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@_pocketss | 156,646 followers
@ChrisMurphyCT | 1,060,805 followers
Republican Senators keep reciting the part of the Constitution that says states set voting rules

but they stop reading the clause halfway through so they don’t have to say the second half:

“but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations”.

Just amazing.
@SpursOfficial | 6,779,173 followers
I don’t care if you’re Nigerian or not. How many RETWEETS for this man? Let’s celebrate Moses Simon

@1GunnaGunna | 2,129,271 followers
IHO🅿️ Pushin 🅿️
We’re always pushing 🅿️ancakes.
@AriBerman | 232,737 followers
Tim Scott, Susan Collins & Rob Portman traveled to Selma with John Lewis on the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday but are going to filibuster the John R. Lewis Act tonight
@Snowden | 5,070,896 followers
Beware those who water the gardens of hatred and war.
@Cristiano | 96,776,592 followers
3 important points! well done lads 💪🏽👏🏽
みんなの応援のおかげで初マスターに行くことが出来ました( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ⌑ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )


@SpursOfficial | 6,779,178 followers

@pulte | 3,205,215 followers
$10,000 out of the $25,000 has been picked and paid. That leaves us with $15,000 remaining. $10k, and then $5k. Hmmmm
@RTErdogan | 18,352,059 followers
Son 3 senede, yıllık ortalama 2,1 milyon haneye sağladığımız elektrik desteği programının kapsamını genişletiyoruz.

50,4 milyon liralık ilave kaynakla 20 bin aileyi daha elektrik desteği kapsamına alıyoruz.
@benshapiro | 3,747,182 followers
The president of the United States just said openly that if he doesn't get his absurd voting federalization bill, he won't guarantee that he respects election results. But don't worry, only Republicans are undermining faith in our elections.
@christina_bobb | 181,012 followers
HAPPENING NOW: 6,500 same day voter registrations turned out to not be eligible to vote in WI in 2020.
@pokimanelol | 3,771,612 followers
i’m tired of people minimizing the harassment i’ve received over the last week to “just L+ratio spam”

so here's a list ⬇️
@nayibbukele | 3,361,895 followers
Öncelikle, #Bitcoin diyarı El Salvador’dan tüm Türkiye’ye selamlar 😊
@funder | 1,045,756 followers
WOW! #VotingRightsForThePeople is still trending #1 in America—and is now trending worldwide! Let’s keep it going!
@ManUtd | 29,332,257 followers
A landmark victory ✅

United become the first side to reach 300 #PL away wins 👏

@HKane | 3,515,398 followers
Wow that was madness. Football eh!?!? This guy 💙
@goal | 3,631,529 followers
Nigeria's pre-match shirt is a beauty 😍
#BTS_Butter by #BTS (@BTS_twt) is my trending song choice 🧈
@RTErdogan | 18,352,075 followers
Kömür yardımı alan hanelerden isteyenlerin bunu doğal gaz olarak da kullanabilmelerini sağlayacak düzenlenme tamamlandı. Doğal gaz desteğinden yaklaşık 4 milyon hane yararlanacak.

Tüm bu hususların milletimize hayırlı olmasını diliyorum.
@AriBerman | 232,734 followers
Joe Manchin voted for Neil Gorsuch after Mitch McConnell made up non-existent Senate rule to block Merrick Garland 8 months before election then killed filibuster to confirm Gorsuch. So spare us the nonsense about preserving Senate traditions
Group stage conquered. On to the next round. Thank you all for your support. We stay focused. #SoarSuperEagles
#Team9jaStrong #TeamNigeria
@kylegriffin1 | 1,275,778 followers
President Biden: "What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they're for."
@thesheddyking | 24,005 followers
Guinea to the angel of death:

“Omoge no bissau, why you wan capture my soul? 😭”
@ldnthfc | 1,849 followers
funniest thing was giving leicester fans shit after our 2nd goal then this happens…
@thebradfordfile | 290,792 followers
Biden is the actual embarrassment the media spent four years claiming Trump was.
@TrollFootball | 1,608,800 followers
How am I gonna explain to my kids that Leicester City lost this game?
@ManUtd | 29,332,285 followers
A proud night for our #MUAcademy 🙌

🔴 Anthony Elanga ⚽️
🔴 @MasonGreenwood ⚽️
🔴 @MarcusRashford ⚽️

@warriors | 7,083,175 followers
Most games with 12+ threes? Stephen Curry (2)
Most games with 11+ threes? Stephen Curry (12)
Most games with 10+ threes? Stephen Curry (22)
Most games with 9+ threes? Stephen Curry (38)
Most games with 8+ threes? Stephen Curry (67)

#StephenCurry || #NBAAllStar
@TheFunny_mp4 | 856,286 followers
The first test is almost finished.

Remember you must pass all tests to make it through all phases.

You must be early.

This was easy.


