7 Day History
I am doing little research on this stage psyche disorder, then it reminds me of @KishwerM, can you please enlighten us what mental stage cause this human behaviour? #SidharthShuklaFever pic.twitter.com/pKD4je2nzF
When @Milliganreports asked me in my #4Corners interview what I felt when I heard what happened to Paris, I said I felt sad. I was sad that Peter Kehoe was allowed to work with children in the first place. I was sad that Paris was subjected to his monstrous, sickening behaviour.
Red Velvet's Psycho is nominated for 1st Place on Show Champion tonight! After 2 months still getting nominated. What a legendary behaviour!

#Psycho #RedVelvet @RVsmtown pic.twitter.com/f6ayUnlBGX
this bulshit is what leads to toxic behaviour and makes you exploitable to games as service, not to mention worse things like anxiety and social disconnect

you don鈥檛 need to get angry to get better; quite the opposite, actually. otherwise yes, IT鈥橲 JUST A GAME pic.twitter.com/lfjlzoXhQG
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