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Here’s video I dug up of Trump Advisor Stephen Miller making a racist “joke” about immigrants hiding in shadows. Would be a shame if it went viral.

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Speaking of goofy motherfuckers...
Wow he is weird. And awful.
i didn't think it was possible for him to get any creepier and then he smiled *shudder* *shiver*
It’s that odd head twitch that makes me wonder where the person operating him is? Is@there poor WiFi in the room? Or!
I’d never heard him speak before. He. Says. Every. Word. As. If. It. Has. A. Period. After. It.
It sure would. Let me see if I can help
He is such a sick fuck .... Creepy looking too!
He not only looks like he likes to peek in Mortuary Windows, he has to keep adjusting the Bolts that hold his Head on to his Body. CRRREEEEPY !
What’s w/ the tick? Is this his involuntary move when he thinks he’s made ppl feel a sensation other than nausea? It wasn’t even close to funny, but I think we’re witnessing what happens to vile Stephen Miller when he perceives he’s acted slightly less reptilian than usual.
How is this racist? When did “illegal immigrant” become a race?
He looks like he’s short circuiting with that twitch🤖
This is the guy really making the immigration policy in the US right now.
Retweet this please and thank you. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants...
He certainly has an outstanding twitch.
He just sounds like a rambling idiot, I see how Trump and Miller get along so well. Incoherent ignorant pricks.
Such a twatsicle
This needs to be captioned because I don't want to hear him speak.
Would be less of a shame if he just up and disappeared and took Trump with him, never to be seen again. pic.twitter.com/8yupS1jctI
Listen to the man pig joke about immigrants. Isn't it amazing how he is still in the administration where most others have departed. Ditch the handful of intelligent ones and keep the guy one right angle short of a Nazi.
I’ve never watched him speak before. First impression: hijacked human. That dude is possessed. #FuckRacism
Stephen Miller is a text book fascist and the real danger for this country.
The joke is not funny at all but not really that offensive because illegal immigrants do hide. But his relish and overall dorktitude after the punchline is the real joke.
THIS would be terrible if it went viral...just sayin'
Does he have a tic?
OMG. A beige suit.
Stephen Miller is a little racist gerbil.
He's only problem is that he got bullied by a Latinos when he was in school. That neck twitch tho
Someone get that man a cat of spray hair! STAT!
A real life version of Doug Neidermeyer (Animal House).
He and Steve Mnuchin seem to have similar facial/neck tics. Is that just pent up anxiety, or a drug thing? I’m asking.
This would have been controversial about 18 months ago. We expect nothing less from them now.
Who the fuck does #StephenMiller think he is?
Stephen Miller is a psychopathic asshole that the #American people mistakenly allowed into #WhiteHouse.
No surprise that Miller worked for Jeff Sessions. 🙄
If they are hiding in the shadows then how are they such a threat. They are fearful, with nothing but what’s on their backs waiting for asylum while you treat them badly. Run a raid on Trumps properties. Bet there’s a ton working, underpaid and threatened if they say anything.
Oh and here's Stephen Miller working in the shadows. .. pic.twitter.com/leUvH3CeXn
Douche stole a Century 21 jacket.
Wait! Is that a... tan... suit?🧐
Yeah, the last census showing white people will be in the minority by 2050 really shook all the supremacist bugs out of the rug. And they've all been fuh-reaking out ever sense.
Someone should put him in a steel cage for a few months - see if he still thinks that is funny.
Just another ignorant racist in the White House.
Y'all know Stephen Miller is also a Russian asset or operative, right? He is one of Trump's puppet masters. #TrumpRussiaConspiracy
There is one bit of consolation via karma in that with the spray on hair and perpetual racist smirk he's definitely not getting any......
I’m pretty sure he’s a vampire... 🤔
Am I the only one who thinks of this MIB character every time I see Stephen Miller? I mean, the twitching, awkwardness, lack of humanity, and bug thing is pretty right on... pic.twitter.com/NdR1u6g73W
Strange twitchy smirky little man.
There is something .. very off about this man. Well, everything is off.
How sad, and he really thinks that was cute.
This is a nothing burger, because "illegal immigrant" isn't a race.

However, the fact that you're projecting makes me wonder if there are any videos that you're ashamed of.
The shrug and the head movement are the tell. Always, when he makes racist comments.
Is this the official Republican view? @GOP
Oh my! Yes Scott, it would be an awful shame,
Oops...did he really say that?
The only thing hiding in the shadows is Stephen Miller’s Bosley Hair Systems Membership. He thought his joke was so funny he came in his Brooks Bros khakis.
As if Miller's joke is funny others laugh. It's not funny it's sick IMO.
This guy is terminally weird. What is the twitch?
Such a cute little racist/bigot/asshole. And what the hell is wrong with his twitching neck? It’s like him getting off on his own racism 🤢🤮
Sure thing. This is what these clowns are good at: jokes about immigrants. 👇🏼
That Tourette's twitch. Were you a bed wetter too?
What's with the involuntary twitches? Does his own racism make him uncomfortable, or was he just getting ready to run should his "joke" be poorly received?
My GOD... is that a tan suit?!
And who the fuck was laughing in the background - I wish their faces would go viral
The twitch is from being hit in the head to much or I’m thinking he had been in rehab or cold turkey his drug problems.
And he operates like a head SS official in the shadows trying to stamp out the last vestiges of immigration the same way the Nazis tried and failed to stamp out the Jewish race.
Odd isn't it that that Miller is the grandson of immigrants? He is a result of people who had a dream of freedom. So, how can one person be so ungrateful, so superior, and so mean as to deny others the same chance? Hitler would have loved him.
His own body is trying to reject that fucking nonsense
Such a hateful, despicable creature. Makes me sick that he's one of the most influential advisors IQ45 listens to!💩💩💩💩💩 pic.twitter.com/Avbur0JeY2
Twitchy, Ticking, Smirking, Stuttering, Racist Asshole Stephen Miller - The American Presidents Senior Advisor!
It’s Amateur Nazi Standup Comic night, and Santa Monica Goebbels is crushing it.
#StephenMiller's behavior is truly repulsive. I'm trying to find any redeeming qualities...
He shows me exactly who I do NOT want to be...
I'll give him that.
Do all Nazis have cricks in their necks?
Does he have a twitch? Twitch hunt!
I just did my share of retweeting!
How Stephen Miller Replaced 'Javanka' as the Most Hated Figure in American-Jewish Life haaretz.com/us-news/.premi…
I hate to ruin your morning...but anyone with any doubts about what a slime creature Stephen Miller is should watch this. And remember this malignant cancer on the body of America is actually an advisor in the White House. The people’s house. God help us.
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