7 Day History
I am the sister. Sister is me. And the list is as follows:
I get paid (some on retainer) to share expertise in information systems, digital economy and women inclusion in STEM.

What have you done with your 2.2?🤔
Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad: I would like to tell my liberal leftist friends - defeat us & form your own govt. You don't teach us secularism, inclusion & human rights. Have you ever talked about human rights of victims of terrorism & extremist violence? Never. pic.twitter.com/HmCQvsRx7V
‘Inclusion’ is used to de-fund rape shelters, cancel women’s meetings & shame women & girls into accepting males into our spaces. But life is not like that. Everyone gets excluded from something sometime. ‘Acceptance without exception’ is charter for abuse. I reject it.
There is absolutely no way that you just used Jamaica, Toronto or Brooklyn Carnival iterations as a comparative mechanism to display the depth of Caribbean Culture and inclusion. Please stop.
In reply to @dontsmileattee
If youve ever been to or participated in Carnival or Mas... in Jamaica, in Trinidad, in Brazil, in Toronto, in Brooklyn, in Miami.... you’d know the culture of inclusion and celebration. We don’t exclude people from carnival. We welcome them.
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