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Interior Minister says 75% of girls addicted to drugs in Islamabad schools - Is this approximation verified and how ? Govt or private schools ? If true then what is interior and education ministry doing about it ? @sherryrehman @mosharrafzaidi @Shafqat_Mahmood

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Stats are almost certainly off but meth is a HUGE issue now
اسلام آباد کے گرلز سکول کالجوں میں یہ رجحان بہت کم ہے۔۔شاید 8-10%ہو۔۔اصل مسئلہ جامعات کاہے۔۔وہاں منیشات کا استعمال تیزی سے بڑھ رہا ہے۔۔اگر جامعات پرتحقیات کرکے رپورٹ بنائی جاۓ۔۔۔تو درست اعدادو شمار سامنے آسکتے ہیں۔۔
... and what is he high on?
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
Can’t be true... I live in Islamabad and relocated from United Kingdom. This ratio is not even true for UK and Netherlands 🇳🇱
What did your husband’s government , now yours, do about it?
Oh wait.
They either
1) didn’t know
2) knew and made money off of those kids. Hanif Abbasi? Name ring any bells?
Koi in se pooche yeh supplies kahan se lete hain!? Minister bngae ab toh sasta nasha chhordo bhai. #Ultayseedhaystats
but what were you on when you came up with these numbers?
And can I have some? :3 tired of statistical insignificance.
Omg he meant 75% of the Islamabadi school girls HE HAS MET do drugs okay 👌🏼 its a nuance!
Unsubstantiated Dog whistle and inappropriate given context of Pakistan’s battle with female education...Might as well claim Polio drops turn you into an Indian and taking long showers is the solution to the water crisis.
Maybe 75% of the women in his life are on it
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
Condemnable statement. How can he malign the whole youth without authentic evidence. What he is saying is that 3out of 4 girls are adicted to drugs. No sane person will take it. Must be planning to take the credit by telling after few months that he has brought the % down.
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
twitter.com/badnocs/status… That's my rant too 👆👆 What are you waiting for? Some Shubh Din? Mahurat? Kundlee Nikalo ge? Arrest the drug dealers instead of telling us. 👇👇👇👇
Even if the percentage quoted is totally wrong, question is why the previous or current government kept a blind eye on this serious issue?
If ask how many children are abused / tortured in Maddrissas across Pakistan, daily.

Minister would reply... it's sensitive matter therefore I can't comment.
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
واہ یہ تو اک المیہ ہو گیا اور ان کو بتائیں اب ان کا کام بتانا نہیں رہ گیا بلکہ گورنمٹ میں ا گے ہو اس کو سدباب کریں کوئی۔
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
بات صرف اتنی پوچھنی ہے کہ بات چرس اور ڈرگز کی ہوئی ہے مگر لبرلز چیخ کیوں رہے ہیں دھندا بندا ہوتا ہے نا؟
He seems to be the one who is high considering the statistics he is coming up with
Sasti rhetoric! You are supposed to be alarmed by these stats but not because of the magnitude, because that’s clearly made up. You are supposed to be alarmed because they are about your women. This is how you get general public involved in a non-issue.
Instead of commenting on this very undesirable development, d Minister shd take quick & effective practical steps to control the menace.
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
Condition of govt institutions in Islamabad has been pathetic. It requires a lot of efforts with boldness & courageous initiatives. Teachers & students attendance & then taking periods deplorable. Over the decades very badly collapsed institutions @ImranKhanPTI @wajihaakram
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
Inko kuch pata nhi har roz hawa me teer chor daity hain
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
Same as rahul gandi once said 80% youth in punjab are drug addict
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
Maybe these numbers were provided by some drug addict!
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
افسوس ہوا ہے
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
must have suffered a brain freeze from a hangover from an overdose of #Naswar or #Cocaine He owes an apology to the school going girls in #Islamabad for his most obnoxious and provocative statement But who cares when @ImranKhanPTI has a history of drug addiction!
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
They have taken notice of it and probably after working on it for several weeks/months. We should ask what r they gona do now since they know it .
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
Drug is the only way for happiness.
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
Seems like an exaggerated figure
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
That's damn serious. Some of these young guns may get into position of power some day and who knows, they start using cocaine by then.
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
Please give your stats. Do not act like a junky journo feeding on rumours.
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
This is 10% luck 99% skills 75% girls And a 100% Drugs to remember the name
In reply to @MehnazAkberAziz
What is basis of present govt assessment, only public narratives are not trustworthy.
WHOAA!! Education certainly seems to be on a HIGH
Unless the drug he's referring to is love, he was probably high while saying this
a.k.a pulling numbers out of thin air
انتہائی نا معقول اور مبالغہ آرائی کی حد سے بھی کہیں باہر بات ہے، موصوف کو لمبی لمبی ہاکنے کا مرض یقینا اپنے قائد سے لگا ہے۔
Making the smooth supply of cocaine to PM House and Banigala
Its nt only the duty of govt, parents shd also feel the responsibility #Simple
Meth and ice becoming a major issue and need to be checked but 75%?? Where are they getting these stats from?
Girl or a boy or both.......
Point is drug doing is very critical issue and spreading.... We better raise voice to bring this curse down rather than pointing each other or commenting personal grunge.

#non_political_post #long_live_Pakistan #stand_for_cause
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