7 Day History
Just a quick reminder that Laura Loomer is running for Congress in the 21st District of Florida.

This also happens to be the home district of our President.

Let’s make sure we help a Patriot like her overcome the unfair social media censorship & WIN! 🇺🇸

So saddening & painful... Heartfelt condolences to the families of the brothers, who lost their lives in this tragedy... Prayers to give strength to them and the Indian2 team to overcome this sorrow....
I used to fear needles when I was a young boy. I asked our school Imam, how I could overcome this fear. He said: “The dentist is a Kafir non-believer. Show him Muslims are strong and not scared of needles.”

It worked on young me. But looking back now... what a foolish Imam. pic.twitter.com/T1V0iPKu3k
Grennell as DNI, Pompeo at State, O'Brien at NSC. Better hope that if there's a crisis, Mark Esper and CJCS can overcome that bunch. Remember, I'm the guy that doesn't do the Panic Dance, but if this is who's on deck for a crisis, we're in deep trouble.
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