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@HSHQ | 1,875,333 followers
Tuesday, 9/28, at Bridgestone Arena.
Masks are required while shopping.

All ticket holders must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or proof of a negative test within 48 hours prior to entry, in addition to wearing a mask.
@BleacherReport | 10,101,980 followers
Today Odell Beckham Jr. makes his comeback from last season’s torn ACL.

He’s back 🙏 @brgridiron
@OccupyDemocrats | 166,706 followers
BREAKING NEWS: Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar demands that the NBA “remove all unvaccinated players and coaches from their teams,” saying “there’s no room for anyone” who “puts lives at risk” because they “refuse to do the necessary research.” RT IF YOU’RE WITH KAREEM!
210926🖤Saint Laurent ™️

#BLACKPINK #ROSÉ #블랙핑크 #로제
@Grandelovesick2 | 116,858 followers
You delivered, records have been broken, live performance had us shaking and you shined we are so proud of you

@F1 | 6,411,368 followers
The road to 100

#F1 @LewisHamilton
Super win 💪
Super birthday 🥳
Super fam 💛
Super day 😍

#CSKvKKR #WhistlePodu #Yellove 🦁💛 @snj_group
@GalatasaraySK | 10,160,831 followers
👏 👏 👏
@FCBarcelona | 38,177,530 followers
He called it.
@jonathandveal83 | 23,157 followers
How it started v How it's going
@MesutOzil1088 | 26,086,898 followers
Hatay’dan önemli 3 puan ile dönüyoruz. 👍🏻 Yolumuza devam 💛💙 #M1Ö @Fenerbahce
@yadavakhilesh | 14,727,985 followers
पहले किसानों के मान को गिराना… फिर नाम भर को दाम को बढ़ाना… भाजपा का ये चुनावी हथकंडा अब उप्र में नहीं चलनेवाला।

भाजपा जाते-जाते गन्ना किसानों के बकाये का ब्याज न सही, मूल ही चुका दे।

2022 में सपा सरकार किसानों का सच्चा मान भी बढ़ाएगी व गन्ने की मिठास और दाम भी।

@shmesm2 | 62,040 followers
'way to go' skz cut…
@JonahMarais | 897,378 followers
happy sunday :)
@NFL | 27,154,204 followers
@sergino_dest | 377,143 followers
+3! Back on track! Thanks to the fans today for the amazing atmosphere 👊🏽🔵🔴
@Corinthians | 6,568,565 followers
Nova camisa do Corinthians: inspirada nas minas que nunca param de acreditar. O roxo escuro faz referência a vários movimentos feministas ao longo da história. O #RespeitaAsMinas representa nosso posicionamento na luta pela inclusão das minas no futebol.
@flavrry | 438 followers
@ARanganathan72 | 475,425 followers
Engineer in white hat: Calling it a day, yaar. Ghar ja ke IPL dekhunga.
Engineer in yellow hat: Rumour has it PM might drop in.
Engineer in white hat: Kutch bhi. He is 71. Has been on the plane for 20 hours. Has attended 24 meetings in the last 72. And just landed.

1 hour later:
@BTSEMPIRES | 8,492 followers
BTS rapline is no joke, they haven’t put out music is a while and look at them?!
@veeiye | 568,274 followers
I’m so happy y’all are enjoying my first video! We put so much work into it, in a very small amount of time. You all keep me going! I promise to only deliver QUALITY 🏆❤️

@Profdilipmandal | 254,644 followers
लालू प्रसाद के सीएम रहने के दौरान बिहार में एक यादव डीएम यानी ज़िलाधिकारी बना। IAS गोरेलाल यादव की नियुक्ति पर जातिवादी मीडिया ने कोहराम मचा दिया कि यादवराज हो गया। क्या आप जानते हैं कि इस समय यूपी के 75 ज़िलों में कितने डीएम और एसपी @myogiadityanath की अपनी ठाकुर जाति के हैं?
@brfootball | 3,518,261 followers
Ansu Fati had a tough recovery following a serious knee injury that required four surgeries.

