Unpopular Opinion: Streaks are stupid and have no real purpose https://t.co/wabxt1uXjy
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@V1NCHY unintentional streak >>>
100 1,832
@V1NCHY I’d lose touch wit people if it wasn’t for my streaks
120 1,470
@V1NCHY i bettt Milly Bobby Brown and Drake got one smh
33 829
@V1NCHY I wonder how many of those people they had REAL conversations with
18 806
@V1NCHY @jmbitron Yeah I have no time to be on snapchat all day wasting my unlimited data
39 703
@V1NCHY I agree and disagree. There’s only one person I ever cared about streaks with, and that’s my childhood best friend Austin. We grew apart (not in love, just in time) for MANY years, and with Snapchat, it was like a daily reminder of “hey, still love you best friend.”
7 350
me after i lost my 683 day streak
12 279
@V1NCHY This is how all 2000s babys snaps look
2 150
@V1NCHY The only reason why streaks are a thing is because Snapchat needed more money so they use streaks as a way to profit off of people keeping streaks which is why you have to snap daily , the more streaks, the more money Snapchat gets
6 141
@V1NCHY Honestly, you’re right, but I still have my streaks 🤷‍♂️
5 53
@V1NCHY In 2019 this should be a popular opinion
0 56
@V1NCHY Only reason snapchat isn’t dead after they purged it with the new ads and bad design, they got lucky they came up with streaks a few years ago.
2 53
@V1NCHY Their purpose is to keep you on the app everyday
0 52
@V1NCHY You right but idk there’s something satisfying to me about having at least a couple big streaks 😂
0 49
Those of you who have this opinion never had snap streaks with long distance friendships or with people with interesting snaps and IT SHOWS
4 43
@V1NCHY Only if you don’t have someone worth keeping a streak with
0 36
why do locals love this shit so much
2 20
yes we all know this, but when you have an 800 day streak , you don’t just give it up
2 20
Snapchat in general is trash don’t @
2 20
@V1NCHY Damn so unpopular. So edgy
0 22
Neither does my life, anyways who wants to start a streak?
4 12
streaks really are stupid but all my streaks are too high it will break my heart if I end it LMAO
2 14
Just say you can't keep one and go 🔥
4 11
I think everyone knows streaks have no purpose. A lot of things dont have purpose. But theyre fun. Whats fun to somebody else might not be fun to you. Why are you pressed
2 12
@V1NCHY @alluringhottie Yo bestfriend higher than the love of yo life and that's real priorities
0 14
Unpopular opinion: streaks with your close friends are worthy cause you get to know what they do everyday and their life updates &&& not lose contacts 🤷🏻‍♂️
8 5
All I know is if ya girl has streaks with another man, I feel sorry for you 🤷🏽‍♂️
4 9
Nobody would ever speak to me if I didn’t have streaks.... speak for yourself
1 12
I stopped doing streaks cause it felt like a job with out getting paid lmao
1 11
!!!! Streaks are stupid.
1 11
the only purpose of streaks is that if i stop my streaks itll be more obvious that i only have 1 friend
0 12
true HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA but let it train my punctuality
6 5
I don’t respond to snaps that say “streaks” and if we have one and you do that, our streak will die.
2 9
@V1NCHY Why socialize and have real friendships when an app on your phone can tell you that you’ve sent a selfie to 200 people every day for three years straight?
1 10
@V1NCHY so salty
0 11
mengeratkan perhubungan silaturahim sis
5 5
thanks bro , i didn’t have the BALLS TO SAY IT
0 10
They really don’t and I don’t even know why I still have them lmfaooaks
0 10
i use them to keep in touch with my friends who go to school far away but i get you
0 10
Personally, streaks keep me updated about some friends that I can’t see frequently. Yeah some are just people sending a picture with “streaks” but some are conversations. 🙂
3 6
@V1NCHY Never understood their purpose lmao
1 8
If you snap me saying streak I will not respond. Period. Fuck your streak
1 8
@V1NCHY I only have one streak with my bf 💓💗💞
0 8
You are right but I am not stopping.
3 4
lmao fr i roast on boyfriend for having them 😂 lil weirdo
1 6
Exactly y i have zero streaks.
1 6
If I could retweet this a million times I would 😂
1 6
and they’re just annoying to deal with
1 5
they are but am too attached to them now lmao
1 5
@V1NCHY @andrabev They keep you connected to ppl that you wouldn't otherwise know much about but should
0 6
i know this but still have them
2 3
if you can’t take the time to actually interact with me i don’t want your streaks js
1 4
Okay? And? Imma still do em anyway bc you don’t tell me
1 4
i cant believe i maintained streaks last yr that shit was stressful
1 4
I thought this said "steaks" and I agreed for a second
1 4
@V1NCHY I’m sorry the girl you’re crushing on ruined your 3 day streak because she left you on read
0 5
RT!!! don’t hit me w the “s” ever
0 5
I’m a hypocrite because I 100% believe this but I still have them :/
0 5
but i still do it anyways🤷🏼‍♀️
0 5
I hate streaks sm ☠️
0 5
My streaks appear unintentionally every once in a while with my close friends
1 3
Facts. Ima still keep mine though
1 3
Okay but if I didn’t do streaks no one would ever snap or talk to me 🤧
1 3
The purpose is to have an excuse to talk to that cute guy at least once a day everyday
1 3
Unpopular opinion: no one is harming anyone by having streaks let people live
1 3
i used to have 30 streaks at once, wild
1 3
what a waste of time
1 3
@V1NCHY Popular in my book
0 4
@V1NCHY @KLRView That’s why only 14 year olds do this
0 4
If you send “streaks” Don’t snapchat me
0 4
Finally someone said it🙄
0 4
It honestly baffles me seeing grown ass adults on Snapchat talkin about a streak like y’all cant be fucking serious
3 0
@V1NCHY It’s 2019 and people still have streaks... that’s crazy
1 2
Rane used to ask me to TAKE CARE OF HER STREAKS @ranedyyy
1 2
I see no lies in this statement. I just do them to have someone to talk to lol
1 2
Umm I only have one streak with @yourgirlathenaa and when Snapchat tried to take it away I emailed them and they returned it 😂😂
1 2
For no reason, and then we just counting and approaching our graves each day.💔😡😭
1 2
I know 21 year olds still doin this
1 2
This is how I shoot my shot and start the convo😂
1 2
same but i still do it anyways
1 2
Please someone help me understand what you keep streaks for??
1 2
I kinda agree but I still do it anyways.
1 2
i have a streak with one person and it’s because we really talk everyday on snap
1 2
I agree but I still have a couple 🤷🏾‍♂️
1 2
@V1NCHY Literally have 0 streaks and I don’t want any
0 3
@V1NCHY damn i think the tweet was deleted
0 3
@V1NCHY i agree and for some reason i still keep them
0 3
I've never seen my name spelled with a y :O
0 3
unpopular opinion: I like streaks because people are required to message me everyday and I’m desperate for interaction
0 3
i dont even know what a streak is...
0 3
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