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Stand tall Mr. President. You’re doing the RIGHT THING.
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We’re ready for this fight. We’re on the right side of history.
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@dbongino Trump should just declare a national emergency. It’s a win/win. It will be immediately stopped by the 9th circuit thus giving Trump a scapegoat and reason to open the government. He saves face with his base. Also, possibility for a favorable SCOTUS ruling around election season
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@dbongino Agreed. Underrepresented large group of M.A.G.A support. Git R Done!!!
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@dbongino Caving is not an option. That action will only reinforce this playpen of obstructionist, globalist toddlers, that they can have their way, if they throw a big enough tantrum (which they will obviously do anyway, & accuse Trump of.) We're done, Dims. Figure it out soon. This on U.
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@dbongino I found the Democrats secret plan for border security.
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@dbongino Campaign promise or not, The President has recognized that this is an issue that needs to be solved and not pushed into the future. I also take the word of the on-site CBP who say “barriers do work, especially in urban areas” over Schumer’s anonymous “experts” that say they don’t
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@dbongino I agree to building the barrier. But along with that, we have to end the freebies and welfare given to illegals. Stop the sanctuary cities/states, and everything that gives them incentive to come here in the first place!
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@dbongino President Trump sticks to his promises!
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@dbongino Yes, we are on the right side of history. I support President Trump's actions.
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I didn't get paid today but I stand with POTUS!

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@dbongino Yeah he does. Finally a President with a spine.
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@dbongino Dan is absolutely correct on this. Every past administration for at least the last 15 years has kicked this Can down the road and finally someone is in place that’s trying to do something about it.
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onesoldiersmom ⭐️⭐️⭐️
@dbongino Our President has the heart of a lion. He’s amazing. I’m on furlough and support him 100%. I lived on a border for 25 years & now in NV. Huge illegal gang population. #BuildTheWall
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@dbongino I friggin love you man!!
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@dbongino Trump cant forget Reagan's "biggest regret" which was granting amnesty as part of 1986 immigration-reform legislation and then counting on Congress to secure the border, which never happened. Trump cant cave to the Democrats or Rinos. Build that wall!
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@dbongino He will not bend, he will not break. He’s going to teach all those other Republicans how to win! Pres. Trump will be rewarded with the border wall and will have done what no other President before him could do, despite every one of them proclaiming they would. MAGA Pres. Trump!
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@dbongino We are with you Mr. President💯‼️This is the Dems doing since they only want to keep people suppress, needed, and want their votes and power ‼️
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America is behind you. This battle is why you were elected. Stay strong.
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@dbongino The dems have all left town again. They should lose by default.
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@dbongino I found the Russian collusion
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@dbongino Don't lose sight on the Fact that Democrats are Diliberately hurting Federal employees in favor of protecting Open Borders & Illegal Immigration, Think about that. Democrats fighting against American Citizens to protect Illegals. #AmericaFirst #CitizensBeforeIllegals
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@dbongino I hope the President hold that line and gets the 5 billion, cause you know he won’t get a dime more. I’m on SS and a small military pension, but I planned ahead for the long haul.
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@dbongino YES, DAN! We Are With President Donald J Trump!!!🇺🇸👍
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For the good of this nation.
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@dbongino The wall won't work and it's a waste of money. Trump agreed to a budget process until the conservative media blasted him into this wall position. It's not about good government. It's about saving face.
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For God And Country🇺🇸⭐️Q⭐️➕⭐️
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@dbongino What it would take to get movement of patriots to go to the border and secure it ourselves? @AzBorderRecon is already doing it, but they could probably use a few hundred thousand reinforcements.
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@dbongino Chuck and Nancy response after the presidents address.
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@dbongino Promises made promises kept MAGA we stand with mr president I agree Stand Tall Mr President
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@dbongino Standing with President Trump
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@dbongino @Coolharley59 Soldier