So when he scored on his return, he ran to the stands to celebrate with the doctor that helped him through it 👏
#UPDATE | Lauren is featured on TikTok’s “Artists to watch” music hub
@LaurenJauregui | 4,321,766 followers
Replying to @LMJUpdates
Ok now someone teach me how to use this app omg
المعلم چيفري مولع الدنيا 😂🔥…
♥ + ♻ = 1000 V-Bucks

Follow Me & @Sparky2x ( Must have my notifications on 🔔)

Ends in 30 Minutes, Best of Luck 🍀
@BJP4India | 16,694,641 followers
Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi inspects construction works of the new parliament building in New Delhi.
@goalslinks | 1,574 followers
Arsenal vs Tottenham, live stream HD🔥

If this stopped, please watch the game on 👇🏻

Retweet guys🔥…
@Chiefs | 1,839,369 followers
@AlMosahf | 6,782,045 followers
فَكُلِي وَاشْرَبِي وَقَرِّي عَيْنًا

@steelers | 3,562,916 followers
@mipaltan | 6,839,590 followers
A captain's knock! 💪

43 (28). Five fours & One six. 🙌

#OneFamily #MumbaiIndians #IPL2021 #RCBvMI @ImRo45
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#NFT #NFTs #NFTcollectibles #NFTdrops #OpenSea #OpenSeaNFT #NFTshill #NFTCommunity #nftcollectors #NFTartists #Ethereum #ETH
@4upicsart | 90,897 followers
Quaid, our arrested workers are enduring violence, the trend is going on top, without targeting any institution.
Despite this, TLP is banned, strange.
Release Saad Hussain Rizvi

@z8_kuw | 274,925 followers
مبروك @aoaou11
500 ريال
طياره خاص ✈️
سحب على 500 ريال
المطلوب :
رتويت التغريدة المقتبسه
السحب من الرتويت
@rockstarJKK | 163,357 followers
jeon jungkook in his element
@ramazanizoltr | 505,209 followers
Umudunu hiç bir zaman kaybetme.. Hayat bazen bitti dediğin yerde tekrar başlar...
@nct_charts | 167,421 followers

1st day: 760,902
2nd day: 32,664
3rd day: 10,074
4th day: 8,730
5th day: 5,710
6th day: 11,664
7th day: 99,772
8th day: 119,513
9th day: 26,663
10th day: 8,804

Total: 1,084,496 copies sold
@Alvisepf | 263,986 followers
Hola, @Newtral.

Aquí vuestra jefa @_AnaPastor_ titula «Madrid remite a centros religiosos a mujeres que quieren abortar»…

…cuando la realidad es que «se puede elegir asesorarse, entre otros, en algunos centros religiosos».

¿Os auto-ponéis el sello “fake” en la frente o cómo?
Madrid remite a centros religiosos a las mujeres que quieren abortar. Un reportaje del equipo de ⁦…
@convomf | 304,269 followers
💙 it’s okay, everything’s gonna be alright :D
@WWERomanReigns | 4,425,953 followers
I don’t get distracted.
I operate at the highest level.
Big E. Lashley. Montez. Demon.
#ExtremeRules ends the same way.
Me standing in the center of my ring.
Look back at the events that led to Universal Champion @WWERomanReigns#ExtremeRules Match against “The Demon” @FinnBalor.
@Ripple | 2,052,506 followers
#Cryptocurrency vs Paper Money: Who will take the title in the #sustainability challenge? Read this blog post to find out!
Quantifying the Environmental Impact of Payment Systems: Part 2
@Carlossainz55 | 1,212,414 followers
P3! Perfect start and strong race overall. Lost the lead after graining the fronts on the mediums but recovered well on the hards before the rain. We did the right call for the inters to secure a podium we had fought the whole way. Vamos!


ถึง LS1 จะจบเร็วแต่เหมือนอยู่กันมานานมากเพราะบิ๊วกันจนเริ่มมีกิจกรรมสันทนาการหาเงินกันตั้งแต่ต้นปี เชื่อว่าแม่ๆหลายคนก็ใหม่กับหลายๆอย่างและเพิ่งมาเริ่มต้นอะไรใหม่ๆกันในโซโล่รอบนี้แหละ ขอบคุณลิซ่าและแฟนๆทุกคนที่ทุ่มเทกันมากๆ แต่ยังมีหลายอย่างรออยู่นะ

@dwright75 | 18,118 followers
The root cause of much of what is wrong with Spurs is Daniel Levy.
Didn’t invest when Poch wanted, sacked Poch and appointed Jose as vanity project, then still failed to invest.
Sacked Jose before a final, didn’t know who to appoint.
Appointed manager not good enough.
@Halo | 1,585,614 followers
Battle on Behemoth!

