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This is elder Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder who is also a Vietnam Veteran and former director of the Native Youth Alliance.

He is a keeper of a sacred pipe and holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans in the Arlington National Cemetery.

I stand with him.
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They are.
A Vietnam Vet.
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The kids are every bully you remember in high school.

Raised by parents who teach hate and disrespect.
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@RedTRaccoon I support the elder & i want the #maga brat held accountable. this should stain his record. The disrespectful MAGA punk is Michael Hodge of Covenington Catholic School part of
Covington Archdiocese Kentucky.
1125 Madison Avenue
Covington, KY 41011
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@RedTRaccoon The patience in that older man is impressive. The face of that young man is one of the most repulsive things I鈥檝e ever seen. Right up there with Trumps
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@RedTRaccoon The Omaha Elder, Nathan Phillips, shows us all how to stand our ground and defeat bullies, fear and hate. Please RT and get #NathanPhillips trending to show some, albeit small, love and Respect!!!!
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@RedTRaccoon I just want to know why. If I had ever put myself that far into the face of an elder, I would have been slapped across the room. What gives these students the idea that they can insert themselves into other people鈥檚 space this way? The disrespect is galling.
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@RedTRaccoon @ChristinLuvsSno Call the United States Conference聽
of Catholic Bishops in
Washington DC and report the Covington Bishop Roger Joseph Foys,聽D.D
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@RedTRaccoon I just want to reach into that clip and slap the smirk off of that MAGA white boy's face.

Note that the elder Nathan Phillips maintains his dignity despite the hateful harassment.
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@RedTRaccoon MY God, I wanted to reach thru my computer and smack the smirk off that kids face. This is disgusting.
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@RedTRaccoon The new Hiters Youths is what they are
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@RedTRaccoon Where are the trip chaperones? Where are the parents and teachers traveling with them?
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Reasons why I roll my eyes at post-racism essays. Nothing has changed since the moment the colonizers stepped on this soil. They鈥檙e raising kids who are just as ugly and disrespectful.
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@RedTRaccoon Oh my heart... it鈥檚 up and it鈥檚 down. He is our grandfather. All of our grandfather.
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@RedTRaccoon They'll probably hide out and do nothing because they don't care. But they probably care about money. So here's a screen grab of their corporate sponsors:
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Some people need to get they ass beat.
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@RedTRaccoon Someone on another thread pointed out that the elder, towards the end, had a spiritual transcendence (as the purpose of the ritual is to do just that) and thus tuned out that kid and the mob, suppressing feelings of intimidation and,most importantly, hate.
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Oh to have 5 minutes alone in a room with this snot nosed little punk.
To talk of course.
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Sickening. We can be a better nation than this, but only if we work towards it.
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@RedTRaccoon You can certainly tell who has served in war, and who has not.
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@RedTRaccoon What are you going to do about this @supmikeclines Your students were acting reprehensibly.
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@RedTRaccoon @MargoNoDak I wouldn鈥檛 normally want a kid鈥檚 name to get published but I want to see this kid outed so this disgrace follows him to every job interview and college interview for years. Which makes me sad bc I hate going low鈥 but still.
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@RedTRaccoon If this is Kentucky鈥檚 finest, no wonder they keep re-electing Mitch
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@RedTRaccoon Ignorance knows no bounds in the age of #trump. Peer pressure & group think are dangerous for teens & can become even more dangerous for those around them when they morph into gangs.