@ManUtd | 29,332,251 followers
That chest pass 👏
@bronhistory | 30,487 followers
This is when LeBron became my 🐐

#LeBronJames #NBAAllStar
🎁Re:cosme #プレゼント企画プレゼント🎁

#Dior /マキシマイザー&アイパレットが抽選で1名様に当たる❣️


1 / 23〆切 当選はDMで報告💌

#懸賞 #プレゼントキャンペーン #プレゼント #ディオール
@DylanKujo2 | 182,048 followers
Le roi
#BTS_Butter by #BTS (@BTS_twt) is Song Of The Year!!! 🥰

rt / reply create your own post using hashtags :)

@RealJamesWoods | 2,414,150 followers
When a man has this many mug shots from previous arrests, what are the odds he would still be at large? What is wrong with our district attorneys that they simply won’t do their jobs? This young woman’s murder is a heinous stain on the records of all who enabled it. #Shame
@ClayTravis | 849,158 followers
England is ending covid vaccine passports and national mask requirements saying both are no longer necessary.
Republicans are afraid of voters. Pass it on.
#佐藤浩市 が登場👏👏

#松本潤 演じる中越チカラがインタビューする


#第1話は今夜9時 スタート✨
We will rather die than to lose to Super Eagles — Guinea Bissau
@Rubiu5 | 18,069,670 followers
Tengo miedo
@SpursOfficial | 6,779,191 followers
Steven Bergwijn.
@jaoromania | 559,221 followers
conhecia todos os teus jeitos de trapaça, infelizmente eu caí
@opacarofilia_ | 116,042 followers
cuando el cielo esté bonito mándame fotos
@LassoGuillermo | 1,056,715 followers
Es indignante e incomprensible que un policía, como el cabo Santiago Olmedo, que protegía la vida de un adolescente, sea condenado. La @PoliciaEcuador debe tener las garantías para cumplir con sus deberes. Le daremos todo el apoyo necesario para que recupere su libertad.
@atrupar | 716,729 followers
Cory Booker: "Don't lecture me about Jim Crow. I know this is not 1965. That's what makes me so outraged. It's 2022, and they're blatantly removing more polling places from the counties where Blacks and Latinos are overrepresented. I'm not making that up. That is a fact."
@Acyn | 181,416 followers
Booker: Don’t lecture me about Jim Crow. I know this is not 1965. That’s what makes me so outraged. It’s 2022 and they’re blatantly removing more polling places from the counties where Black and Latinos are overrepresented
@SavvyRinu | 406,397 followers
Super Eagles don Win o! 🇳🇬🇳🇬🤣

GATHER HERE TO LAUGH AT GHANA AGAIN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@EllaHunt | 98,263 followers
(some sapphic content in honour of dickinson’s @glaad nom. ❤️‍🔥) @Dickinson
@JackPosobiec | 1,591,459 followers
Biden just essentially said publicly that if all Russia does is a limited incursion he won’t forcefully respond

Major diplomatic breech

He just gave up the game and undercut Blinken in Kiev
@Pierre_GTIL | 66,581 followers
Nous avons maintenant les chiffres et le recul pour Omicron en France et ils sont sans appel.

Sur les 3 dernières semaines :
- 12 000 000 de cas Omicron.
- 200 personnes en réa pour Omicron.

Maintenant ce délire doit cesser et toutes ces mesures doivent s’arrêter. Stop.
@IHOP | 349,829 followers
We’re always pushing 🅿️ancakes.
@mrmacaronii | 1,508,255 followers
Super Eagles!!!! You are doing well!!!! I just sent you……. My love and prayers 😁❤️
@jairbolsonaro | 7,247,514 followers
- INMETRO desobriga padronização na instalação de taxímetros.
- A portaria n° 514, de jan/2022, dá autonomia para que os fabricantes escolham O QUE DEVE SER FEITO, e não COMO DEVE SER FEITO.
- Ganham os taxistas de todo o Brasil.
- Esse é o espírito do novo INMETRO.
@Brevesdepresse | 225,277 followers
⚡🇫🇷FLASH -Le coordinateur du centre de vaccination de Munster, qui avait affirmé avoir été agressé par 3 individus le 7 janvier à la fermeture de l’établissement, avait tout inventé. L'homme s'était auto-infligé les blessures qui ont été constatées par les médecins. (procureure)
Polaroid shots of #IM 📸

@hoomaneth | 8,428 followers
Will send this @HAPEBEASTGANG to one random person, 6.6 $ETH ($21,924 at the time of writing) (not this ape).

Just retweet and turn on 🔔

Countdown begins. LFG!
@m7mdkurd | 242,211 followers

Ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah, the Naqab, Massafer Yatta & across Palestine is escalating.

What you do & say now about what's happening in Palestine will go down in history. Silence & action in these moments equal complicity.