As of today, a brand-new map has entered the #HaloInfinite Multiplayer Tech Preview - Behemoth. Dive into Slayer, Capture the Flag, and Strongholds until 2PM PT.
@Pontifex_es | 18,718,981 followers
Expreso solidaridad a aquellos que han sido golpeados por la erupción del volcán en la Isla La Palma, en Canarias. Por estas personas tan probadas y por los que están trabajando en las tareas de socorro rezamos a la Virgen, venerada en esa Isla como Nuestra Señora de las Nieves.
@WizUnic | 175,421 followers
q la sed no te haga beber del vaso equivocado
@FCTV02 | 8,604 followers
• Arsenal vs Tottenham

Match Link:

Retweet & Follow @FCTV02
To Update Stream…
@Ashwin_tweetz | 5,552 followers
No expectations anymore. Just gonna enjoy your presence to the fullest. Doesn't matter what you score, will be your fan forever @msdhoni
@Giants | 1,872,490 followers
Flowers by Monet
@CricCrazyJohns | 95,234 followers
Chahal is the bowling king of #RCB.
@thebradfordfile | 251,619 followers
This is your daily reminder Dr. Fauci helped fund the pandemic, then lied about it, and is not in prison.
@ItsMFS_ | 703 followers
The death of Allama rizvi sab is indeed a big lose for Muslim community. He was admirable leader of muslims
@AshokShrivasta6 | 198,456 followers
.@PMOIndia @narendramodi आज देर शाम अचानक निर्माणाधीन नए संसद भवन का निरीक्षण करने पहुंचे।
@PiggySolGang | 17,816 followers
Our marketplace is live on

We will launch the main marketplace after our female airdrop on a different domain and start listing collections with the highest potential

0% Marketplace fees for Pigs

Any listed pigs will still be eligible for female airdrop
The Piggy Market
@Real_ismail11 | 11,338 followers
I'll give an 1000 vbucks card to a random person who retweets this tweet and follows @skillepi, @Real_ismail11 within the next 60 minutes
@Texto_Favorito | 244,420 followers
Estoy enamorado de como se le ponen los ojitos cuando se ríe.
@archivforPJM | 32,935 followers
Well Played @ImRo45 💙
@TheBabylonBee | 1,080,683 followers
Horse-Mounted Aides With Whips Chase Away Journalists Trying To Ask Biden Questions…
@z8_kuw | 274,925 followers
مبروك طياره خاص ✈️

@BinswuaidM تفاعل 500 ريال
@yman20220 إلكتروني 500 ريال
هديتكم 1000 ريال
فقط تابعني @z8_kuw
الفائز الاول 500 ريال
الفائز الثاني 500 ريال
السحب من الرتويت إلكتروني مُوثق
@MHAOfficial | 1,029,090 followers
NEWS: My Hero Academia Celebrates Season 5 Finale With Official Soundtrack Release 🎶

Read on:… @MilanRecLabel
LOL Laschet: "Wir brauchen jetzt eine Zukunftskoalition, die das Land modernisiert!" JA WER HAT DAS LAND DENN 16 JAHRE LANG IN DEN STILLSTAND REGIERT ZUM F.!
@roxmo | 1,025,330 followers
PF apreende 15 relógios de luxo com Jaques Wagner // Olha o PT aí, gente!
@sardarfareedul | 7,959 followers
I, am a Pakistani citizen, request my government to release Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi
If Saad Hussain Rizvi is not released, a historic Islamic revolution could take place in Pakistan
@RCBTweets | 4,990,845 followers
WICKET! One wicket brings two! Yuzi deceives Ishan Kishan and Harshal Patel takes the catch. 🤩🤩

#PlayBold #WeAreChallengers #ನಮ್ಮRCB #IPL2021 #RCBvMI
@reitschuster | 99,767 followers
CDU mit historisch schlechtem Ergebnis. Merkel strahlt vor der Kamera. #Laschet sagt: "Es waren 16 gute Jahre mit #Merkel."
Kann mich jemand zwicken?
Merkel riss die Partei in den Abgrund, und dafür bekommt sie Blumen von ihrem Nachfolger.
@ChicagoBears | 1,875,716 followers
Bring 'em out!

