7 Day History
75 years ago today over 7,000 prisoners of the German Nazi #Auschwitz camp, including ca. 700 children, were liberated by the soldiers of the Soviet army. 1,689 days of murder, humiliation, suffering, and pain were over. Today we all remember. | #Auschwitz75 #OnThisDay pic.twitter.com/af5m1cs83d
When you want to change your life for God, there is no humiliation. You just need to take the first step. God gives us new life. His Son died for us. His grace is beyond anything we can see or understand. Yet it's there for the asking. Ask for it in humility & live life eternal.
Horrible. Why this hatred against them and why they are subjected to this much humiliation?

What's the plan now?

Why you again want to do this against Pakistan?

Who is dictating this agenda to you?

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The legal hell this could open for @realDonaldTrump’s own children seems to be lost on him. Why would a man so obsessed with his image and name, set up the legacy of his name for more public humiliation? Or maybe he just really is that self-centered.
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