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British Airways launching direct flights is not good news it's bad!

1. Foreign Exchange depletion
2. PIA further losing out on it's direct flight market share.

If the only thing you care about is OH MY GOD! BRITISH AIRWAYS! PAKISTAN WOHOOO! I AM SO COOL!

Go and celerbate!

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Actually Ali, direct British Airways flights means they will have to establish their office in the country. Means jobs for locals, and maintenance, airport fee, inflight services (like catering), will help local economy. It’s equivalent to foreign direct investment. 23 As my ass
What planet are you living on Ali?

British Airways will pay landing fees, rental fees of gates, counters and baggage processing with additional jobs being created.

Competition will mean PIA standards improve.

Not to mention the fact that tourism will increase in Pakistan.
Dubai accommodate 77 International AirLines even with Emirates 255 and FlyDubai 84 fleet sizes. For each Passenger Dubai makes 9$ overall economic impact is around 27b$ from passengers movement.
Emirates operates 7 daily flights to Karachi whereas PIA operates harldy 6/week
I’m sorry ... I’m clearly lost here ..

1- how are we “ depleting “ our foreign exchange by one more international flight starting ?

2- competition for PIA is surely good !? PIA is in dire need to bring its standards up

Help me understand plz
British Airways resumption will
1- Create an atmosphere of competition ensuring #PIA improves it standards
2-Our Key edible exports (Meat,Fruit, Food Items)will have a new Chanel direct to UK
3- Increase of exports means better economy and Jobs
5- Learn to understand then speak
Bhai Jaan most of passenger from UK fly with Emirates or Qatar or Turkish despite the stopovers 4-5 hours in Dubai, Doha or Istanbul . A direct British airways flight will make their life easy believe me . PIA cant accommodate all Passengers !
If PIA was providing me with atleast a seat cushion for my travel, not asking me to fold my own blanket or a customer service of any sort, I wouldn't be celebrating a foreign airline giving me the exact same route. Screw economy, my comfort comes first.
There is no country in the world which transport all passengers via its own airlines.
USA top 4 Air lines (United Airlines Delta Airlines US Airways American Airlines) have 5000 Fleet but still 100 different airlines fly to different airports of USA . lol
In reply to @am_nawazish
Didn't care about Pakistan's foreign exchange depletion and local education system when he applied for 24 GCE A-Level (British) subjects.
In reply to @am_nawazish
Brother, it’s good to have healthy competition in the market. See other international airport which handles all int’l airlines and see a great example of emirates; did the other int’l airlines threat for their business? so answer is NO. You have to be competitive and improved.
Proof that being textbook smart and doing well in exams doesn't necessarily mean you're intelligent.
There are people who are actually genius & then there are the ones, good only at #Rattaology.
In reply to @am_nawazish
British Airways resumption will 1- Create an atmosphere of competition ensuring #PIA improves it standards 2-Our Key edible exports (Meat,Fruit, Food Items)will have a new Chanel direct to UK 3- Increase of exports means better economy and Jobs 5- Learn to understand then speak
In reply to @am_nawazish
U conveniently forgot to mention airport fee & services in terms of foreign exchange, local job creation etc.
The only genius who think from lower part of the body, PIA must raise its standard and compete, Most countries handling above 40 Airlines are progressing and also their airlines are in benefits, You are just an A— Hole
In reply to @am_nawazish
a level me parnay say aur top karnay say aqal tori ati hay
Parha Likha Jahil 👇👇👇

