🙄 duh.
#7 72 262
#8 106 367
Sex rn would be bomb as hell lmao
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#10 57 148
TFW someone says they haven't listened to High Hopes
1,740 9,964
#11 75 438
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#13 113 495
Não há nada melhor do que a paz. Não cansa, não machuca e não incomoda.
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#14 113 86
How to develop confidence:

1. Believe in yourself enough to try even if you don’t know how
2. Get experience and learn from it
3. Change what you do based on what you learn from your experience
4. Keep going no matter what
5. See the positive results you’re getting
6. Keep going
#15 99 127
If ur having a bad day, watch this
#16 61 158

劇場版「はいからさんが通る 後編 ~花の東京大ロマン~」

2018 年 10 月 19 日 (金)公開予定


#早見沙織 #宮野真守 #櫻井孝宏
#中井和哉 #梶裕貴 #瀬戸麻沙美
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#17 99 83
実験体No. 18M-RFT36 :ルクを紹介します。

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#18 59 55
SHARP シャープ株式会社
#20 72 293
"You know you really love someone, when you don’t hate them for breaking your heart."
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#21 100 219
The holier-than-thou hypocrisy of big media companies who lay claim to the truth, but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie, is why the public no longer respects them
9,425 37,902
Replying to @elonmusk :
@elonmusk That's why @WikiLeaks publishes full document archives ("scientific journalism" i.e reproducible results) and why CNN responds like this:
Video tweet from @wikileaks
CNN falstely states that it unlawful for the public--but not for CNN--to search WikiLeaks #PodestaEmails
13,008 13,716
#22 55 103
Günaydın #ŞampiyonGalatasaray Ailesi
#23 71 552
can’t tell if i’m sad about u or sad about me
#24 70 131
Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.
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#25 59 124
#Raazi will start its momentous journey to ₹ 💯 cr Club from Week 3... The SOLID TRENDING on weekdays proves it has stamina to score, till #Race3 arrives... [Week 2] Fri 4.75 cr, Sat 7.54 cr, Sun 9.45 cr, Mon 3.70 cr, Tue 3.30 cr, Wed 3.15 cr. Total: ₹ 88.48 cr. India biz.
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#26 34 289
★5/31 開催イベント予告★
#27 89 82
One wrong move and everyone judges you.
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#28 68 91
Si estás leyendo esto, es porque te estás desvelando a lo wey. Que lo disfrutes.

Hasta mañana.
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#29 70 179
Saudi women's rights activists labeled "traitors" as crackdown escalates
Saudi Arabia Escalates Crackdown on Women's Rights Activists
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#30 42 44
If you have time could you also tell us your thoughts if any on #SterliteKillings & #FuelOnFire or should we just blame Nehru?
Challenge accepted, Virat! I will be sharing my own #FitnessChallenge video soon. @imVkohli #HumFitTohIndiaFit
6,868 26,533
#31 66 129
surfers paradise. rn. hurry
#32 38 727
宮澤佐江、芸能活動一時休止を発表 事務所との契約も終了へ #宮澤佐江 @oyasuminaSAE_m 【ほか写真あり】
  · modelpress appl · ja
#33 38 63
【TAMASHII Comic-Con-タマシイ コミ魂(コン)】
S.H.Figuarts アイアンマン マーク50 ナノウエポンVer.(アベンジャーズ/インフィニティ・ウォー) #アベンジャーズ
#34 45 41
Why u watch my stories but don’t like my pics? I see u 👀
#35 48 163
popular comedy account “the pixelated boat”
Disgusted that in the new Battlefield game you control a female soldier who propels herself through the air by spraying an endless jet of menstrual blood. This is HISTORICALLY INACCURATE
#36 22 268
Dear lovely followers

I hope you all find love but more importantly I hope you are strong enough to walk away from what love isn't
#37 21 45
Rank-and-File FBI Agents Eager to Blow Whistle on Comey, Holder, Lynch WHEN?…
#38 49 117
Más porro menos whatsapp
#39 67 98
#40 55 141
Mechanics hate this video because THIS is how you'll save a pile of money-

This is why I love the internet…
Mechanics hate this video because THIS is how you'll save a pile of money
#41 62 70
Me : Oy plano mo sa pasukan?

