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mfs be 20 and in love with a 15 year old talking about “my life a movie” yea the predator
He raped her and then he destroyed her career. Never forget everyone in Hollywood knew about this vile predator & turned a blind eye.
In reply to @nytimes
“I was punching him, kicking him,” Annabella Sciorra, fighting back tears, told the jury at Harvey Weinstein’s trial. “He got on top of me and he raped me.” nyti.ms/2GnnM4t
• Bisi is a sex predator
• Sex for grade is rape
• We want juatice now
• OAU sack Bisi now
• Hand Bisi over to law enforcement agencies


@abikedabiri @oaucampusconect @OAUIfeSU @kikimordi @uchejombo pic.twitter.com/YHWvSyphOH
Your husband, as President:

1) had the presidential bugle blown by an intern;
2) used said intern as a cigar humidor;
3) traveled on the Lolita Express dozens of times.

If anyone should be able to spot a sex predator in the dark, with a blindfold on, from six inches...its you.
Hillary Clinton defends Harvey Weinstein association: "How could we have known?" newsweek.com/hillary-clinto…
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