I never attended #Basant in #Lahore. Even though I loved flying kites and grew up doing so in #Karachi.

But I have a question.

If people were dying in Lahore due to the MAANJHA being used & throats were getting cut, why restore Basant festival ?

Isn’t life more important ?

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Even tough it will contribute quite a lot to the economic activity and bring a lot of tourists, but until laws are implemented where THE CHEMICAL THREAD is banned, God forbid, we can see fatalities again. And no economic activity is above lives. Just my opinion. Yours ?
People die in road accidents as well, should we ban cars? Government should ensure that the rules are followed, simple!
Flying kite is really awesome but it should be done in open land not in residential areas. We used to go in deserts or ground for this festival known as sharjah kite festival Flying kites inside flats roof, balcony or inside villa is forbidden here.
It's nothing more than a few safety regulations cannot control.
Unfortunately for some Basant festival is worth a few dead.
Don’t you think that people should show social responsibility by abiding by the law instead of banning an activity. You teach them that both can coexist . IK has awoken the country on lots of issues this is a good start to teach them with recreation come responsibility
By implementing safety laws & ethics we can revive the great event of Basant... People like you who never attended basant eve would not understand the aura and atmosphere of Lahore on basant day... Please don’t comment on things which are alien to you.
If the chemical kite string responsible for deaths can b regulated & abolished as for decades normal kite string did not cause deaths .. then basant is a very welcome step for lahoris who crave flying kites ..
A foolish decision to lift the ban on #Basant. Many peoples have already lost their lives due to this stupidity.
Mind you I’m not against basant as a festival but it should be celebrated with caution & not to jeopardise precious human lives #use of such dangerous strings must be banned with serious punishment
Leaked Audio Call of PTI MPA Rana Basharat Law Minister of Punjab. So shameful! #Dhundnews #Pakistan #PMLN #PPP #PTI #Basant youtu.be/ivNmFvZnvWU pic.twitter.com/zC9i5u9L6P
People also die due to car accidents, why don't we ban cars.

It's ignorance that gets us killed.
I have a better idea... hear me out... Ban! The fucking lethal thread!
If Govt has decided to lift the ban; then parks, grounds or special places may be specified to enjoy Basant. It will not only generate business for the small stall vendors but will also ensure easy to avoid deaths due to kite strings during uncontrolled Basant festivals of past.
The answer is to change the manjha,not ban the festival.
Just like USA debating their right to keep guns even if it kills hundreds of kids in schools. Lunacy. I have not and will not celebrate basant.
مانجھے کا ایشو نہی ہے،وقت کے ساتھ ساتھ پتنگ کا سائز بڑھتا گیا اور بڑی پتنگ کو سہارنے کے لیئے ڈور موٹی ہو گئی۔اس ڈور کا تن اتنا زیادہ ہو گیا کے زور سے کھینچنے پر بھی نہی ٹوٹتی اور یہی ڈور جب گلے پر پھرتی ہے تو گلا کاٹتی ہے۔پھر کیمیکل ڈور اور دھاتی ڈور ہے۔
Ban on "BASANT” was good decision of PML-N Why PTI wants to reverse every decision made by PML-N irrespective of Good or Bad
twitter.com/mirmakofficial… @ShabazGil Have a heart . Don’t split the throats for votes . Have mercy on the people of Lahore . Don’t opt for cheap popularity at the cost of few split throats tomorrow. @fawadchaudhry Mercy 🙏
More people die on roads due to accidents let's ban cars?

