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Good news for lahore CM PUNJAB @UsmanAKBuzdar IS INTERESTED to restore Basant event. CM constituted a committee in this regard.

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Be very strict about metal Dour
Wowwww!!! More powers to CM Punjab @UsmanAKBuzdar
Please do it , let's revive the old lost Lahore. More powers to you!
بسنت منانے کا فیصلہ شہباز شریف کی حکومت میں ہوا تھا
لیکن اگر اس سے کسی کی جان جاتی ہے تو اسکا ذمہ دار عمران خان ہوگا

احسن اقبال
Who will b responsible for the death and injuries which will cause by basant?
فیسٹیول جتنے بھی ہوں بھرپور طریقے منانے چاہیں لیکن حفاظتی اقدامات ہر لحاظ سے پورے کرکے،ورنہ ن لیگی میڈیا سیل تو ویسے بھی خوردبین لے کر پی ٹی آئی گورنمنٹ کے پیچھے پڑا ہوا ہے
As much as i want it to be restored, it cannot and should not
Oh wowwwwwww..... what a news...
Oh yes we are now promoting throat cutting and killing spree competition ? Educate the ignorance lot, build and implement robust laws before restoring such madness. One good thing will be to only limit activity to certain open areas for kite flying.
جناب انتہائی افسوس ناک عمل ہے پہلے بھی بہت سارے معصوم بچے اور لوگ اس کی نظر ہوے ہیں ابھی آپ پھر اس آگ میں تیل ڈال رہے ہیں کچھ تو ہوش کے ناخن لیں
تقریبا ہر لاھوریاں اس چیز کا بے صبری کا انتظار کر رہا ہے لیکن یہ بات بھی خاطر جمع رکھے کہ لاھوڑ کہ کٹر پٹواری چاہے پتنگ بازی کہ شوقین ہو گے اور چھپ چھپ اڑاتے بھی ہو گے لیکن بغض کی وجہ سے اس پر بھی تنقید کرنی سے باز نہ آئیں گے
Pheli achi khabar for Lahore.
Nooooo this is not a good news
Strict measures need to be taken regarding the deadly metal string.
Though I support PTI and CM Punjab.
But this would be a BAD decision in all aspects.
Don't agree or endorse it.
قاتل ڈور پھرنے سے جو اموات ہونگی انکا ذمہ دار کون ہو گا؟
Sir, revival of basant is appreciable but did anyone consider the murderous aspect of twine made up of diff chemicals? My brother almost got his throat cut. Life saved but severely injured. Many suffered in Lahore too. Pre-emptive measures must be taken to save lives. #basant
Great News .............. Please ban Moti Door, Chemical and Iron Dhaat it wil be safe as always.......
Plz don’t Khuda ka naaam ha Plz Don’t
Koi marjaega to kon zimedar hoga phrrr
it's a bad news btw, ain't Cm aware of this bloody event?? You guys are supposed to save lives instead of making ways to kill innocent people.
Sir don't let Raja Basharrat get away with the threats he made to hospital chief. Please ask CM to take action!
Shahbaz Sharif was a fucking killer by birth and even that man had the decency to ban this killing-fest. The most powerful administrator of Punjab with Punjab Police didn't have the moral courage to allow this purging festival.

