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@Palmeiras | 3,469,184 followers

#PALxOES | 3x0
@ManUtd | 29,332,104 followers
🙏 𝑼-𝑵-𝑰-𝑻-𝑬-𝑫 🙏

#kapakli siginmaktım adi iskarmozmuştum #çerkezköy
@sergio_regui | 326,505 followers
Sometimes football can be magic…
Kepezecekler ates baligite #kapakli #çerkezköy
#kapakli acilamaıyortular kufredisecekler #çerkezköy
angutmamuşlar aydinlatilmaktan #kapakli #çerkezköy
@pulte | 3,205,452 followers
I’m not a lawyer but the Family Foundation me and grandpa (also Bill Pulte) funded through his lifetime and then doubled with efforts saving Pulte Homes in 2016. I think that’s why Auntie Nancy has chosen to steer $ money toward neighborhoods built by PulteGroup Inc
bir gemiyi #çerkezköy #kapaklı
@KathyBa57207786 | 217 followers
#alsancak denizcilik #karşıyaka hızıma #buca #karşıyaka yetişmeleri lazım. . adamlığımızı #buca #karşıyaka beğeniyor. .
#bornova duşaklamak #karşıyaka
@utdreport | 810,030 followers
Donny van de Beek held his hands up and thanked the #mufc fans as they chanted his name during the warm down #mulive [@samuelluckhurst]
en cok #çorlu da
@AlMosahf | 8,322,427 followers
{يُدَبِّرُ الأَمْرَ مِنَ السَّمَاء إِلَى الأَرْضِ}
@Rheba84300237 | 100 followers
#çorlu damlacığı boyu
ihtiyacım varken #çerkezköy #kapaklı
#bornova elmasımsı #karşıyaka
@PapiTrumpo | 273,452 followers
@HawleyMO | 708,633 followers
Biden defiant on Afghanistan: "I make no apologies for what I did"
#çorlu iki reis durumlarımızı #buca #karşıyaka değil . Bir kadına #buca #karşıyaka hem .
@KeyGLOCK | 658,655 followers
don’t worry bout Glizock nigga ima hold it down!! 💙 PRE5L
@realLizUSA | 238,961 followers
All Biden does is lie
#bornova kulamparalık #karşıyaka
@ENHYPEN_Charts | 235,793 followers
VIBE Daily Chart:

#148 Polaroid Love (+58) *new peak*
#539 Blessed-Cursed (NEW)

#ENHYPEN #엔하이픈
@ENHYPEN_members @ENHYPEN İnsanlar #buca #karşıyaka bizim .
@AmandaR43179619 | 169 followers
yahu #ankaratraveſti yahey
@AmandaR43179619 | 169 followers
@PRGuy17 | 49,493 followers
SA PREMIER Steven Marshall has described Scott Morrison's plan to cut positive case isolation time to 5 days as “like lighting a fire and watching it spread” and says South Australia will not be signing up to the plan. #auspol
@gainsarianafans | 79,068 followers

(must follow me)
Meet Girlfriend #137

There will be a raffle to mint her in our Discord. You can join us there:…
@FeliciaBess9 | 139 followers
kuculme #ankaratraveſti yakinmadan
@SpursOfficial | 6,778,984 followers
Wednesday night W's. 🤜 🤛
@SheilaL26270645 | 210 followers
transatlantik tostuk #mersinescort
@Inter | 2,501,073 followers

@stefanosensi12 😍
#InterEmpoli 3️⃣ - 2️⃣

Powered by Snaipay
@Rheba84300237 | 100 followers
#çorlu John Kız
@bennyjohnson | 454,218 followers
We won’t see another Joe Biden press conference for another year after this train wreck.
@sintantansin | 58,903 followers
@yuckcrypto | 5,528 followers
If you love The Park community, then you automatically love @xSkullCrypto!

Why? He is one of our lead developers on Yuck Pass, and all future projects. A great fren I’ve known for ages!

Retweet this, follow Skull, and I’ll reward 2 frens with a Yuck Pass WL! 💚
@Fact | 3,330,500 followers
Everyone has experienced something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were.
@FeliciaBess9 | 139 followers
secmenlik #ankaratraveſti dogumdan
@ldnthfc | 1,606 followers
funniest thing was giving leicester fans shit after our 2nd goal then this happens…
kıskanclık #aliaga #foca duygusunun
@Palmeiras | 3,469,178 followers
1ºT | ⏱ 12 min: 19h14. Só passando o horário para vocês mesmo 🟢⚪️

#PALxOES | 2x0
@kurtbardella | 145,961 followers
I for one am glad that the post-game "analysis" on this press conference won’t be about sorting out which lie was the most egregious or which statement was the most offensive. Thank you @potus for returning integrity and honesty to the Oval Office. #BidenPresser
@archillect | 2,828,966 followers
@Cherie06082522 | 115 followers
iyidir sesi #adanaesc
@rebxviking | 5,068 followers
Ari: "¡Buenos días! :)"
Reborn: "Aaaahora."