Perhaps they should be taught that Native Americans are the only TRUE Americans in our nation?
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I stand with Nathan Phillips.
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@RedTRaccoon @charles_gaba I support Nathan Phillips, Omaha & the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch鈥攊n DC to alert politicians to their plight: 鈥渧oter suppression, divided families by walls and borders; an environmental holocaust; sex & human trafficking; & police & military brutality鈥鈥
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@RedTRaccoon The behavior from the youth of this country is absolutely appalling in this video. The distrespect of Native Americans on top of the man being a Vietnam Vet. These kids need some proper lessons taught to them. Ignorance is dangerous!
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@RedTRaccoon THIS is the "TRUMP-LAND" ! HATE, FEAR, IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY - America, it`s time...
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@RedTRaccoon The behavior by the students is aggressive, disrespectful and racist. Their values are clear. It's a sad day when the extermination of non white cultures becomes both an individual mission and a school's mission statement.
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@RedTRaccoon @supermikeclines You should invite Mr. Nathan Phillips to your school so that he can speak to all students and faculty! Your school owes Mr. Phillips an apology in person! All expenses paid!
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@RedTRaccoon This is a time travel moment. #NathanPhillips carries the spirit of his Ancestor who stood face to face with the white man鈥檚 ancestor centuries ago.
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It鈥檚 a problem, this racism thing. There are many affected. This is disgusting.
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good reminder that the only troops and veterans GOP care about are the invisible and idealized ones they can exploit as symbols and cudgels against people and ideas they don鈥檛 like because GOP ideas are shit and because conservatism is about exploitation
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@RedTRaccoon @Lizerenity Nathan Phillips is a model of strength and resolve. Respect!
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If you are party of MAGA, you are part of this hate and this unconscionable awfulness. Don鈥檛 pretend otherwise. Don鈥檛 pretend your kids aren鈥檛 watching and learning and DOING.
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Next time you're asked to define "smug"...
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@RedTRaccoon @casey_connects I stand with him too. The grace and honor he showed is otherworldly.
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@RedTRaccoon @beccamb How on earth did he resist the urge to thonk the kid on the nose? He is definitely a better person than I am.
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@RedTRaccoon This boy and his classmates... they should be singled out and shamed in the national forum. This is not how we behave around elders and in the face of our American heritage. #shameful
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@RedTRaccoon @charles_gaba I hope the school loses a lot of $$$$.
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WTH?!! 馃う馃従鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆锯嶁檪锔
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I'm having trouble fedpitching this one. That doesn't happen very often.
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@RedTRaccoon Such dignity. I stand with him too.
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馃帹馃摎CeeCee馃巻 馃寠 #WeAreThePatriots #PRU
I stand with Nathan Phillips too. The little maga't is the result of an all-boys Catholic School. No wonder my grand to kids refuse to go to church. And I don't blame them they think God wants Brown babies in cages. This disrespect says it all.
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These kids (but mostly the smug douchey one up front) deserve the swiftest, most proper fades that could possibly be handed out.
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@RedTRaccoon I teach young people.
I know teenagers.
These little baby boys are NOT an example of the true heart of American youth.

To Nathan Phillips, I am SO very sorry for the disrespect.
I Honor you, Omaha Elder xoxo
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@RedTRaccoon It's always fun when Twitter investigative reporters find these kids and their schools and all that. Mocking a vet just bc he is a native American first.
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I鈥檓 not much for corporal punishment but I can鈥檛 help but think that every single one of these callow, impudent, ignorant young white boys needs to be thrown over someone鈥檚 knee for a good old fashioned spanking.
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@RedTRaccoon MAGAs. From Kentucky. There's a shocker.

@senatemajldr @SecElaineChao #WheresMitch Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Kentucky.
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@RedTRaccoon This is horrifying and breaks my heart. These kids should be ashamed. The one woman who spoke up and called it a 鈥榤ob mentality鈥 was completely correct.
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@RedTRaccoon @TimmyWait Look at the smarmy white supremacist. There's just awful people out there. Most who voted for Trump.
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@RedTRaccoon Here's my question. If these kids were there for the March for "Life" what were they doing crashing an indigenous people's rally and harassing its participants?
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Every time I see teens acting like this, I want to drop kick their parents for allowing them to become such shits
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My dude didn鈥檛 break his routine honoring his people not one bit. Didn鈥檛 flinch. Instead of being mad at these bullies, I鈥檓 inspired AF by Elder Nathan Phillips unapologetic Native Americanness. 馃挭馃徑鉁婐煆
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@RedTRaccoon The drums that are beat by the men and women who love this earth - imprinted in him. One day he will remember, even if on his death bed, the ones who sang the songs of the sky, the trees, rivers and animals. Aho!
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@RedTRaccoon I can't even muster the words. I am so saddened & disheartened. To Mr Phillips, thank you for your service, your dignified patience & example. I am sorry you experienced this. To the smug little punk, try that again & I bet you get a much less gracious response. Here's hoping.
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@RedTRaccoon @islandsoulqn I am 55 went to catholic school kindergarten to Graduation in 1981. This would never have happened in my lifetime. I am embarrassed by this behavior and condemn this Conduct. You can blame the parents and the school. This is not acceptable!!
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Respect our elders. Respect our vets. And do not raise children who act like these. If your beliefs teach that such racism or intolerance is acceptable, I shall pray for you鈥攂ut if I see you, I will not stand silent. Thank you #NathanPhillips for courage & beauty.
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@RedTRaccoon White. Privilege. Exemplified.
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@RedTRaccoon I鈥檓 going to skip the critique of the jerks and instead point out the incredible restraint Mr. Phillips displays. No doubt he could鈥檝e smacked that deviant鈥檚 smirk into the next state, but he didn鈥檛.

