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Airlines mean connectivity, @British_Airways resuming operations after a decade is a huge leap for Pakistan! Glad to have helped in my humble capacity
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Great news!! At least my British friends have one excuse less to come visit me in #Pakistan 😊 Now I just wish @lufthansa would follow the example so all my German friends could come as well...
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Zulfi Bhai this decision was already ANNOUNCED last year by British airlines officially.. aap ne muft Mei NRO de di
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Good job Bukhari sahb getting the airline back for travel after 10 years almost 👏
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Your humble capacity is to take credit of others. The same you did in the Qatar employment visas episode. Try to come up with something on your own or at least shy from shamelessly putting your name on others' achievements.
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U joking! Stop claiming credit for a commercial decision by BA, long in the offing. I would really appreciate it if you could help the PIA relaunch routes to Amsterdam, Brussels, And dozens of European countries desperate for direct flights to Pakistan, in your "humble capacity"!
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What did he do?! Buy a plane?
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So I sit smugly on my original tweet excitingly welcoming @sayedzbukhari to his new role. I know his capability, love and devotion for PK, PM & for wanting to literally offer his help towards building a Naya Pakistan. Very proud of this young man.

Does this explain why?
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یہ دیکھو، ایک اور بیشرم @sayedzbukhari

یہ فیصلہ13فروری2018کو ہوا تھا کہ برٹش ائرویز آپریشن دوبارہ شروع کریں گے۔ تب سے وہ route,timing,security وغیرہ کو finalize کر رہے تھے۔
بیشرم زلفی بخاری کی ٹویٹ دیکھو اور پھر بیوقوف یوتھیوں کی واہ واہ دیکھو🤦‍♀️
سچ میں گدھے ہیں یہ🤣🤣🤣
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Good job young man👍, our family and specially my old mother are praying for the success of #IK and his team.
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways زلفی بخاری اس عظیم کارنامے پر داد کے مستحق ہیں۔ پاکستان آنے والے دور کی سب سے مضبوط ریاست بننے جارہی ہے ایسے میں دنیا کی کوئی بڑی طاقت ہم سے دور نہیں رہ سکتی۔ ترقی کا دور شروع ہوا چاہتا ہے۔ ان شاء اللہ 🇵🇰
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Well Done @sayedzbukhari
Bundle of thanks.
Naya Pakistan 👍❤
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways your hard work is much appreciated... specially since you've been working for this for so long... unless this is something that was in the pipeline since before your time... (rcvd via @WhatsApp)
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One more Nail in the Coffin of our National Carrier PIA (Great People to Fly With) Why they Chose Lahore? Why not Karachi? (They know From Karachi they will face tough Competition)
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@sayedzbukhari @mophrd @British_Airways سعودی عرب میں ہزاروں کے تعداد پاکستانیوں کی تنخواہیں بند ہیں ۔کفیلوں نے ان کا جینا حرام کردیا ہے نا گھر چھوڑتے ہیں نا تنخواہیں دیتے ہیں ۔#
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@sayedzbukhari یوتھیا ھی یوتھیا 😂😂😂
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That’s really a good step fwd
But pls kuch choices US wallo ko bhee dei dijyei😟
PIA bhee baand ker dee hei
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Btw what help did u offer?🤔 any formal presentation? meeting minutes? negotiation? deal? agreement? ... anything?

