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This is what the San Bernardino National Forest looks like during the government shutdown:

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Government shutdown or not, people should be picking up after themselves!! This is disgusting
In reply to @barrios_ariana
Side note: if you鈥檙e going to vacation/use these picnic areas please have the decency to clean up after yourselves
In reply to @barrios_ariana
Damn, how about as humans we just remember to Pack in, Pack out everywhere we go, even if there is trash cans expected to be there?
humans are fucking poison to this earth man this is disgusting
grab your coats, ladies! we鈥檙e cleaning up trash!!!!
okay so who鈥檚 down to go up there and help clean it up? inland empire peeps let鈥檚 go
You鈥檙e... buying styrofoam plates to go CAMPING AND LEAVING IT ON THE FLOOR? Good fucking god. Between this and not knowing how to tip who raISED YALL? What planet am I on??
humans are fucking disgusting i鈥檓 deadass ashamed to be one
How Can people be so dirty and careless?????
How the fuck are people okay with leaving this behind?!
In reply to @barrios_ariana
That is an alarming amount of non-recyclable plastic sleds and instant ramen styrofoam cups.
fuck all of you that come to wrightwood and leave all your trash around hwy 2 and jackson lake
Republicans say they want little government in our lives, but Americans can鈥檛 even pick up after themselves LMAO
This is what our National Parks are looking like during the #GovernmentShutdown. If you plan on going to a park, please make sure to bring out what you brought in. Animals can get hurt and this garbage can get into the water. We must protect the environment.
Ok but like people are also so gross for just leaving shit like this, nature doesn鈥檛 need to pay for our shitty government
literally has nothing to do with the shut down, flat landers come to the mountains drive like idiots and trash it鈥檚 beauty every year.
This is fucking ridiculous. Humans deserve the effects of global warming, the Earth provides us with everything and humans can鈥檛 even put trash into a can. Wow
Redlands students, wanna work with CSL to rent vans to drive up there and clean up when we get back?
I forget how disgusting people can be
We don鈥檛 deserve to be saved, please Mother Earth I am BEGGING you to take us out
I鈥檝e never seen this country be so dirty. People are disgusting & distructive. Gov. Shutdown does not mean act like a brainless fool.
I鈥檓 so fucking disgusted right now. ARE YOU KIDDING ME .
You guys are fucking disgusting. Honestly who raised you?
I don鈥檛 get what鈥檚 so hard about picking up your own trash
Why are people literally the worst things in the world
In reply to @barrios_ariana
In this case I don鈥檛 really blame consumers because it鈥檚 not their job to carry their garbage around I鈥檝e definitely set trash on/ around full cans and wind/ pests probably spread a lot of this It鈥檚 still incredibly a shame to see how the shutdown affects our environment
it looks like this every winter??
If you can鈥檛 respect nature and clean up after yourself, stay the fuck home 馃
Pack it in pack it out. If you're doing this you don't deserve to visit national parks.
Government shut down or not, pick your garbage up. This is pathetic
If I catch you littering on public lands, you can get these public hands
literally what the fuck???? pick up after yourselves???? it鈥檚 not hard????????
so it鈥檚 fuck the planet??? again, humans prove to be a waste of life
If you see that a trash can or recycling bin is overflowing with trash it WILL NOT kill you to take your trash home and throw it away there
Many National parks are severely suffering from the government shut down due to limited #'s of forest rangers! Do ur part n don't LITTER! It's upsetting that our beautiful parks are closing to the public because of how ppl are trashing them. Respect the land! 馃槫
We don鈥檛 deserve the earth
These are the mountains I live in. Everyday I鈥檓 picking up trash. WHAT THE FUCK
Why even go if you鈥檙e going to trash the place honestly?!
Why can鈥檛 some people pick up after themselves? Like come on, let鈥檚 pick up our trash & recycle what we can please 馃寧
Dam humans really shit
Im sorry but this has nothing to do with the gov being shut down. This has to do with nasty people who don鈥檛 give two fucks about our planet.
People are a fucking disgrace
In reply to @barrios_ariana
Yet somehow Burning Man is spotless.
Honestly, y鈥檃ll P.O.S If you don鈥檛 clean after yourself. Then y鈥檃ll got the audicty to ask why the world going to shit.
regardless if the gov鈥檛 is working or not, no nat鈥檒 forests should look like this. let鈥檚 take some initiative people, we gotta do better.
People really give two fucks about the amount of work that has been put in to preserving our National Parks/Forests/Etc. It sickens me to think that people really see no problem with this. Who raised you? How can you be okay with destroying nature? Destroying beauty?
When is the next plague coming through for real
Okay but what the fucK is in the 3rd pic in the back behind those 2 trees ????
National parks should be closed during government shut downs
Park officials from Joshua Tree National Park are also reporting that since the government shutdown, on top of increased vandalism and littering, people are actually going into the parks and illegally chopping trees down
People are trash. If you鈥檙e going to go to a national park regardless of the shutdown, you should respect the land and clean your shit up. Pack in, pack the fuck out!!!
Americans are literally a plague
fuck the government y鈥檃ll are just pigs
are you fucking kidding me
In reply to @barrios_ariana
This makes me so sad :(
馃槥馃挃 people are disappointing.
What the FUCK is wrong with people
exhibit 9996789 to the tenth power of what settlers do to everything they touch
it was so much worse in person
Majority of people are trash with no regard for the environment. Can鈥檛 stand you lazy fucks.
Maaan what tf is wrong with yall?
This is so terrible!!!??? The most common sense rule is to leave the area as if you were never there, people don鈥檛 know how to appreciate anything beautiful
If you litter, your moms a hoe
This is disgusting i hate y鈥檃ll
who tf raised these dirty ass ppl
maaaaaan fuck all yall
This is so disrespectful. I can鈥檛 understand why anyone would do this? Clean up after yourself.
But y鈥檃ll 鈥渓ove鈥 nature
if you鈥檙e not gonna clean up after yourself don鈥檛 even bother fucking going
Folks are shocked when I tell them I value the lives of animals and nature more than humans these days.

Here's why right here. Why is it so hard to clean up after yourself? Can't you enjoy things without destroying them?

Humans are a fucking cancer
Anyone who thinks this is ok can choke. stay the fuck home if your guna be a dirty ass bitch y'all swear like you can't bring trash bags for YOUR trash
damn...yall really want the world to end faster
Mother Earth we have failed you once again. I am sorry.
people are disgusting!
People are disgustingggg
What the actual fuck
In reply to @barrios_ariana
Growing up in the mountains of SoCal, I'd see sights like this all the time anyway though I'm sure the shutdown has made the problem worse.
this is disgusting ... if I saw any of my friends leave trash they getting their shit rocked
Libertarians think people can govern themselves but people can't fucking pick up their own garbage.
people literally have no common courtesy, pick up after yourself ! its not that hard stoopids
Nobody goes to the snow thinking about the government...this was done because people suck at cleaning up after themselves.
Obviously don鈥檛 agree with the shutdown but it鈥檚 not the governments fault (or lack of) that you didn鈥檛 pick up after yourself. Do better
And then people are surprised when they hear that our planet is dying...smh
People disgust me
People are trash...
People should still have the fucking decency to clean up after themselves! Fuck wrong with y鈥檃ll!
This isn鈥檛 your home. You鈥檙e going into the home of the living animals y鈥檃ll claim to love and care so much about. This is their fucking home and you wonder why animals are dying bc y鈥檃ll do disgusting shit like this amongst other things
people are so dirt
If you don鈥檛 clean up after yourself, you and ya moms a hoe.
I could probably describe the people that did this without batting an eye
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