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I am so deeply grieved and angry by this as young kids in MAGA hats surrounded and mocked a beloved Native American elder yesterday.

When your power is centered in your whiteness, mocking others who are unlike you makes you feel strong.

But it’s weak. And despicable.

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This was their land. Their culture. We invaded, slaughtered, conquered and enslaved. And now White Supremacists raise their kids to do this, and call it Making America Great Again.
This is happening in 2019. Appalled & enraged doesn’t BEGIN to cover it. These young men r part of an allegedly spiritual group, #CovingtonCatholic school. Where are their teachers, their elders? I give elder #NathanPhillips, a Vietnam Vet & Omaha elder, my respect & gratitude.
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From another angle. This video was filmed yesterday. But, to be clear, it also happened just like this in every era and every generation in modern American history. pic.twitter.com/qmWq2CkTkx
"This is elder Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder who is also a Vietnam Veteran and former director of the Native Youth Alliance.

He is a keeper of a sacred pipe and holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans in the Arlington National Cemetery."
It’s easy to miss Nathan’s beautiful strength and resolve in the midst of all of the foolishness.

But the more I watch it, the more amazed I am by how strong he is in the face of bigotry and mocking.
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This is elder Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder who is also a Vietnam Veteran and former director of the Native Youth Alliance. He is a keeper of a sacred pipe and holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans in the Arlington National Cemetery.
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😡😡This MAGA kid gleefully antagonizing a Native American protestor (very much his elder) at the Indigenous Peoples March. All while MAGA parents/friends laugh The fact that the elder was chanting to calm tensions and toxicity. I wish I had a fraction of the grace he displayed
I am sad, disgusted, and PISSED OFF at the complete lack of respect and empathy shown here. Spare me the “kids being kids” rhetoric; this is the result of a privileged upbringing with no consequences. Their parents might not hold these boys accountable, but we sure as hell can.
Who doesn’t see a little bit of Brett Kavanaugh in this kid? #Resist #MAGATs
Whose children are these? It's a rhetorical question. Some of the people who so self-righteously talk about standards and values, seem to have very skewed values themselves. What produces such racist and smug arrogance as displayed by these kids, a gawking/ giggling little mob.
I have no idea what this young man thinks he’s accomplishing other than being a massive dick
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Somewhere, I’m convinced this kid’s parents are saying “he didn’t do anything wrong”, he’s a good boy”. And we all know that’s how the problem with these kids started.
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I wish I could personally apologize to that elder. 😢
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This is the greater danger of the Trump era. He is empowering impressionable youth to believe it is their right to bully, hate and degrade others. He is one hateful orange cultivating an entire new generation of hatred and bigotry.
What teenage white supremacy looks like
Some of y’all weren’t loved by your parents and instead were taught to be racist assholes and it shows.
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Apparently the school was there for a march on reproductive rights. Nothing like an all male grouping with plenty to say on what a woman can and can’t do with their body. 🙄
Symbolic. Once again, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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Smirking boy should be the poster boy for white privilege and he represents something seriously wrong with his generation. Where has his generation missed the teaching on love, inclusion, respect, kindness? If this is the future of the United States, God help us all.
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midst of these youngsters jeering, I couldn't stop noticing the calmness & grace displayed by native American. True strength
I could rearrange that smile for that little racist kid... I want to so bad
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This a video that should follow these young adults to every job or college interview. It demonstrates their profound ignorance.
Hey @IvankaTrump look what your dad's doing to our country.
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Email their principal -- browe@covcath.org -- Bob Rowe, who appears to be a POC to boot. I suggested perhaps Lent might be a good time to examine the history of the Catholic Church and our role in genocide of America's native populations.
You can’t spell HATRED without RED HAT 🤷🏽‍♂️
If you say “ I don’t want to talk politics” or “both sides are at fault”—this is both sides.

One teaches a tradition of oppression; inculcates children with hate and racism in the name of religion.

As a teacher, this makes me sick.

