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Great example of what leadership looks like.
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Black Men this is how we’re uplifting eachother all 2019..
#TakeNotes #FBMA
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man...this is real
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@TGEaglesNest @CoachKrato He was told to keep his head up, and he kept it up. Sign of respect toward his teammate
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That’s a real brother.
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Man, I was watching this game last night and this was so incredible to me. Not just the fact the player did it, but the fact that a young man was willing to accept it from his teammate. Both speak volumes.
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@TGEaglesNest This is why I love sports. This is where we learn the importance of encouragement and unity of brotherhood!
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Necesito a gente así en mi vida alv
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I need niggas like this in my circle 24/7
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I love it. Teammate physically got his teammate to hold his head up and the young man accepted it. No complaining, no defense mechanism. Great on both parts.
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Somebody’s Son 🚶🏽‍♂️
@TGEaglesNest sometimes we need someone to remind us to keep our heads up
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We all need somebody like that on the team
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💯 @JHANDS08 I like that g 💯
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@TGEaglesNest @jaded2x He’s looking on from somewhere, smiling!!
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@TGEaglesNest Hands just raised his draft stock with this. Already a great player, but finding leadership like that is rare.
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Not only leadership, but humility, trust and coachability by the young man wearing #1. Plenty kids would have slapped the hand away, sucked their teeth and pouted in the corner. No #BCD here.
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Body language is a window to your soul
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This shit made me proud
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This is pretty awesome. What’s even better is number 1’s response. He wasn’t angry or disrespected. Respect to both
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Walking Talking Stephen Hawking
I love this
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That’s what you call “ brother “
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Yea that’s somebody you want in ya corner 💯
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This is a lot bigger than you think! 💪🏾
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The best way to lead!!! Don’t tear your brother down!! Lift him up and keep his head up!!! Next play let’s get better!! Positive reinforcement!!!
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@TGEaglesNest I fw Jaylen Hands game. I think he’s a pro once he tightens some things up. Super athletic
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Nem sempre são os melhores mas querem sempre o melhor de todos!
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@TGEaglesNest @coachPham In 40 years of watching ball, I have never seen this. Show great character and thinking of others. True leadership and parenting! @ESPN leadership of the year!
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definition of a brother
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One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.
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Black Men need more friends like this.
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Me to myself when I think about football but remember Admiral Schofield is on my basketball team with a legitimate chance to win a title
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This is everything 🙌🙌
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I want to retweet this every time I see it.
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@TGEaglesNest @lsa0205 That's the realest thing I've seen on Twitter since I been on here. 💪✊
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When your homie get curved in the club and you gotta tell him to shake it off and keep shooting
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@TGEaglesNest @Wta4u That was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!
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Don’t ever let one of your brothers drop his crown kings always walk with their head up high.
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Simple things like this to a long way for a team!
38 135
This is absolutely tremendous!! Never underestimate the power of great teammate!!
25 141
I love it!! Not just in sports, but also in personal relationships with friends and family or any random person.
23 137
surround yourself with ppl like this
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More specifically: the courage to challenge your teammate to respond more productively. The humility to allow yourself to respond productively to a teammate’s act of service. Both are important forms of leadership.
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Thought this was Deyonta Davis back in college.
5 140
@TGEaglesNest @ADMonsterMaking Notice how he ain’t snatch away or make any petty faces ✊🏾💯
4 132
this is absolutely beautiful
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Never leave any situation with your head down. You never lose, you learn.
38 86
Player lead teams >>>
22 93
This is too dope!
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Sonará tan cursi y meloso, pero esta es una de las más grandes razones por las que hace algunos años me dije a mí mismo:

"Dedidicaré mi vida a los deportes. A sus historias y sus protagonistas"

Y siempre hay nuevos ejemplos que me confirman que tomé una buena decisión
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@TGEaglesNest @111therastaman Loyalty in the face of certain defeat is an admirable quality.
12 95
@TGEaglesNest YES! Body language. He needs to hug his guard after the game.
2 104
This is so sick that they got this on camera
14 91
93% of communication is non-verbal, body language is incredibly important. Great example of leadership and also important show of how to accept reminders from teammates without getting defensive. #WeNotMe
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Be this teammate.
15 75
Best thing about this he didn’t get mad or push his teammate away he kept his chin up and kept playing.
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if you can’t pick up the people around you when they down then you don’t really mess wit them like you say you do
25 62
Sucks you can’t do this with everyone, cause they’ll continue being a pout and wonder why you touched their face.
18 67
Leadership in 6 seconds.

This is dope.
7 67
One of the coolest things I’ve seen! The type of guy everyone wants to play with
4 70
We all need this sometime.
7 65
💜Dayanna Bryant💛🇬🇹🇵🇷
“You got to keep ya head up..”-PAC 👐🏽
19 52
Leader!!! Leader!!! Leader!!!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯 #LoveIt #EveryTeamNeedsOne
17 53
I've seen this on my timeline multiple times now and with each viewing I still marvel at the purity of that young man's gesture.
15 55
Martin after a girl tells me to kick rocks at the bar
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@TGEaglesNest @Ballislife Also a great example of a teammate being willing to listen. He EASILY could have reacted in a very negative way to someone doing that to him.
2 64
Head up chest out

Real teammate 💯
13 51
Really awesome to see this! This moment can come in many different holding your teammate accountable in the weight room when that whistle is blowing!
Love it! Exactly what will transform a good team into a GREAT one!
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Isto sim. Espírito de equipa e saber ser um líder
29 33
@TGEaglesNest The Pacers front office when they find this video before the draft.
6 56
I need someone to do this to me every time I have my head down because I be so defeated .
15 46
Can think of many who need to see this!
8 50
I love this! May we all do better to lift each other up when we’re down. Literally or figuratively.
11 44
If you want your team to achieve success, the leaders must be intentional about bringing the average performers with them on the journey to being Elite. #elitemindset @TBrianKight @OSUCoachMeyer
12 41
Love it! Leadership isn’t always about the rah rah speeches.
9 42
this is one of the realest clips Ive ever seen on this app
15 35
If you ain’t doing this when I’m down iont want you around 💯🙇🏽‍♂️
14 36
I have no idea who these guys are but I love everything about this! This is what a leader looks like. Head up!
10 40
Big-Time right here! #leaderslead
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