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Logan Paul joking about being gay “for one month” while countless LGBT+ around the world are killed & committing suicide for their sexuality, is disgusting. He continues to be an awful representation of the YouTube community & shows he truly has learned NOTHING over the last year
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Perhaps for the month of March instead of baiting the gay community you can use your massive platform as a voice for those LGBT+ who have no voice and resort to suicide and self-harm. Just a suggestion @LoganPaul
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@MisterPreda Too bad he can’t go a month without opening his mouth
54 2,658
@MisterPreda He should try being a human being for a month
64 1,939
@MisterPreda I bet his videos relating to this on YouTube will be monetized, while actual lgbtq YouTuber are being denied this while also having their content hidden. Smh
45 1,900
@MisterPreda sad that anyone even gives him the time of day anymore
16 1,346
@MisterPreda Well, @MisterPreda, I have no idea who you are or what you stand for, but Logan Paul is more than "an awful representation of the YouTube community". He's an awful representation of HUMANITY
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@MisterPreda @Phoenixgg2 Maybe in response, @YouTube should enact a "no @LoganPaul month" and just shut him down for 31 days. Or forever... I'm not picky.
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@MisterPreda imagine a world where logan paul doesn't exist
25 678
@MisterPreda This is truly disgusting I myself am having trouble because I know I’m going to have to come out to my family some time and day and other people have trouble just accepting themselves and he’s out here saying all this mess it’s truly disappointing and disgusting
12 529
@MisterPreda I got excited for a second. I thought he said he was”going away” for a month.
7 389
@MisterPreda Drag him sis 🧡
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10 374
@MisterPreda it’s really not that deep .. 🙄
9 305
@MisterPreda @lukewaltham I thought that dude had been canceled? He's still around? with that attitude?? And there's still people subscribe to his channel??
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@MisterPreda Some people can’t even come out because they’ll be killed or disowned. I’m truly upset over this.
1 130
Very bizarre that Logan Paul still has a platform and earns millions of dollars for a being total and utter c... oh nvm.
11 105
@MisterPreda It was a small joke, a little bit stupid to make considering his influence and huge audience but it still was just a joke and nowhere near as bad as last years controversy he isn’t attacking members of the LGBTQ community just calm down, don’t take it to heart
1 80
jesus christ what line does one need to cross to get their platform taken away from them.

logan paul is still fucking cancelled
1 73
Once again the gays can’t take a joke
8 62
@MisterPreda Blowing this way out of proportion 🤦🏽‍♂️
0 59
@MisterPreda you fr getting offended by something that gets made fun of to you EVERY DAY on your socials, but bc it's "logan paul" you have to comment on it
2 52
🌻Rylee // Flynn is here!! 👶🏻🌻
T H I S. I do not support Logan Paul at all, but he may have fans and viewers who are LGBTQ+, and are told that it’s “just a phase” or “to stop being gay (etc)”. By saying this to his viewers, he is helping normalise the hate of their identities. Why can’t this man just THINK.
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I just want folks to know that these bitchy queens may screech incessantly, but the rest of us gay folks certainly have not elected them to speak for us even though they always pretend that they speak for 'the gay community'.
5 35
The Professional Gays get so upset at the dumbest things. What a bunch of queens.
5 30
This. As the mom of a lesbian I FEAR for her life, especially when she lived on her own and had her car vandalized multiple times. Being “gay for a month” isn’t a joke. @YouTube needs to delete his account permanently.
3 31
I honestly think this will be the only way he receives true backlash. Since LGBT intersects with whiteness, you can bet more ppl will be vocal against this vs his racist fuckery.
5 24
@MisterPreda I agree 1000% but when a straight man says “Go Gay” it means something different to them. They have yet to fully grasp the ignorance but to them they’re like a curious person who wants to try something. Saying “Go Gay” is wrong. But I don’t think it’s the end of the world.
