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Personal bodyguards of Nawaz Shareef attack @SAMAATV camera man Wajid Ali Syed in Islamabad today. Whether in power or not, you can’t take the ‘Gullu Butt’ mentality out of PML- N ! For shame @Marriyum_A

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What the hell this is horrible
This video, of the bodyguard jumping to kick the #SAMAA cameraman Wajid Ali Syed, in the face, while he is already down, is just about the worst thing I've seen in a long time. These cameramen are out there just doing their job. This VIP culture be damned.
That is ridiculous. Law enforcement agencies must take action as per law for this is Naya Pakistan.
OMG...this isn't a battlefield, this is in the streets of Islamabad. The reporter was down and yet kicked in the face by Nawaz Sharifs bodyguard.
WTH is going on?
Terrible....how can someone jad tbis audacity..Shah say ziyada Shah kay ghulaam
میڈیا اور دفاع کرو چوروں کا
اس کا مطلب لندن میں تقریب کے دوران چیف جسٹس نے گارڈز کو بریفنگ دی ہو گی کہ سپریم کورٹ کے وکیل ظفر اقبال کلانوری پر تشدد کریں؟
Such a shame but he is fine now Alhamdulillah
منافق لوگو دوسری ویڈیو بھی دکھاؤ جس میں میڈیا والوں نے اس گارڈ کو مارا بے دردی کے ساتھ..
Look at other camermen they were busy in making videos instead of taking guy to hospital
NS ka security guard hai to ab media walay koi reactions nahi dein ge...
OMG Is he arrested yet ? And how is Wajid ?
Highly Condemn able........
Any expertise on the issue what #NawazSharif guard did Ms @ayeshaijazkhan or #Twisters applied ? Thank you
Everyone was busy in making videos instead of helping him
Let me tell you he needed cervical stabilization before he was picked up by police. The the force and direction of the kick clearly demonstrates that there could be serious damage to his mandible, cervical vertebrae and hence spinal cord or even the vital medulla oblongata.
ان درندوں کو پنجروں میں بھی پٹے ڈال کر رکھنا ہوگا
Culprits should b brought to justice
Iss sey nawaz sharif ka narrative mazboot hogaaa.
@ShehryarAfridi1 @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry strict action NOW against these goons and their masterminds.!
Wht the hell they think they are ? Should b I send to jail straight away
This is @sardesairajdeep brand of Vulture Journalism, the guy seems to be critically injured and his colleague continues filming while shouting at Others to help him. 🤦#presstitutes #ModiAtRepublicSummit
Arrest him and give examplory punishment
Lanat hy nawaz Sharif teri zindgi pr kuttay harami kisi kanjar nasal ki gandee aulad jis ko teray guard nay mara hy wo bhi kisi ka beta hy
instead of taking the injured to a hospital, everyone has a camera recording scenes, like recording is more important than human lives these days. shame on those who beaten the cameraman and those who are recording scenes for personal interests.
Is he safe? I hope and pray his condition is out of danger
I hope he is ok. That was a dangerous kick. Doesn't look good. All these politicians are savages.
I think media needs to give people their specs. There’s definitely more to the story
اس گارڈ کے خلاف ایکشن لیا جانا چاہے۔ ہم مذمت کرتے ہیں۔ میاں صاحب بھی اس کو فارغ کرے بدمعاشی کس بات کی۔
its sad indeed. but let's say this happens when you become someone's bitch as this media was sharif's.
What was reason of beating cameraman?
hey bitch why you are not saying anything about this act ???
ہم آہ بھی بھرتے ہیں تو ہو جاتے ہیں بدنام وہ قتل بھی کرتے ہیں تو چرچا نہیں ہوتا۔۔۔ اکبر الہ آبادی۔۔۔
Such a bad thing Allah almighty will take revenge from nawaz about this inshallah
Chor nawaz should be in jail walking around look how his guard attacked the journalist this is a disgrace
Now I believe an immediate action will be done at earliest as possible. Culprit must be severely punished & the govt should make sure such scenarios must not be repeated in future.
So you can't support injured and condemn a criminal act without spewing you hatred.wah. so Mr so clean journalist can you tell me which mentality pti showed when the regularly attacked geo staff including women??? At that time you probably applauded them.
Yes bcs Nawaz sharif is personally responsible for the actions of every single human being who breathes the same air as him
Bht bht bht. Achaaaaa hoa. 😝😜😛
اگر تم لوگ حکومت میں بھی ہو تو جھوٹ بہتان الزام ہی تمہاری پہچان ہے...
عمران خان کے دلے اپنی پیدائش کی ذمہ داری بھی نون لیگ پر ڈال دے
Yr leader can attack police station ,, can beat SP RANK OFFICER,, no matter ,,remove IT POLICE for personnel matter in two cases ,,,, Mr what type of leadership .. king ,.easy to blame others ,