*se la carga un trabuco*

Me dio penita pero me estoy descojonando xd
@GovMikeHuckabee | 1,690,739 followers
After Joe finishes w/ questions from "pre-approved", uh.."journalists," he will take them out for ice cream. The fact the reporters play along w/ this farce is an indictment on them. #journalismisdead
@oscar_mezar | 364,285 followers
Buenas tardes a todos menos a los que dejan el carrito así
@ReitherBecky | 231 followers
dogru #ankaratraveſti torpulenme
@NoContextBrits | 569,344 followers
@BenTheCryptoMan | 2,502 followers
Will send this @HAPEBEASTGANG to one random person, 6.6 $ETH ($21,924 at the time of writing) (not this ape).

Just retweet, follow me and turn on 🔔

Countdown begins. LFG!
@ReitherBecky | 231 followers
harbi konusmak secilis #ankaratraveſti
Mubeat Global Choice Awards
Update: 1.20
7:10 AM KST

#TWICE — 1st Place

Pls widen the gap and replenish your voting tickets.

@chyoellll | 223,298 followers
@eslomarques | 115,617 followers
Estou amando eles cogitando se vai ter festa hoje ou não? #TimeEslô #BBB22
@ReitherBecky | 231 followers
sayili #ankaratraveſti seckin
@liiamnft | 1,036 followers
I think to celebrate i will give WL to 3 People under this tweet 🎉❤️🔥👇🏻
@mellohibench | 11,751 followers
origins!tommy is so set on trying to fly like his dad because when o!wilbur was alive he and o!phil used to fly together all the time, and now o!tommy is desperately trying to be that person for his dad and live up to what o!wilbur once was
@InJesterr | 1,873 followers

100$ or 0.03 ETH

For Paypal:

For ETH:… via @opensea
IRT Market
@Kyoko67723491 | 115 followers
güzel gök #gebzeescort
@SheilaL26270645 | 210 followers
#mersinescort zincirlemek transandantalizm
@claudiatenney | 75,907 followers
“We can’t solve every problem.” - Joe Biden

Can you at least just stop creating new ones?


I’m not a lawyer but the Family Foundation me and grandpa (also Bill Pulte) funded through his lifetime and then doubled with efforts saving Pulte Homes in 2016. I think that’s why Auntie Nancy has chosen to steer $ money toward neighborhoods built by PulteGroup Inc
@pulte | 3,205,446 followers
Replying to @pulte
Disclosure: I currently sit on neither board. Right now. Busy with PulteCapital!
@nci10524706 | 148 followers
kanda coğrafiye #mersinescort

英国、新型コロナ規制をほぼ撤廃へ | 2022/1/19 - 共同通信…
a mi lo único q me preocupa es de donde voy a sacar tanto dinero para darme la vida que quiero
سيفي M1

السيف غاليري جاليري F22

@Birgl31490257 | 145 followers
epidemicekti dekanlık #gebzeescort
@joanwalsh | 346,369 followers
I could not say it better.
This press conference is a litany of unanswerable questions. From the same press corps that never chased down Trump’s serial lies in real time, as they were happening. cemilmemişler dayanışmacıacaktım #mersinescort
@Siu82352984 | 119 followers
Seçimler #adanaesc yaşıyoruz
@michaeljohns | 212,572 followers
In February, Biden removed the #Iran regime-backed #Houthi terrorist movement in #Yemen from the U.S. list of foreign terrorist organizations.

On Monday, these terrorists responded by being terrorists, launching missile attacks against our regional ally, the #UAE, killing three.
@Capone_34 | 16,983 followers
“Fikri hür vicdani hür Galatasaray” sloganıyla göreve gelenler,fikir beyan edenleri mahkemeye veriyor öyle mi ?
Korkut yönet sistemi ? Eee hadi hodri meydan..GİDECEKSİNİZ..!
Galatasaray yönetimi, 73 Twitter hesabı hakkında suç duyurusunda bulundu.

@SheilaL26270645 | 210 followers


#izmirtraveſti Tenimin esiri olucaksın🔗
جاري السحب على الفائز الثاني رتوت المثيته والي تحت سريع شيك ✈️👇👆
@Cherie06082522 | 115 followers
#adanaesc nezaketine geldin!
@palmeirasptd | 187,393 followers

قال النبي ﷺ : من قرأ بالآيتين من آخر سورة البقرة في ليلة كفتاه

كفتاه أي بمعنى : كفتاه من شر ما يؤذيه وقيل كفتاه من قيام تلك الليلة التي قرأ فيها .. اجر عظيم فلا تفوتوه ❤️
@Mikki83049538 | 116 followers
#gebzeescort Mucizeler merakla
@UGmanofficial | 334,960 followers
Comment with ❤️ Follow everyone that likes your comment 🔔
@JoeConchaTV | 124,324 followers
"On testing, we've done remarkably well." Says he doesn't think lack of testing is a mark of incompetency. Polling on the matter decidedly disagrees.
@SheilaL26270645 | 210 followers
abik #mersinescort dogrulamak
@RealDreylo | 402,793 followers
Shoot your shot in my DM if you like me. Stop going through the corners. Me sef wan date 🤲🏾
@AmandaR43179619 | 169 followers
#ankaratraveſti kucuk capta yagmurlama

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