1 28
I get the argument they are the trying to make tbh but please don't come for my man's Jakey hasnt done anything dumb since like last week :/
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ĸodeeranтѕ 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍
@MisterPreda @reMeMber_ari @shanedawson what’s your take on giving any of the Paul brothers attention and yet both Jake and his brother continue to be awful humans
1 20
Awful fucking take. People are being killed in other places in the world for all sorts of shit (hence why they’re third world countries). Christian, white, black, American, Jewish, Muslim, etc. Stop looking too far into some casual joke of a statement.
1 16
He tased a rat, laughed at a dead person, and mocked the LGBTQ+ community. I hope the 10 year olds watching him see what the hell is happening, It's not a happy world with no worries, now it's being offended over anything.
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5 10
@MisterPreda >Be progressive
>Believe gender is fluid
>Believe sexuality is fluid
>Get upset when someone wants to change their sexuality for a month
>Disappear in a puff of cognitive dissonance
3 12
This is disgusting, I don’t know what our society is where people thing they can just swap sexuality for a month then go back 😑
2 11
@MisterPreda No one has told gay people to commit suicide so don't blame that on anyone that has a problem with someone being gay. We choose to feel the way we choose to feel. no one makes us feel a certain way. If someone commits suicide then it's on them and no one else.
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Donna #Harryettes🌈💙💚
I need people to retweet this..voice their disgust with @LoganPaul & his dangerous antics. While we work to help those contemplating suicide Paul Logan is making a joke & money off being gay as a stunt. When someone puts a gun to their head & pulls the trigger it's NOT a stunt
5 7
We really need to stop making garbage shit humans rich and famous.
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2 9
honestly, when will these big names in social media realize how importance their influence on young, impressionable teens and KIDS is??
1 10
What I think is more disgusting than a stupid joke is the fact that gay rights organizations are acting like same sex attraction is a choice. It's not.
2 8
@MisterPreda I disagree. This is a very gay-positive move by him. Change my mind
1 8
idk how he even still has an audience on YouTube. Yuck 🤮
1 8
i do not understand how he still has a platform are people blind
1 8
@MisterPreda LoGan pAul JoKinG aBoUt bEiNg gAy “foR oNe mOnTh” wHiLe cOuNtleSs LgBt+aRoUnd tHe wOrLd aRe kIlLeD&cOmMiTting sUiCiDe fOr tHeIr sExUaLiTy, iS dIsGuStInG. hE cOnTinUes tO bE aN aWfuL RePrEsEnTatIoN oF tHe yOuTuBe cOmMuNiTy & sHoWs hE tRuLy hAs lEaRnEd nOtHiNg oVeR tHe LaSt YeAr.
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2 6
bro how the fuck are people still letting this stupid ass get to them.. he isn’t shit. he wants relevancy. he wants your attention. mute him. block him. saying shit like this is so counterproductive. you’re just fueling his career that bit extra & keeping him relevant lol
2 6
last year he started the year with him uploading a video with a dead body in it, this year this shit, why is this shithead still on @YouTube, yet people like @codyko gets strikes and demonetized for saying fuck
1 7
thank god chloe bennet dumped his ass
1 7
New year, new mistake for Logan Paul. Last year yung suicide forest. Ngayon ito.
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1 7
Val | Medicate 1/2 💊💍🎗
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1 6
Wait. Hold up. Gay for a month ????? This nigga going to get his ass cheeks clapped for a month or ??
1 6
You know how many personal friendships and family members would disown me or condemn my very being if they found out I liked guys too? I’m afraid to find out so into the closet I stay.

Fuck this trash.
1 5
You cant joke about anything these days without someone pissing their pants and screaming for attention
1 5
@MisterPreda Exactly! @YouTube @TeamYouTube if YOU continue to support this JOKE that says a lot about your principles. One time, okay forgive him (everybody makes mistakes), but now it’s just clear he’s a privileged narcissist with no home training. Smh
1 5
Yeah I hate Logan Paul but I see no problem. Y’all really trying hard to make me hate the LGBT community more than Logan Paul
1 5
whywhywhyWHY does l*gan still have a career? this is disgusting
1 5
every time logan paul is trending it’s nothing good.
