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Jose Mourinho parts company with Man Utd

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After grinding through 3 managers in 5yrs- its fair to say its not just the managers fault. Those bunch of players and the board are a combined disgrace
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Liverpool fans trolling the man. He's won more than you're hugging merchant of a manager.
In reply to @premierleague
Pogba the happiest guy on the planet right now.
Waking up to this shocking news! Before I roll back over to sleep, I need to know what are your thoughts about this ??? #Mourinho #ManchesterUnited #PremierLeague (we’re totally talking about this on #ColliderEPL)
Liverpool fans in the mention.
The man has won more at United than Liverpool have won in the last 14 years
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Sacking Jose is the easy way out. At least the players won’t have anyone to blame when they put in woeful performances
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Jurgen Klopp loves to get Jose Mourinho sacked. • Dortmund 4-1 Madrid (JOSE OUT) • Liverpool 3-1 Chelsea (JOSE OUT) • Liverpool 3-1 United (JOSE OUT) Mr. Jürgen Norber Klopp... 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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Sack Jones as well kkkkkk
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Still won more trophies than Liverpool
And people said Corbyn's no confidence motion didn't achieve anything...
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Damnn I was so shocked about this news.. pic.twitter.com/zQDPyTEbZu
Woke up at 4 am to find this amazing news😭😭
In reply to @premierleague
Mourinho first game in UCL will be against man utd as PSG manager
In reply to @premierleague
He should go with lukaku please
In reply to @premierleague
Good riddance! He got a problem with key players... at Madrid, Chelsea second spell, at United. He needs to work on his people management skills..an unhappy team won't deliver. pic.twitter.com/0nGRY7jYu5
In reply to @premierleague
Now we can buy united players in fpl
Man United parts company with José***
In reply to @premierleague
Give it Goldbridge til the end of the season
In reply to @premierleague
Not fair who are the do MAN UNITED to win EUROPA LEAGUE?? We need Jose to come back '"if Wenger is out now today is Jose mmmh! No competision for EPL not happy
In reply to @premierleague
If morihno was the problem man united players mst win the following matches tht are coming including PSG to prove morihno was a ticking time bomb
Is this for real? This is why we say, 'Premier league is the best TV show'🤭
الله أكبر
لقد هرمنا يا راجل 😂😂💜💜
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United have to get this next appointment absolutely spot on. Otherwise the same circle will appear. 🤞
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We have done it again! Got him sacked at Chelsea, now at Man United, Mourinho must 'hate' @LFC All the best Jose
Just when I thought we are having so much fun watching Manchester United this season. Well, it's about time. United fans should be thanking Shaqiri for this.
#MourinhoOut that pathetic expert in failure moves into oblivion
Man’s not having that PSG fixture on his resume 😂😂😂
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In reply to @premierleague
Congratulations @ManUtd fans 😂🎂
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Jose Mourinho and his former dressing room pic.twitter.com/WBz46EfU0r
What a shame! Incredible manager for manutd collceting great results every week! Mou was made for manutd and them for him! He will be missed by all other premier league clubs fans!
In reply to @premierleague
I don't feel it's right for us to sack him... Come on... Everybody knows that third season is always the hardest.... So many fringe players in the squad... I felt he will come through at the end of the season...
In reply to @premierleague
r u still safe 😂😂😂
In reply to @premierleague
Oh Mou!!! Never seen you struggling... You proved your mettle in every club you managed but at United we never saw your intend of winning.. Thanks for two and a half year at united and winning us Europa League... pic.twitter.com/8daaYK8pBJ
In reply to @premierleague
In reply to @premierleague
I would realy love to see evidence tht jose morihno was realy a problem @manchester united my favourite club in earope after @kaizer chiefs in africa i need jst tht from man united players they mst show us tht the problem was morihno i want to see
In reply to @premierleague
Jose Mourinho Sacked by Real Madrid after losing to Klopp's Dortmund. Sacked by Chelsea after losing to Klopp's Liverpool Sacked by Manchester United Today after losing to Klopp's Liverpool where is the special one
It’s a Christmas fucking miracle
Christmas has come early🎄🤪
I would like to thank you @mansewe and @LFC laying a firm foundation for Jose’s departure.
Enjoy your Tuesday bra @TheRealHenny88 😎😂👌🏻
man utd finally learnt their lesson
البريميرليغ فقد نكهة لا يمكن تعويضها
Good to see LFC playing its part.
In reply to @premierleague
No, idiot. "Man United parts company with Jose Mourinho"
So God listened. I could cry tears of joy
Now we only have to wait an official statement by @HambaliRW4 je 😂
Nhasi ndotengera everyone doro. Mufaro wacho so wakanyanyisa
Does this mean Man Utd's players are now worth more...?
#epl #skybetchamp #TheDogsFFL
finally! thanks to Liverpool.. he who breaks my heart completes my work
In reply to @premierleague
Not good he was/is great for the premier league
In reply to @premierleague
Ahh no !! Should have left him till end of the year
In reply to @premierleague
That breaks my heart come back Jose all is forgiven 😁YNWA
In reply to @premierleague
He got axed...😉😉😉😉long overdue....somebody's prayers just got answered
In reply to @premierleague
In reply to @premierleague
Thanks for everything special one
In reply to @premierleague
It has to be the #UCLdraw that led to this. Moyes, Van Gaal and now Mourinho. The next manager is going to be concerned about taking the job. Clearly there are deeper problems at Man Utd.
In reply to @premierleague
Unhappy but I wish him well
In reply to @premierleague
Louis Van Gaal was the right coach, his team would have been winning by now
In reply to @premierleague
But his experience will still b needed somewhere
In reply to @premierleague
I had all these hopes for Jose bringing us back to the glory days. Sad to see it didn't work out. Ryan Giggs, come through!
Finally, we have a good Christmas present.....No more Being Lukaku'ed!!!
Saw it coming and still shocked.
Whoopsie Daisies!!! Haven’t we been here before
Man U job was Mourinho's worst career ever.. 😑
Guess Mourinho will have to wait a bit longer before his first win at St James’
Pogba must be happy eyy😂
The Special one
The Happy one
The all the time sacked one.
Specialist in failure 😂😂😂😂😂😂
What a great day for real supporters of #ManchesterUnited! Let's forget the last 30 months and remember that #ManUtd is still one of the biggest footballclubs in the world.
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