7 Day History
They can't even be bothered to do basic fact-checking.

And they consider somebody like me an 'amateur' and they're the 'professionals'.

Fusion Ken didn't know that Maguire's tenure was up next month. He thinks Trump fired Maguire in a temper tantrum.

Trump anger cost Maguire the job of director of national intelligence nbcnews.com/politics/natio… via @nbcnews
Today is the 10th anniversary of Vinesauce, Vinny launched the official YT channel on February 20, 2010.

It was originally used to publish gameplay and amateur videos of the past. Soon after it became the Vinesauce we all know and love today with other streamers joining in. pic.twitter.com/YJ8WeKYM1s
I'm an amateur Astrophysicist, and I'm not really worried about this. Our Solar system has a fairly long lifespan. Contrary to Climate Alarmists, the bigger immediate concern should be about the Grand Solar Minimum, which will plunge us into another mini Ice Age.
First: don’t pundit. Don’t try to guess what your neighbor will do. Don’t try to guess the winner. Do not. Too many people paid to pundit are bad at their jobs, and I promise that this is not where the amateur is any better. Instead: trust yourself.
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