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British Airways has announced to launch its flight operation in #Pakistan soon. ✈️

#BritishAirways #CAA

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Great news. We need more airlines flying to Pakistan not less, as is argued by some who want to protect PIA profits. The benefits of connectivity are too great to ignore...
کیونکہ اسلام آباد ایئر پورٹ
نواز شریف کے دور میں بنا
اسکے سٹینڈرڈ کو چیک کرکے
پروازیں شروع ہو گئیں
More competition , PIAbsts be dropping prices
Great to see @British_Airways coming back to Pakistan. Increased connectivity with the world will lead to more progress in all areas. People to people & B2B!! Congratulations to all!! @ImranKhanPTI @sayedzbukhari @TomDrewUK @PTIofficial @AirportPakistan @Emergingpk @investinpak
برٹش ائیر ویز کی پاکستان میں پروازوں کی بحالی کی خبر، فوادچوہدری صاحب کی نوید کہ فرانس نے پاکستان کو سفری حوالے سے ریڈ سے گرین کیٹگری میں شامل کر لیا ہے اور ترجمان وزیراعلی پنجاب کا بیان کہ وزیراعلی بسنت کی بحالی چاہتے ہیں(محفوظ ہوناشرط ہے)۔۔۔ آج کے دن کی اچھی خبریں ہیں 😇
Finally some evident signs of 'Tabdeeli'.
Thanks to Mian Nawaz Sharif for rebuilding the confidence
3 Flights a week starting from 15th June 2019 on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Welcome back to #Pakistan. Will surely be one of ur most profitable destinations. #ZulfiBokhari I’m hoping @SingaporeAir will be next...as I’m moving to #Singapore soon.
don't know about others but the Mirpuris are very happy :D
خوش نہ ہوں وہ اپنا کاروبار بڑھانے آ رہے ہیں اور اس کا نقصان برائے راست پی آئی اے کو ہوگا
جرمنی سے پاکستان کوئی جہاز سیدھا نہیں جاتا عرب کے جہار ہے ان کی ٹکٹ اتنی منگنی ہے اس لئے دوسرے ملک کے ہوائی اڈا دے جائے
Pakistan business climate has changed #evident from @exxonmobil re-entry to #Pakistani market after 3 decade and @British_Airways after a decade @Lufthansa_DE @KLM @SingaporeAir @MalysianAirline many more to come @ukinpakistan @MYHCIslamabad @AStoiosbraken @KoblerinPAK @proconp
It will be a welcome note nd devoloment for building peaceful image of pakistan
What a wonderful news, excited , instantly feel safe.
And I just flew PIA back. Thora jaldi karlaytay?
@sayedzbukhari @AirCanada
Time to start flights to Pakistan from Canada as well
Thanks_welcome to Pakistan
, Ya inki waja sy ha, PTI her cheez ka credit lay rahi ha, G Ahsan sb dusoo zara, ap ny he sb kuch kia ha Pakistan k liay, apko inam main kia Chahiy??
A big mistake , Pakistan will export many terrorists to UK through BA
What a Great News! 🛫 Welcome back to Pakistan! 🛬 #BritishAirways#CAA
@AbbasGooner. This news is awesome is in it???? Naya Pakistan.
P.S I hope it starts to Karachi as well. So does Lufthansa. Maza ayega. 😍💯😎👍💪❤🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Thank you #BritishAirways for a step of cooperation towards Pakistan.
Nice... Now can we have a new airport in #Karachi that bigger and better than DxB?
PIA ko nuqsaan hoga iss ka.
Lekin musbat reporting karein Zulfi Bukhari Zindabad.
Its really nice and welcomed. The development of aviation industry, but @pid_gov and @AirportPakistan also help @ShaheenAirline to reopen its activity. That would be more beneficial to public.
We Need to Listen this type of great news from PIA as well
What do you mean, PIA flys regular in UK Vs BA that is restarting or starting new service to and from Pakistan.
British Airways lanuched their flight operarions in pakistan on coming next year JUNE, 2019. inshallah
