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@official_jo1 | 316,649 followers
『映画 #えんとつ町のプペル』


#大平祥生 が声優として出演いたします!

#ゴミ人間 #プぺル
#JO1 #TheSTAR #ShineALight
@euphoriaHBO | 471,985 followers
euphoria returns for two special episodes.

the first premieres december 6 on @hbo and @HBOMax.
We really missed them. Two special Euphoria episodes coming soon. First one December 6th on @hbo…


▩#有馬隼人 役▩
#浮所飛貴 さん(#美少年)

▩#篠原つかさ 役▩
#白石聖 さん



『映画 #えんとつ町のプペル 』

  【 本予告映像解禁 】

\\ ✨本予告解禁記念✨ //
@ProjectLincoln | 2,531,441 followers
Mississippi, it's time for Mike Espy.
In reply to @poupellemovie
┏・・・━━━━━━━━┓ “えんとつ町の住人”に    命を吹き込む    声優陣一挙解禁✨ ┗━━━━━━━━・・・┛ ゴミから生まれたゴミ人間プペル ⭐️#窪田正孝 さん 星を信じ続ける少年ルビッチ ⭐️#芦田愛菜 さん 📝コメントも到着 #えんとつ町のプペル
Replying to @poupellemovie
\\⭐️ さらに ⭐️// #立川志の輔 さん #小池栄子 さん #藤森慎吾 さん #野間口徹 さん #伊藤沙莉 さん #宮根誠司 さん #大平祥生 さん(#JO1)#飯尾和樹 さん(ずん) #山内圭哉 さん #國村隼 さん えんとつ町に豪華すぎるキャスト陣が 集結しました👏✨ #えんとつ町のプペル
@MZHemingway | 620,653 followers
A reminder of what Jeffrey Toobin did day in and day out to smear Brett Kavanaugh following Julie Swetnick’s preposterous claims.
In reply to @CNN
@CNN Jeffrey Toobin just put it this way: “If Kavanaugh was your prospective babysitter and 3 people told you he could be a sexual predator, would you hire him to watch your kids?”
Answer me this...
@co_rapunzel4 @ToDropADime2 @SkyVipre @LizWill99 @lstl5 @RTMcFadyen @mzgreen66
@TheBabylonBee | 751,463 followers
Heartwarming: Amy Coney Barrett Just Adopted A Local Troubled Youngster Named Hunter
Heartwarming: Amy Coney Barrett Just Adopted A Local Troubled Youngster Named Hunter

が演じる #有馬隼人 は...



2人が『#胸きみ 』 で初共演!🏫
#浮所 さんは映画初主演🎬

@ChuckCallesto | 303,279 followers
BREAKING NOW: 50 Cent ENDORSES President Trump...
@AishaYesufu | 451,692 followers
United Nations: United Nations should remove Hussain Coomassie UN ambassador for peace and social justice - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
Petition unterschreiben
@bindibba7 | 305,384 followers
يمكننا دائماً البدء مره أخرى
@AlMosahf | 4,118,787 followers
{ سَيَجْعَلُ اللَّهُ بَعْدَ عُسْرٍ يُسْرًا }
🔹有馬役/#浮所飛貴 (#美少年)



@AlhamdanWajdi | 1,928 followers
ما هو الشعور العالق بك حاليًا!؟
@PlayApex | 1,852,677 followers
@dbongino | 2,536,155 followers
Ballots Stolen From Mailboxes in State of Washington 👇🏻🚨…
@PepeMatter | 63,676 followers
Weiner labtop.
Hunter labtop.
Ghislaine documents.
All centered around crimes against children and humanity.
@Atletico | 2,138,569 followers
📋 GALO ESCALADO! Confira nossa escalação para o jogo contra o Bahia, pelo @Brasileirao!

Vamos, #Galo! #BAHxCAM 🏴🏳
@ouemputecida | 334,601 followers
as 4 etapas quando eu me apaixono por alguém :
@KamalaHarris | 6,714,830 followers
Rain or shine, democracy waits for no one.
@JesseBWatters | 1,459,283 followers
At least President Trump is somewhere. Joe Biden is nowhere. He's in his basement and called a lid for 4 days. @realdonaldtrump will be in all of these critical battleground states from now until November 3rd and that is what a winning campaign looks like. #TheFive
@benshapiro | 3,263,854 followers
Good news for Jim Acosta: we've finally found a CNN anchor who loves himself more than Jim Acosta does
In reply to @jason_koebler
This has been updated with significantly more detail. Toobin was masturbating during a break-out session during an election simulation featuring various New Yorker all stars…
🎁Re:cosme #プレゼント企画 🎁

