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John Sandweg, fmr. acting Dir. of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said in some cases the children and parents separated at the border may never reunite.


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How can that be allowed to happen?! What on earth has happened to the U.S.A?
REPORTER 鈥 鈥淲here are the girls? Where are the young toddlers?鈥
NIELSEN 鈥 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know.鈥
#ResignNielsen @SecNielsen
They are admitting they are permanently separating families. No shame at all. Hillary was right. These people are fucking deplorable.
This is completely UNACCEPTABLE!

These are HUMANS you are doing this too. Subjecting them to completely unnecessary trauma just to be used as bargaining chips

Human lives should absolutely *never* be used for negotiation for political games馃が馃が馃が

How is this different from Boko Haram, the terrorist organization?
That is so evil.
When the US government transports kids thousands of miles away from their parents, how do poor immigrants people overcome that? Kids flown from AZ to FL on red-eye flights to hide them. @AmericanAir
If only ONE child is at risk of not being reunited that is One too many!! End this Policy Now!
Don鈥檛 worry, @realDonaldTrump. We keep better records in Federal Prison, or as you might call it 鈥渞ehabilitation camp鈥 so when you鈥檙e all convicted, you鈥檒l never lose touch with @EricTrump, @IvankaTrump, @DonaldJTrumpJr or @jaredkushner. #KeepingFamiliesTogetherAct
NEVER??? What do you mean never?
I just heard this. Some of the children will be pit into the system hopefully adopted. Unnecessary. I am scarred for life.
MSNBC Should not air any comments from Kellyanne Conway or any other White House representative until this policy is changed
How the hell can that happen? Even cattle shipped over the border can be tracked. But they're losing children?
How can this happen? How can we let this happen?
That is completely unacceptable. This must be dealt with immediately. What have we become under this president???
How in the world is the US allowed to kidnap the innocent?! This is horrific.
How can anyone, ANYONE, thinks it鈥檚 fine to take someone鈥檚 children forever because they fled the violence at home? #KeepingFamiliesTogetherAct
Why exactly are these people bringing their kids with them when they know they鈥檙e going to get separated?
This makes me feel physically sick- to have no plan, no process on tracking these kids and reuniting them? I can鈥檛 even fathom how you could do this
Summer camp @IngrahamAngle? You heartless subhuman. Never disregard a situation like this where children might never know who their parents were or where they came from. They are forever broken thanks to Trump and pos like you.
And that is called kidnapping!
Remember Jeff Sessions personally worked to ensure women running from domestic violence would not be able to seek asylum in the USA
This was my thought last night, that these children will be lost to their families forever. There鈥檚 only one thing left to say to tRump, the Complicit Derelict GOP Congress and the Nazi administration in OUR White House, ##SEE_U_IN_NOVEMBER_BITCHES 馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數馃數 pic.twitter.com/UEHVst3vbb
And there in, gives Trump, Sessions and Miller a Special place in Hell.
WTF.. How can that be allowed to happen, if that is true then im speechless.
America kidnapped children. ...and they may never be returned to their families..... Hell of a a reality ...we can't even try to use the argument of -- keeping us safe from terror-- to absolve us from these crimes...
Not acceptable ! In this day and age, we have IT and even DNA tests to help. The parents and children deserve to be united, as part of undoing the harm that is done. And every sensible human being in the world is DEMANDING it.
No, that can't happen. We must do everything possible to correct this horrible process. We should be able to do at LEAST that! We put a man on the moon, for god's sake!!!
The more important issue here is that there is no system of individual moral responsibility like the Germans developed after WW2. The US never learned to build the systems to empower people to fight evil corrupting their own ranks.
Well someone better start tracking them. This national shame needs to be corrected!
you鈥檙e truly fucking evil if you support tr*mp i don鈥檛 care what bullshit excuse people want to use for supporting him because it鈥檚 all a cover. people have the audacity to say 鈥渟houldn鈥檛 have broken the law!鈥 when this is the outcome fully don鈥檛 realize how privileged they are
The reality gets worse every minute. We will have to storm these facilities if we want answers. I think this admin is trying to push civil war before election. I'm dead serious. This way, no one can vote.
Omg... that's horrible... heartbreaking...
This shit is F*cked Up. When will congress take some action to correct this? We are seeing the same damn thing our ancestors did to native American Indians. SHANE on this government, the World is watching
This makes me want to cry. Hearing that families may not be reunited? I feel I'm living through the end times of humanity.