#ExposeChristianSchools #Racism #Saturday
Disgusting! These kids need to be taught manners, morals, respect! 😡🤬🤬
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the young men attempting to defeat him succeeded only in making their weak character plain for all to see
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this is what Coventry Catholic in the USA appears to be teaching their students. Thoughts?
I'll believe this , as soon as I believe that a man drove around Miami/Dade County with a Van covered in Pro-Trump stickers , while sending coordinated mail bombs around the Country 👌

Here's that "fake outrage" we've all been waiting on.

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You can tell who’s never been punched in the face before....
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Watching and taking names of all the racist teens in the video so they don't get accepted into college or hired for future employment pic.twitter.com/64q0YQUMqY
I wouldn’t be surprised if he was from montgomery county and both of his parents were democrats. This is the same shit i see white boys from my high school praising and thinking is acceptable behavior and i’m absolutely tired of it.
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I can not stress enough how utterly amazing this Native American is.
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Any decent parent should pull their kids OUT of @CovCathColonels HS NOW! These are NO Christians? Let’s ID these students. College admissions should KNOW who they are! SHAMEFUL @CovCathColonels @supmikeclines @Pontifex @ArchLouKY @CCofKY
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#KAG #KAG2020 & #MAGA #MAGAs =Lacking Compassion On Purpose & When Convenient! #RussianASSet supporters don't think 4 themselves while regurgitating rhetoric their conservative masters bottle feed them. @WhiteHouse @POTUS @realDonaldTrump youtu.be/ikH0c6iyna0 pic.twitter.com/Y1OFWl3jKV
Yeah but, omg, did you see how Gillette dared disrespect us by talking about toxic masculinity?
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Thank God I work in a school district where we teach our students respect, honor, and what Americans should really be! This is disgraceful!
white people love to preach about respecting soldiers who fought for our country but as soon as theyre not white that same mentality doesn’t apply. Just proves that it was and will never be about respect, it’s about holding their power and privilege over oppressed people. awful.
twitter i hope you all are identifiying these clowns so all of their opportunities can get cancelled
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This should be added to every college application and job they ever apply for. This behavior is despicable and utterly heartbreaking.
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You’re a piece of shit @shaunking
He should replace the drum with that obnoxious kids smug FACE.

And replace the stick with a HAMMER.
racist and privileged white trump boys will jump at the chance to disrespect a native who is also a war vet, but will absolutely lose their minds when nfl players kneel to protest and start conversations around oppression b/c it’s ‘disrespectful to veterans’
We see minorities by the dozens on videos beating up White kids in schools, and you're silent Shaun...

I don't know the full grasp of this, but wrong is wrong no matter how you try to spin it.

Had I of been there with my team, this group would of been put in their place.
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and who is the immigrant here? What a wicked thing to do
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Where were the adults in charge of the trip? They need to lose their jobs.students & adults are responsible. Christian school?🤨😡
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I think my drumstick would have “slipped” what a wonderfully calm gentleman
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We’re tweeting the Pope. Care to join us?
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Black kids get suspended or told they can’t come to school because of hair. Will ANY of these kids get disciplined? Will Trump condem this? Probably not be a these kids are white and there parents are part of his base so...🤷🏽‍♀️ #BeBest
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No worries, pretty sure this good ole 'Wholesome' Catholic school is feeling it right about now.
This is one of those times when you feel ashamed and he’s not even your kid.

I would very much like to know who are the parents of this little shit and see how proud they feel.

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The shameless arrogance on that young man’s face made my blood run cold! He’s been let down, on so many levels, by his parents & grandparents if he thinks that’s appropriate behaviour! Karma will surely bite and I truly hope that when it does there will be footage, plenty of it!
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And remember all of these young Catholic high school students are in Washington as part of the #MarchForLife2019 rallies. The total and complete disconnect in their thinking, the teaching they receive, their understanding of history. #Sad
Man, let these dudes come to my hood with this nonsense. We would knock that smug look off his stupid-a** face.
Request for all these stupid, ignorant assholes to get knocked the FFFFFF Out. This is so disgusting
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Here’s more contact info for the school of these students. Covington Catholic High School: Principal Robert Rowe E-mail: browe@covcath.org Telephone: (859) 491-2247 Diocese of Covington: Phone: 859-392-1500 Email: info@covdio.org
Respect to the man for not strangling that smug little prick
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Future tiki torch holders
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These are the kinds of mobs of boys that gang rape girls. They embolden@each other. It’s goddamn chilling. #MAGA
I think this is among the most heartbreaking, despicable and disgusting things I have ever seen.

