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Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam veteran, stood dignified and unbowed in the literal face of white aggression. As expected. The MAGA hats make it easier to see, but this is older than Trump and his flock. It isn’t “kids being kids.” It is America being America.
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The look in this teenage motherfucker's eyes is one of the most repulsive things I've ever seen
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@JamilSmith "This is American being America."
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@JamilSmith Imaging what Trump/Republicans would be saying right now if a group of Arab or Somali high school kids were surrounding and intimidating an elderly white person attending the pro-life march?
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The cosmic-tearing insanity of our present has somehow made "they harassed Vietnam veterans when they returned" finally true.
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@JamilSmith He’s all smiles now. Just wait until this video resurfaces when he goes to look for a job! The internet lives forever!
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@JamilSmith This boy had to learn this level of disrespect from someone.
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@JamilSmith Props to that lady calling out their mob mentality 👍👏
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In 2019, we celebrated the election of the first-ever Native women elected to Congress (@RepDebHaaland + @RepDavids). We honored Indigenous People in the United States. Yet, we are painfully reminded of the hatred that is the Kentucky that some of us know. #ThisIsAmerica
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@JamilSmith @KelynSoong Remind me again why so many men are angry with @Gillette ?
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@JamilSmith https://t.co/41qz771Xqo Rev Roger Foys, Bishop of the Diocese, info@covdio.org or 859-392-1500
Michael Clines, Superintendent mclines@covcath.org (859) 392-1500
Bob Rowe, Principal, browe@covcath.org or 859-491-2247
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The fact that these people went out of their way to go to an INDIGENOUS PEOPLE MARCH and chant “build the wall” is so cruel. Who was here first?? INDIGENOUS PEOPLE. Not you and your white privileged ancestors.
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@JamilSmith This is the A.I.M. (American Indian Movement) song. These children do not realize the great honor it is of being approached and sung to by a Native elder who happens to be a Vietnam Vet, Nathan Philips.
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@JamilSmith @MiAmourC_ They're taking so much pride in such a great level of cowardice.
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It’s undeniable that the MAGA hat is a modern symbol of oppression and hatred akin to the confederate flag.
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all of these kids deserve to have their asses beat.
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@JamilSmith My heart just aches at the cruelty and disrespect. 💔Such dignity and strength in Mr. Phillip's face as he continues honoring his brethren.
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The Stablest of, like, Geniuses
@JamilSmith My soul hurts today. I’m raising my kids to be better, but these kids’ parents aren’t. This will always be America.
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@JamilSmith But wait .... the Gillette commercial was all fake news and undue criticism 🙄
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Man I wish someone woulda ran up N socked his ass
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i only hope this chant is a pox on all those lil fullers...
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@JamilSmith Just switched the white hoods for the red caps.
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@JamilSmith I am in tears from anger!!!! The grace and strength, this man shows!
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@JamilSmith Build the wall around Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.
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@JamilSmith Ok so question. I saw the video so i just need to ask, besides him standing there with a shit eating grin, what did he do wrong? The other assholes were worse. I don’t condone him but i don’t know why people are mad at THJS kid. He just stood there defiant, yes...but didn’t act..
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@JamilSmith Might have been said but I am wondering where their adult chaperones are? The school is going to make this about kids being kids but they must have had adults there too. Wtf were they doing?
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Why is being a dickhead considered fashionable in some quarters? 🤷‍♂️
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I don’t like to get involved in politics but fuck trump supporters, bunch of disrespectful ass little baby bitches smh
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Bring those white boys to Los Angeles and see how that works out for them here.
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I wonder when the media class will give up on exaggerating the “boomer VS milennial” dichotomy out of self-preservation when young people are just as much (if not more) willing to express reactionary views than their forebears
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All these kids are disgusting. This video is so sad and infuriating to watch.
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i really do hate my race, ignorant cunts.
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@JamilSmith No, it is Betsy Devos in action. This is why the vast majority of Americans support public education and critical thinking, as taught by national standards and common core. #NEA
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the strength of a man who is looking a young colonizer in the eye as he sings the songs of his people and his ancestors without hesitation is what I’m choosing to focus on. I hope this child finds peace and learns his place
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Don’t give him a f-ing dime for that wall @SpeakerPelosi This is the America he breeds: Racism and lies and perpetuation of hate and ignorance all in the smirk of a little shit standing with a mob in front of a Vietnam Veteran.
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can’t get past this smug sneering teen, and the look of sheer arrogance as his crew of taunting friends behave like a smoldering mob. The Native American is harmless and simply chants. There is an adult in the mix too. He does nothing. What the fuck is happening in this country?
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I genuinely feel bad for the white people who aren’t like this
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Stanley Cup Winner FatouFIERCE
The more I watch this the more upset I get. Hate is learned and these parents did a massive disservice to these kids.
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another reason to not go to USA
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@JamilSmith @LesaPR Covington Catholic High
Principal Robert Rowe
E-mail: browe@covcath.org
Telephone: (859) 491-2247

Diocesan Board of Catholic Education Superintendent, Michael Clines: (859) 392-1500
E-mail: mclines@covdio.org

