antonio lmao
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where the fuck is my horse this is ridiculous
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paul revere when he found out the british were coming
58,954 245,405
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141 2,138
What Richard III actually said
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371 1,611
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29 544
Gammas when other orgs are talking shit and they want Betas to back them up
70 244
@aayylmao Me when I play red dead lmao
7 304
Emanuel Andrade when his dad got busted
33 259
When gas finally hits $5/gallon
38 249
I imagine this is what the Rubberbandits say whenever they wanna go somewhere
22 250
cavalry units when they have to fight indoors in jugdral
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27 120
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5 139
otto the first day of tour
15 113
@aayylmao When you're walking around the desert aimlessly in Red Dead trying to get to Saint Denis...
8 101
when Ducati is sleeping but I need to talk to him about all of my problems and worries before bed
1 99
Richard III on the 22nd August 1485
5 82
loki after he misplaced sleipnir
12 62
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0 72
@aayylmao @katherine_houck Dosent come after being whistled at*
2 65
✭ 𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕪𝕘𝕤𝕚𝕕𝕖 ✭
@aayylmao found it
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1 47
frosty pony wrangler❄️☃️
Me to me when Scotch is hiding on the other side of the round bale and/or behind other horses and I can't see his hot pink blanket
0 48
when you off the Henny asking for your Beta boo wanting the ole razzle dazzle
12 34
Richard III (Act V, Scene IV):
3 33
Aga Khan when he got a phone call from Ireland
3 32
Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)
6 23
Anytime I play red dead
7 21
Me after a long weekend of drinking at a rodeo
0 22
When you come out of a cutscene in Red Dead Redemption
4 17
Zoe every night on Houseparty
6 9
he’s loose in the hospital
2 13
Richard III on casual Fridays
1 14
have you checked the nearest hospital
1 14
Trench Coat Thrifter Guy Who Thrifts Trench Coats
paul revere when he found out the british were coming
5 9
Me, ticketless, 2 days before tailgate:
2 12
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0 14
Every time I play Red Dead 2
1 12
whenever I’m stranded in red dead redemption
0 13
When you see a witness running away in RDR2:
0 13
me seeing all the memes about Wyoming
1 11
When you got a $540 bounty in Saint Denis
0 12
if this isnt me in Red Dead
2 8
the hospital on the days the horse is quiet
2 8
Maurice when Philippe abandons him in the woods to be chased by wolves and taken captive by ugly bear man
2 8
16 year old me when I realized how expensive it is to own a car
0 10
Me after my brother and his friends killed my horse in minecraft
0 10
When you die in red dead and don’t have that bond with your horse yet
3 6
Literally everytime I’m wanted on red dead
1 8
playing red dead 2 after you whistle three times
3 5
@kedanmack trying to remember where she parked
1 7
sacagawea when two crazy white men asked her to find the pacific ocean
1 7
Me Christmas morning when I was 7
1 7
everyone in Ocala
0 8
When your horse to far away to whistle for in red dead 2
2 5
i feel like this happens to martin a lot
2 5
Sarah Paulson’s character in Bird Box when people started killing themselves
1 6
Me when I play Zelda Breath of the Wild
1 6
me every christmas aged 8-18:
1 6
me during all of breath of the wild
1 6
When I’m playing red dead and I’m getting jumped by o'driscoll boys
0 7
When gas hits 4 dollars a gallon
0 7
𝖍𝖊𝖈𝖙𝖔𝖗 𖤐 𖤐 𖤐
horse girls at la porte b like
0 7
horsegirls when their horse runs away cuz nobody understands them
1 5
A horse loose in a hospital
1 5
When niggas pull up on red dead
1 5
Me when I die in red dead redemption online @Wilkes2Hunter
0 6
me when I tried playing my boyfriend’s red dead redemption, accidentally shot the bartender, was wanted for murder in town, and had to bounce asap
0 6
When I’m playing red dead 2 and whistle but the bitch “out of range”
1 4
Richard III, Act V Scene IV Line 7 (Shakespeare, W., 1594)
1 4
Every girl at Del Val when you asked them about riding horses
1 4
when a horse girl hasnt seen her favorite horse in .00005 seconds
1 4
When you whistle for your horse in RDR2 and it doesn’t come in 5 seconds
1 4
@aayylmao Just whistle about 50 times and the dumb nigga will run your ass over
0 5
Me: *asks for a pony at age 6*
*doesn’t get a pony*
0 5
me looking out the window in the morning but then realizing I quit horseback riding like 5 years ago and sold all my horses
0 5
Me playing Red Dead Redemption 2:
0 5
Me when I was attacked in the swamp on red dead 2
0 5
medieval biches when they boutta go jump some biches
0 5
me when i first got rdr2 and i was still tryna figure it all out
0 5
Me when I’m playing RED DEAD REDEMPTION
2 2
when u on red dead settling in for the night and find out there’s been in a commotion in the next town over
2 2
@aayylmao @CJKrueger_ when im playing zelda breath of the wild and im bout to get fucked up
1 3
Richard III: My horse! My horse! My kingdom for a horse!

1 3
When you need weed bad as fuck n this nigga in 🐌 mode
1 3
Me playing Red Dead Redemption 2
1 3
My boyfriend when playing red dead:
1 3
@aayylmao i have it my bad come get it 🤪😝
0 4
Me, doing anything in Red Dead:
0 4
me playing red dead
0 4
Me 5 minutes after standing in the field shaking the feed bucket and going “heyyyyy...”
0 4
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