7 Day History
I be out the way, so if my name in ya mouth you miserable.
Removal is easy and no brainer who to put in is tough part. Corruption runs so deep and apparently so enticing especially when media blaming multidecade problems on Trump giving cover and enabling madness. It's making life miserable on island.
BREAKING: Puerto Rico's Secretary of State confirms more warehouses on the island are still stocked w/ aid.

Puerto Rico’s elected officials quite possibly deliberately withheld aid from their people who were suffering.

They should be removed from office.
Más del 85% de la gente que votó en la Consulta Ciudadana 2019 estuvo a favor del #VotoObligatorio.

Hoy la Cámara de Diputados que tiene una aprobación miserable de un 3% tuvo la desfachatez de votar en contra. La derecha y el PH hicieron un papelón de aquellos.
Every single one of these votes to suppress evidence and witnesses should be used to bludgeon those vulnerable GOP Senators DAILY until Election Day.

And they should be publicly SHAMED every day for the rest of their miserable lives. #GOPCoverup
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