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The MAGA-hat wearing Covington Catholic High School students mocking Elder Nathan Phillips at the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington are direct descendants of the white privilege that empowered white kids to mock Elizabeth Eckford at Little Rock Central High School in 1957.

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When are these people going to learn to stop vilifying the people of color whose suffering and oppression enabled their privilege? pic.twitter.com/sVkCXIfE89
The Covington Catholic High School students also make the case why the Gillette ad last week was so important. It鈥檚 time for men to show some leadership and end the 鈥渂oys will be boys鈥 culture that excuses bullying of oppressed groups.
I am an African American Alumni of CCHS. I am the Parish representative to the Archdiocese. I will be calling on Monday
You can call the Bishop of the Diocese, Roger Foys, at 859-392-1500. The Archbishop is Joseph Kurtz at (502) 585-3291
Lord Jesus this shit got me ready to BEAT ASS
Someone got to the @CovCathColonels wiki page and fixed it. I was able to get a screen shot. Not all heros wear capes pic.twitter.com/U24ZZaZM3x
This is a direct result of Trump鈥檚 hate filled rallies. Period. #TickTock
I hope every college admissions office in the nation watches this video.
Nathan Philips is an American hero. He and his people care about this land.
The whole group is disgusting. Where were the chaperones, recording it? @CovCathColonels.
#covingtoncatholichighschool This is horrific behavior from anyone and so despicable from a child who was clearly taught to hate - HORRIFIC
Some of the school's corporate sponsors... pic.twitter.com/G8X0q3QbgQ
It hurts me to watch this video on Martin Luther Kings holiday weekend!!!
See the face of hate with a smile:
A fine example of a Mitch McConnell constituant.
Mocking the REAL Americans.
Who's raising these monsters?
His Catholic High School has failed to teach him anything about Christ. His parents failed at teaching him to be human.
Only a matter of time before this same disrespect (blank) kid Standing & smirking in the face of Elder Nathan Phillips will be boo-woo snot nose crying saying 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, I鈥檓 just a kid, i didn鈥檛 know what i was doing!鈥 & his parents will say social media are ruining their lives
Let the school鈥檚 principal, Robert Rowe, know your thoughts on the matter pic.twitter.com/ppPZzIhUKP
Terrible. Their parents are failing miserably.
Melanie鈥檚 BeBest campaign is working swimmingly.
Not going to get political here. Who are the parents of these children? How can you feel anything but shame at this type of behavior?

Shame, shame on you, spoiled and completely uneducated children. You look like fools, and deserve to.
Covington Catholic should be embarrassed and ashamed! What are they teaching these kids?
Thank you for identifying these jerks. Where鈥檚 the Covington Catholic Church on this?
High school boys can be cruel. What bothers me is this kid is probably in DC for the Pro-Life March. That says volumes about what he does not understand about respect for all life, his faith, or a loving God. What a sad loser moment for him. 馃槥馃槨
Here is the contact for the Archdiocese of Louisville which sponsored this 鈥測outh pilgrimage鈥: comm@archlou.org Archbishop Kurtz tel:(502)585-3291 fax 502-585-2466
The MAGA hat is a symbol of hatred and white supremacy. They are also worn by students to public schools in most communities in America. What message are we sending to our students of color by allowing this hate speech in our schools? This video is sickening.
This is horrid and is born from a culture that teaches white youth to disrespect Indigenous lives and land. This is a racist legacy. We stand by those at the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch.
The most annoying thing about this is that they are at THEIR march!
I don't tweet politics, so I will call this a tweet on human decency. This behaviour is reprehensible and goes against everything that a Catholic education represents. If this behavior has been reported in accurate context, this school and diocese must take action.
There seems to be NOTHING Christian about @CovCathColonels Any decent parent should with kids there should pull their kids out NOW! #CovCathColonelsDisgrace #CovingtonCatholicHigh pic.twitter.com/TBB3nVVxJa
This kid is seriously so gross. Someone punch him, please.
The goal of the Indigenous People鈥檚 March is to draw attention to injustice toward Native-Americans. This 鈥減rotest鈥 of the march is nothing but sheer racism. These douchebags are out here disrespecting people because of their skin color. Fuck y鈥檃ll.
A Catholic education has done them well. So happy the teachers have instilled the central tenets of the religion in their students.
Isaiah 3:11 Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.
They should be forced to show this clip on all future Resume
Make this trend! They chanted 鈥渂uild the wall鈥 in front of peaceful Natives praying and singing for the creator. These ignorant students were supposed to be participating in the pro-life protest but thought this was more important.
Wow, this is powerful stuff. Look at the smug look on that kids face. Some day I hope he looks back on this and realizes he was on the wrong side of history.
Make America Native Again
Jeez. The poster child for "Punch Me and my Hateful Parents in the Face"
If you have ever been around people like this boy, you recognize what his smirking expression and body language are saying. They鈥檙e saying 鈥淚 am untouchable鈥 and it鈥檚 why I don鈥檛 believe white people who claim they don鈥檛 experience or knowingly have privilege and power.
It's a shame that these kids are at a Catholic institution and do not live the message of Jesus. My understanding of my faith is that we should not treat others like this. Sad that people behave like this. We need to respect the dignity if ALL people.
Exactly the audience the Gillette ad was made for. #boyswillbemen
Where exactly...were the adults? These trips require teacher/parent chaperones....
Land of the free and home of the brave...ha ha ha ha ha!
I am saddened & angry at this hate.
Anyone who is angry and disgusted by the young men from Covington Catholic High School who mocked Omaha elder Nathan Phillips in Washington yesterday, e-mail:
sbeiting@covcath.org rflesch@covcath.org
The arrogant disrespect of these bigoted children is intolerable.
Why would high school students do this? It鈥檚 despicable, disrespectful and inhuman. These students must be taught how to respect people whether young or old.
I can definitely imagine some of my high school classmates doing exactly this.
It looks familiar doesn鈥檛 it? pic.twitter.com/76wdaF90Oa
Seems that this school and the parents have failed miserably in teaching values. #CovingtonCatholicHighSchool #IndigenousPeoplesMarch
Despicable people, this is what this administration is breeding of the youths today, what hope is there unless they are taught by better examples of moral fibre and finer acts of humane kindness and consideration, only a new administration would suffice,!!!
Disrespect has consequences: School website is down: covcath.org: Covington Catholic High School is a private, all-male high school in Park Hills, . Kentucky.
Worth noting, nearly every single person on twitter related to Covington has locked their account. Click search, Covington, select People at top and see list. #cowards They are circling the wagons and prepping a PR response. They鈥檒l do nothing but damage control.
And by "direct descendants," we mean, living testaments to the fact that the following common defenses are, in fact, lies: 1.) racism will simply die out when the old people do, and 2.) racism is something that happened "back then"
Lol this dork fucking nerd is so afraid to smile with his teeth because he 100% has braces on his horrible 15 yr old shitty fucking teeth.