Friend : Sa buhay ko nga wala kong plano, sa pasukan pa kaya?

#42 57 177
Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes will teach you great lessons and make you a better person.
  · HugotDre · tl
#43 51 79
#SB69G #ショバロ
#44 69 48
“I'm okay but I'm not. I'm not happy. I'm not sad. most of the time. I don't even know I feel confused. I guess I’m living but I’m not.”
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#45 76 110
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#46 54 32
#47 11 42
Get in on the #94Niners threads.

Pre-order yours now:
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#48 18 122
it comes in waves 🌊
#49 24 188
تیتر پیامک خبرگزاری #صداوسیما به نقل از وزیر خارجه امریکا: #روحانی و #ظریف مسئول درد و رنج اقتصادی ملت ایران هستند!
مشغول الذمه‌اید اگر فکر کنید حتا یک ذره از مشکلات اقتصادی مردم به مخارج سنگین و غیرضرور حاکمیت در #سوریه و کلا خارج از ایران برمی‌گردد.
#50 27 176
Yo ya no confío en ningún vato
#51 42 63
S.H.フィギュアーツ「仮面ライダーW ルナトリガー(真骨彫製法)」明日プレバン受注開始…
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#52 53 32
Baba oğul 7 şişme kadınla yaşıyor

Çin'de bir adam ve yetişkin oğlu 7 şişme kadınla birlikte yaşıyor.…
#53 36 43
It's been revealed that £175 million was made through hospital car park charges last year. This money goes back to private contractors and NHS trusts. But how much of it goes in to health? 0.001%. This tax on the sick really can't go on.
#55 37 36
Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined the fitness wagon after cricketer Virat Kohli openly challenged him to do a fitness routine on Twitter. | @IndiaTodayFYI…
Virat Kohli dares Modi to a fitness routine, PM says 'challenge accepted'
#56 10 50
He had to prove he's not a bot, but they made it impossible for him to contact them.

REMEMBER: A federal judge ruled that Twitter is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, so Twitter can now be sued for violating our rights.
@Scrambu11 @ThomasWictor @BrianDCates @drawandstrike Do you know if he was given a reason for the suspension of his account? Is the suspension just temporary?
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0 1
#57 18 30
【ニュース】劇場版『はいからさんが通る 後編 ~花の東京大ロマン~』公開日が解禁! 旧TVアニメシリーズでは未完となった原作ラストエピソードまでを初めて完全アニメ化 #はいから…
#58 33 28
when you asked to spend the night at your friends house cause y’all had plans to sneak out and party and your mom said no
Caption this
1,255 5,171
#59 38 77
Never give up on something you really want.
  · Feelings ☾ · en
#60 72 97
She smiles so she's okay, right?
  · · en
#61 54 107
✅لزيادة الـمـتـابـعـيـن✅
➊ ضيـفـنـى الان⚡️
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برج الجوزاء♊️
مجرد ما #الجوزاء وقف اهتمامه فيك؛ انتهيت من حياته.

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#63 21 28
I have faith that God is living out a divine plan through me. Have faith in God. -Mark 11:22
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#64 33 109
Follow everyonė who Likes and Retweets this tweet 🤑🤕
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#65 28 108
y sigues sin pelarme
No puedo creer que ya casi estamos a la mitad del año.
1,840 8,402
#66 9 53
Ser fumanchero no tiene remedio
#67 25 88
Pag nakipag break sa text or chat it means kupal yun. End of convo. 😂
#68 29 104
شرطة عُمان السلطانية
عزيزي المواطن والمقيم:
استماعكم الى التحذيرات والانذارات الصادرة عبر القنوات الرسمية يساهم في حمايتكم وسلامتكم ويقلل من انتشار الشائعات.

