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British Airways returns to #Pakistan after a decade. Pakistan is the new investment destination of Asia.

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This is fantastic news @British_Airways
Will boost, trade, travel and tourism.@ukinpakistan
And help to strengthen long established links for diaspora communities @sayedzbukhari
Just imagine abt the nation.
Where a pvt company planning to reschedule it's flights & they declare themself " New Investment Destination".
I m proud to be an Indian, soon going to join 5 trillion economy club who ordered 1000 aeroplane recently & hv 100 operational airports.
Attaboy RajjakBai!

Now, just promise us:

no more @FT interviews!
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Well done Brother making us all overseas Pakistanis proud and proving all critics wrong
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Looking forward to see more European Airlines like Lufthansa , KLM, Air France and even American Airline resining their operations from Pakistan!
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Uk has nominated London Mayer and interior minister having Pakistani origin . They r not security risk for uk but Zulfi Bukhari is for Pakistan. How can we progress with this petty thought . We need to open our minds . 2/2
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This would open a new Era of foreign Aviation industry in Pakistan!
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Great good news for Aviation & Pakistani business & public
Thank you #BritishAirways for Returning to #Pakistan. Discover the Wonders of Pakistan With #TrangoAdventure Pakistan.
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And change your #British law that you had made (on #FATA people) in 1848 #FCR
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Proud of you pti government..
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It's imperative that India's immediate Pakistan prosper but at the meantime both nations security concerns must be mutually addressed & resolve.
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جرمنی air line کو پنجاب میں جگہ جگہ دی جائے تم لوگ پاکستان سے گزارش کرتے ہے کیونکہ عرب Aires اتتی زیادہ قیمت لتی ہے عوام سوچتی رہتی ہے اس کا بھی حل کرئں
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Can we have direct flights from Manchester to Islamabad please
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Congratulations @sayedzbukhari on achieving this milestone
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Zulfi bukhari behind convincing them. This should not put end to rumours about bukhari. He is doing a great job and anyone with such works should be appreciated. #BritishAirways Thanks @sayedzbukhari ❤️ @mophrd
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OMG why’s this such a big news? #BritishAirways operates on a business model and due to the improvement in overall security situation THEY have decided to resume flights.What’s the achievement of @mophrd or @sayedzbukhari ?In fact it’s bad news for national carrier@Official_PIA
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Big achievement!! Kudos to Advisor @sayedzbukhari for the diplomacy and PM @ImranKhanPTI for the vision!
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Don't know about the new investment destination. But it does have a lot to offer to entrepreneurs who are willing to invest. #Entrepreneurship #BusinessIntelligence #Pakistan
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انشاءاللہ شکریہ سعید زلفی بخاری صاحب اللہ پاک آپ کو اس کا اجر دے اور ہمارے ملک میں ایسے ہی استحکام اور امن رہے تاکہ ہمارا ملک دن دوگنی رات چوگنی ترقی کرے آمین
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Highly disappointed by Remarks about overseas Pakistanis . Declaring them security risk is a joke. All those who passed this statement should never beg money from us now. Might it be for Dam or anything else. We r security risk and our money is not ?? 1/2
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massive win for GOP and Imran Khan.
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I wonder will Imran Khan allow Asia Bibi to fly to freedom on the first flight out?
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And don't forget to look at this. MIRASI NASAL
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It's really a great news👍👍
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What is the government doing to make sure the impact doesn't hurt the local airlines and improve it's performance and efficiency?
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Good news for Pakistan.
In reply to @sayedzbukhari
@sayedzbukhari Good going bro 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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Surprize pe surprize...now seems the country is moving on the right track. It ll take time but definaty,it is progressing.
keep it up PTI.
Errr no, just large migrant population that wants to visit
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