Mr. Phillips teeth are probably perfect and beautiful.
.@usbank How can you sponsor modern day Nazi youth like this? When will you denounce this behavior and ask for your sponsorship in return? @cnnbrk @nytimes @ACLU
What a proud legacy they stand in. I'm so disgusted, this has ruined my entire day. But so so much respect for the elder who stood in his power, dignity, and truth in the face of this disgusting display of white supremacy and cowardice.
Disgraceful on sooo many levels.
this is y God gave some of ya'll no lips
This is why I teach history. We must not continuously repeat the injustices of our past. We must recognize the root causes and snuff them out with empathy. @ZinnEdProject
Despicable students! School should do some serious soul searching on the work they do day to day! Maybe they didn鈥檛 get the Catholic social justice memo??!!!!
All of a sudden that #Gillette ad doesn't look so offensive, now, does it?
This is why the US is condemned. The ignorance runs SO DEEP its unable to save itself. WTF is this SMIRKED white privileged punk trying to convey. That he is ignorant and in Washington to be defiant? I can not stomach this at all.
Get their names. If they鈥檙e seniors, make sure colleges or future employers are aware.
Please tell me these students will be identified and disciplined! I understand Catholic schools are adept at disciplining school boys. 馃あ
The ability of this elder to remain calm, collected, and composed even as a disgusting and extended display of racism is directed at him by a large mob of young people who should know better is incredible. What a hero he is.
Covington Catholic has made its Twitter account private. They are clearly in a bunker mentality. Of course they should be ashamed of their students. That said, this is NOT a blanket condemnation of Catholic/Christian education. But this school has much soul searching to do.
This makes my soul scream with injustice. Who do these kids think they are coming to our city with this hate?
Face this head on.

Don't look away.

If you call yourself #Catholic, denounce it.

@CovCathColonels must do more than apologize...they must take action...they must face the #intolerance + #cruelty directly.
Eagerly awaiting his parents鈥 statement about their 1 black friend
May I say, as an all-girls Catholic High School grad, these students should be ashamed of themselves, and do not represent the values I was taught in my 12 years of Catholic education.
History always repeats itself... Much respect to this man for standing his ground in the face of adversity
CONFESSION. In high school I took part in harassing & mocking an old lady that did weird things out in her yard. The cops rounded us up & took us to her house to apologize. Inside, we realized she was unwell. Her son had recently died in Vietnam. I've never felt so bad.
Covington Catholic High School should think about adding a Civics class to their religious instruction calculus.
If you don鈥檛 have a problem with this, you are the problem. This makes me sick and I hope these guys have fun being the face of racism for years to come.
As someone who was raised Catholic I find this shameful. As a human being I find this disgusting and embarrassing.
Here is the contact for the Archdiocese of Louisville which sponsored this 鈥測outh pilgrimage鈥: comm@archlou.org Archbishop Kurtz tel:(502)585-3291 fax 502-585-2466 #CovingtonCatholic #CovingtonCatholic #CovingtonCatholic #CovingtonCatholic
Of fucking course these kids are from Covington Catholic
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