I would let's ban the wires and chemical dorz.
People die on the streets too - does not mean vehicles should be banned. There is a risk in everything in life. You're a finance guy - you know it. Even when we cross the road, always A risk of an accident. The risk of Basant injuries has to be mitigated through controls.
Nai bhaijan its not manjha its the chemical thread imported from japan decade ago specially in 2004 or so that nobdy can cut ur kite Govt must stop that thread thats it otherwise its a great festv bbq get togethers party music something like eid nite almost 90% family gatherings
Why target basant when we shld target the small percentage of contraband, that can and shld be controlled? Also basant festival is more thn just kite flying.
Remove maanjha not culture. You have never seen basant in Lahore so you don't know what this festival means to us
I said the same. It's an idea not well thought through. There's not enough time either. Don't like. One life lost, would dampen the whole mood. Would like them to take the decision back in the larger interest of masses.
آبادی کنڑول کرنے کی بھی تو دھن سوار ہے خان صاحب پر ۔
Two things i don't know how to do are flying kite and riding bike
یوتھیوں کی باجیوں کو بہت rest مل چکا اس لیے کپتان نے اعلان کیا کہ بسنت منای جاے 😁😁 (نوٹ) بسنت ہندو گستاخ رسول کا تہوار ہے جو اس کی یاد میں منایا جاتا ہے۔ اسلام اور ناموس رسالت پر یہودی کا ایک اور حملہ۔۔
Life is full of hazards, working at heights, driving, flying anything but we have to put procedures control measures and eliminate Hazards make it secure. Basant is amazing, people need to follow safe procedures and Government shall set it by hook or crook
After having proper measures , have this festival on board
With weak law ⚖ one can't celebrate the event
people die in road accidents too
Lack of events has been more damaging for this city, people of this city have turned to half lunatics due to this.
It is state responsibility to ensure that who make illegal "dorrs" must be apprehend. Sari ki sari saza awaam ko kyun har time?
Thats so stupid by PTI
Banning Basant is another conspiracy and one of the 5th Gen tactics to deprive people of any entertainment. We need to find and eliminate the traitors on Indian payroll destroying Pakistan from within.
Driving cars can kill pedestrians walking and then there is accidents happening everywhere, you don't ban things, you enforce law onto them. Life is always important. Laws give more imprtance to life. So. This time around attend a basant festival and enjoy sir.
I am all for such initiatives as long as regulations are passed for the safety of people. Nothing should be more important than safety of people.
I see so many incongruous reasons given by so many 😄
Moreover,the festival is against the sprit of مدینہ ثانی
They keep doing this regardless of lives lost in this fervellious festivity
Yes but there are some ways to handle things hopefully this government will do better at least we should give them a chance
People hardly have any such events that can bring positivity. Such events should happen but people should be educated through media campaigns and strict policies. Banning everything is not a solution.
One does not have to spew the sh*t coming out of their brain everywhere!! Specially if they realise themselves that they know nothing about what they are talking about. #Basant
Use better quality strings? Maybe?
Just goes to show how pathetic the entertainment sector is in pak. Ppl don't have much to do other than eat and watch movies and cricket that now they have a kite festival back in. 😆🙏🏼 They won't just fall of rooftops, they'll bleed back to their positions. #beproductive
اس حکومت کے لیے اپنا لبرل چہرہ دکھانا سپریم کورٹ کی توہین کر کے بھی ضروری ہے
Mir sahab nowadays people just want to have entertainment. They are so engrossed in it that they are least bothered about the precious life of human.....
Ban Manjha and wire being used alongwith dor. Not Bansant
Not an excuse sir, why you ride bike or drive cars while there is a high risk of having an accident ? Awareness needed. On any big day or event there is ban on double passengers on the bike, it’s so normal for us right ? So why not a 2 Days complete ban on motor bikes ?
You are right . Life is the most important thing but we should not ban the whole festival but we can surely ban those things which are making a bad name for it.
Unless the Govt can ensure compliance on ban of chemical thread allowing Basant will be a bad decision on ethical and humanitarian grounds and may harm the Govt politically as well
لاہور جیسے شہر میں بسنت منانا خود جان بوجھ کر اپنا جانی اور مالی نقصان کرنے کے مترادف ہے۔ اگر بسنت منانی ہے تو حکومت چولستان جیسی کھلی جگہ پر منائے۔ تاکہ کسی قسم کا نقصان نہ ہو اور بس تفریح تک بات محدود رہے۔
Basant is important
There is something called “ignorance” which is root cause of a lot of problems. No one has died coz of manja! It’s chemical dor which causes injuries all govt has to do is to ban its supply & sales end of all problems.
150,000 people lost their livelihood due to the ban in Lahore and surrounding cities. They descended into abject poverty.
indeed life is more important than possibly anything, but you have never celebrated basant in lahore so you dont know what a carnival and celebration it is for most of punjab. by taking right measure; controlling the maanjha use and other chemical threads -
population ko balance karne k liye shayad 🙄🙄🙄
