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There are several reports that Jamal Khashoggi’s body was dismembered after he was killed at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, and then removed in diplomatic boxes. NBC also reporting that nytimes.com/2018/10/06/wor…

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Asesinado, desmembrado y los pedazos de su cuerpo sacados de la embajada en valija diplomática. Los norcoreanos comienzan a ser angelitos comparados con "nuestro socio", Arabia Saudí. Espeluzante desaparición, la de Jamal Khashoggi
Saudi Arabia is just ISIS who enjoys diplomatic immunities granted by the Vienna Conventions, i.e. using inviolability of diplomatic premises and "diplomatic bag" to kidnap, torture, execute and dismember opponents
Can't stop thinking of Jamal Khashoggi... His fiancé waiting outside the consulate, for him never to return. This story needs our utmost attention. Turkish authorities must make evidence public.
NBC: "Suudi gazeteci Jamal Khashoggi (Cemal Kaşıkçı),
Istanbul'daki Suudi Elçiliğinde öldürüldükten sonra,
cesedi parçalanıp, diplomatik kutular içinde uzaklaştırıldı"

Aynı olay İran Büyükelçliğinde olsaydı,
ABD/İsrail/Suudi uçakları İran elçiliğini birlikte bombalardı.!
The Jeffrey Dahmer of reformers.
This is not an isolated incident. Neither was the murder of that investigative journalist in Bulgaria. This is the dawn of a new era of authoritarianism. Journalists are its greatest threat.
This isn’t just on Trump. Every U.S. president who has coddled, funded and armed a brutal regime that beheads people, strategically spreads dangerously extremist ideology and abuses women bears some responsibility for letting things get this far. twitter.com/lizsly/status/…
The world is actually very bad right now.
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But Washington consultants, think tanks and universities love their money...#StopTakingSaudiMoney
Ahh good morning sir/madams - just my fortnightly reminder that we sell 'military equipment' to one of - if not THE - most repressive regime in the world. #SaudiArabia
And they wonder where ISIS gets its inspiration from.
If reports are true, ghoulish proof we live in an age of growing global impunity. Last year's airport killing of #Kim Jong-nam, this year's #Novichuk attack on the #Skirpals; now the disappearances of ##JKashoggi & Interpol chief #Meng Hongwein in Istanbul & China respectively.
If Jamal was killed inside but his body was transferred outside, it would be an attempt to construct deniable plausibility and play into the narrative that whatever happened to him took place once he had left the Saudi Consulate and was a random criminal act.
كارثة اخرى -غير مؤكدة- في ملابسات مقتل جمال خاشقجي بحسب عدة تقارير إعلامية أمريكية، تفيد بأنه تم تقطيع جثة خاشقجي ووضعها في صناديق دبلوماسية "الطرود الدبلوماسية لا يتم تفتيشها".
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Imagine Iran did this. US would already bomb Teheran. But its an ally so all is good. they will just bribe US
Almost a year ago the #Saudi Crown Prince kidnapped #Lebanon's Prime Minister and the whole region was astounded. Who knew that would be small fry compared to THIS?
The Magic Kingdom
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Horrific! Read this was follow up visit to collect paperwork. Khashoggi had reservations, gave his mobile phone to fiancée before entering Consulate. Never reappeared. Consulate meant to be place of safety for its citizens!
Si la comunidad internacional guarda silencio ante esto...
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To be fair, the last time 15 Saudis assembled with the aim of committing murder on foreign soil, a whole lot more innocent people were killed... so maybe this actually counts as MORE PROGRESS UNDER MBS!!
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This isn't the first time a 15 man Saudi murder squad was assembled.
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Sounds like the nation we know: Saudi Arabia was the source country for the 9/11 terrorists.
So...y’all still watching Crown Jewel?
Feeling too many things at once and I can’t find the right words. The implications and inhumanity alone are mind numbing... لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله
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Saudi Arabia is a rogue regime that gets away with all sorts because America is their mack daddy.
It's sickening not only that Jamal Khashoggi was likely killed at the Saudi Consulate, but done so in such a brutal way. What's more disturbing is that, if true, such an operation would create so much blood (evidence) that it must've been planned meticulously & executed carefully
You wonder where ISIS gets their inspiration from #SaudiKillsJamalKhashoggi
The #JamalKhashoggi story is getting creepily weirder and weirder....
Imagine being simultaneously so afraid and that brutal. It is the weak man's idea of power.
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Our war profiteers, our major export, sell a lot of weapons to our good friends, the Saudis
OMG...........................never ever forget that Jared and Ivanka are good friends with. Now, do you understand my repulsion for Jared Kushner.
El periodista refugiado en el consulado saudí de Turquía.