@Anitta | 15,633,807 followers
Tô te esperando, amor... ganha aí pra gente ser milionário juntos
In reply to @Anitta
@Anitta nem o oceano conseguiu separar vocês…. imagina o BBB 😂

(reprodução rede globo)
@glennkirschner2 | 572,527 followers
If DOJ fails to criminally indict Trump, Trump won’t need Mike Pence in 2024. He’ll use DOJ as his shadow running mate, claiming that DOJ’s decision not to charge him is definitive proof that he committed no crime. It will be like DOJ co-signed everything Trump has done.
@Ebuka | 2,223,257 followers
Eguavoen is the difference!!! Give him all the flowers 💐 ❤
@FCBfemeni | 559,958 followers

#FCBFemeni - @realmadridfem (1-0)
⚽️ @alexiaputellas

🙌 @stanleytools

🔵🔴 #SupercopaFemenina #ElClásico
@LevyRincon | 368,621 followers
Parece que el señor Gustavo Petro le expropió el internet a la familia Lafaurie Cabal porque no han publicado nada estos días. ¡TAN RARO! ¡Gran hijueputas!
Abro hilo de los clips de las mu*ertes de los participantes de Squid Game 🦑:
Senator Lisa Murkowski said she supported large parts of the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill.

Shouldn’t she help Democrats do whatever she can to help pass it?
@RadioFreeTom | 554,744 followers
This press conference is a litany of unanswerable questions. From the same press corps that never chased down Trump’s serial lies in real time, as they were happening.
@tuaImeida | 11,695 followers
novamente a esquerda tentando sexualizar nossas crianças
o scooby eh bi?
@HalleBailey | 682,533 followers
so obsessed with this song right now by @munilong ❤️✨
@kylegriffin1 | 1,275,784 followers
In reply to @johnnys
#ISLANDTV #MeetTheCast Have you heard of #LilKansai!? ⭐5 member fresh-faced Kansai #JohnnysJuniors unit! ⭐Coming to theaters this April in their very own movie with co-stars #ShonenNinja! ⭐New YouTube videos every other month on Tuesdays at @J_Jr_Ch…
@johnnys | 589,660 followers
Replying to @johnnys
#ISLANDTV #MeetTheCast Have you heard of #Aegroup!? ⭐6 member unit from the Kansai #JohnnysJuniors! ⭐Don't miss their Johnny's Countdown original song medley, now on @J_Jr_Ch! ⭐New YouTube videos every other month on Tuesdays at the same!…
@machinegunkelly | 1,621,160 followers
you don’t care but you care enough to say you don’t care so…you care
@B_Fernandes8 | 2,535,081 followers
Great to be back on the winning track. Same attitude on Saturday. Let’s go!
3️⃣ matches, 3️⃣ wins

Congrats @NGSuperEagles 🇳🇬🇳🇬
@victorosimhen9 | 209,334 followers
Brilliant Performance From The Whole Squad!Special Mentions @Simon27Moses @Ndidi25 @67Kelechi 💪🏽❤️ #TeamNigeria
@coacheguavoen | 13,494 followers
@ericdier | 359,189 followers
@SpursOfficial | 6,779,193 followers
So... Man of the Match? 🤔
@ClayTravis | 849,155 followers
Joe Biden says he’s outperformed what anyone thought was possible in his first year in office. Really. He just said this.
@MarinaDiamandis | 2,663,866 followers
coming soon
@luscas | 7,234,045 followers
só vou pra academia se for pra ficar igual o pedro scooby
@OccupyDemocrats | 235,305 followers
BREAKING: Republicans have a complete meltdown after CNN's Don Lemon says that Americans "have to start doing things for the greater good" and blames unvaccinated "idiots" for causing COVID-19 variants by spreading the virus. RT IF YOU SUPPORT DON LEMON'S COMMENTS!
@JanVertonghen | 941,082 followers
Stevie 😍😍😍
@Anitta | 15,633,617 followers
@sarkodie | 4,973,340 followers
Naija on heat 🇳🇬🦅🦅🦅🦅
@ManUtd | 29,330,816 followers
🇵🇹 @Cristiano 💫

@Alvisepf | 271,000 followers
Macron dice que no va a responder a preguntas de la prensa, y los periodistas deciden irse sin cubrir su discurso.

Aquí los periodistas sois ratas vendidas a los políticos para ver si luego os colocan en algún Gabinete, televisión pública o subvención.
EU journalists walking out of a Macron - Metsola press conference which will take no questions from the media
@Chek_24h | 67,730 followers
Will send this @HAPEBEASTGANG to one random person, 6.6 $ETH ($21,924 at the time of writing) (not this ape).

Just Follow Me & @NFTMINES + RT also turn on 🔔

Countdown begins. LFG!
@MissaSinfonia | 2,164,682 followers
@kapebeansies | 374,067 followers Sana #buca #karşıyaka hayatım .
@johnkruzel | 30,991 followers
BREAKING: Supreme Court rejects Trump's bid to block his administration's records from being handed to the Jan. 6 House committee
@disclosetv | 808,497 followers
NEW - Russia to NATO at OSCE: "The countdown begins." (TASS)
@IngrahamAngle | 3,876,891 followers
Reminder: Biden was coached for days for this performance.
@JuanSGuarnizo | 3,582,320 followers
@JackPosobiec | 1,591,455 followers
WH staffer: “State Dept official lines and back-channels with Ukraine completely flooded, what a f**ing mess.”
@chloexhalle | 1,173,313 followers
from the other day 🥰❤️

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