7 Day History
Deadbeat Dad Hunter Biden faces contempt of court in Arkansas in child-support lawsuit for refusing to disclose financial information. I wonder why he’d risk contempt to conceal his income & taxes? 🤔

Have you seen this story on @nytimes, @washingtonpost, @CNN, other MSM? 🤔
Judge demands Hunter Biden appear in court NEXT WEEK, raises specter of contempt charges. Are you surprised the @nytimes and @cnn aren’t covering this story? arkansasonline.com/news/2020/jan/…
The @nytimes just filed an important brief in a FOIA case on Ukraine. The administration has withheld documents in the case, as well as @weareoversight, on the basis of privilege claims. THREAD
Breaking News: The Trump administration is set to end key environmental protections for streams and wetlands, in a victory for farmers and developers nyti.ms/30JAZOu
From the Clintons to the Bidens, the media Left from @nytimes to @CNN not only shows no interest whatever in Democratic corruption, but in addition it undertakes the role of enabler and cover-up mechanism for that corruption @realDonaldTrump
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