That there seems to be no consistent system in place or even provisions made for reuniting makes this a certainty. How is this helping anyone? A loving parent is deprived of a child, the child is permanently traumatized, & US resources are wasted instead of helping others in need
if true someone needs to go to jail - crimes against humanity pretty ugly
What's the going price for a child?
How can that be? It should be a priority to reunite these children with their parents.
I think you may want to look into who has the contract for these facilities. We already know that Pence is invested possibly sessions check it out
Monster's Are Governing America #MAGA The Republican party & Nazi party enemies list is startlingly similar. Do you reconize the signs? "#DontBeASucker" was and anti racist film made by the U.S. War Dept. During WWII. 馃 pic.twitter.com/4436TFnBPV
Trump GOP and Sessions should be charged and sent to prison if one child is lost harmed in anyway.
Sandweg dijo que por su experiencia trabajando en ICE, sino re煤nen enseguida a los ni帽os con sus padres, quiz谩 no suceda pronto. No entiende porqu茅 se stan manejando as铆. Para qu茅 crear esta tragedia. Dif铆cil mantenerlos juntos durante el proceso.Lamentable, indigno, inhumano.
And the @NRA is worried about the government taking your guns away? Try your children. #KeepFamilesTogether #EndFamilySeparation
Let鈥檚 make them American citizens and when old enough to vote, they sponsor their families to come to the USA
We heard a story from a lawyer who is trying to help a mom who was seeking asylum with her 8yr old son. They sent her back to Guatemala and it鈥檚 been almost 8 months of looking for him from thousands of miles away. So yes. This is happening!
Because they aren't parents of the children.
That overwhelmingly because their parents were never with them to begin with.
Whaaaaat? This is wrong-headed thinking! Where do they think those kids are gonna go?
This is evil and embarrassing for our Country.
I would write this down if I was trying to commit a crime with my kids.
Kids are lost forever because trump demands his effing wall. Which by the way Mexico will never pay for. He鈥檚 running our country like his bankrupt companies. This is not the country we used to be proud of.
That just sickens me and totally not acceptable and barbaric. This debacle rests solely on the shoulders of Washington DC..shame on all..shame on you..
The first immigrant First Lady should take a trip to the Texas holding facilities. Maybe she is concerned she will be detained if she asks for asylum.
Their asylum was MEXICO... going to our border made them immigrants ... crossing it made them illegals. How can they even qualify for a lawsuit?
Why are parents who have mostly been charged with misdemeanors being denied their children? What gives us the right to sever their parental ties in THIS country and adopt out their children?
Somewhere in an American concentration camp for children, there's a little Honduran girl thinking that, in spite of everything, she still believes that people are really good at heart.
This can't be allowed to happen... what is wrong with these people????
MAY NEVER REUNITE! Let that sink in....their children may be lost to them forever. THIS IS THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION'S POLICY.
Seriously...not one child should remain without his or her family...to act like we're okay with any of these kids losing their parents, family, guardians, bc of the evil policy of evil men and women...totally unforgivable.
this is so heartbreaking. the damage has already been done and now whatever is done to try to reverse it will most likely never bring these kids back to their parents.
This is 100% unacceptable.
May or won't? Read the rhetoric carefully people.
Nice I won鈥檛 see my parents again....
Whatever distracts from the IG heading right?
WAR CRIMES. Start pushing War Crimes and Human Rights Violations. Take off the gloves & hold American Naziis fat to the fire! pic.twitter.com/bj7HVwkkq2
HITLERESQUE @parscale EVIL MEANS @realDonaldTrump CONCENTRATION CAMPS CAGE 1000S KIDS. WHERE ARE MISSING BABIES? NO US LAW EXISTS 2 SEPARATE KIDS FROM PARENTS. 'It reminds ONE of going into animal shelters.' 鈥擴S Border Patrol is detaining children in cages pic.twitter.com/KIkik8Ib6G
Booohoooohoooo! This should be a warning to criminals that illegally cross the border.
They need to sue Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, etc
Yes the ones that are not related
The more I learn about these atrocities, the more I am having trouble grasping how we are allowing this to happen. And it's only going to get worse.
Because parents claim asylum
OMG鈦夛笍 Where will their children go? Who will raise them鈦夛笍This is as UNAMERICAN AS IT GETS鈥硷笍馃がABUSIVE 馃ぁ45馃帾 ONLY TREATS MEXICAN PPL LIKE THIS 馃槩馃槩 HE IS A LIAR-IN-CHIEF, RACIST, HATEFUL male馃槨 There is NO GREATNESS in what he鈥檚 doing, IT鈥檚 ILLEGAL鈥硷笍GOP/REPUGLICANS鉂岎煔潓馃毇
That's the case Already. The dad was seperated and 4 boys are scattered across USA
Because they are in Jail for smuggling drugs, Moron
Garbage ! MSNBC ! Build the darn wall !
They keep trying to justify this sick policy by blaming it on other presidents it doesn't matter who did it before who's doing it now it's freaking wrong
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