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Modern education is premised strongly on materialistic values. It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts, a key element of which has to be the nurturing of our compassionate nature.
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@DalaiLama Respectfully disagree. I’m a youth football legend, Dali Lama, and I can tell you compassion won’t win you many games. We need soulless machines of destruction on the field.
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@DalaiLama At times, even after abundance of materialistic things, we bring misery in our lives.

While the supreme truth is quite different.

A blissful life happens only by richness of inner being, by a strong compassionate attitude.

This should be the basic ground of education 🕯️🔥
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@DalaiLama The right kind of education will teach everyone to live here now, to create a paradise out of this earth. It will teach the blissfullness.

It will not teach to go on possessing things & become miserable till death stops your misery.

Let death find you dancing & joyous & loving.
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@DalaiLama Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
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@DalaiLama People motivate children to earn lot of money, whereas top priority should be human values.
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Humans over other mammals have the ability to assist and give. Nurturing the heart and soul through giving, assisting, praying and meditating are the cornerstones of a happy life, lessons we need to pass on generation to generation.
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All of modern education, including medical and nursing schools, needs to move beyond the disproven materialism to access far greater potential for human free will, allowing a far better world for all. #LivingInAMindfulUniverse
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@DalaiLama And I found sending my children to @WaldorfTucson did this. My wife and I recognized that the philosophy of head, heart, hands is more important than test, grade and reward...
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@DalaiLama Holiness you are the hope for humanity, kindness and peace ☮️ thanks.... To you.
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Seems like a canny bloke this Dalai lad, wouldn't mind a pint with him.
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Educating a mind without educating a heart is like crafting a chandelier with no lights.
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@DalaiLama It must begin in the home. If not it will be too late for the school to do anything about it.
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Modern education has been a miserable failure to produce leaders, management professionals ,scientists and engineers who carry values of compassion,empathy and reflection. Future of this planet will be safe in hands of leaders who are compassionate.
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@DalaiLama That’s why I love the #Montessori method. Teaching kids to be kind, tolerant, understanding, respectful of other people and the environment...the list goes on.
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@DalaiLama This is why we are advocating for Global Peace Education! There really is no time to be wasteful about growing our collective consciousness. None!!! @swamiumeshyogi @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump @SenSanders @CoryBooker #GPE
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@DalaiLama Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all. "Aristotle"
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Right on, His Holiness.
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@DalaiLama Ms. Nikki, volunteers her time once a week to teach mindfulness practices to my class. It’s a start to nurturing soul and mind. We need to educate the whole child. #justbekind @MindfulNikki @MiamiSup @RKBBHK8
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That’s the essential difference between an education geared towards knowledge or one geared towards wisdom.
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@DalaiLama I’m a teacher in NY and I teach my students the opposite of materialistic values. We value experiences and “moments” over things. Weekly lessons on intrinsic values.
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When educating our children’s brains, we must not neglect their hearts 🙌🏽🙌🏽
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@DalaiLama This is exactly why I have your tweet notifications on. Wise words always come in for me at 3:30 am the time where I just wake up from sleep almost every night. Thank you for your consistent healthy energy @DalaiLama 🙏🏾
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Kids DO NOT care how much YOU know until they know how much YOU care!
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@DalaiLama 大和尚,您的字写的不错。
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Melanie Melvin #NoPVYesGE #JC4PM
We need a government with heart, where loving kindness rules the day, not callousness and contempt.
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@DalaiLama Couldn’t agree more, materialism is today more than ever a sickness of the soul that has to be eradicated through love, humility and compassion. A very though challenge in today’s society...
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@DalaiLama Focus for Value Spiritual Education training for character morality building to be ever healthy happy wealthy angelic life
Always Peace
Where there is Peace there is God
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@DalaiLama World peace is in our future
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MathhBratt 🍩🧚🏼‍♀️
One of the many things I love about my job is the high priority we put on teaching our students to serve and show kindness to others. We try to expand their compassionate hearts as much as we do their academic minds.
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Viens no iemesliem, kāpēc iekļaujošā izglītība nes labumu ne tikai mazaizsargātām grupām, bet arī sabiedrībai kopumā.
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'Educate their Hearts...nurturing of our compassionate nature' I Love this!!❤️@itsSSR this reminds me of what you often say as well😇😊
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@DalaiLama And their creativity because the great challenges of our time can only be solved by stepping beyond current thinking. Beyond current expectations. Creativity and compassion will set us free
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@DalaiLama Educating the whole child is the only way to educate.
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@DalaiLama Modern education is designed purely for making people fit for the work market rather than making them better people.
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@DalaiLama I have seen over and over again that children are born with loving compassionate hearts. It’s the people that surround them educate that out of them by being so materialistic & program them that money is the most important thing.
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@DalaiLama Modern education is premised strongly on materialistic values. It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts, a key element of which has to be the nurturing of our compassionate nature.
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@DalaiLama Like always you’re holiness we are honored to receive your wise words. Thank you.
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@DalaiLama Ethics should be a part of every system of education of the world.Mere building of intelligent minds can't help humanity. Intelligence is a nuisance without morality.
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@DalaiLama So true. If we educated their hearts first, fewer children would be left behind. Fewer would quit school. Fewer would turn to drugs. Fewer would commit suicide. They would know their truth and purpose. 🙏
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I know damn well he ain't tweet this
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This needs to be applied to all levels of teaching & learning inside and outside of schools.
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Kristin Leigh💙💙🇺🇸🌊🙏❄⛄🌈⛄*🚫DM'S
@DalaiLama Compassion is something that is learned from a small baby till you're an adult. That's why there's so many people without it, their parents never taught them compassion because they have no compassion and children always mimic what they see their parents do.
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@DalaiLama exactly, love opens the heart to compassion
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@DalaiLama Do everything with Love, namasté 🙏✨
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The message below is also true for Autistic children. If we prioritize creating a relationship with them, nurturing a friendship and accepting them for who they are right now, in this moment, we will be more powerful as mentors. Let everything we do flow from love!❤️
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Exactly what I have been talking about this week!!
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We must educate the hearts of our students, not just their brains. ❤️ @SchoolLovesYou1
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@DalaiLama You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