人気韓国コスメ #イニスフリー 豪華3点セットが抽選で1名様に当たる❣️

@recosmeofficial をフォロー

11/1〆切 当選はDMで報告💌
#懸賞 #キャンペーン #プレゼントキャンペーン #韓国コスメ #recosme
@brfootball | 2,183,109 followers
The night before the Champions League begins...
@MattWalshBlog | 483,136 followers
50 Cent has endorsed Trump because he doesn't want Biden to take over half his earnings in taxes. The Left of course treats this as some kind of frivolous reason to vote a certain way, but these are the sorts of things actual adults care about.
@Mike_Pence | 5,424,074 followers
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are STILL refusing to answer the question on whether they would pack the Supreme Court.

Come on, Joe! The American people deserve to know!
@SVNewsAlerts | 57,414 followers
JUST IN: 50 Cent endorses Trump for President after seeing Joe Biden's tax plans.
@SeriesBrasil | 995,230 followers
Euphoria tem dois episódios especiais confirmados.

O 1º episódio estreia dia 06 de dezembro na HBO e o 2º episódio vai ao ar em 2021.
美 少年・浮所飛貴、映画初主演『胸が鳴るのは君のせい』実写化 ヒロインは白石聖(写真 全2枚)…

#美少年 #浮所飛貴 #白石聖 #ジャニーズ #映画 #胸きみ @munekimi_movie @shiraishi_sei
@cnnbrk | 58,987,180 followers
A tsunami warning was issued after a preliminary magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck near Sand Point, Alaska
@TomFitton | 1,197,865 followers
I'd be happy to moderate Thursday's presidential debate between @realDonaldTrump and @JoeBiden...
HUGE: Biden Corruption Scandal Confirmed--Thanks to a Laptop;INVESTIGATE Big Tech for Unprecedented and Lying Censorship;@JudicialWatch Uncovers 1.8 million "extra" names on voting rolls; Why were Clinton and @GenFlynn TREATED DIFFERENTLY by court? Update:
@modelpress | 1,428,820 followers
窪田正孝・芦田愛菜・JO1大平祥生ら、豪華声優キャスト発表<映画 えんとつ町のプペル>

@official_jo1 @poupellemovie

JO1 -
@PrisonPlanet | 1,197,673 followers
Who on earth finishes a professional zoom call and then, within seconds and barely moving from their desk within full view of the camera, decides “time for a wank, I think.” ?
Heading for Tucson. See you in a little while. Winning Arizona!
@catturd2 | 383,447 followers
Hardest working President in history.
@senatemajldr | 1,906,494 followers
Last week, Judge Barrett proved she has the deep legal expertise, judicial temperament, and intellectual horsepower that Americans deserve to have on the Supreme Court. The Senate will turn to her nomination as soon as it comes out of committee later this week.
@Ali_alowifi | 17,033 followers
سمو سيدي #ولي_العهد الأمير محمد بن سلمان عرّاب الرؤية .. هنا العزم والقول والفعل.
سيدي #ولي_العهد_الأمير_محمد_بن_سلمان
تحدث ووعد فـ صدق في وعده

@astefanibays | 143,213 followers
Começou, boraaa

@TomFitton | 1,197,865 followers
Unmasking update...
To the scolds blaming ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ infection on not wearing mask: the only published randomized clinical study of cloth masks shows 97% penetration of particles & higher infection rate than control. But never mind, it’s all about submission...…
@AlMosahf | 4,118,806 followers
{ وَوَجَدَكَ ضَالًّا فَهَدَى }
@natalie_mu | 1,287,145 followers

#JO1 #えんとつ町のプペル
@lucxssv | 3,695 followers
o verdadeiro dobrador de água
@kylegriffin1 | 922,142 followers
In a pandemic, Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia is weakening worker protections: Since the pandemic began, OSHA has received more than ten thousand complaints alleging unsafe conditions related to the virus. It has issued just two citations.
@astefanibays | 143,213 followers
Primeiro desafio

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Truth is always the ultimate weapon. God despises deceit.
Only by truthfully identifying the real problem can it ever be solved. Truth is an absolute prerequisite for any successful relationship or venture.…
.@realDonaldTrump is being armed with #Truth
@ActuFoot_ | 2,639,960 followers
La Ligue des Champions est de retour aujourd'hui ! 😍