Very wrong decision took by the government life is important
Its not due to Manjha... it's due to chemical dore
Manjha en chemical thread should banned ..not this festival!!!
basant sy agr log mrty hain toh car driving m bhi accident hoty hain toh kia gaarion pr ban laga dein
There are rules for every game. Chemical thread should be banned. Do you know how much business it will bring? It could be a regional festival, people can come from India, middle east etc.
Mir bhai I spent many years in Lahore & their is nothing to surpass passion of basant.Govt can take precautionary measures,metal wires strictly banned,public educated for safety.This can be a foreign exchange earner as many incl my family will visit Lahore for Basant
They will ban when few innocent kids die due to this maanjha and many get life threatening injuries... alas..its 2018 man u hv to use past experiences of loaing lives to this Basant shit in Lhr. They can enjoy only in specific areas away from roads n population or just in grounds
Yup, remember the poor kids & their dads who travel by bikes, & can't afford the safety of traveling by cars. Wud b a huge political disaster if only 1 person is killed by these deadly 'doors' ڈوریں @PTIofficial @IRISHINSAFIAN @ShabazGil @FaisalJavedKhan @NoorHaqQadri
Thank you for common sense and not being a blindly praising the government
As I understand...Basant is a very ancient Punjabi tradition. It had nothing to do with flying kites. SO WHERE DID THIS PATANG BAZI COME FROM? Why can't people enjoy different festivities WITHOUT kites.
Apko fever ho to medicine lo gy ya khud ko goli maar lo gy? Controlling Manjha is the problem, who can killing Basant be the solution?
Regulate. Preserve culture!
Dear sir , No body dies off maanjha but off begairti which is chemical Chinese dour.
اس خونی کھیل کی پر زرور الفاظ میں مزمت کرتے ہیں اور یاد رکھیں اس کھیل کے دوران ہونے والے جانی حادثات کی زمیداری آپر عائد ہو گی۔ ہر وہ کھیل جس سے کسی بھی انسان کی جانی و مالی زندگی کو نقصان پہنچے حکومت کو ایسے کھیلوں کی حوصلہ شکنی کرنی چاہئے۔
Rs50 ki wire bike PR lgA di jay to koi bhe nuqsan nhi ho ga
By restoring Basant if pti government thinks they can please ultra mod and Marvis types, it's thier blunder. Yes this will estrange many pro pti ppl and exploited by Fazlu and Patwaris
Its a life damaging decision by the govt of the Punjab, lives are more important than celebrating a festival.
but we should say why using MAANJHA....???? it may reduce the death rate but not the joy...
Only in grounds, and not the way it used to be, had become more of a human circus, quite disgusting actually. BUT I know eventually it will go out of control and banned again. Just wait and watch!
No harm as long as Gov safe guard people from stray bullets,falling from roofs, accidents/killing themselves by running blindly on roads, throats getting cut & Punjab CM/relevant ministers are put behind bars for any accident/death. Deaths/injuries occur even in ban - see reports
Every risk can be mitigated through proper regulation and enforcement. No need to ban the festival
And nowadays Chinese tread is more dangerous, not like our old days.
Life is more important but by implementing law we can have both Safeguard lives and celebrate basant All you need to do is to send shopkeepers having chemical manja to jail for 6 months and fine them 5 lacs only and across the board Also make sho responsible for his area
Why not ban manjha only?
Govt used to get public sympathy, uplift flying kites in Punjab . Nothing else
CM Punjab has already made committee to work on new rules and regulations to avoid tragic situations like before. Hope they can restore this beautiful festival.
Basant is a whole lot of life! Not just the economic avtivity it generates, kite related, tourism, foods etc. It is an identity that is Lahore. Until the chemical manjha. Eliminate that & we have life back.
That's the whole point.
I have lived most of my life in Lahore, I loved basant but without proper rules and regulations, it will again be a reason for deaths and accidents. First make a proper law and then allow basant. No rush.
Pakistan has largely lost its image as a place for culture and heritage.Basant is one festival which can really help shape up our soft image globally.Strict control of Law needed to make sure no chemical used n also motor bikes not allowed to drive or ve safety protection at neck
Basant logo ki halakat ki waja nhi manja ha. Ap manjay pr pabandi lgaiy basant pr nhi
Accidents happen. Does it mean we should ban vechiles to save lives being lost in accidents? You regulate things. If it is regulated and monitored then why ban a fun activity? And Lives do matter, if this basant thing can be regulated then it should be allowed.
People get injured or sometimes die doing bungee jump, para gliding, para sailing, sky diving.. you name it. Its all about precautions and regulations. Banning everything isn’t the solution. Accidents happen. May Allah save us all from the worst. Aameen.
It wasn't just the manjha that was the issue. It was that steel wire which people were using instead of manjha to cut the opponent's kite. The committee formed will make sure that selling of that wire shouldn't happen.
Well, if u r a true die-hard lahori, u should be knowing that having fun is far more important compared to lives of ppl. Off course throats of kite flyers doesn't get slit
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