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Government shutdown or not, people should be picking up after themselves!! This is disgusting
This is what the San Bernardino National Forest looks like during the government shutdown: pic.twitter.com/XcjUEXdXlV

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In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Well I didn’t expect this to blow up, but y’all should clean up after yourselves!!! If you can pack it out you can pack it in !!! Do your own part by taking your own trash bags and properly disposing your waste!
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
I think people put trash bags by the trash cans and animals tore it up and made it a mess, so I don’t think people’s intent was to dirty it, but the sleds, I don’t get it really
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
this isn’t a people issue it IS a government issue. it’s a NATIONAL forest so regular maintenance services are not being provided at this time and when you leave trash out or in bins...in a natural animal habitat this is an OBVIOUS result.
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Americans can’t handle not having supervision, keeping the parks open was a terrible fking idea
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
This just shows how much people don’t care about the fragile system of forests and how hard national park employees work
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
This isn't entirely true. last year the Govt wasn't shut down and almost the exact same images were going around. I camp about 20 times a year and I see a mess left behind. People are pigs and resources are never enough. Rangers need to be stricter year round also with tickets.
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
I honestly get so upset knowing we have the choice to change this & many people still act like if they were born yesterday, cmon now, step it up & help prevent the animals around you from dying because of your laziness
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Stuff like this wouldn’t happen in Japan. People will walk around with trash in their pockets till they get home before throwing it on the ground. We should take notes.
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
I’m cringing at the thought of all this plastic getting thrown away
If you don’t pick up your trash then you’re a piece of shit, sorry I don’t make the rules
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
and this is why we can’t have nice things.
hello if you are going to national parks or forests during the government shutdown and ruining it with ur trash please never visit one again since you obviously have no respect for them. don’t destroy them for the ppl who actually care about them :)
Someone doesn't know how planning and development works