بے شرمو۔کسی کے ذاتی فعل کی ذمہ دار ایک جماعت کیسے ہوسکتی ہے؟فواد چوہدری۔فیاض چوہان۔فیصل ووڈا۔مراد واشل۔یہ سب گلو بٹ کے باپ ہیں
The person who hit the media did very good because it was not a human being, it was a human being
Don't worry NAB in sab ko Gullo bana dega in few weeks
Did Nawaz Sharif asked that guard to do whatever he had done? What a childish approach. Nice try for cheap publicity stunt. 👏👏👏
Nawaz Shareef is famous for using force ...during his both tenure thousands of youth were killed extra judicially in Karachi..
FIR should b against nawaz sharif.
shame on us abhi b hum in ka sath dy gy🙏🙏
On the same spot , journalist tortured security guards , is it right with you Mr Human Rights Champion ? Ur tweet language shows how biased are you against pmln . If u want to raise voice, then do it for the censorship imposed on you by selected govt and it's masters.
NS pass sa guzr Gaya...aur isko Pakistani awam vote deti hai....
While thief own house is not in order they point finger @PTIofficial dawn.com/news/1451975 perfect example of “Rasi jal gae per bhal na Gaya” n shameful NS didn’t even bother to step down to check. Shame on u pml n MA says that they give pay for broken camera. Shame on u #PMLN
zara doari videos bhi dhak loo jis ma sahafi pagalon ki tarha police ko mar or galiyan da rahay han jis ki waja sy yah sb howa.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 for ur tweet.
Body guard did what he was supposed to do! Lols
Yeh patwario ka leader haramkhor 🐕 Nawaz Sharif kitney aram say is reporter ko zameen peh chorr ke chala gya. That’s the real respect of General Pakistani people in his eyes. They are mere 🐜 🐑 and 🐐 Does anyone know how that reporter made out? I hope he is ok 🤲
Kisi khoti k bache jo baad mai media walon ne police ki majoodgi mai gaurd pe hamla kia wo tumhe nazar nahi aya? Samma ka barwa
Is guard ko fori griftar kia jai aur is ko phansi dain
When the cameramen and others attacking the guard and no channel is reporting this why? @javerias ?? pic.twitter.com/5hDv0VhERO
یہ ہے نام نہاد " مقبُول سیاسی"لیڈر کے گُماشتوں کا عوام کے ساتھ سلُوک اور یہی اِن لیڈروں کا اصل ایجنڈہ! اللہ تعالیٰ انکی دست بُرد سے نہتے عوام کو محفُوظ رکھے،آمین
what was the reason for the attack on the cameraman btw?
Cameraman : Mian sahib yeh dekhein kya hogaya hae!!!! Mian : i don’t give a f*** :))))))) Pakistanis don’t forget you’re modern slave . Mouhahahahaha
Wow look who is talking..yeah its sad but this is not first time..there are so many other case when pti attacks than where you was..why your mouth was shut..all bloody lafafa ..
meya sahab ka raj chale to pore pakistan ko wo aisa kar day
This Was A Planned Drama of SAMAA and The Pindi Bosses to Put Further Pressure of Defamation on Nawaz Sharif, to Twist Public' s concentration from Khan Sisters' Proven Corruption, Dear Defamation Planners Try Something Else, Nawaz Sharif Voters R Firm n They Know All Fraud Well?
Just look at the reaction of journalist getting just kicked It seems some body just raped him 😂
نواززرداری کا گھٹ جوڑ شیخ رشید کے بیان کو سمجھیں کیمرا مین کو مروانہ پھر مذمت کرنا نواززرداری کے بیانات مریم نواز کی بظاہر خاموشی ایک بڑے فساد کا پیش خیمہ ہے پسِ پردہ گھناؤنی سازش تیار ہورہی ہے. دونوں خاندان اپنی دولت بچانے کے لیے کسی بھی حد تک جاسکتے ہیں
Koi is ko check tou kro video banana pehly zarori hai 😳
How ironic that the cameramen filming a cameraman who is in pain the same way this cameraman might have once done with other tragedy victims!
What a shame #PMLN is proving to be. What kind of leader he is @pmln_org @CMShehbaz @Marriyum_A
Uski help ki bajiee camera Pakar Kar scene cover ho Raha

Sahaffat ki beyhissi ek sahaffi Kay liyah
Take action against security guard and Nawaz sharif ASAP
@fawadchaudhry @ImranKhanPTI @UsmanAKBuzdar
Honestly you're fuckin sick in the head for having this mentality
Where is humanity? A man can be seen jumping over the injured unconscious person(0.16)And then they call fr liberty of media. None stopped any one from helping him out but media crew was busy in his own affair. Authorities should take action against such inhumane behaviour.
اوئے بےشرمو @SAMAATVofficial

کتے بلوں کی طرح کب چیخو گے۔ جو تمہارے لیئے خبریں لاتے ہیں ان پر تمہارے پیو کے گارڈز نے قاتلانہ حملہ کیا ہے۔ کچھ تو شرم و حیا کرو، بےغیرتو۔ لعنت ہے تم پر
No unity? Wo 1 guard tha aur tum logg itnay zada!? Baataen aiesay chodtaen hain TV pe aur asal mein gandu!!
Why the journalists did not stop the nawaz car ??? If i was a journalist and something happen to my fellow mate i would have lay down infront of his car
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