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*turns the bus lights on*
Coach: We are 15 minutes away start calling/texting your parents.
when you drunk as hell and try to go take a break from the turn up and everybody come find you 馃槱馃槱馃槱
Quand tu fait une sieste l鈥檃pr猫s midis et que tu te r茅veille 脿 20h
In reply to @VersaceCartier
Y鈥檃ll keep saying 鈥渃aption this video鈥 meanwhile I鈥檓 tryna figure out that the hell this is 馃槀馃う馃従鈥嶁檧锔
In reply to @VersaceCartier
Nah I鈥檝e seen this before this lord Voldemort
In reply to @VersaceCartier
College students during finals week
deixa a grimes em PAZ
me: this edible is so weak

me 20 minutes later:
In reply to @VersaceCartier
Is this the prop they used in deathly hallows pt 2?????
mama : get your ass up, how your ass missed the bus this morning ?
Artists: I WILL finish this piece at a decent hour and not pull an all nighter again

Eu qnd acordo todos os dias e ainda tou meia 脿 toa
meus in 2016: omg f(x) gonna comeback this year!!

meus in 2017: omg f(x) gonna comeback this year!!

meus in 2018: omg f(x) gonna comeback this year!!

meus in 2019: omg f(x)-
Waiting for them to come back with a towel
*Hodges Library at Night

Me: I just need a room to study in.
*Opens study room
Student studying for finals:
Me: *quickly slides gameboy under pillow*

Me: as soon as my parents walk in to make sure I'm asleep:
Coach Melton waking up after the midland lee game
when ur mum barges in with the hoover and whips the curtains open after a heavy one
In reply to @VersaceCartier
Wtf is this? I鈥檓 literally concerned. 馃殦
How I鈥檓 gonna wake up everyday en el rancho 馃ゴ
Her: I鈥檒l suck the soul out ya don鈥檛 play boy

Me: Nah

Her: Bet

*Me 5 mins in*
鈥淚 missed my bus can you take me to school?鈥

Me the oldest sibling:
my depression after I hit it with a good therapy session
鈥淲inter break is about to be so lit. I鈥檓 gonna hang out with my homies and go out every night鈥

*7th day into winter break of just sleeping and being a sloth and someone tries to get you of out bed*:
*bus lights come on*

鈥淪tart calling parents, we鈥檙e 15 minutes away from the school. Make sure the freshman are awake. If we have to wait you鈥檙e all running.鈥

-@ashleypg07 @ElishaKentner
*Waking up with a hangover with no water in sight*
The morning after Celtic win a trophy
Thought this was cara delevingne for a hot sec
When my mom comes into my room just to stare at me & remind me how much of a lazy piece of shit I am
Wanneer ge wakker wordt en nog dronken bent 馃嵑馃槦
VCSU students waking up on Saturday morning after naughty week
when u high as fuck and the blunt abt to hit you in rotation .
This was @noe_cee Sunday morning 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Dis was me in the hotel room Halloween weekend @Dougiefresco_ 馃拃馃拃
Adzuh waiting for his GB cheque
Craig waking up after a night out
Why we still don鈥檛 know what this is?
this is how hard them after school naps hit
Quand tu te r茅veil et que tu v茅rifie si t鈥檈s pas mort
The day after the rave
Wanneer ik twee dagen op dieet ben en mijn dramatic ass honger heeft
Me waking up in someone鈥檚 crib after a night of drinking tryna figure out wtf happened last night 馃槀
Me after nutting 5 minutes into our sesh, and she asks me if I鈥檓 ready for round two.
me waking up in my tent on festival mornings
When you wake up with the lights still on and your laptop and books still opened from studying
Cuando est谩s bien crudo y t煤 mam谩 te prende la luz del cuarto:
How cutting weight feels when you down to the last 2 lbs
Yo cada vez que suena la alarma
鈥渢urn dat ass over鈥
Me drunk asf and then my mom comes in and turns on the light 馃ぃ
This is how @kiahsmithh looks at me when I go in her room to make sure she got to school and she hasn鈥檛 even gotten out of bed.
Me waking up on Saturday to 165 messages of everyone already drinking
Quand t鈥檈s r茅veill茅 le matin par ta m猫re qui passe l鈥檃spirateur pour aucune raison
Men when they feel a slight hint of sickness.
when you stay wherever you partied last night and everyone wakes you up way too fucken early to go to breakfast
Me at 3 AM when I hear my child start to cry
When you got fucked up and yo friends slap your ass while dead asleep
When you have a party at your house and your friends come into your room to say goodbye the morning after.
In reply to @VersaceCartier
Y'all asking "what is this" got no culture
this brownie not even hitting

30 minutes later:
Me waking up on Christmas morning after Crimbo Eve bees has my absolute pants down
The prosthetic Voldemort used in the deathly hallows part 2 when Harry dies.
me when my mom turns on the lights when i鈥檓 sleeping...
In reply to @VersaceCartier
Yep it鈥檚 Voldemort from Goblet of Fire
Me layin down on the couch after a fat dab
This was @malikaimcguire1 one morning before school
me trying to finish this semester
waking up drunk at 4:28 AM with no water
My friends: let me dab you out
Pray for my friend Andrew, ain鈥檛 nothing wrong with him he just look like this
this is emmy when she wakes up in the morning lol
鈥 what nigga I鈥檓 tryna sleep鈥
This me after skipping every meal to smoke instead
When you wake sweating in the tent at a festival
鈥淲ait don鈥檛 I have class,hmmm fuck it鈥
me after i take all my finals
Me waking up for school when I stayed up on Twitter all night instead of going to bed at a decent hour...
me: *uses antiperspirant deodorant with aluminum in it*

my blood stream:
When he doesn鈥檛 give me attention for 3 minutes
写卸械褎褎褉懈 褋褌邪褉 锌芯 褍褌褉邪屑
When you hear a prophecy about a boy born at the end of July that is going to kill you, so you murder his parents and fail at murdering him, resulting in making the boy an accidental horcrux that you then destroy 17 years later when you fail at murdering him again.
me tryna recover after getting my guts rearranged
When I鈥檓 on break from school and my mom flicks the light on at noon
When Lord Voldemort hits the Backwood one time
The Sweet Tea Committee hung over before we get our Sweet Teas.
@kbholcombe @StevenPenland
*4 Ls in*
鈥淵o bro ima roll another one鈥
Me this morning after a Monday night at Mangos.
*Smashes 3 times in a row

Her: Ready to go again baby? 馃槝

In reply to @VersaceCartier
this was me last night waking up to your missed calls and texts
Literally me every morning after blacking the fuck out doing disgusting things with my idiot friends
Me after mental toughness today
me sleeping through all my morning classes and feeling my gpa dropping
When my friend tells me to hit this blunt one more time
Whenever jerry wakes up, he has the same confused face 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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