Ppl don't pick up after themselves. Cities create infrastructure to control trash
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Not sure what you expected of Americans this is what they do best destroy and tarnish beautiful mother nature....
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Y’all some fucking pigs
that’s what people don’t get. this shit happens regardless, there just isn’t anyone to pick up after the assholes.
Imagine being so indecent that when seeing this at the park you add to it instead of just taking your trash home with you...
Western society has lost its connection with the Earth
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
The people who do this shit are the same people who will re post like oh my goodness I can’t believe another animal went extinct. This is disgusting. We need to get it together strike a different healthy way the planet didn’t do anything.
this is ridiculous. people are so lazy.
I’m seriously about to go down there and just clean it up myself. This is so sad. Earth provides for us and this is what we do. Disgusting.
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Bruh people don’t clean up after themselves anywhere
I literally hate humans so much
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
If people just pick up after themselves we wouldn't need this public service...
This is why the animals are dying. Bc humans don’t know how to HANDLE THEIR OWN SHIT. Can’t even throw your own garbage out. I’m sick.
I fucking hate people that liter like throw your shit away stupid fuck
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Humans do not deserve this planet :/
I'd absolutely love it if all humans died and left nature alone
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
This tweet implies that the government cares about the environment?? Lol not
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
i think it’s more about that no one is emptying the trash cans rather than people being out of control. But i agree, throwing trash on the ground isn’t the answer.
If you’re gonna go to the Forrest and do some fuck shit like this...stay the fuck away! Streets out here looking like slums already, we don’t need the Forrest looking like it either
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
There are people cleaning up the parks... “Muslim youth group cleans up national parks amid government shutdown - CNN” cnn.com/2019/01/06/cnn…
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Rs people always putting the blame on someone esle
What is wrong you people bruh like seriously
it amazes me that people are still so arrogant and treat our environment this way
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
if there’s no one working to pick up the trash it’s just gonna pile up lmao
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Could you imagine just stacking trash on top of this? Like thinking “welp”
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
but i’m 90% sure this is what San Bernardino looks like when the government isn’t shut down tho.........
Am I trippin? Are we supposed to take our garbage to the dump ourselves?
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
This implies that since it’s a national park the government is not paying for the trash to be collected.
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
wtf i’ll go pick this stuff up.
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
People decry the "nanny state," but this is what happens when Mom's not around.
Oh. My. God. Who is raising these fucking rats man? Do y’all not teach to clean after your fucking self?! Im getting to the point if I see a litter bug I’m throwing hands.
we ruin everything ..... i’m so freaking saddened that others don’t have the mentality of leaving somewhere better off than when they came 😞
People are the freaking worst. And yet we still don’t think we’re the ones causing climate change? Funny. Real funny.
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
government is doodoo
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
My thoughts exactly. Take some responsibility and throw away your own trash. Stop waiting for other people to do it for you. It’s disgusting.
I fucking hate y’all. Take care of the planet. Fuck u guys
Yo tf is wrong with people
You fucking weirdos don’t see a full trash can and go elsewhere to throw your shit away????
the earth is dying and ppl are still littering
Are y’all 5? You need someone in a uniform to tell you not to do this?
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Wtf, no respect fckin clowns
Be responsible for yourself its fucking pathetic how some of you were raised.
This is fucking sad
Acting like trash cans don’t get full
Right! Like who tf raised y’all dirty asses smh. So better humans 😒
san bernardino is a shit county anyway, don’t expect shit people to clean up after themselves
Oms hate mf that be throwing their trash out the window
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Ppl are fucking terrible
Bro people don’t deserve this earth
In reply to @bunnybagel
That’s exactly what I’m saying like wth
It takes like two seconds for you to realise that the trash bins are completely full. Yeah people can take their trash bags with them, but it’s still mostly a government shutdown problem 🤷🏾‍♀️
This is why government is necessary. People are animals and cannot be trusted.
If you litter, you’re TRASH
People are disgusting. Who raised yall 😒
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Lol I saw this while I was working up in mammoth about 2 years ago, this ain’t new, your all fucking gross. Pick up your shit.
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
Damn people I’m gonna go join the libertarians and clean up national parks
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
It blows my mind how the idea of a whole government shuting down does not blow American minds Like how is that normal & to still say u have the best democracy 😐 pic.twitter.com/toxG7GoEzd
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
This speaks volumes about the San Bernardino community, actions do speak louder than words.....
In reply to @carlos_rivas96
It makes me so mad how lazy and nasty people are. Every time I go on the lake it makes me mad. No one that goes on my boat throws trash in the lake!
I wanna know WHO TF is riding on sleds so violent they are breakin. What in the Xgames is going on. Second of all. People are trash.
Nigga it’s snowing in Cali?
Surprising people are the way they are. Good thing we get to choose who is around us.
Yeah right, one thing pple are right about is Americans are ignorant & selfish
I really don’t understand this? Why are people going to these places to ‘appreciate’ the scenery and nature just to destroy it??
Disgusting people out there I just can’t with y’all.
so after picking up after yourself where do you put your garbage???
oh yeah!!! in the dumpsters and trash cans that people are paid to tend to. but also oh yeah, the government has been shut down and those people aren't paid so why would they do their job for an empty paycheck.
It makes me angry that people literally won’t walk to steps away to throw away their garbage.
During the shutdown let's all carry trashbags and gloves, maybe? I frequent NATL/ST parks and anything to keep the Earth clean for generations to enjoy I'm down for!!
This is so sad. This is why the earth hates us.

This is disgusting. This is how y’all treat y’all home??? What a bunch of pigs.
This is such bs. Humans ain’t shit and y’all deserve the hell thats coming for the consequences of your actions. Trump is only the beginning of the on going hell we’ll be facing in a couple more years.
HUMANS ARE DISGUSTING. Do you really need “rules” to clean up after yourselves and respect property that isn’t yours??? What is wrong with people?!
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