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To quote Alan Moore: “None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with YOU. You're locked up in here with ME.” 🤣
Let me try and save folks some time here. You cannot rein in Latinas. They rein you in. #YearOfTheLatina #FutureIsLatina

“Exasperated Democrats try to rein in @politico
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She just...quoted...Alan Moore.

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About 33 years ago, Alan gave me a black and white photocopy of Watchmen 6 to read. I remember the shock and joy of that line. Some things don't get old.
686 7,438
@AOC Rorschach makes sense considering they keep looking at AOC and seeing their own fears
189 3,929
I hope some GOP toadstool reacts to this by bleating, “My God.” And @AOC responds, “Yes, but not yours.”
201 2,792
@AOC If AOC has read Swamp Thing and Miracleman she becomes our most powerful politician, it’s in the constitution.
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108 2,642
Sorry, I have to disagree with those who say that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is preparing to take over the Democratic Party. She did it 35 minutes ago.
283 1,826
AOC just quoted Alan Moore she’s the best politician of all time why not just make her President I’m being dead serious
160 1,910
@AOC Old establishment Dems running around in circles, screaming at their aides "who is this 'Alan Moore'?? Get him on the phone! Someone translate this! Is she threatening us?? WHAT DOES IT MEAN??"
178 1,821
@AOC smiley face reacs only
38 1,520
For the people who don't get why this is funny, the comic-book character this AOC staffer is quoting, Rorschach, is a violent, paranoid right-wing lunatic. Although the two have one thing in common: They both have trouble finding an apartment.
222 1,266
@AOC Another great response would have been: “Don't tell me they didn't have a choice. Now the whole world stands on the brink, staring down into bloody hell, all those liberals and intellectuals and smooth-talkers... and all of a sudden, nobody can think of anything to say.”
56 1,266
Now she’s quoting Rorschach!

96 1,183
The character she's quoting is vividly right-wing and anti-collectivist. He hates liberals. He hates foreigners. His name is Rorschach...
279 996
Well. THIS only makes her even more of a badass.
AOC is not only "Watching the (old white patriarchal) Watchmen" she's scaring them out of their Depends.
123 1,086
Holy. I. Um. Wow. Ok. Not that I already wasn’t impressed. But. Oh. Wow. Moving to the Bronx this afternoon so I can vote for @aoc forever.
59 1,063
The best thing about this is that you know she just R U I N E D soooooo many absolutely terrible dudes' favorite character/scene/quote "forever."
175 833
@AOC Did she just quote Alan Moore? Watchmen?

I don't think people understand how many nerds' heads just exploded.
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53 948
"To quote Alan Moore"? Really? Wouldn't you say "to quote Rorschach" or "to quote Watchmen"?
68 837
and 1,000 points to AOC for dropping an appropriate alan moore quote. cc @leahmoore, @neilhimself, @destructo9000, @JustineMarzack.
47 815
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@AOC she just locked up the young white male comic book fan vote.
28 806
Oh shit! She's quoting Watchmen!
66 563
She’s quoting Rorschach, what is happening
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65 549
The biggest of moods.
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29 579
Beto waking up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat, maniacally shouting at Alexa to order Moore's run of Swamp Thing.
37 502
Marry me.

We’ll discuss the details later.
39 481
@AOC She has nerd game too good lord
16 494
She quoted Rorschach. SHE QOUTED RORSCHACH.
33 471
@AOC Comic book fan quoting one of my favorite lines ever ... this is too much
7 486
20 448
She plays League of Legends and quotes Watchmen and is a social/economic progressive who’s unafraid of identity politics. No wonder the GOP, Dems and Joe Lieberman are shook by her: She’s the distillation of every Millennial voting segment at once and yes, she’s the future.
70 377
okay, I already liked you...but now...😮
20 380
Seemingly every day @AOC says something that makes me like her even more.
18 381
Okay but Rorschach was eventually popped like a balloon by a naked overgrown supersmurf, so let's be sure not to take the metaphor too far
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15 359
If you start to pull from Alan Moore’s other work, things get even more interesting! For instance...
51 317
doing grey sweatpants challenge with my uncle
John Kerry is going to start dressing like Jesse Custer
13 346
..Featuring Jamal Igle as “Uncle Mike”
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
6 351
Um technically it was Rorschach so my fact check rating is gonna be 4 giant alien squids in this one
10 332
The extent to which @AOC is so much better on social media than her detractors or critics is really stunning. She runs circles around them.
32 254
currently writing on a chalkboard Bart Simpson style “I will not trust politicians even if they make good comic book references”
14 262
Unicorn Intelligence Services, Inc.
@AOC You have just made every single nerd in the world completely happy. This is a very powerful thing, and needs to be respected.

