7 Day History
Remember that time Cory Booker & Kamala Harris plotted with Jussie Smollett to pull off a fake hate crime at 2am in the middle of polar vortex weather in Chicago?

Heels Up Harris then called it a "modern day lynching", built up faux outrage, & passed "anti-lynching" law.

تھوکنا، کرسی پھینکنا !!
ASF کے اہلکاروں سے ایسی توقع نہی تھی
اکتوبر 17 کو ریاض سے پشاور آنے والی فلائیٹ کو نامناسب weather کی وجہ اے اسلامآباد موڑ دیا گیا
وہاں پر ایک isolates لاؤنج میں بغیر کسی phone connection کے8گھنٹے stuck رہنے پر جب مسافروں سے احتجاج کئا تو ASF کے نوجوانوں:1 pic.twitter.com/XCyMROxU4y
This man has rescued hundreds of dogs and sleeps in -4 degree weather with them.

Let's help him build a winter shelter! ❤️ pic.twitter.com/ibzWrHpkZf
#Russia is about to carve up #Syria. Watch an almost giddy #Putin welcome #Erdogan to Moscow today. He does that hand hug thing, putting his other hand on their very warm handshake, and says what I think is “you bring good weather.” They chuckle.
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