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People say Japan is a very safe country. To put that to the test, I left ¥200 in one of the most visible spots at the #rubykaigi venue yesterday.

Now there is ¥300.

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this extra ¥100 is completely throwing off my plan.. what do I do now? #sendhalp #rubykaigi
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@chancancode I guess your experiment garnered a lot of interest
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@chancancode It's OSAISEN !!
Japanes people offering wherever.
Aminism faith.
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@chancancode @yurikageyama My Hasselblad in the street a couple of years ago. I was 2 or 300m away, shooting with the model using another camera. That’s $25,000 worth of gear. Sat there for 25mins. In Ginza. On a busy Saturday. No one touched it. Love this country.
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@chancancode As a japanese, my guess is that somebody thought the place was some kind of power-spot and that they put their coin for good luck.We do this at shrines and rivers, etc.
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@chancancode New startup, drop change in Japan
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@chancancode I think people thought your 200 yen were "Osaisen", donation to shrine or temple, similar to the coin that you throw to the Fountain of Trevi.
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@chancancode Lost my wallet, with more than 100,000 yen (at the time, well over $1,000+) on a train. Got the wallet with all the money and untouched credit cards back 8 hrs later.
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@chancancode @i0n1c Step1: Leave money publicly in Japan
Step2: ??????
Step3: profit
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@chancancode Your ¥200 may be a couple.

Best wishes to the family.
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@chancancode I guess that the two coins breeded.
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@chancancode In Japan it is believed that gods are many in many places.
And there is a custom to place coins on stones or in ponds as a gift to God.
So, even if there are coins on things, we do not want to steal but to put more coins.
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@chancancode extra ¥100 may be offertory
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@chancancode @dekagaijin Someone might have thought this was an offering for good luck, and reproduced the gesture (similar to small statues and altars around temples).
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@chancancode better ROI than cryptocurrencies! I'm in! :)
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@chancancode @Five_on Finished my Christmas shopping and took an express train out of Marunouchi eki. I'd left a bag of wrapped presents on a bench. I stared at them as the train pulled away. Being an express, it was about 25 minutes before I could get off. They were right there when I got back.
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@chancancode I think someone misunderstood that it was a donation box or something.
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@chancancode When visiting japan, I was on my way to the train station after leaving the airport and had managed, after leaving the money changer, to leave my passport at the ticket terminal. As I was on my way to the train an employee there frantically ran after me with it to return it.
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@chancancode @a_matsuda As a control group, do it in other countries and see what happens.
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@chancancode @akokitamura Yes, but try going into a shop to buy something with cash and if you are even 1yen short, they won’t complete the transaction like anywhere else in the world. That’s another experiment I tried.
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@chancancode the coins gave birth to a child
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@chancancode My friend lost wallet w over 35 man ¥ = 3500 US dollars cash & credit cards. We reported it @ local police box @ night. Next AM police called that someone brought the wallet in. All cash & cards were in there!!! ❤️🇯🇵
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what does leaving some coins sonewhere have to do with a country being safe
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@chancancode It's not only safe, it's a country you can make money. 🤣
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@chancancode @dakami I remember watching someone leave a professional TV camera on the street in Asakusa, pop into a Starbucks about 50m away, drink his coffee and have a cigarette and then come back to the camera. He wasn’t remotely concerned about the camera.
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@chancancode Float an offer in market with minimum investment required & promise of giving 50% return in 24 hrs. 😂😂
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@chancancode Must be boring work as a police officer at Japan.
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@chancancode Well…It's a Japanese faith.
Japanese think money offered to Japanese God when money is put near a objet d'art.
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Jedan Kanađanin je napravio eksperiment u Japanu.

Kaže da nije očekivao ovaj rezultat.

Za vašu informaciju, ¥200 je oko €2.
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@chancancode Yeah I’ll second this. My wife got about $200 of goods returned to her after being tracked down. My 2 years of grad school nihongo gave patrons at a bar enough info to go find us & get our lost bag returned. Also witnessed a lost laptop on a subway stair for 24hrs untouched
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RubyKaigi2018の会場での話なので、多分面白がってそういうことをする人の集まりなんだろうな :-)
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meanwhile here in urban america, everything that is not cemented down (simply bolting it into the ground is not enough to prevent theft, as we found out the hard way) gets stolen
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@chancancode My wife and I took the metro to Kamakura last year and there was a gallon size bag of change sitting across from us the entire hour+ ride. Still amazed no one touched it.
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はつ @メルボルンで日本語教師 🇦🇺

3 0 0 円 に 増 え て い た 。
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@chancancode Maybe they saw how well it was going for your yen so they thought it would be a safe place to leave their yen too.
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霧雨涼 =͟͟͞͞( ˙꒳​˙ )
@chancancode ❍❍ ( ˙▿˙ )💡
❍❍❍ ((( ・ᴗ・ )
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@chancancode @vijayshekhar Put a red mark on the top corner of the triangle by a marker and bring it to India and place it in a public place, You will notice Not only India is the safer than Japan but more generous as well.
Your Investment will be 1000x in no time.
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@chancancode Looks like a pyramid scheme to me.

I’ll see myself out.
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@chancancode @CTZN5 Amazing culture and country. Can’t wait to return.
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احمد بن قاسم البصري 🌟
@chancancode @justjimmar Darwin, the coins show survival features and are evolving into their environment
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西木野 成瑠@すとぷりすなー
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ま、日本はいい国だ( ˶ˆᴗˆ˶ )

試してみようと思い、私はきのう #rubykaigi の会場で、最も目につく場所に200円を置いてみた。


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@chancancode よくある

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I’ve worked with Japanese colleagues in business school. They are the most honest, most dedicated, most honorable people I have ever met.
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@chancancode Your attempt may cause scratch on the sculpture. Don’t place coins but bills pls.
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@chancancode Try that in Nigeria, the money will be the least of your concern as the ruby kaigi venue will be gone.
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@chancancode I once dropped my shinkasen ticket because I am a dumbass, and I sprinted to search for it only to find someone guarding it for me 😊

seriously, everyone looks out for eachother there
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✨🌴☀き~さん.™ ♨٩(^Θ^)۶️🍉🌻✨
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@chancancode I try to pay forward Japanese hospitality to the tourists here -- there are often elderly Japanese tourists in Zadar or Zagreb who can't speak English well, and I go out of my way to make sure they get whatever they want. Love doing this, wish I could do it full time :-)
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@chancancode @urbanexploreMEL you left $2.40 in a public place and now you have $3.60? Still not enough to buy a coffee, no wonder someone added to it #rubykaigi
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Another reason for why I love Japan... This is amazing. すごいですね!
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Still better than the business model of most Silicon Valley startups.
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@chancancode FAKE PINE
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Heartbeats // Jem Cubil & Andrea Babierra
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@chancancode Hmmm. Shall I try with my 1000 yen?
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@chancancode The third ¥100 is the second generation. You know what I mean.
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@chancancode This is the way we can make money in 🇯🇵 💴
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@chancancode 日本にも悪い人は居るから気を付けてね
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@chancancode The Japanese are seeking peace of mind through a synchronous action.
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@chancancode Friend visited Jp for a photo shoot. Landed at 1pm went directly to shoot until 12 AM. One of the last trains and fell asleep, woke up to realize it was his stop and walked off the train leaving $10k of gear. Called station 30 min later when he realized it. Got it back next AM.
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[bass boosted X-files theme]
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I think this was mistaken/understood as an offertory gesture but I love it
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If this somehow happened in America there would be a guy standing next to it by now offering "the investment opportunity of a lifetime."
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