Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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Three easy ways for the GOP to stop feeling sorry for themselves:
✅ Give honest, working people their pay back
✅ Pass legislation that actually helps people
✅ Stop asking the Koch Brothers’ permission to go to the bathroom
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@AOC ✅ Start holding Russia and Vladimir Putin accountable.
✅ Stop running scared every time Trump breathes
✅ Stand up for the Constitution that you all claim to want to protect
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Hey genius, the idiot Koch Brothers want open borders, just like you.

Honestly, does being this stupid cause physical pain?
710 1,601
@AOC Who wrote this Tweet for you? As long as you use ghost-Tweeters without disclosing it, you are being fundamentally dishonest.
81 747
@AOC @AOC... it’s common sense and the @GOP has none.

and please keep using your Twitter to share your views and to call others out. Dance all over their heads in Washington and shake things up.
58 447
@AOC I guess this proves you’re no different than the rest. You aren’t trying to unify anyone- or work with anyone- you’re here to throw stones and become a celebrity.
25 278
@AOC #TrumpShutdown isn't over a wall. The wall is a ruse. Trump needs the govt to remain shuttered to keep the courts from reversing his lifting of Russian sanctions. Congress should be focused on a treasonous POTUS hell-bent on lifting sanctions even if it means hurting Americans.
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@AOC The #Mercers are more dangerous than the Kochs. The Kochs run traditional business and are not anti-immigration. Their business benefits from a stable economy. The Mercers fortune is magic money based on trade algorithms. Volatility and chaos is profitable for them:
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Three easy ways for the Dems to stop being despised:
✅Put American citizens first
✅Put American citizens first
✅Put American citizens first
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@AOC Love your mind. I only have one question. If we raise taxes on the rich like you want what prevents them from just leaving the country and we lose their income altogether?
4 142
😂When a bag of rocks tweets👇
60 75
@AOC I’m sure they appreciate your advice.
25 106
Why do women in Congress have bigger balls than men? Mad respect for Pelosi and AOC for standing up to Mr. Microphallus a.k.a. Trump. 🖕🏾😊
25 105
@AOC AOC has decided that she will be the new voice to further divide our country. Shame on you!
8 87
❌ Follow The Law: Build The Wall!‼️
Steph Is Not Having This Nonsense🌹
LMAO! It's tweets like this that make it super hard for me not to stan for this woman, jfc.
7 51
You do realize that the Koch brothers have actually given more to Dems over the last 20 years than the GOP? They are oligarchs who play both sides of the aisle. It’s called the Hegelian Dialectic. Good to see you are playing your role as a member of this #KabukiTheater 👍
5 41
@AOC Isn’t Alexandra the girl that just got busted for not taking care of her own employees? You’re going to trust her to take care of the whole country? #IDontThinkSo
4 39
@AOC 💯! Give those spineless dudes HELL!
3 32
@AOC Please take a course in Politics and maybe come back in 8 years
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Another tweet short on facts but brimming with moral superiority.

At least you are consistent.
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@AOC ✅ Build the wall
✅ Stop 90% of Heroin from killing our citizens.
3 27
@AOC Just laughed coffee all over my phone.
2 24
So much love and respect for her. What the world needs now is her.
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1 24
3 easy ways rebutting you and stop feeling as if you're "superior" to all:
✅Address recent fines your campaign has for not paying benefits to employees
✅Pass legislation shutting pie holes with an IQ of my shoelace ( i.e. you)
✅Stop asking @SpeakerPelosi for a bathroom pass
5 19
Lol. Feeling sorry for themselves? Haha! I feel pretty good about Trump and the shutdown and I’m no where near in the @GOP. I couldn’t feel too bad about protecting Americans and the lowest black unemployment in history. Why do you hate that @AOC?
7 12
@AOC 3 things Dems can do to be useful to society
✅Stop trying to take 70% of the wages of honest working people forever
✅Pass legislation that accomplishes something beyond more gov’t control over daily life
✅Stop asking George Soros for Antifa money to break crap
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3 15
@AOC This socialist baby killer has potato spuds for a brain. She opens her mouth and melted brain cells fall out.
1 16
Not only spot on but also hilarious via @aoc
4 8
@AOC @AOC @GOP I vow to never vote Republican again, and will work on any campaigns running against current spineless members. State and Federal.
1 11
🇦🇺 Clare ( walls and wheels ) 🐧 🇭🇲🏳️‍🌈
@AOC Be aware that McConnell and Murdoch cooked up the idea to have the shutdown.
✅ Stop allowing Rupert Murdoch a voice,the house should investigate him for corruption etc
✅ Vote out Mitch McConnell
1 11
@AOC That's nice but still waiting for your statement on your pay.
1 11
@AOC Thanks for the advice “one termer.”
1 10
I cannot express how ignorant this young woman is.
4 6
@AOC @BoundarySeeker @SpeakerPelosi and @SenSchumer You can’t fight sociopathic monsters with 1950’s milquetoast politeness.