"Hay varios informes de que el cuerpo de Jamal Khashoggi fue desmembrado después de que fue asesinado en el Consulado de Arabia Saudita en Estambul, y luego sacado en cajas diplomáticas. "

Joer con nuestros "aliados".
I feared this. This is the WORST use of diplomatic bag ever!
I assure you that when i tweeted about this i hadn't read about this possibility before...i was just let my psycho mind go wild and free...maybe i'm not such a psycho at all...or maybe there's MANY more psychos around...take your pick }:>>

Hey Obama’s/trump’s/Bush’s/the Clintons’/oprah’s/Bloomberg’s/zuckerberg’s/Gates’s/blankfein’s bff — who the times spilled a book worth of ink breathlessly describing as a “reformer” even as he kidnapped the prime minister of Lebanon — is out there assassinating journalists...
#MBS #KSA #SaudiArabia First he hangs his enemies upside down and has them beaten at the Ritz then he...
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And how the hell do they know he has been dismembered ? US & Israeli regimes regularly kidnap people from around the world and keep them in one piece and usually alive.
Still hoping none of this horrific story is true, & that it’s all BS from Turkey or Saudi Arabia. Because if it’s true, my God.
NBC: "Suudi gazeteci Jamal Khashoggi (Cemal Kaşıkçı),
Istanbul'daki Suudi Elçiliğinde öldürüldükten sonra,
cesedi parçalanıp, diplomatik kutular içinde uzaklaştırıldı"

Aynı olay İran Büyükelçiliğinde olsaydı😉
In reply to @halaljew
If you’re a govt official and you’re trying to hide a body, then a diplomatic box which is legally sealed is the obvious choice so this sounds right to me twitter.com/lizsly/status/…
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If he was on self imposed exile, why an earth would you need to get marriage certificate from the Consulate?
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The initial assessment of the Turkish police is that Mr. Khashoggi has been killed at the consulate of #SaudiArabia in #Istanbul #Justice4JamalKhashoggi #JamalKhashoggiMartyred
Saudi dissident's body dismembered and removed from the #SaudiArabia consulate in diplomatic boxes? The latest reports about columnist #JamalKhashoggi out of #Istanbul are horrifying, if true.
Uy, mira, los amiguis de la casa real.
here is your "great reformer", Mohammad bin Salman, at work
In reply to @LizSly
Horrific. I hope that’s not the case.
In reply to @LizSly
OMG. I pray this is not true.
In reply to @LizSly
This is deeply worrying!
But of course!
What else are consulates for, if not to kill and dismember journalists that oppose your reign?!
(IF true)- where is Turkey’s proof?
Why was there no intervention?
They moved his body in diplomatic boxes!!! I’m speechless, I really hope that this is not true.
This is just too awful for words. What is happening to our world that such deeds are contemplated let alone suspected from a legitimate state rulers?
Call for international investigation now imperative. #JamalKhashoggi
What is happening to the world? :(
In fifty years people are going to remember the fuck out of 2016-2018 as when things really started getting massively crazy.
And just like that, it's all gone. The Aramco offering. Saudi Vision 2030. Three weeks hobnobbing across the U.S, shot to hell. He'll be lucky to keep Trump...
Just as if we needed more proof on how #SaudiArabia's government behaves.
Madre mía. Nuestro socio...
If the reports turn out to be true, this is reprehensible conduct by the Saudis. Utter madness.
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Please don't released your sexy photos and videos, Brazzers
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Hi :-) Id like to be able to get a one on one w that Saudi turd MBS.. What fun slapping that gob shite around
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this is what can happens to political tyrants who murder their people. It's not a happy life. #Mussolini and friend #AMDG pic.twitter.com/QDelBBmlps
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You are laying just like these #Democrats 👿😈👹 cant corroborate anything, they failed locally nationally and the will faill internationally. I believe they are involved in the disappearance of #Jamal_khashoggi
In reply to @LizSly
why not sanction the saudis? #JamalKhashoggi but the dismemberment is a bit extreme
In reply to @LizSly
I think the Saudis are probably the worst "allies" we have. Since we seem to have resolved our energy woes and are no longer beholden to such a garbage regime I sure wish we would cut them loose. No chance with His Highness, Sir Donald in the White House.
In reply to @LizSly
In reply to @LizSly
Sick people those SAUDIS 👀👀👀👀👀♠️♠️♠️♠️
In reply to @LizSly
Los saudíes apoyaron a los nazis y eso siempre pasa factura.
this was something i thought this morning. and it may well somehow be true
What in the world?????!
SWA. Where treachery is a currency more abudant than oil, gold or dirt.
Ahh good. Saudi Arabia, our beloved friends on the UN Human Rights Council.
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