🕖 18h55
Kiev 🇺🇦 ⚡️ 🇮🇹 Juventus

Zénit 🇷🇺 ⚡️ 🇧🇪 Bruges

🕘 21h
PSG 🇫🇷 ⚡️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Man. Utd

Chelsea 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ⚡️ 🇪🇸 Séville

Lazio 🇮🇹 ⚡️ 🇩🇪 Dortmund

Barcelone 🇪🇸 ⚡️ 🇭🇺 Ferencvaros

Leipzig 🇩🇪 ⚡️ 🇹🇷 Basaksehir

Rennes 🇫🇷 ⚡️ 🇷🇺 Krasnodar
@gurugurugravity | 21,406 followers
i still think abt her #blacktober
⭐️⁺˚ 本ポスターも解禁 ˚⁺⭐️

━━━ 信じぬけ。 ━━━



『映画 #えんとつ町のプペル』
@MikeBloomberg | 2,758,520 followers
Early voting starts today in Florida.

Florida voters: you could decide who wins this election. So, vote and make your voice heard, and help put America back on track.
@danijotape | 65,204 followers
Yo poniendo mis alarmas:
@Iperborea_ | 30,008 followers
Ciao Matilde, buon aperitivo

@natalie_mu | 1,287,145 followers
美 少年の浮所飛貴「胸が鳴るのは君のせい」で映画初主演「きゅんきゅんしてもらえる映画にしたいな」(コメントあり)…

#美少年 #浮所飛貴 #胸が鳴るのは君のせい

『映画 #えんとつ町のプペル 』

  【 本予告映像解禁 】

\\ ✨本予告解禁記念✨ //
Replying to @poupellemovie
┏・・・━━━━━━━━┓ “えんとつ町の住人”に    命を吹き込む    声優陣一挙解禁✨ ┗━━━━━━━━・・・┛ ゴミから生まれたゴミ人間プペル ⭐️#窪田正孝 さん 星を信じ続ける少年ルビッチ ⭐️#芦田愛菜 さん 📝コメントも到着 #えんとつ町のプペル
.@BLACKPINK’s ‘THE ALBUM’ is the first album by a female group to spend multiple weeks at #1 on Billboard Top Album Sales chart since The Chicks’ ‘Taking The Long Way’ (2006).
@luscas | 6,758,594 followers
ocupada pensando no deboche da menina que apagou a vela da amiga...
@WFVOTING | 75,527 followers
< The Fact Music Awards >

Priorizem a categoria 'TMA Ads Award', pois somente os três primeiros serão premiados.

Lembrando que o @BTS_twt confirmou presença na premiação online.

#4 – TMA Ads Award
#2 – Fan N’ Star Artist (TOP 20)

@BNONews | 170,948 followers
WATCH: Tsunami sirens wail in parts of Alaska after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake; evacuations underway
@BreitbartNews | 1,521,816 followers
Four U.S. Army veterans condemned North Carolina Democrat Senate candidate Cal Cunningham for his extramarital affair with a disabled combat veteran’s wife, in a new campaign ad by Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) on Monday morning.
Army Vets Condemn NC Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham in Tillis Ad
@ScottAdamsSays | 579,820 followers
No one wants to be 19 Cent.
50 Cent endorses Trump for President after seeing Biden's alleged tax plans.…
@EditoraVioleta | 8,810 followers
O site da @EditoraVioleta está oficialmente aberto! 🎉

A apresentação da nossa equipe, as informações importantes e os próximos lançamentos foram cuidadosamente apresentados em nosso site! Ah, e já tem livrinho disponível para vocês 💜

Confira: 📚✨
@EuphoriaBRNews | 57,086 followers
@Iperborea_ | 30,007 followers
Comunque Matilde sarebbe stata praticamente una finalista, era partita così, era quasi scontato, ma chi si mette contro Tommaso Zorzi entra da Papa ed esce da Cardinale

@Chiefs | 1,625,835 followers
🏹 x2️⃣!!!
@rafauccman | 1,719,231 followers
pq ngm me leva a sério quando eu tô brava ou falando sério??? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
@SVNewsAlerts | 57,411 followers
BREAKING: President Trump says the FBI should investigate Joe Biden
美 少年・浮所飛貴、映画単独初主演「きゅんきゅんして」ヒロインに白石聖

#胸が鳴るのは君のせい #浮所飛貴 #白石聖…
@eliesaaab | 679,217 followers
@Akademiks | 1,271,194 followers
50 cent ain’t bout to pay no 62% for taxes... he wants TRUMP in office
@TheWeirdWorld | 8,229,223 followers
Maturity is realising how many things just don’t require your opinion.
@Seinfeld2000 | 273,170 followers
JERY: he took it out?


JERY: it

ELANE: out


ELANE: to make matters worse it was on zoom!