Assistant Superintendent, Karen McGuire
E-mail: kmcguire@covdio.org
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@JamilSmith That’s why when ppl are outraged saying “this isn’t America, Americans don’t act like this”. Nooooo, this is EXACTLY AMERICA, & how Americans act. @LegalizingBlack
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Fuck trump and all his supporters
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who raising these children? i jus wanna talk.
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@JamilSmith And people want to know why racism doesn't fade away. It's taught and passed down from generation to generation.
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@JamilSmith So many conservatives saying "I never saw racism like this until Obama was elected" today as a way to "prove" the GOP/White America wasn't always like this. Nah, ya'll were just blind to the hatred that always existed.
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@JamilSmith America should be ashamed of itself. As a former veteran of the Canada Army, I wonder what American veterans think of this young man and his school and what they represent. I know America should be better than what this young man represents and it can be!!!
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“ we must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools “
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Literally standing still silently with a red hat = “white aggression” whatever that means.
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I wish I was there..... that’s all I can say
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@JamilSmith It actually ticks me off when people say this isn't the America they know; it's the America it's always been. Ask Native Americans, look at slavery.... hell, I remember the stories my grandmother told us!
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@JamilSmith And the moment the boys get punched in the face they gonna act surprised and play the victim
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Nothing is more uglier to me than a sense of entitlement. Nathan Phillips, you're a hero.
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@JamilSmith @interstate8 He stands there as if he has a right to mock and look down on someone who’s ancestors were in America before his were.
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man i don’t got the patience. buddy smiling would’ve got clocked.
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Nothing I want more than to see this kid get his ass best. Him and that dumbass gun girl
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@JamilSmith Sad as it is to admit, you’re right. The climate today towards difference is toxic &, n some circles, acceptable. What set me off is indifference of crowd only to find out this gentlemen is a veteran. I am disgusted & perplexed by complacency demonstrated by uneducated people.
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@JamilSmith @sinnsage Ppl talk about millenials, but what about the generation that is right behind them??
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the ignorance and disrespect ... 😷
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🇬🇧UKIP Spain Brigade🇬🇧
Have u seen these bunch of brave kids taking a stand against old bloke playing the drum at them VERY AGRESIVLEY. This is what #MAGA looks like! Thanku Presedent Trump! #inspirational #goosebumps
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「ꜱᴇᴏᴋᴊɪɴɴɪᴇ'ꜱ♡souʟmatᴇ」 Ⓥ
@JamilSmith They make me so sick
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@JamilSmith Nathan did this, stood his ground with mercenaries who carried weapons and tried to intimidate Native Americans at Standing Rock.
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Wow. I didn’t want to watch this because I was afraid of owning the pain of it all. As you get older, images like this are beyond disconcerting. America the Ugly. You deserve your ugly president.
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This type of behaviour is despicable to the highest level. If you see this type of abhorrent act, you have an obligation to intervene. Standing by just doesn’t cut it anymore. If the world is to progress, the majority has to be better to drown this rhetoric out.

Just. Be. Kind.
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@JamilSmith These vulgar young men attend Covington Catholic High School
1600 Dixie Highway, Park Hills, KY 41011

Robert Rowe, Principal

Michael Guidugli, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students
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this is one of those images you see in history books. the kind that show an eras division and conflicts. these are the pictures our children and their children will see of how we lived and what we worked and fought for. history repeats itself, make sure its not the mistakes.
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@JamilSmith @cwsparker Why do all these kids look like the banjo player in “DeIiverence”
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The smug look on his face infuriates me.
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Didn't know there was an American Outlaws rally today
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@JamilSmith It’s so sad and upsetting that I live a world away in the UK, and my heart is breaking right now. Just why??? 😭💔
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@JamilSmith It’s not like there were hidden cameras. Phones everywhere. He deserves everything that comes to him.
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Indigenous Native American(redundant?), vet, doing something culturally esoteric under the scrutiny of a white smug kid in a maga hat. You couldn’t script a more outrage inducing racist scenario lol.
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Truly shocking scene from Trump’s America. Or should we be so surprised?
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“These are the boys @Gillette was talking about.”
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@JamilSmith Find the name of the MAGA hat guy and send it to every college admissions officer in the country.
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Makes me sick to my core....I hate this world so much.....if this is America someone needs to come and fix it
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@JamilSmith Those kids clearly have no upbringing. This isn't about their hats, their skin color or any political party. It's about poor parenting,

I have brown skin and have luckily never encountered any aggression resulting directly from that.
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@JamilSmith The students were there doing a school chant. The Indian got in the kid’s face. The entire truth is the opposite of whist leftists are touting.
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I want to meet the people teaching these children to be the way they are
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June 5th, 1989, a man stands in front of a column of tanks.

January 19th, 2019, a native man and army veteran stands and sings for peace in front of a column of hate.
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Looks like Covington Catholic students from Cincinnati area #CovCathColonels #CovCath we should expect better from our students who will soon enter a diverse world, not to mention many of whom will live on Indigenous land #CovCathColonelsDisgrace #CovingtonCatholicHigh
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These maga children really tryna catch a tomahawk on they ass.
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Politics ruin this country bc all that results from it is ppl opposing eachother. It is evil and corrupt AF regardless of what side you’re on. They WANT to divide and conquer. This is all against unity. No matter what the difference is, we are all one. Idk how ppl don’t get it.
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Bunch of fucking pussies. A NATIVE American who is also a Vietnam Veteran being disrespected by a bunch of racist fucks.

Respect the natives and respect your troops, assholes.
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This kid has a very punchable face
0 7
i’ll slap every single one of them
0 7
Faces so punchable
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@JamilSmith Trump's america, not my america
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@JamilSmith Shameful @CovCathColonels @Pontifex Your behavior is not making America great.
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Talking about politics is not for me, BUT when I see shit like this it pisses me off tremendously. This is sad and not surprising at all, especially in today’s world. I always say to myself, hatred towards another will never go away, but one day racism will.
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These kids ugly as fuck, ain’t no other way around it.
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@JamilSmith I have never been so disappointed. Their parents didn’t teach them about no respect.
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