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WATCH | Young women severely beaten for 'sinning' by church elder

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Her name Tsidi Spampool, founder and leader of Endumisweni Gospel Group. She is notoriously known for doing this at Endumisweni Faith Mission-Nu8. The girl she is assaulting is not her daughter. Members of the church allegedly refer to her as ‘The Angel’, whatever she says, goes.
What kind of church is this? @tumisole must make sure @SAPoliceService gets involved
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Can all Kaizer Chiefs players please be taken to this church. Losing and drawing is a sin. pic.twitter.com/krgEYFzO0Q
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Uxolo mama, uxolo mama...kanti bakhonza ntoni xa bengenalo uxolo?
ATM @MzwaneleManyi 🤷🏾‍♂️ nenzani madoda?
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Justice is needed for this young lady..Church elder you not God!
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Me and my husband we attended this Church its not a Church its a Cult.The leader is a lady who lead on the gospel songs .Very bad church its been long out due to be exposed
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This makes me so angry.
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This church need visit by my comrades my EFF aluta continua
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Those elders don't understand the principles of Christianity. They should have prayed 🙏 for the young women instead of beating her.
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Where is the link to the article?
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Cult Masquerade as Church
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This is not a biblical practice. If a member falls into a sin and remains unrepentant, the elders warn him/her or suspend their membership in rare cases even excommunicate the member altogether. The bible says elders should not be violent. pic.twitter.com/Ao95KtpaNs
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Anganya lo mama kum shem......
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Religion.. SMH.. So glad I left it early in my life, my grandmother used to beat me up and force me to recite all that I've learned in church on the day.. I watched my younger brother becoming a rebellious monster for the same reasons. I was a walk in the park to her coz I was a
This false elder beating people who 'sinned' is in breach of the biblical qualification of an elder. 1 Timothy 3:3 '...an elder must not be violent, elders must be gentle and not quarrelsome...'
The church, if it is a true church built upon Christ, must move to discipline her..
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Are we in the year 1019 or in 2019, how is this still a thing? 😥
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Wtf 😕 like how much do you love church to go through such? This looks more cultish
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Where's the videos of Catholic priest sexually abusing young boys?
Our people need to also consider praying in their own homes. We're so drained by this wrong things happening in churches. Churches have become places of torture and sinning.
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Why tf are these people just sitting there!!?!
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Early 90,s was going to school with kids who were staying Endumisweni,I did not understand it mostly were girls .
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This is complete nonsense. @SAPoliceService arrest this woman. People must stop attending cults.
Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone.
When the ways of the church become distorted through the manipulation and brutality of individuals with no sense of who God is.
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This is so humiliating, the woman should be grateful the kid took it lying down cos honestly, no1 deserves that.
What’s sins are these that warrant such beating ?
This lady needs to have the Popo called on her. She needs a few month/years in jail for this abuse. And I don't care whose child she is. No child needs to be abused in any way for allegedly "sinning" against anyone/thing. Plus, who is she to judge and punish? Deputy God? Tsek!
I hate these people
Wtf is happening? These churches make me so mfkn ill 😷
What kind of nonsense is this!?
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This person must be beaten also just like this child
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"strive for peace with acts of war"
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Pathetic and Barbaric
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Phofu the "sinning" is just dancing. They were just dancing, harmlessly at that 🤬
In reply to @Abramjee
@Abramjee @crimeairnetwork is it possible to trace this video and bring the perpetrators to book. This is completely unacceptable. @SAPoliceService @humanrights
You can keep the church! Ke likhotse!
This in itself is a sin.
Volunteered Violence.
Ncono sidakweni once ayikho lento
In reply to @Dispatch_DD
This woman should have charged about this no way that you can you can beat child like that and inintsi lento apha kwaXhosa we Xhosas parents have a big problem of not knowing how to punish children beside coporalpunishment no this is over an must face charges
In reply to @Dispatch_DD
Uyeke uphindisa, wenziwa igubu ubethwa akhale yhu
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Yoo yoo this utterly nonsense
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WTF 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
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Is this the Holy Ghost which has manifested?
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What kind of church is this?😭💔
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If I was that girl I was going to kill her
In reply to @Dispatch_DD
Ehhhh could be worse. You could literally get stomped out on the ground by your mother 🤷🏽‍♂️ #MustBeSpanishShit
In reply to @Dispatch_DD
Black church remains a big problem
In reply to @Dispatch_DD
In reply to @Dispatch_DD
This is a lie, these ppl lie a lot. That's the child's mother beating her for posting something. We understand what they saying in that video.
In reply to @Dispatch_DD
I stopped going to church a long time ago coz I realised gore the whorst people are in the church hiding behind the name of Jesus and demons to defend their actions.
In reply to @Dispatch_DD
Touch my sister like this and see yourself meeting your Creator sooner than you expected... dodi. 😡😠
In reply to @Dispatch_DD
Does she take out her problems on her!🤔🤔🤔
Disgusting 😤😤😤😤
I’m so tired of these kind of churches 😡😡😡😡
Whatever happened to Vengeance is mine said the Lord? 😇
What fuckery is this now 😡, hayman hayman.....
Yile cawa iseMdantsane le ?
I’d genuinely grab that stick and turn it on her
It's so weird how so many people saw nothing wrong with this
Wtf is happening in our churches?
I used to think this only happens in those churches which are run by foreign prophets
So church leaders are now tired of praying and decided beating is the answer. Smh.
Zicawe ezitheni ezi
Haybo Endumisweni Church in Mdantsane 😠😠😠
In the name of the lawd? Hai lona
This why I don't don't to churches coz the pastor's who are the biggest sinners will punish you for sinning how ironic
Church is evil. Church is a sin 😔😢
Anganya kowasekhaya ndimyela kwakhe
South Africa 😔
And everyone in the room just watched nje
Wow ...I think andikazuya kwacaweni zezi zinto ndizibonayo. Ndiright🤔💔😷😪
This is child abuse, I hope this monster can be identified and arrested.
In reply to @SAPoliceService
Some churches in #SouthAfrica are de facto cults. Rampant abuse to keep congregants submissive.
What the fuck? Which church is this?
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