#CHIvsCLE | #DaBears
@EverRise | 34,596 followers
Please see our latest announcement from @TitanEverRise and the introduction of what is coming next:…
🤩 New #NFTdrop Coming!! 🤑

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@insomniacgames | 1,055,630 followers
*SNIKT* #WolverinePS5
@dwnews | 528,803 followers
JUST IN: Seat projections for #btw21:
@edz_lozano | 93,687 followers
Khalifa Finance Whitelist is ongoing,

To book a slot follow these instructions.

✔ Follow @khalifa_finance
✔ Retweet their pinned post
✔ Join their Telegram group,…

fill the Google form and write 3 msgs.
EIIIIII JULIETTEEEEEE cadê a foto do look do encontro da recepção??? queremos @juliette
@juliette | 3,764,709 followers
Replying to @juliettezada
Eu nem fiz foto de look. E eu montei sozinhaaa (bem moleca doida do rock)

An EXCLUSIVE @RodneyMStudios piece of #digitalart #NFT dropping on the Terra Virtua Marketplace at an UNBELIEVABLE price of $20!

Drops 30th September, 5pm BST!

#NFTCommunity #nftcollectors #NFTcollection #NFTs #NFTdrop #NFTdrops #fantasyart #fantasy
@vevoDuman | 433,603 followers
ya hep, ya hiç..
اتنے بدترین مظالم کے باوجود اگر تحریک لبیک پاکستان کوئی رد عمل ظاہر نہیں کر رہی تو اسے تحریک کی امن پسندی تصور کیا جائے۔
ورنہ تحریک لبیک پاکستان آج بھی میدان سجانے کی پاور رکھتی ہے۔
@sakuramt6 | 72,773 followers
@M__KFO | 151,140 followers
ايفونين 12 مع بدور 📱📱👇🏻
سحب على جهازين 2 ايفون 12📱🎁

شروط المسابقة :
1- رتويت للتغريدة
2- متابعة حساب اليوتيوب المرفق
3- تصوير الاشتراك للقناة وتحطونه بالمنشن وفالكم الفوز
رابط القناة:…

السحب بعد اربعة ايام من الرتويت وموثق بالفيديو ..
خدمات قوووويةةة:

خدمة زيـ ـاٌدة متـ ـُابعين تويتر و انستقرام 50K

خدمة رتويت و لايك لتغريداتك 1000 رتويت

الواتسااب في الوصف 💌


@badbunnytextos | 16,537 followers
Devuélveme mi corazón aunque sea en pedazos.
@Mhannwella | 13,622 followers
Salute and hugs all BLINKs and Lilies who never turned their back and stayed with Lisa despite all the hardships. Her era was so stressful especially with all the lack of proper treatment from YG, but thank you for not leaving Lisa at the time she needs support the most.
george posted on insta stories !
@Tugkanderrki | 152,676 followers
La havle vela kuvvete illa billahil aliyyil azim
Go do your thing, 4️⃣
@Sagnaofficial | 762,423 followers
I wanted to watch football ...Not corrida 😂😂 #oneteaminLondon
Go home !!!!!!!!!
@RaykAnders | 33,070 followers
ZDF-Hochrechnung geht von über 750 (!) Abgeordneten im nächsten Bundestag aus - er ist eig. für 600 ausgelegt.

Grüße an CDU/CSU die eine Wahlkreis-Reform erfolgreich blockiert haben & vorauss. die meisten Sitze bekommen auch wenn sie nicht die meisten Stimmen bekommen
@hourlytomIinson | 27,099 followers
@hourlygoogie | 256,046 followers
@ATYstream | 7,032 followers

' Deja Vu ' MV has reached 21.3M views! 🎉

#ATEEZ #에이티즈 @ATEEZofficial
@AlMosahf | 6,780,886 followers
وَاللَّهُ يَقُولُ الْحَقَّ وَهُوَ يَهْدِي السَّبِيلَ

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