Yes, @AOC is loud and brash. Millennials have no patience for liars because they can fact check - from their phones! We need strong fighters like AOC to pushback GOP EVIL!
3 7
@AOC What about the people that WORKED for you that you didn’t pay correctly for YOUR OWN BENEFIT. You say you want to help everyone but the people that supported you got screwed over. You’re a liar, clueless, and now a thief of your supporters.
3 7
You go, young woman..!
3 7
What makes you think the GOP feels sorry for itself? That's absurd.
2 8
Joe Lieberman has a point about @AOC. Aspires to be an irritant, like a rash, not a legislator.
4 5
@AOC Pass legislation that actually helps people should be #1 on Democratic Party platform @AOC
1 8
@AOC Slayed again... Oh muh gawd, AOC just droppin' fools like it's going out of fashion.
1 8
@AOC Actually Koch brothers are on your side look at all their non profits. Do some research girl stop repeating 2016 election talking points
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1 8
the height of hypocrisy (or ignorance) -->

Demanding the GOP "give working people their pay back" while advocating for absurd tax hikes that will take working people's pay and jobs.
3 5
@AOC The real source of Lindsay's depression is his knowledge that he's did his soul to Trump to remain relevant and therefore has exposed himself as a craven toady to the entire world. Whatever rep he may have had is shot to hell. He knows that. Yep, it's SAD.
2 6
Lindsey Graham is bursting with diarrhea. @AOC offers the answer.
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2 6
@AOC I know RIGHT!!?? But the poor boys just can't help themselves. SAD!
1 7
JonAndJoeInIndy 👬🏳️‍🌈🌊
@AOC @JohnOSullivan36 Hey @AOC please keep speaking the truth about the devastating effects of unfettered, free market capitalism: Fewer than half of your generation are positive about it
3 4
@AOC You are suppose 2B working to better our country & the people. Now that you are in Washington grow up n remember you are no longer a private citizen , it makes you look incredibly ill prepared for the job you were elected 2do when uhave such hatred n bias towards your co workers
3 4
@AOC ✅ Fund the government including border security
✅ Like border security. Not like Obamacare
✅ Stop asking George Soros permission to go to the bathroom
2 5
@AOC I love your sass AOC!!! Let em know what's up ...
2 5
@AOC Well missy, maybe if you had any common sense, and put the American Citizens above illegals, then the government can get moving again.
1 6
✅Taxation is theft
✅End the fed. Arrest the banksters.
✅Socialism (Communism) is 💩
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4 2
Bette Davis Eyes 🐉👀💋
@AOC Oh, so, now you are worried about peoples paychecks? You mean those same paychecks that you want to tax to death? You’re a joke!!!! Socialist scum
2 4
I don't care what anyone says this woman has excellent cognitive skills and she not afraid to use them.

2 4
Hoi @jesseklaver @MarijnissenL @lodewijka kunnen jullie ook even vragen of @MinPres stopt met vragen of hij naar de wc mag aan @Unilever en @shell?
3 2
And most important, stop asking Trump's permission to cast a vote. Hear that @SenMajLdr ?
2 3
@AOC You have no idea what the hell is going on. I hate it that the learning curve is so huge for you because you can really do a lot of damage before you figure anything out. I truly wish you well.
2 3
The GOP doesn't feel sorry for themselves; you, as usual, are wrong. Building the wall will help Americans stay safe; you are not for Americans, you are for everyone else in the world. The more you open your mouth, the more most of the Democrats pray you will shut your mouth.
2 3
@AOC "Stop asking the Koch Brothers’ permission to go to the bathroom"
1 4
Point # 3 🤣🤣🤣
1 4
@AOC That third one though! Ooooooh! 🔥🔥🔥 #Roasted
1 4
@AOC Question: Why can't the Senate override that Trump puppet McConnell and vote to reopen the govt? Are they that scared of him??
1 4
@AOC @ayeletw Yes, and why are we paying for healthcare for Congress and it’s families when workers are being furloughed and forced to work w/o pay. Make Congress feel the pain of their failure to protect workers. Enough!
1 4
@AOC Do you denounce Sharia Law?!
2 2
@AOC Wait! You were just advocating for a 70% tax hike. Now you’re suggesting you support honest, hard working people keeping their earned pay? Also, Koch’s are Globalists. They’re on your side.... js.
2 2
@AOC @Bone_Brake Three, of thousands, of easy ways for the DNC to try and become Americans again:
✅Don't use honest, working American people's tax dollars to pay for non-citizens to live here
✅Legislation from Democrats never helps any Americans
✅Do your own thinking, not George Soros'
2 2
@AOC I'm old enough to remember when @LindseyGrahamSC was able to decide when he was going to go to the bathroom all by himself! 🙄😏#KochBrothers @SenSchumer
1 3
Regarding the incessant smart ass nonsense from Ocasio-Cortez:

Total distraction. Absolutely useless to the American people. She is oblivious to her ignorance. Her behavior is the EPITOME of an immature, dumbed down society. Tragic.

Grow up, America!
1 3
@AOC That last suggestion:
1 2
@AOC Why were you fined for not providing benefits for your own workers? Some more of that socialist “do as I say, not as I do” action???
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1 2
The transtastically bisexual Revan Athame
Every day I wonder why the Republican party still exists.
Then I remember they are held in place by capitalists who fund them and white supremacists who vote for them.
1 2
Damn @AOC is not messing around man!
1 2
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