4 252
Note that @AOC quoted Watchmen. Geeks are now officially besides themselves. Like I said, Extremely Online: Trump vs. Ocasio-Cortez: Who Will Win the Internet?…
27 221
Okay. She just quoted Rorschach. 😍
21 215
I gotta say: I never really expected to see a politician use a Rorschach line. The future is unfolding in remarkable ways.
31 201
AOC responding by offhandedly quoting the best line from Rorschach in WATCHMEN while crediting the original creator is 💯 the Twitter we need right now
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37 192
@AOC Tweets hotter than fry grease.
10 218
TASK the Ol’ Nerdy Bastard
Wait...she just quoted Watchmen? She has my vote.
25 189
AOC dropping a Rorschach quote is a power move honestly 😍
24 189
I hadn't realized that an elected representative quoting Rorschach would be the thing to give me hope for the country.
28 181
New Super Blood Wolf Moon Bros. U Deluxe
TED CRUZ: well to quote dr manhattan, “my dick is blue for some reason”
9 189
@AOC Stop pulling out all the stops in winning me over MORE. Jeez lady, between Alan Moore references and the dancing, you're killing me here.
8 190
she's quoting watchmen.
26 168
She's quoting Alan Moore now! 😍
11 179
AOC quoting Watchmen (and attributing it to Alan Moore!) is peak 2019 and it's only January 11th.
18 171
Just when you think you can’t love her more...
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14 162
@AOC My husband edited that. Really like the use of the quote, Congresswoman.
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7 163
@AOC Smiles for this comic book cred!
2 163
....and she properly attributes the quote to its original author? SWOON.
9 147
11 143
She just quoted #Watchmen, y’all. Is that a first for congress? 😄
19 134
Further proof that I love @AOC . Quoting one of Alan Moore's lines from #Watchmen !
6 145
This wonderful, intelligent woman quoted Alan Moore. 1/2 of geekdom are swooning. 1/2 are pissed that any “girl” would even know who he is. Yucky girls!

And all Republicans are assholes.
30 119
The first politician I know who quoted Watchmen. She wins today.
10 136
(Bookmarking the fact that a member of congress is quoting Alan Moore. That is all.)
18 127
@AOC they hate us cuz they ain't us #AOCisforme
29 98
@AOC Fate whispers to the warrior, “you cannot withstand the storm.”

The warrior whispers back #, “I AM the storm.”
8 119
Holy shit. She just dropped some Alan Moore. I knew AOC was intelligent, determined, capable, relentless, sharp... but I didn't realize she was ONE OF US!
10 116
@AOC Just wondering... Do you think that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Mentally Challenged or is she just trying to be cute? 🤔
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83 41
Um I might be in love.
4 113
Wait. You quoted ALAN MOORE???! Not that you didn't already, but


*groans in old/out of shape*

11 101
@AOC Holy shit, a watchmen quote, just when we thought We couldn’t love our new favorite Congresswoman any more 😝
4 108
Solid Watchmen pull.

Odds are high that we're going to see a V for Vendetta quote before the end of the shutdown.
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16 94
Just before the 2018 elections, I met with Dem staffers I used to work w/ on Capitol Hill.

They all dismissed @AOC, saying she’d be controlled by Pelosi. The party could use her, meanwhile, to reach millennials & people of color.

It was absurd.

And now they’re discovering why.
29 79
@AOC ONE OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 100
(And a million comic geeks just punched the air.)
3 104
I know everyone has opinions but what other legislators out here quoting Watchmen
14 90
Every day I like AOC even more.
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4 97
@AOC You are such a legend!!! #watchmen
7 91
So the inmates have taken over the asylum. Excellent.
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