Dude, every plane that will land will have to give airport tax, BA will need to open local offices creating jobs, airport will need more staff to handle operations. Why are you being stupid, seriously?
So, @am_nawazish should not use imported shampoo, and use local bioamla, should not use imported toothpaste and use local Dentonic, should not use imported razor & shaving gel, and use local ustra & sabun, should not use imported garments brands and use Denim etc and so on... 🙏🏼
In reply to @am_nawazish
Well competition is always good. Companies improves when there is competition. Its good for PIA as well.
If we consider AMN thesis then we should kick out all multinationals operating in Pakistan, including banks, companies/ brands, airlines, NGOs etc. kahir, on a more serious note, competition is always to good to challenge yourself, learn, improve and grow. :)
یہ والا نشہ چاہیے بھائی میرے کو بھی پلیز ، بس یہ والا نشہ
In reply to @am_nawazish
So u hv Absolutely NOCLUE abt AIRPORT Ops, revenues 4m Airport Services,Cargo, creation of Local Jobs,Foreign TRANSIT Passengers 2other destinations DUE TO DIRECT flight f a european carrier. That 100B Monster Airport in Isloo Needs MORE FLIGHTS n diverse AIRLINE OPS 2 be VIABLE
لول، یہ علی نوازش چول یہاں گالیاں کھانے کے بعد فیس بک اپنی چول کو چسٹیفائی کر رہا جہاں کی اکثریت آج بھی پانی سے گاڑی چلانے کے خواب دیکھ رہی بھائی ادھر لگا وہ ویڈیو تاکہ رج کے تیری پونگی بجائی جائے 😜😜
Such an idiotic view ... where were you when PIA’s most lucrative route to North America was handed over to Turkish/Emirates
Competition is always good ... British airways will be paying transit, airport fees hence more revenue
Wt a stupid n narrow way f looking at this.V hv constructed a MONSTER of Rs.100B in Islamabad. To stop it 4m turning into a white elephant,v need MORE Flights with DIVERSE carriers. DIRECT flights 4m European carrier will open up OPPORTUNITIES of Foreign Transit travellers aswell
In reply to @am_nawazish
Why should consumers always suffer bad service to support a national carrier that refuses to support itself? Time for PIA to shrug off the incompetence and maybe the clientele will flock back. Until then, I’m glad to have another option
فل ٹائم بی سی پٹواری سوچ والا بندہ ہے یہ یار کیسے اسکو لوگ پڑھا لکھا سمجھتے ہیں؟ ابے چوتئیے اپنے ادارے ٹھیک کرنے ہوتے ہیں جو کہ ہو رہے ہیں ٹھیک پی آئی اے اپنی سروس ٹھیک کر لے گا تو کون جائے گا غیر ملکی پروازوں سے؟
وہ لوگ جو ابھی تک جہالت کی معراج پر کون لوگ فائز ہیں نہیں دیکھ سکے تھے اس جہالت کے قطب مینار کو دیکھ لیں
This is exactly the sort of short-sighted, deceivingly simplistic & archaic thinking that has defined Pak econ policy in past decades. While the world reaps benefits of increased connectivity & trade open-ness, we still want to protect local inefficient businesses frm competition
In reply to @am_nawazish
Having been an aviation specialist by profession for 29 years l can tell you that this is good news. 3 flights a week is not in BA favour economically but this step is important for Pakistan. Please research before you post.
ابے ہاتھی کے خراب ہو جانے والے اوورسائزڈ انڈے ۔۔
بھلے ہی تم نے 7A+ لے رکھے ہیں ۔
یاداشت اور ذہانت
دونوں کو مکس کر کے اپنے آپ کو جینیس مت ثابت کرو ۔
پاکستان ائیرلائینز کو اس گھنٹہ بھی فرق نہیں پڑنے والا۔
کم از کم جن پاکستانیوں کو سہولت مل رہی ان کو تو لینے دے ۔۔
In reply to @am_nawazish
اوئے بڑے منہ بڑے پیٹ اور چھوٹے دماغ والے دانشور پہلے یہ معلوم کر کہ برٹش ائیرویز نے اپنا آپریشن پاکستان میں بند کیوں کیا تھا؟کنجرا کبھی کبھار عقل کا استعمال بھی کرلیا کر ہر وقت شریفوں کا ٹٹو بننا ٹھیک نہیں ہوتا
You do realize that this actually helps British Pakistanis who want direct flights. PIA will not be the only carrier. Sometimes, it's very difficult to get seats during a peak period. This is good for everyone.
In reply to @am_nawazish
Dude, in70s all the major airlines were landing in Pakistan and at that PIA was one of the top airline. Competition is good. Provide better service and you'll grow.
It's not about celebrating for having #BritishAirways in particular. It's about having a service resumed which had come to a halt due to terrorism in the country. It's about gaining back the confidence! #difference
So you're saying, we should ban all international airlines and just fly our own donkey cart forever?
Ye Hina Pervez Butt ka male version hai.
One has caused irreparable damage to LUMS goodwill while this one is hell bent on doing the same to Cambridge education
مطلب کسی انٹرنیشل ائر لائین کو پاکستان میں اپنی سروس نہیں دینی چاہیے
پاغل ای اوئے
تیری لاجک دوبئی ایوی ایشن والوں نے سن لی توانہوں نے تجھے الٹا لٹاکر انتہائی حساس جگہ پر فائر ماردیناہے
In reply to @am_nawazish
I can't give two toots about PIA if it has Badhber-bus like 3rd class service which can't compete. I won't give a fuck if PIA fails if it can't do simple things like cleaning, arriving & leaving on time. They take money, they provide service. There isn't anything more to it.
Competitive market ke bare mai kabhi sunaa hai, teddy bear?
In reply to @am_nawazish
He's the reason i am proud not to have A's in my degree.
Bacho matric/Fsc hi theek hai
In reply to @am_nawazish
In the absence of competition, PIA have operated that route with absolute disgrace. Broken planes with shambolic service whilst charging high end ticket prices. I sincerely hope that BA put them out of business.
