7 Day History
After Tyendinaga raid, 7+ new blockades:

1. Caledonia highway
2. Hamilton rail lines
3. Ottawa in front of Parliament Hill
4. Sault Ste. Marie international bridge  
5. Port of Vancouver
6. Rail line near New Hazelton, BC
7. Victoria legislature reblockaded
Lawless blockades are inflicting huge damage on our economy.

Bill #1 in this session of Alberta’s Legislature will be the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act, imposing stiff penalties for rioting on or blocking rail and roadways. pic.twitter.com/IRzoWAwACv
This explains how Kenya ended up paying 2 times more for a diesel train than what Tanzania negotiated for an electric train. A comparison of costs shows that Tanzania is building an electric rail at half the price of Kenya’s diesel SGR line #PillarsOfGreed bit.ly/3c5rezo
On the morning of Feb 24 the OPP raided the rail blockade in Tyendinaga Mohawk territory. In the wake of the raid, new barricades have gone up, but more solidarity is urgently required.

#WetsuwetenStrong #Tyendinaga #ShutDownCanada pic.twitter.com/lQtkYiDunN
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