Dear citizen, resident:
For your own safety listen to warnings issued by official sources, channels.
#69 29 25
Canserbero a ésta hora ❤
#70 30 50
✅لزيادة الـمـتـابـعـيـن✅
➊ ضيـفـنـى الان⚡️
➋ ريتويت للتغريده🅱
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ROBOT魂「湿地帯戦用ザク ver. A.N.I.M.E.」明日プレバン受注開始…
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#72 39 42
Don’t gotta speak on trends I set
#73 30 99
We have decreased our taxes already but now rates are going up due to rising crude oil prices in international market. So we are trying to make a consensus in GST Council on bringing petroleum under GST, that will decrease the price: Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis (file pic)
#74 25 89
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#75 21 40
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#76 16 14
Follow everyone who Likes this 🐬
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#78 12 97

2x Fortnite accounts
2x Paypal


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They hate you when you're winning, but they love it you when you break.
#80 17 56
Get God's plan before making your own plans.
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#81 26 48
إن السخرية من الفاشل في أمر ما لن تجعلك فائزًا، وتمني الفشل للناجح لن يجعلك بالضرورة ناجحًا.
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#82 15 22
التخلي ببَلادَة، أدار كلن منا ظهره للآخر..فقط! لم نلوح، لم نشتم الطريق، لم نذرف قطرة واحدة، ولم نتمنى للحظة.. أن يتوقف الزمن! من الغريب حقًا أن تكون النهاية هادئةً هكذا.. إلى هذا الحد
#83 16 22
He would have been dead before this appeared in print in Nazi Germany, and you would not have had the courage to print it. So, get real and stop silly propaganda by leftist malcontents
How #Modi's India is fast resembling Hitler's #Nazi Germany, writes historian Rudrangshu Mukherjee | | [Book extract]
  · Hootsuite · en
170 207
#84 17 18
1: Retweet this👍✅
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4: tweet "IFB"👍✅
5: Follow @ganseyman & 👉@bonitamukherje1

#85 14 51
Follow Me and everyone that likes and retweet’s this 🧢🎩🧢🎩🧢
#86 22 71
how you gonna get killed by 53 MG rounds, a tank shell and a plane ramming into you at full speed just to get revived 5 seconds later, but only complain about "realism" when a woman is in a WW2 video game? lol
174 1,651
Replying to @TheSMii7Y :
@TheSMii7Y Women didnt actually exist til the 1950's so I can kinda see where they're coming from
#87 18 284
Let’s find out
i wonder what a$ap rocky's dick tastes like
102 401
#88 22 136
i'm a/an:
⚪ human
⚪ alien
🔘 spader

and i am here for:
⚪ Badjao De Castro
⚪ Zild Benitez
⚪ Blaster Silonga

don't be a solo stan. love them equally and support all of them ❤ fighting, spaders!
#89 10 18
Tarikat yurdundaki kıyma makinesinde kolu koptu, cezasız kaldı… @hurriyet aracılığıyla
Kolu koptu cezasz kald - Son Dakika Haberler
#90 26 28


#91 14 25
At least a stunned baboon can unpeel and eat a banana. Not sure those 3 could, even if working together.

Maddow would say it's an apple, Clapper would deny it is fruit and Maddox would sit between them cross-eyed and drooling, ranting about Drumpf.

All 3 are fruitcakes.
Yes, they are.

Between that idiot, Maddox and Clapper you don't have a combined IQ higher than a stunned baboon.
  · Twitter Lite · en
14 35
  · Twitter Lite · en
#92 16 43
Let’s just hope that the plot to stop Brexit is bigger than the Dail Mail’s plot to force it through without any public consent once we know the ‘deal’
DAILY MAIL: Plot to subvert Brexit Exposed #tomorrowspaperstoday
35 23
#93 21 67
I want to be with you.. Everyday.
  · Quotes Everyday! · tl
#94 29 52
#95 16 62
Hindi magiging matibay ang pagkakaibigan kung walang tampuhan.
  · HugotDre · tl
#96 67 155
#97 35 128
مریم نواز نے آج احتساب عدالت میں بیان ریکارڈ کراتے ہوئے کومہ اور فل سٹاپ بھی پڑھ دئیے۔ دیکھئے ایک بچے کی ویڈیو جس نے سبق سناتے ہوئے اپنے ماسٹر کو کومہ اور فل سٹاپ بھی سنادئیے
#MaryamNawaz #PTI #PMLN…
How Maryam Reads Comma And Full Stop In Court? Watch Hilarious Video
  · TweetDeck · ur
#98 19 43
◆とろけるなめらか 宇治抹茶レアチーズ


#99 18 63



#100 27 100

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