7 Day History
💥 #Panic. This report from #FakeNews marks new phase in their coverage of the Durham investigation into #FisaGate. Until now, many normies still didn't think it was even real, with some calling it a "conspiracy theory". Getting very hard to ignore it now.
¿Ya se supo cuál era el hospital que quisieron quemar y que el presidente usó en su bélico discurso? Yo he preguntado por todos lados, incluido en el Minsal, y nadie tiene idea 🤔#posverdad #fakenews #embolinarlaperdiz
Are you in Ukraine 🇺🇦 trying to purchase another #FakeNews fake dossier?
Or...is there another Quid pro Joe going on?
Asking for Bill Barr & America.
The President's Chief of Staff says there’s “no cover-up.”

But President Trump’s:

State Department
Department of Defense
Energy Department
& Vice President

Are all defying lawful subpoenas & document requests.

If they have nothing to hide, why not comply? #TruthExposed
Look carefully & you will see that Jacob 'alt-right' Mogg was actually escorted by city of London police. A private police force employed by the banks soley investigate economic crimes & protect the Banks completely outside of their jurisdiction in Westminster Cummings #FakeNews pic.twitter.com/LiT0ly7HVZ
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