7 Day History
ZA, siswa kelas 3 SMA dituntut pasal pembunuh berencana padahal ia membela diri dan teman perempuannya yang hendak diperkosa oleh begal yang sudah mencuri motor beliau. Hebatnya, 2 dari 3 pelaku begal malah bebas dan kini ZA yang dituntut. Berikut screenshot dari FB mas Aji. pic.twitter.com/pM8NbFyoba
we are starting our hashtag party!

reply below with a screenshot that shows you changed your VPN to Korea 😎

#엑소9_평생_함께가자 #MyAnswerIsEXO9 #CHEN_STAYS pic.twitter.com/Owq2DmL8Yg
This screenshot of the audience after Laurence Fox says racism that isn’t overt is fine on the BBC sums up being a person of colour in the UK 🙅🏽‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/sMhCmWb89E
From Now I will give tweet count for every half an hour with screenshot..

Can I get 1000rts in 45 min..waiting


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