In reply to @am_nawazish
Agreed to point 1, but disagree to point 2. PIA needs the competition to seriously step up. The have a monopoly in this market and all customers have had to deal with their below stanadard service! People are thrilled as they will get a better service and more value for money!
کیا پی آئی کی کامیابی باقی ائیر لائنز کو بند کر کے پی آئی اے کو واک اوور دینے سے ممکن ہے. کیا emirates, etihad اور قطر ائیر ویز نے اپنے ممالک میں باقی ائیر لائن کا داخلہ بند کر رکھا ہے.
علی معین صاحب! امید ہے آپ اپنے اس مفروضے سے یو ٹرن لے لیں گے.
In reply to @am_nawazish
Competition is good. Pakistan being considered safe is good. Opening of airways is good. Being small minded and critical not so good. Proof if needed, that Cambridge and Columbia in your profile doesn’t make you less of a patwari.
👇👇👇 This proves, school main A's aana or mental level acha hona do alag alag baatain hain!
In reply to @am_nawazish
Probably you have no idea what airline code sharing is! Highly overrated goof!
In reply to @am_nawazish
یہ وڈے منہ والا بھی صھافی ہے 😂😂😂😂😂
یارک تک اس بندے کے اے گریڈز کا نتیجہ ہم بھگتیں گے. کیا بھانت بھانت کے چول پیدا کیے ہیں ہم نے.
In reply to @am_nawazish
Are you kidding me? In this fast paced environment, you need to bring in competition and other options which people can trust. First, it will bring hiring from local market, open routes from heart of europe to Pakistan via direct route. Meanwhile it’s high time govt fixes PIA.
In reply to @am_nawazish
And just to highlight some of the benefits foriegn airlines will bring to Pakistan includes: Employement opportunties, revenue in terms of fees paid by the airlines, overall better image of the country
جب بندہ پڑھ لکھ کر بھی فیل ہی رہتا ہے
پی آئی اے اپنے داخلی انتظامی خلفشار کا شکار ہے. اس کا باقی ائیر لائنز کے آپریشنز سے کوئی تعلق نہیں. کیا کوئی سمجھدار ملک اپنی ائیر لائن کی فلاح کےلیے دوسری ائیر لائنز کا داخلہ بند کر سکتا ہے؟
پتہ نہیں کیا سوچ کہ آپ نے یہ مفروضے قائم کیے.فقط صرفہ ء الفاظ ہی کیا.
@GoFJ @extoller
In reply to @am_nawazish
WiIl British Airways use Airport services for free? Won't it hire staff for its airport operation?
In reply to @am_nawazish
پڑھا لکھا جاہل۔۔۔۔۔۔دنیا بھر میں کے ممالک میں ائیرلائین آپریشن بند ہوجائے گا تیری منطق سے تو۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔بغض کم کر تو وزن بھی کم ہوجائے گا
In reply to @am_nawazish
That’s the thing..Raise ur standards.. 1.Consumer has choices, 2.market has competition.. 3.u get an authenticity to be a safer country where these airlines are operating..a positive image 4.gateway/encouragement for other foreign investors
In reply to @am_nawazish
Let me break it down into small chunks for your over-sized brain; PIA is an extortion racket that is being subsidised by our meagre tax revenues (I trust your tax returns are in order). This is not about "COOL" but about stopping robbery. PIA must compete or sink.
In reply to @am_nawazish
We should also not allow Emirates and other foreign airlines to come to Pakistan, by that logic. Why should we lose Dubai, Thailand, Singapore business, isnt it? We shall have PIA's monopoly. Infact lets ban Airblue too even for domestic business!!!
U r right ! we need to kick out every single foreign airline operating from Pk , this can make PIA get all the business,👏👏👏👏,
I think airblue shaheen be forceclosed as well
Rubbish. British Airways coming to Pakistan will give healthy competition to PIA and the more airlines comes to Pakistan the better image Pakistan will get in terms of safety etc.
In reply to @am_nawazish
pretty much predictable tweet from the one with stunted growth
In reply to @am_nawazish
Lol. Tell that to Ahsan Iqbal who was taking credit for this development😂
In reply to @am_nawazish
Says the one who himself gives british exams and radicules our education system did what suits him ....bro pia needs to raise its game its a market no one is getting free lunches anywhere even emirates airways have u been to their operations?no?then stay quiet #pseudointellectual
In reply to @am_nawazish
Dude pia sucks... plus as per that logic u should ban a and o levels in Pakistan so that fsc improves its standard and not allow Pakistani’s to study abroad so our universities get that revenue... tough luck pia should improve or pack up.. this is good for market confidence
In reply to @am_nawazish
Ali - thats not a good argument. More flights is good for any country. It shows country is safe, builds confidence and traffic. Creates competition which u shud be support for free mkt economy
In reply to @am_nawazish
Everyone is welcoming this step except @am_nawazish . Why ? He think he knows everything or he think the rest of people know nothing ? #BritishAirways
In reply to @am_nawazish
You fucking dumbass. All those As and you come out with this crap. It's called choice and competition. Why not close all airlines then and haul people only by PIA and see the service decline then. PIA won't die with BA coming, it actually brings a lot more airlines and tourists
In reply to @am_nawazish
You have really confused me... 🤔 Is it loss to PIA or better service to the people? OH MY GOD ... never mind I understand it’s JANG MEDIA GROUP WOHOOO! I AM SO COOL! pic.twitter.com/uDeA7glSF2
The dumb... and dumber!
You moto dumb, competition is always good for business...it is a known fact over the globe.