اپ یورپ کی تمام Aires کو جگہ دیں تاکہ پاکتان کو کچھ زیادہ امذئی ہو اور جرمنی air کو بھی جگہ دو اس کے ساتھ تعلتات قائم کرو
Thank you @British_Airways! Welcome back to Pakistan!! Sincerely hope there will be flights from Manchester, too. And competitive rates with your world class service. We deserve (and expect) nothing less :-)
Ashrfia k leyea or achee khabara ghareeb k leyea tax pay tax
Be careful Egyptian’s , throw Bajwa out of Egypt.Yesterday Bajwa Gandoo met with Egyptian Army chief to teach him how to play dirty politics and rig the elections and damage the economy. Also Bajwa told him how to pressurise the judges and use WhatsApp calls to avoid being caught
Means PIA will loose more business for UK Flights and other destinations.
It’s good news but will we overseas be still harassed at airport being demanding bribery from us. Iv has bad experience at your NEW airport by airport officials asking for money , but when said no, they made my life hell as I went through this airport. Who do I make a complaintTO
Great news. Well Done
We are such dumbs, Why not make PIA great again?? @Official_PIA
🤣 bas kar pagle rulaega kya ?
Mark it, patwaris will stop using BA services.
Instead of bringing PIA at par with top airliners,our Government is boasting that a foreign airline is resuming its operations from Islamabad. Adding insult to injury,our military spokesperson is tweeting about this. It's not his domain. Where is Pakistan First? #britishairways
Dont know what to say but the news really made me optimistic thank you #ImranKhanPrimeMinister
A long time coming but welcome home BA
Good decision, but bring FDI which needed more to this country to create jobs and inceasing foreign reserves to get out of this crises!
Very nice Mian Mohammad Nawaz sharif sb it's all about you you done great job for this issue in ur last govt and thanks Ahsan Iqbal talk with uk and rises that's issue thanks great work plmn
Good work by imran khan
But will it not directly effect PIA's revenue? As Pak-UK route is one of few profitable operating route of #PIA @ImranKhanPTI @Hammad_Azhar @Asad_Umar @PTIofficial @Official_PIA
In Sha Allah humain agay he jana ha..
Stop writing about british airways achievements and do something about PIA.
Ok wear ur vests n cabooom
Not launch, its resume..... Need correction.
برٹش ایئرویز کا پاکستان واپسی کا اعلان دراصل پاکستانیوں کی دہشت گردی کے خلاف جنگ میں کامیابی کا اعتراف ہے۔
برٹش ایئرویز کا پاکستان واپسی کا اعلان دراصل پاکستانیوں کی دہشت گردی کے خلاف جنگ میں کامیابی کا اعتراف ہے۔ #Pakistan #britishairways
This allowance at such a point would further dent PIA revival.... PIA would lose considerable market. After termination of PIA flights to US, they might lose UK operations too. Rather than going for an image rectification of Pakistan, a tactical move was required.
جھوٹ ھے کوئی کنفرمیشن نہیں ھے 🤐🤐
We wellcome this flight operation. And congratulate to Imran Khan for this achievement.
What about @Qantas direct flight to #MEL>ISB
It's a good sign keep it up
کیا اس ملکی ایئر لائن (شاہین ایئر) کو بھی کوئی خواطر میں لائیگا۔ کیا اسکے مالکان کی کی گئی منی لانڈرنگ کا خمیازہ بھگتنے والی 4000 سے زائد ملازمین کی فیملیز کے لیے بھی کوئی پلاننگ موجود ہے جن کو 6 ماہ سے تنخواہیں ادا نہیں کی گئیں اور بے روزگار اور بے یار و مددگار چھوڑ دیا گیا ہے
Think about your own Ailine PIA.
All because of Asif Ali Zardari vision.

Hai na @BBhuttoZardari
It's really good news that Europe shows interest in doing business in PAKISTAN.
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