This is REAL POWER. Quiet, dignified, unyielding.
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@RedTRaccoon Absolute shame on all of them..
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@RedTRaccoon These kids respect nothing.
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@RedTRaccoon Obviously this kid has never been punched in the face, or disciplined by anyone in any manner.
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The whites can鈥檛 even handle NFL players kneeling during the national anthem but do this disrespectful shit to a Vietnam vet. Y鈥檃ll are so full of shit is swear 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
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@RedTRaccoon @TravisCravey Thank you Red T; I was wondering who this cool man was; I reckon with all this talk about toxic masculinity v positive masculinity, this is a video of it in action. Nathan Phillips is a role model.
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@RedTRaccoon @VirginiaLoughn1 That kid is FAR too confident to be even be in the vicinity of this Veteran!
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#TeamDevinCow #DirtyDevinLikesCowPies
@RedTRaccoon This is the behavior that ensues after the President of the United States repeatedly calls a sitting member of Congress "Pocahontas" in an effort to mock her.
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I stand with him.
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@RedTRaccoon @gojoe_joe @supmikeclines @CovCathColonels @benshapiro
@GOP @TeamPelosi @SpeakerPelosi @RepTedLieu @RepSwalwell @GrantWoods @TheDemocrats
Disgusting these kids dishonour a military war veteran.
Nathan Phillips thank you for your service to America.馃嚭馃嚫
#MAGA 馃槶
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If I was there I would have drop kicked that kid. I grew up on an Indian Reservation and that upsets me. That kids smirk makes me mad
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Today's hero folks. That's the real America.
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@RedTRaccoon @lpk1657 I hope this haunts this kid into his future college applications. Let鈥檚 see what college/university wants this representing them. Unless of course Liberty u.
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@RedTRaccoon @contrarymary197 Where are the teachers chaperoning this field trip? This is so gross.
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Pretty simple. Either these boys will be ashamed of what they did in the future, or their children will be ashamed of them.

May hatred cease.

May brave warriors continue to conquer fear.
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He is literally not affecting their lives negatively in any can people be this desensitized that they would laugh and support this. But hey, make america great again, right??
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@RedTRaccoon Bunch of freaking Baby Bretts
(Kavanaugh) 馃馃
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@RedTRaccoon I, too, stand with Nathan Phillips.
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@RedTRaccoon This kid will never make a sacrifice in his life like Nathen!
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@RedTRaccoon @espiers I stand with him and am appalled at this behavior
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Remember that rhetoric about respect for veterans? Remember when folks said protest during the anthem was because the country had not lived up to its promise? Remember when folks said supporting extremists by not denying them space would make things worse? Take. A. Knee.
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@RedTRaccoon @CovCathColonels absolutely no diversity being shown here. @ArchLouKY this is disgraceful, disgusting and disturbing behavior by this group. Maybe someone should have been supervising them. Where were the adults? @SenRandPauI @senatemajldr not a good representation for KY.
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13 21

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Dear White MAGA America,

This is why the rest of us hate you and are going to work to resign you to the ashbin of history, you deplorable fucksticks.

No Love,

The Rest of Us.
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This is what Trump is: he is a signal to people that bigotry is okay, bigotry is good, and you should be proud of your hate. That's what "build the wall" was meant to mean.
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@RedTRaccoon @GovMattBevin is Gov of KY where Covington Catholic is located. Let him know how the world views his Racist state.
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every day I wake up, look in the mirror, see I鈥檓 white and feel embarrassed as hell.
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Let鈥檚 lock this MAGA ass up (the one in red). @RedTRacoon stood up and defended our country! (The old guy in the background, I believe)
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@RedTRaccoon I hope every college these boys apply to see this video! I would not want that hate in my school!
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@RedTRaccoon As a former Catholic, I'm appalled at this mob's behavior. I'm sorry that this happened and I hope these kids are held accountable. I stand with Elder Nathan Phillips and thank him for his service.
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@RedTRaccoon Covington Catholic High School
1600 Dixie Highway
Park Hills, KY 41011
P (859) 491-2247
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14 15
@RedTRaccoon Mr Phillips having more integrity (and patience!) in his little finger than is contained in that entire gaggle of MAGA trash.
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I鈥檇 say something snarky like 鈥渢hese kids鈥 parents must be *so* proud,鈥 but I suspect that they are, which is what makes this even more shameful and stomach turning.
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8 21
鈧 携 茂 莽 k 鈻 銉 馃嚨馃嚪
These are the ugliest kids I鈥檝e ever seen imagine how fucking ugly their parents are
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