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@dbongino Pelosi’s idea of a zoo. You know, cuz walls don’t work. goo.gl/images/hFg6fg
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@dbongino @POTUS hold firm and show the Dems how politics works out of the swamp! In the best interest of the American People!!
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@dbongino We stand with you Mr. President !!! Right beside you....
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@dbongino #Democrats always claim #Republican ideas will kill people. Well @DNC policies actually are killing people, fact! @CNN @MSNBC @GOP #FundTheWall 🤩👍🏻👏🏻🇺🇸
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I stand with our President
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@dbongino So glad to read your encouraging tweet to our President. I have also sent him many encouraging tweets expressing my gratitude for his strength and courage. God bless you, and President Trump. And most of all, God bless the USA.
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Yes! We’re behind you @POTUS @realDonaldTrump - stay strong! We have to fight! It’s now or never!!!
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@dbongino Thanks Mr. Bongino. Retweet done.
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@dbongino No check? Call Nancy & Chuck. Tell them to write one. Amount 5.8B. #BuildTheWall
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@dbongino @liquidlaugh I'm a immigrant and I stand with the @POTUS immigration agenda.
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@dbongino Dido,we have his back. He needs to stay strong for the American people, and I know he will he's a great fighter.😁😁😁😁
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@dbongino Do not give in. This is the right thing to do.
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Changing a corrupt system does not come easy.
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Stand tall Mr. President you are doing the right thing.
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🇺🇸♥️Judi ♥️🇺🇸
Being On The Right 👉 Is To Be A True Patriot 🇺🇸

Thank You Mr. Bongino For Fighting For America.

GodSpeed Always 🙏
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@dbongino @realDonaldTrump yes Mr. Trump we are with you all the way!!! ❤️🙏✨🇺🇸🌹
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@dbongino Dan best mark Feb 7 on your calendar...Must watch TV #Trump
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@dbongino Unfortunately, President Trump is only a stop-gap. 2 terms is not enough to prevent the fall of America. I just don’t see anyone with Trumps temperament to lead or represent us Americans!!
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@realDonaldTrump Thanks for not bending. We the people want and deserve the WALL!! You’re an American first. Thanks for standing up to politicians who only care about money and agendas!! #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN #AMERICANSFIRST
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@dbongino Dan, here's ALL of Congress' contact info. START A EMAIL OR PHONE CAMPAIGN just by you mentioning it. We MUST do EVERYTHING we can!

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I'm old enough to remember when conservatives made fun of people who used "the right side of history."
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@dbongino Pull the trigger and declare an emergency, the Dems are not acting in good faith
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@dbongino So my question is, if Federal employees who have been furloughed during the #SchumerShutDown aren't considered "essential", why are they even employed by the Federal government? Shouldn't we only have ESSENTIAL employees?????
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Must go viral @POTUS #QArmy #Qanon
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@dbongino He’s gonna win. Step 1: TV address and visit border (it is worse than he thought). Step 2: show willingness to work/compromise (D’s won’t). Step 3: Declare national emergency to build wall and end shutdown (D’s sue). Step 4: tell US “I defended you and ended shutdown, Ds sued.”
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@dbongino So proud we have a president who cares so much about Americans safety. He gets targeted by liberals in the most vile way. He still stands strong on the wall. God bless him
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@dbongino Millions of Americans standing with President!
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@dbongino No other way to secure the border.
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@dbongino The tide is turning
And its beginning to spill over into
Public awareness...
Go America

We need a trump in the UK

We are behind you

Patriots global
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Hold Fast Mr. President! Keep it shut down until the American people get their border wall. If you fight for us, we will stand with you. God bless. @realDonaldTrump
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@dbongino We must stand strong on this issue, if you look back in the Reagan days they promised President Reagan a deal and as soon as they got what they wanted, Reagan got screwed, so it's fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on us and mr. President don't let that happen, please
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🇺🇸 Free NiteMare 🇺🇸
@dbongino @TrakkerJane Check this out


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