JERY: .. and? how was it

ELANE: lets just say i had to zoom
@warriors | 6,502,282 followers
June 25, 2009 - "With the seventh pick, the Golden State Warriors select..."
@JakKWolf94 | 5,200 followers

Prizes (5 winners):
🎁5x Item shop gift or your choice*.


Please ♥+🔁 and tag a friend (optional).🏷️

Ends in 48 hours.⏰

Good luck everyone.🍀
#Fortnite #FortniteSeason4 #Giveaway
@ScottAdamsSays | 579,820 followers
Update: He only asked for ten minutes
In reply to @jason_koebler
update: "Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted,” CNN says.…
@OoCPokemon | 407,228 followers
@LulaOficial | 2,026,382 followers
Não existe possibilidade de vencer esses milicianos que estão no poder se a gente não for ousado.

Vamos suportar até quando? A hora é agora, peito a peito.

Vote 13.
@PopBase | 116,380 followers
Zendaya announces TWO new special 'Euphoria' episodes with the first one coming on December 6th.
@LarryUpdatesAcc | 92,724 followers
5 years ago today (20/10/15)
(reportedly) Spotify accidentally leaked One Direction's 'Home' promo single before its release date, right after 1D had to cancel their concert in Belfast (Northern Ireland) at the last minute.
Thank you Louis and Liam for this masterpiece. ❤️
@SirLeoBDasilva | 100,257 followers
Any influencer trying to insert praise of any politician during this period is unfortunately compromised and can’t be trusted.
Tired of seeing “He’s doing this” “He’s doing more than so so so and so”.
@svtcharts | 36,507 followers
SEVENTEEN 'HOME;RUN' | 07:00 KST Update:

#2 Genie (=)
#5 Bugs (-3)
#36 FLO (+5)
#93 MelOn (+5)

#SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #HOME_RUN #Semicolon @pledis_17
@1035KISSFM | 85,609 followers
Time to get your votes in for @OnAirJRDN’s #KISSFMTop4 at 8pm! Vote for your song to go number 1!

cc: @bpinradio @gabbybupdates @CharlieCharts @dixiedamelio @blackbear_snaps @LilMoseyHub @salemilese
@Ri_Ghetto | 124,094 followers
@GregRubini | 145,069 followers
Gen. McRaven was in charge of the raid on the (Fake or real) Osama Bin Laden.
McRaven was also in charge of the "Extortion 17" mission,
when the SEAL Team 6 helicopter was shot down and all aboard died.

@mbahdey4u | 22,228 followers
Night drive


FOLLOW ME & Comment using "❤️" and follow everyone that likes your comment!!!
@SenSchumer | 2,642,512 followers
I am forcing a vote tonight to adjourn the Senate until after the November election.

The GOP in the middle of a national election is using an illegitimate process to jam through a Supreme Court nominee to rip away health care from millions.

Democrats are fighting to stop it.
@Eleven_Films | 158,735 followers
Every American needs to realize that #TrumpIsCompromised 🤬

Share far & wide! We can’t let this continue.

New from @ReallyAmerican1 🔥

@ashcoltami | 29,304 followers
Alfonso: vedo che stanno tutti piangendo
Io da casa:
@jafostetweet | 339,885 followers
O meu “lol” é tudo menos rir.
@camilladelucas | 371,543 followers
@JohnWHuber | 298,586 followers
Not a bad rant. The only thing I’d add is that Trump effectively didn’t even get a full first term thanks to the Russia Collusion Hoax and the tariffs Ben dislikes helped bring about both the USMCA and China policies he does like
.@BenShapiro: I did not vote for @realDonaldTrump in 2016.

I am voting for Donald Trump in 2020.
@LouDobbs | 2,255,169 followers
Democracy at Stake: VP @Mike_Pence warns if the Democratic Party & radical left win the election, Congress will pack the Supreme Court with liberal activist judges that will drive their liberal agenda. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
@JudicialWatch | 1,816,690 followers
“A total of 353 counties in 29 U.S. states have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens, according to an analysis by Judicial Watch," @EpochTimes. Read:
New Data Analysis Finds 353 Counties With 1.8 Million More Registered Voters Than Eligible Citizens - Judicial Watch
@annullataa | 618 followers
Alfosno: vedo che state tutti piangendo.

@CNN | 50,156,429 followers
A tsunami warning has been issued after an earthquake struck near Sand Point, Alaska
Tsunami warning issued after earthquake near Alaska
#JHOPE #제이홉 #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt
@MSNBC | 3,658,520 followers
"Millions of Christians oppose Trump's reelection," Michael Wear, founder of Public Square Strategies, says.

"Christians don't owe Donald Trump anything. He owes them. He owes Americans. And he's failed them."

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