Who raises children like this, we ask. We did.

This is the glorious result of our endless war on decency in the name of religion and money.

-snowflake out
“Make America great again” and this is how it’s goin? God created all of us equal no matter what color or religion you are. Disgusted
.@Attack I bet the kid’s name is Brandon
In reply to @RandPaul
@RandPaul and @senatemajldr encourage bigotry when their constituents in Kentucky see them perpetually licking the boots of our bigoted POTUS.

They both share responsibility for this.

Shame on the both of them.
I hope Twitter finds this punk and everyone just beats the dog shit out of his privileged ass!!
Disgusting and despicable. This is learned behavior.
you already have to be a pos to support trump.... but to do this??? to people who actually have rights to the land you (who has ZERO rights) lives on???? so disrespectful and terrible to witness, find a new country to be a piece of shit in please.
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You're "deeply grieved"? For a kid in a MAGA hat mocking an elder? How grieved are you at this young man BEATING and elder? You're a fraud Shaun King!
If I had nothing to lose the kid in the front would have no teeth. Just looking at his face got me heated
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Covington High School is an all-male Catholic High School, reminding me of Kavanaugh's school. It's almost as if they had a president as a role model, who repeatedly mocks a US Senator, calling her "Pocahantas."
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And please, no more human interest stories about the struggles of MAGA teens
what do these kids accomplish by treating him this way? it pisses me off how they completely disrespect his culture. i’m sorry you didn’t grow up with any culture in your family but is it so difficult for you to respect others and be a decent human being?!?
Nathan Phillips is a former Vietnam veteran who holds a ceremony annually to honor all Native American vets buried in Arlington. If you have nothing better to do than surround him and mock him for that, you’re a FUCKING loser.
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His name is out there....I’ve seen it on other posts. It’s only a matter of time before this gets worse for him. I hope he, and all the staff and students at his Catholic school, learns a lesson from this.
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okay these boys were on a school trip and no one stepped in to say a word! what in the HELL are they teaching at that school! very disrespectful of them all including the adults..
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Passionate are the Parkland survivors fighting for strict gun control. Soulless are these teens ridiculing this noble man. How does a person lose their sense of integrity at such a young age?
Being a Native American women myself, I am so sickened at the way this kind, resilient man, as well as others at this IndigenousPeoplesMarch were repeatedly mocked without a care in the world by a bunch of young BOYS. These boys have done nothing but bring negativity to the land
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How the fuck do these yee haw ass kids think this shit is funny. Like what went wrong in your life
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MAGA = Mini Klansman!
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That kid the the ugliest creature I’ve ever seen🤮🤢
Could you possibly imagine shouting to build a wall to people who have lived on this land centuries longer than you?

Could you imagine being a MAGA supporter and laughing in a Vietnam veteran’s face for his way of life?

Could you imagine being this racist? This intolerable?
Someone should smack the smirk off the face of this disrespectful twit. It’s a disgrace that these parents and FAKE Christian leaders would let their students treat any elderly person with such hate and disrespect. But of course, they’re probably all #MAGA idiots raising the same
🤮 bet half those kids don’t know anything ab what’s going on either. just following their friends to be cool. trash
Funny thing is that these punk ass little white boys have the nuts do that to an elder but not someone his age. I woulda body slammed his bitch ass on the spot. No respect for these kind of chumps 🖕
What I wouldn't give to whack that smug little prick.
I'd like to say it's just a Kentucky problem, but we know that's a lie. This is an American problem, and it won't get better until we start getting vocal.


This man never should've been in a position to be harassed. We, as Americans, need to protect our neighbors.
This is what white supremacy looks like. MAGA hat wearing teens strutting their superiority, mocking a Native elder and American veteran at yesterday's #IndigenousPeoplesMarch. Pretty sure my relatives killed in the Holocaust saw a similar look in the eyes of their Nazi killers.
That’s one smug pus you could fuckin skelp
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This is gross and unconscionable.
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