Swami Vivekananda.
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@DalaiLama Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela
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@DalaiLama I agree with this because my both sons are students and I see in practice that they have the same interest and want sometimes a lot of nonsense stuff and I teach them that stuff is not Love.
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@DalaiLama When it’s systemized to evaluate the brain side only, how can we promote students to nurture their heart? I teach 11th grade. It’s so sad when students says they only want something necessarily for exams. I feel they are in fear and are under high pressure for entrance exam...
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@DalaiLama We as humans must recognize we have failed to discern the spiritual purpose of creation, human life and our complete UNIVERSAL biological form. Generations we fail to education as children results in a greater distortion of this TRUTH.
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@DalaiLama "The most important things in life are not things." Art Buchwald.
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@DalaiLama Hopefully someone will take note. The most recent street fight that had had teenagers egging me in to finish a man who had clearly capitulated and was walking away. Their cries of “Uncle! Uncle! FINISH HIM!” Were quite disconcerting. 5-0 soon caused a rapid scattering of us all.
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@DalaiLama Correct! If all we do is train and educate our children to go and make money in the market place, they might miss much of what life is all about !
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How many of you @JDCHS are involved in Campus Life? Have participated in Kairos? Are active in your Mentor Group? ❤️ #educatinghearts #oneatatime
@dgbrunetti @peri_flanagan @GaleyCol
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Educating in human values such as honesty, humility, sensibility or compassion is what guarantees the sustainability of our society. #education #humanvalues #Sustainability #compassion @DalaiLama
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@DalaiLama Thank you for your words :-)
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Exactly the work of Chaplaincy, I would hope
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Educate their hearts with compassion-love it 💕
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@DalaiLama "A educação moderna tem como premissa fortemente os valores materialistas. É vital que ao educar nossos cérebros das crianças que nós não negligenciemos educar seus corações, um elemento chave de que tem que ser nutrir de nossa natureza compassiva."
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@DalaiLama Modern education is premised strongly on materialistic values. It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts, a key element of which has to be the nurturing of our compassionate nature
(Pic. Pawel Kuczynski)
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@DalaiLama Nowadays education become a #business in our world mainly they were focusing on what comes into there account and they were making children as a dump rather than making as future of nation !! 😔😔
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@DalaiLama I don't teach music. I teach children. We make music together, but the topic is really mutual respect, compassion, inner peace, choosing joy, and accepting ourselves even as we experience pain. Teaching is an honor; many of us know this and trapped within an unsympathetic system.
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@DalaiLama In modern education materialistic values are disguised as positive.
So confusion is imprimted about what is positive and what is negative.
Shouldn't we teach how to differentiate positive and negative first? So tell me, what is positive and what is negative.
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As a result, instead of training our children to be caring and compassionate and do problem solving, , we train them just to compete .
Then we end up in a more competitive world rather than a caring environment, where they will suffer more than we did ...
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@DalaiLama > @Pontifex_es

Es evolución, más espiritualidad y menos política
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Very appropriate for today’s world.
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Good way to start the day.
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@DalaiLama Modern education is premised strongly on materialistic values. It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts, a key element of which has to be the nurturing of our compassionate nature.
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@DalaiLama I love this! It's why I go round schools running workshops x
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@DalaiLama Make them human not machines that show no compassion towards another
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@DalaiLama Nurturing in health & adequate sleep also. #UnitedStates subjects kids to crazyhours in the pursuit of a least common denominator education. Stifles creativity & undermines full genetic potential.
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@DalaiLama So true. Everything seems reducible to monetary value. Even a phrase as innocuous as “know your worth” implies placing economic value on one’s self. We need to see a person’s humanity as their defining trait.
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@DalaiLama 👏🙏👏
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@DalaiLama @JMDeMatteis Are you saying we shouldn't educate people solely to ensure they are efficient corporate entities?
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La meilleure éducation 👏👏👏
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Is there a standardized test for that?
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