7 Day History
In Ancient Egypt, bricks were made up of exactly 100 straws which they would load on camels' backs.

When they discovered that adding an extra straw will injure the animal, they all concluded that the last straw will break the camel's back.
O jewa ke eng ?
@GavinNewsom Under you we have the highest taxes, highest rent, highest vehicle registration, Highest amount of IlleGals, Highest Homelessness, Highest Needles, Poop & Urine on the strts, Highest Gas & no plastic straws. Your Recall cant come soon enough Ranaf.org🤬
Under President @realDonaldTrump’s leadership, you are...
-Lying to the American public
-Giving tax breaks to millionaires
-Allowing polluters to flourish and damage our air and planet
-Stripping away healthcare
-Separating families
-Sucking up to the NRA

(to name a few things)
Extinction rebellion, to the west: “Stop using planes! Stop using plastic straws! Stop using public transport! Stop using capitalism!”

Chinese communists:
Menghua Railway, China’s LONGEST coal transporting railway line, is expected to be put in operation in Oct. The 1,837-km railway will carry 200 million tonnes of coal annually from N China's Inner Mongolia to E China's Jiangxi. pic.twitter.com/sFXpCjplaN
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