Pagal !!!!
Remind me again how many A's did u get?
People this stupid shouldn't be verified..
But people are celebrating 😐
Last I heard, competition was good. Also, coming to airport and getting ground support generates money for the airport.

Last but not the least, PIA is sinking. And Insaafians are just following through with “girti hui deevar ko...ek dhakka aur do”.
I cant be alone in finding ali moeen as one of the biggest disappointments of pakistan. Politicians were always corrupt. This dude was hailed as the reflection of our future
In reply to @am_nawazish
BA coming back to Pakistan will help Pakistan in the following way 1- Help overseas Pakistanis by giving them another direct flight option and PIA to seek to become competitive due to increased competition 2- increased tourism because of the improved image of Pakistan
In reply to @am_nawazish
Check his face, Kitni takleef hay is ko British Airways k come back se.... demagh se khali insan !!! pic.twitter.com/AsUtT9SN9a
In reply to @am_nawazish
Your approach is pathetic.... Competition is good.
In reply to @am_nawazish
باؤ جی کا قطری ائرلائن کو PIA کے روٹ دینا تو اچھا فیصلہ تھا۔۔۔ BC پرھ لکھ کر بھی عقل نہیں آئی
He will be the 1st man to travel on British airways.
I am sure he tweeted this from an "IPHONE"
Patwari ko sirf talaf kiya ja sakta us ki islah mushkil hai
In reply to @am_nawazish
Discouraging good competition is more harmful in the long run, even for our airline.
In reply to @am_nawazish
It is a good news for the people of Pakistan who live in uk PIA must make there service better to catch passengers :.
In reply to @am_nawazish
With your logic Pakistan should stop all FDIs bcoz they are competition for our products and ones they takeout profit it will effect our foreign exchange reserves.
In reply to @am_nawazish
BA is a busted airline if someone cares to look at its financials. Its more of their need to have a regular profitable sector that they lost out to ME airlines.
In reply to @am_nawazish
It’s actually brilliant news. For 10 years PIA has had the monopoly on these direct flights to pakistan from England and how exactly have they improved their service or convinced us that they deserve it? By being the most abysmal intn’l airline that operates to pakistan.
In reply to @am_nawazish
Allah aap per rehum kare. My brother this is the first Airline to come back to its schedule after stopping due to Afghan war after 911. Swiss Air, Lufthansa to follow soon, does not affect PIA as this is a bilateral deal always so PIA already flying there!😜
In reply to @am_nawazish
Are you stupid or what! As per your logic we should cancel all other flights also to save PIA. Never heard anything sensible from your mouth. At time we were proud of having a Pakistani student with record As, but now we are ashamed of the views of that student.
In reply to @am_nawazish
Stop digging dude! ....u lost the argument be gracious abt it u r no aqal-a-qul..learning never stops so learn something from this
In reply to @am_nawazish
well by this logic ban all the foreign telecommunication companies and let the PTCL/U.fone have the monopoly on market.. & ban foreign airways Qatar, Turkish, Emirates etc...
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