It's a city with 1.2 crore humans not a playground!
Wao. What a great news! What a pleasant news
Bad news ... you should not allow ppl killings via Basant
Not a good news. We dont wana see injured throats of our children anymore.
Bilkul bii restore ni hona chahiye..ak hindu ka event he ye
Excellent move👍! This event is a part of our history and culture, creates massive interest in and out side the country for tourism. And lots of business activity is generated by this event ! Ban must be removed
Thats not a good news. Before ban I was a frequent kite flier but still I am in favor of ban bcuz despite the ban; the type of kite strings made these days are absolutely killing machines. If ban on my entertainment can save some one live then I am happy for its ban
sb with due repect who will be responsible for the accidents while flying kites? Strings going through the throats?People got killed on the roads? I hope you have a serious plan before restoring this blood festival again! @UsmanAKBuzdar @PTIPunjabPK @GovtPunjabPK
لاہور شہر کے اندر بسنت کی اجازت نہیں ہونی چاہیے.
This will be a disaster for the government. Any death and you will be held accountable. Beware
What a news imagine how much money it will bring into pak in form of tourism... one thing sto be aware safety for bikes thats it ... our previous failed govts only had one solution just ban it, i am inpressed atleast you guys are working on options rather than following foot step
go for one day event & ban bikes on that day.
Agar kisi ka gala kat gea to uska zumadar kaun ho ga.?
Awam ko mehengai kam karne me interest hA basant me Ni
Great News indeed.. hope it is restored asap
If any one dies CM will be responsible?
Ban bikes for one day and strict action if some one flies kite on other than bansant day
Now Ali definitely will go to Pakistan yay
aukat jo iski itni si h , patangen urwany ki.
Please make sure there is no chemical wire being used. Basant is all fun only if you make sure its safe.
Respected sir ! Is there any chance that "The Educators" school will also decrease the fee as per instructions of court ? And refund of summer vacations fee ? An early response will be highly apprrciated.. Best Regards.
Just make sure all precautionary measures are taken! Motorcycle Passengers safety is taken under consideration! Give yourself time to think about all steps need to be taken inorder to have a safe execution. Jald bazi mai jazbati nae hona! Soch smjh k execute kerain!
موٹر سائیکل پر پابندی لگا دیں بسنت والے دن
If it's succeed then it will be worst decision of Punjab govt. Lives are more important than any entertainment.
Who will be responsible if kids fall from roof and people die with the flying thread ? If allowed it shud be only allowed outside city area in open space
Yahooooooooooooooooooo Chalo Chalo Lahore Chalo @shahmuhammadali 🤪
First restore the event without Kite flying, with street shows, food etc.
Or agar kisi bachy ka gala dhati taar se cut hua tu phr kon zumadar ho ga!!!
Logon ne Shehbaz Sharif ko bhool jana hai. Buzdar ke naam pe bhangre dalne hain agar yeh hojae toh!
It's time for Ahsan Iqbal @betterpakistan to share a relevant old tweet....
Call it Pak Basant Event, revival of such events is important as long as public is safe, how about celebrate it as no vehicle day,limit pollution will encourage people 2 walk, ,public transport emergency services b active that day, food 4 thought.
بھلے بھلے ہاہاہا 💕💕💕😍
Time to make colorful sky of #NayaPaksitan
I don't think so it will be a good decision.
may be done at notified places like five star hotels for one or two days only
That's not good news Sir....
O God .. thats what really a sensible decision .. please made a real deal .. and do restore that event ..! I live outside Pakostan , i know how much tourist wouls that attract ..!! I wosh u ever come up with some real deal .. power to u guyz
......ok..but we r not interested in him..
agreed but u hv to b very strict on those ppl who use killer chemical threads which kills ppl n cost govts Millions in equipment damages. we also hv small basant in Qatar but with plastic threads
It is not good news, there are several negative impact for humans. #Environmental #Injuries #Casualties #TimeWastageofChildrens
Good. Now take the decision quickly as the strings preparation need 2 months I heard
Not a good news. Innocent people might die and then who will be responsible.
Wow finally after a long time😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
chemical dor ban kro phlae
Great, but please not at behest of people’s lives.
InshaAllah very soon colourful Lahore restored again.
wow great really ❤❤❤
Kindly some discuss on road from Kheyban e Hannah to LDA Avenue which was started in April this year but not completed yet
So death death and death 😭😭😭 Ready for it 😭😭😭
Bring on sir....we've been waiting for this since ages
Ban bikes for a day. Itna acha or famous festival bandd ker dia.. ese kon kerta he?? Sahi intezam ker k start ker de pls
Dil Khush kar Diya jnb ye news dy kar
Good news. Banning a sport for safty concerns was rediculous . Make it safe and enjoyable. 👍
Bande marte hain to marte rahen? Aik b jaan gyi to zimmedar ap log hon gy
But lives should be saved.
Lets have more cut throats. No need to promote REAL sports like badminton, hockey, track-&-field, cycling, jogging, walking, swimming, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, baseball, Lets have more babies beheaded. لعنت بے شمار۔
Zror mnayin basant mager door ko b chek kryin koye r masoom jan say say na jayin phly hi bohat janyin la chuki hi ye khoni dore
It's not a good news at all. First of all it's a non-Muslim ritual. 2ndly,the list of people getting their throats slit is just too long which includes several children. Another long list of people falling down from the roofs of their houses.Ban should remain
Thanks, please keep us updated in this regard
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