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THIS. I showed the video of the MAGA kid to my privileged 18-year-old son. I鈥檓 confident he would never behave this way, but it鈥檚 important he know that not only is the behavior despicable, but he has an obligation to intervene.
Don鈥檛 just focus on the young man who is front and center....there are another 50-60 who are enabling/participating in this taunting. Use this moment to TEACH what humanity is about!! Mob mentality is a powerful thing and ALL participants must be aware of their role in this scene
Bingo. What rock has anyone who doesn鈥檛 get this been hiding under?
Someone should tell the young man how his actions are making him a visual symbol of the times. I expect he could be in textbooks in the future just like the beatings peaceful protesters. Or the young white people jeering a young black girl going to school.
Whether the #MAGA parents voted for him to blow up Washington or to get more jobs or blind loyalty to #GOP or racism/sexism/xenophobia- it doesn鈥檛 even matter. The result is the SAME. @realDonaldTrump has normalized appalling behavior. Their parents鈥 support CONDONED it.
Same hate; new marketing.
I鈥檝e been seeing these pictures plastered in my textbooks since childhood & have ALWAYS been fascinated by the range they capture. In one single shot, we see a gang of humans with no humanity whatsoever & a sole human with more humanity than everyone else combined.
It's purposeful, learned, and perpetuated in word and deed. Nothing harmless or stupid about it and those who say otherwise are combining willful ignorance with willful naivete/self-delusion
They know what they're doing, you can tell by the smug smiles on their faces. Just like this thug who already made the jump to violence. Bet a judge will go easy on him since he has "his whole life ahead of him" then he'll get out and shoot up a church.鈥
Definitely not harmless. That kind of mob taunting often leads to violence as you say.
I think about that a lot. These kids are still alive, still 鈥渧oting鈥
This is the hottest hot take, the only take. Great take. Take this take and let it marinate.
Stupid, yes. Harmless, no. There is a wave of ignorance and arrogance in this country that should have died out by now, but I guess not. Unless we can address the root causes it will always find a way to the surface.
Hope those kids and their parents grandchildren enjoy their place on the wrong side of history. Their future grandchildren will (hopefully) be horrified to discover this photo some day.
and even if punished, he will be forgiven, nurtured & supported as he grows into a white male man of privilege. Whatever his choices today cost him, he will never be at risk, outcast, downtrodden, an "other" in mainstream America. He is the poster child of mainstream America
There is nothing harmless about what is behind that boy鈥檚 eyes and smirk!
The SUPERINTENDENT of the Covington Diocese schools was there, in attendance, during this despicable act. Clearly, there is a long tradition of haters from this parish.
Precisely, and reveals so much about how hate is learned by watching others, especially by watching Trump and his band of racists and criminals. Sad times for America.
Agreed. Although as a scholar of #NativeAmerican history I would frame it differently: the tradition begins with colonial othering and is continually violent.
Today I revisited the Holocaust Museum in DC. Saw a bunch of these kids there. Apparently the message isn鈥檛 visceral enough for them to grasp. Irony has died.
He's stupid.. But not harmless. This stuff is how Hitler Youth took root.
One step removed from Charlottesville... 馃槨
hes far too brown-shirty to be seen as harmless. this keeps playing in my head when i see him.鈥
You three @RepDonBacon @BenSasse @DebFischerNE enable the Maga kids (Trump Youth) every day. This is your legacy. Proud of yourselves?
鈥淏ystanders鈥 are people who were passive and indifferent to the escalating persecution that culminated in the Holocaust. After the war, many ordinary Germans and Europeans claimed that they were bystanders to avoid any responsibility for what happened.
You are correct! Hi as well as others have been taught that this is okay! He is in the Elder鈥檚 personal space! My prayers daily r that we recognize the error of our ways as a nation/people/world! For some it may be to late馃槥
And not great parenting.
The Proud Boys future members (or other hate group take your pick)
We are hoping for progression as human beings. In the words of Samuel Beckett we need to fail better.
This is the horrific influence of @realDonaldTrump. Such a terrible legacy.
You're 100% right. I see what they did to Mr. Phillips as unbelievably menacing.
He looks exactly like one of those kids in the third image. The only good thing in the video of the little shit was when you saw the "is this working, is this worth it, won't they bow down to me soon so I can feel like a winner"-look in his eyes
This is why we are so urgently begging for Trump to be impeached. His rotten regime has poured gasoline on the fire of hatred we have long sought to finally extinguish. With every passing day, there are more impressionable, morally vulnerable youth buying into his evil brand.
No... it is NOT harmless, you can SEE he was feeling EMPOWERED by such a public display of racism. It is nauseating. I just wish somebody would give him a dose of what he deserves.
and he's not a kid. we need to stop framing them as children. this wouldn't be the narrative had they been black, brown. racist people being racist and violent.
Evil finds useful tools in every generation.
And we haven鈥檛 even seen accountability or penance from the children and adults in Baraboo, Wisconsin
Well, the school brought these kids to the rally so that they could protest against the autonomy and rights of women and girls, so is racism a huge leap? I don鈥檛 think so.
Despicable yes, harmless no.
Definitely not harmless!
Not harmless. He was confident that he had the support of the mob behind him. This is reminiscent of many bigot mobs in the past.