1 5
Bro I can give u the best advice in the world...u ready ??? Act like he don’t exist stop letting a mans actions put u down
1 5
@MisterPreda @GARLIC_DOLAN I hate Logan for that and many more reasons.
1 4
“vamos a darle una oportunidad nadie es perfecto” a esos dos no hay que darles na
1 4
𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖑𝖞𝖓𝖓 🥀
@MisterPreda @sallynelson2126 That’s disgusting. Many people are struggling with their own sexualities but yet here he is throwing it around like it’s nothing for V I E W S. It actually amazing that a lot of people applaud people like Logan Paul and others. Makes me sick.
1 3
@MisterPreda I haven't heard anything of Logan Paul doing this but I am glad you are calling him out. This kind of behaviour is appalling people die from suicide everyday and most of his fans are young. what is that behaviour teaching them? Lost all respect after Suicide Forrest video.
1 3
It's not that serious, quit being such a snowflake and being offended so damn easily. I honestly think this country needs to be in another big war and have a draft so we can harden up.
1 3
Fucking shitbag.
1 3
i'm highly convinced naparok nis logan paul pag bata bugok pas tanan bugok
1 3
@MisterPreda Thank you, Logan needs to go
1 3
@MisterPreda Only JESUS saves and he’s coming back soon very soon! Wake up! Forget this immoral stuff! It is completely wrong in GOD’s eyes! Invite JESUS into your heart and see how real and powerful he is! JESUS is coming back soon!You don’t want to be left behind! JESUS loves you! John 3:16
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1 2
🙌 Logan Paul's a cunt... period
0 3
It took me constant teasing throughout high school ,including having to change for PE inside the toliets so that other girls would feel "safe" to be fully able to accept myself and my bisexuality and people still joke about sexuality .
1 1
O ano só começa depois que algum dos irmãos Paul faça uma merda tão grande que faz com que você queira socar ambos
1 1
@MisterPreda As a gay man I'm deeply offended by his comment.
Maybe Logan Paul can go radio silent for a month.
#BornThisWay 🌈🏳️‍🌈👬❤
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1 1
if you don’t think people are overly sensitive in this day and age, look no further than this tweet:
1 1
@MisterPreda @zane & @HeathHussar have been pretending to be a gay couple since vine but your dumbass ain’t complaining about them sooooooooo take a damn seat
1 1
@MisterPreda This is a reach literally thousand of people joke about being gay and now you have a problem cause Logan Paul did it
1 1
@MisterPreda Who gives a fuck what he does, you all that talk shit about him are as fucked up as him. you just post shit so you can get likes and retweets and shit, when in reality you probably dont even give a shit either, you just want to stay relevant.
1 1
You guys don't understand, logan NEEDS a dose of bullshit at the start of every year to survive. He can't handle not being in the spotlight for an entire year or else something good happens to the world, and we all know he can't let that happen.
1 0
@MisterPreda @YouTube You should remove him & his content. I do not get how views & money matter more than principles. I do not support those who do not have the respect or humility to be mindful of other’s lives. He learned nothing of the “Suicide” incident. This is privilege.
1 0
Yikes another reason to not like Logan Paul
0 1
Y'all shouldn't have forgive him the 1st time! He is a heartless prick...👇#LoganPaul
0 1
@MisterPreda He does all this stupid shit just for views
0 1
Logan - Alex, can I have a clue for 100 please?
Alex - No, you screwed up once and ya did it again. You have no more clues left.
0 1
@MisterPreda You can't just wake up one day and say "I'm gonna be gay for a month"
0 1
@MisterPreda Who the fuck is Logan Paul? And why are his names the wrong way round?
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