*Na teen mein Na tera mein* 🙄 #khwamakhwa #creditchor
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Thanks for bring normality to Pak much appreciated
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Weldone great @ImranKhanPTI and it's really a fact that @sayedzbukhari is of the best person in the team.
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محمد نسیم خان وزیر 🇵🇰
Such work can do only a true patriot.. Extremely thankful to you @sayedzbukhari on this very good job.. Nation saltue you..
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It used to take only 7hrs from Heathrow to Isb on British Airways. Useful for those of us on very limited annual leave as Emirates takes 2 days. No surprise that it took a British Pakistani state minister to know the importance & significance of this. Thank you Zulfi & PMIK. 👏
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Aap logon ka tou level hai boss .... exemplary characters you all have got I swear .... you’re helping hard in your humble capacity since ever 😜😜😜
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اس کے حقدار آپ ہو باس
بہت بہت مبارک
اللہ نے آپ کو پہلے ہی عزت شہرت اور دولت سے نوازا ہوا ہے
سو پلیز اب ملک و قوم کیلئے آپ دن رات ایک کر دیں۔۔۔!!!
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Like what exactly you helped when the decision was already made on 13/02/18 report. Another lame attempt to take credit of @betterpakistan & @pmln_org #NawazGovernment
Please see the news link & enlighten yourself with the reality…
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Hight of sadness being that In over 100 days of Government, only thing worth celebrating is an airline announcing to fly to Pakistan that too because of a decision taken at least a year before PTI came to power.
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Lots of congrats Sir..Its a momentous decision..Best of luck for future initiatives...
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Indeed it is a big news. So happy to see this and looking forward to more steps like these in future. #britishairways #Pakistan
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Credits goes to you Zulfi Bhai, keep it up & stay blessed.
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways You did great Job @sayedzbukhari. Now Pakistanis won't need to have a stay in middle-east pr other gulf countries. They can have a direct flight. But will it affect @Official_PIA ?
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Please help provinces to develop their own Airlines, like China and many other countries. This will not only help in tourism but will promote our culture n identity as well. Singapore model should be followed: get them 2 aircrafts & rest they will build their fleet with savings.
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways لخخخخخخ دی لعنت اے انی دیا پترا برٹس ائیرلائن دی پاکستان اچ سروس تے مسلم لیگ نواز دور اچ بحال ہوئی سے
تو ایویں سالا بنن ٹر پئیاں ایں
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Hello sir you are the champion ۔
Sits in you like this
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways It’s a great news and you are appreciated to play role in it 👍
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بخاری صاحب محمد نوازشرٻف کے دور حکومت کا اقتدام ہے آپ لوگ ہر بات پر جھوٹ بولتے ہے اس لعنت سے بچے
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Excellent work @sayedzbukhari !!.. I am part of cargo industry, and this huge development will uplift an entire image of a new Pakistan, and will bring in others too, we are already speaking with Lufthansa too..!!
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Aik baar meri mama ne chicken karhahi banai thi. Mai ne bhi ap ki tarha sara credit khud le lia tha lol.
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Brother your efforts are pivotal. Keep up the good work @sayedzbukhari
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways 2018 best moments. 1. @ImranKhanPTI PM. 2. BA starts flights to Islamabad. @TomDrewUK
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Its not your govt initiative. It's PML-N planned you are taking appreciation. Shame on esi tabdeli.
1 3
@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways It was obvious if Imran Khan had chosen to appoint him, there was definitely a reason.
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Congratulations Sir,
Way to go Masha Allah 🙌🙌👌👌❤️🇵🇰
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways We appreciate your love and selfless efforts. Thank you!
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All hail the most valuable gem of @ImranKhanPTI team, blue eyed @sayedzbukhari for reviving the trust of @British_Airways and bringing back its operation after a decade.
1 3
But British high commissioner saying differently.
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Great effort and work Zulfi Bhai 😍😍 first answer for those people who think you are good for this post . It’s very good reply for them
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Well Done bro. Bukhari knows how to do a job this is reason behind propaganda against him. stay strong💪 keep it up
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Thank you for this ! Way to go 👍👍
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Arguably it's good for travellers but in your humble capacity you have ruined a lucrative route for the national flag carrier @sayedzbukhari
Direct flights from London are, I mean were, #PIA's only competitive edge!
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways What is your humble capacity?
Shame on you...
This was done almost 10 months ago, and actually the whole process is delayed for almost 6 months...
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways congrats and well done Zulfi bhai!!
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways British Airways wouldn't even hire you as a janitor and you are bragging for something you have done nothing. Shame on you MIRASION KY BACHE.
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Improve conditions of airport as well.. staff professionalism
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Great to know. Congratulations! 🇵🇰✌️
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Well done sir 💕😇
Salute to you and your efforts
Stay blessed and healthy
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Muhamm-ad Qadeer 🏏🇵🇰
@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Gud job @sayedzbukhari congrats....keep going like this
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Good news for oll pakistanis..its just bcz f ur hardwork @sayedzbukhari
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@sayedzbukhari @altaf_sahi @British_Airways congratulations to you my dear friend that's your hard work for Pakistan and IK pti
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways May Allah give you more strength and power! Ameen.
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@sayedzbukhari @mophrd @British_Airways Great news and excellent efforts.
Pakistanis in Kuwait are waiting for lift of visa ban, which is unresolved for the past 7 years even by @AAliZardari @YR_Gillani and @nawaz shareef#.

Please consider voice of Pakistanis in ME, who deserve focus of our government since decades.
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Thank you for all you do for overseas Pakistanis. You are a breath of fresh air in @ImranKhanPTI administration. Wishing you all the best in strengthening relations between Britain 🇬🇧 and Pakistan 🇵🇰 #BritPakrelations
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Please make post agreements so that a women from home sell her handicraft in the international market the post is the barrier now china air post is good example
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways That is actually fantastic news although the fares will be sky high. Nonetheless it will force #PIA to pull up its socks.
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Great work 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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@sayedzbukhari @British_Airways Geo Zulfi Bukhari sahab. More power to you. More power to Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.
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