The Superintendent of Schools Diocese of Covington was in DC with them. Call the Catholic school at 859-491-2247 Email
You are right. The current situation is dangerous. Thank you for reminding us.
Agree. Parents, teachers, pastors put kids on the bus, bought MAGA hats, did nothing to stop the behavior (which they clearly learned at home or school) but now want to say it was wrong/kids being kids. Sorry. All the adults related to #CovingtonCatholicHigh should be mortified!
Behind those kids, within the walls of the Memorial, are inscribed Lincoln鈥檚 words 鈥淲ith malice toward, with charity for all...鈥 Those kids desecrated the Lincoln Memorial today. There can be no argument or ambiguity.
That photo of the Nazis cutting the man鈥檚 beard is one of the first photos from the Holocaust I ever saw. It鈥檚 still one of the first images I think of when I think of the Holocaust, and it was the first thing I thought of when I saw that kid.
This is what they are taught at home also.
And it鈥檚 not just ONE kid. Others are laughing doing war cries taunting too.
Appropriately, #ExposeChristianSchools is trending.
No tax dollars should ever go toward their indoctrination of hatred and hypocrisy.
They have become completely politicized until right wing ideology is inseparable from their own.
And in the end it won鈥檛 disqualify him from being a Supreme Court Justice. We just saw this movie...#CovingtonCatholicHigh #WhitePrivilege #IBelieveHer
I'm afraid there is a word for it. And, I, for one, won't be using it on Twitter.
Do they have history class?
Picture like this were all I could think of as I watched that video...the hatred in his eyes is something that鈥檚 been ingrained in white Americans since the founding of this shithole of a country
Yes. We are reliving the worst of humanity.
This young POS from @CovCathColonels will be the next generation of neo-Nazi. I'm sure since the chaperone must have been with them that this is acceptable behavior according the the word of "god".
really respect life - so long as unborn. @RespectLifeRVC
(On a separate thought) I feel like this also connect to when we see black ppl being publicly humiliated when forced to cut off their locs (e.i the HS wrestler, etc) It鈥檚 unjust, harmful, & traumatic Theres a huge negative impact
THE GIGGLING Echoes of #DrFord testimony. The laughing. #MAGAts
white people just gotta goooooo
This brings back my memories of walking home from school, followed by boys, taunting, ridiculing, then throwing stones. Montreal 1966.
'It can happen again' -Simon Wiesenthal
The kid in the MAGA hat has Trump in his corner who happens to poll higher than Obama in Israel, one of the only two countries in the world where that's the case (the other is Russia, for obvious reasons.)
Kentucky is ranked 46th in education. We are seeing @CovCathColonels inability to educate in action. And while we're on Kentucky... #WheresMitch
He is that snarling woman threatening Elizabeth Eckford. Same evil heart. Sad that he has the tacit approval of our equally black-hearted president.
White people did not conquer because they are stronger or more intelligent, they did so because good, peaceful people trusted that THEY too, were good.
The Holocaust, Slavery, Indigenous genocide, white people aren't superior, they are ASSHOLES. #MAGA #CovingtonCatholicSchool
Only option is to end them before they reproduce
Honestly the shameless exploitation of genocides past to push a political agenda in modern times is hilarious. Just because something bad happened to jews once doesn't mean every single instance of a white person refusing ideological poison is the start of another holocaust.
In my experience - most people have done some form of bullying or insulting and most outgrow it. We meet more people unlike us. The more context we get of the whole world the better we become. The few who don鈥檛 live horrible lives.
trump & the GOP has set the example for the young to behave in such a terrible and racist manner.
Are they giving that dude a bump in the fourth pic?
along the lines of PJ, Squee, Tobin, and Kavanaugh?
When I saw the videos of the teenagers in MAGA hats surrounding the Native American protestors, this is immediately what I thought of.
Time for America to admit that election a racist wasn't a good idea, and hating people as part of religion is criminal and inhumane.
It鈥檚 kind of like the odd shaped black mole that shows up on your back. It鈥檚 really no big deal except it grows. But since it doesn鈥檛 really hurt it gets ignored. Next thing you know you鈥檝e got skin cancer. That鈥檚 how harmless that little douche is.
His is a face in the lynch mob photos.
Agreed. He is neither stupid nor harmless. He is the latest iteration in hundreds of years of American white supremacist mob violence against PoC.
I don鈥檛 know the kid. I saw what he did, and I saw what any chaperone with them didn鈥檛 do. I鈥檓 hoping he was just a snot nosed little shit. But I鈥檓 certain the chaperones should bear the brunt of the condemnation.
Thank you for this post. Seeing is believing.
Sort of like a twitter mob mocking, dog-piling, ridiculing, shit-posting about Hitler, to a pro-life practicing Jew ? ZEITZ.
Yeah, this is t just typical teen asshattery, no MAGA pun intended. This is sickness.
A swarm of MAGA hat-wearing teenage pricks descended upon a Native American Vietnam War vet in D.C. Covington Catholic High School: Principal Robert Rowe E-mail: Telephone: (859) 491-2247 You all know what to do.
Where boys are taught to be hate-filled toxic males. #Shame
Liberals get labeled as radicals for suggesting that every person ought to have access to health care. To be considered a radical conservative, you have to pipe-bomb a Planned Parenthood.
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