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Mourinho: “My philosophy depends. I’d love to go to a club and be in conditions to do what Jurgen and Pep did. When Jurgen is in the club and wins absolutely nothing for three and a half years, still has the trust, confidence to keep going.” #mufc [beIN]
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@utdxtra He actually has some decent points.
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@utdxtra But their performance is in ascending order, ours was descending under him.
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Mourinho just LOVES to victimize himself.
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@utdxtra My love for this man only increases. Not running away from the question and absolutely spot on!
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@utdxtra Aston Villa needs a manager then
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@utdxtra Jurgen is better at player-coach relationship. Pretty sure that’s partly what kept the team fighting all these years. But I can’t say the same thing for Mourinho.
You can’t be having a bad season at the same time having a bad relationship with your top players.
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@utdxtra So glad to see this virus is not at the club anymore
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That's the thing, José.

Jurgen received a squad you'd never accept as bench players.

He made Liverpool relevant and feared again, the improvement was gradual but certain.

With you, the decline is quick.
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@utdxtra @Calwolves91 The difference between Mourinho and those managers is his toxic ego.
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@utdxtra Jurgen "wins absolutely nothing for 3 and a half years" 😂😂
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@utdxtra Stop finger bashing the self destruct button then Jose!!
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@utdxtra The man is deluded. Does he even believe his own nonsense? Unlike Mourinho at United, Klopp has continuously improved Liverpool which is apparent in both play style and results. Of course that earns the trust to carry on.
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kylian mbappe🏃🏾‍♂️💨
@utdxtra I love this guy so much 😂
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@utdxtra Probably because he isn’t falling out with everyone and publicly slating his players
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Sycophants unwilling to challenge a star here. Unreal how much control Jose has.
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This guy can’t seem to grasp the fact that managers earn trust by building a philosophy and style of play from nothing, not just by going to already established clubs and winning a trophy for their CV
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One of his honest interviews. Loved every bit of it. Everything he said was spot on imo. People often despise him for his negative football, though it's been the case at times. But his Madrid side was the best counter attacking team of this millennium bar none
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Is he meant to be saying something revolutionary here?
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@utdxtra Mou you don’t get it. Who cares about Liverpool. We are Man utd
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Everyone ones fault but his . Got to love the guy we will never really no what went off behind closed doors , time away from football would do him good no need for him to go on a show with them two toss pots
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Whatever your opinions on the man are no one can deny he’s box office to listen too 👍
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@utdxtra So happy we have moved on from Mourinho
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@utdxtra I can’t lie and say Mourinho isn’t making sense. He is actually speaking the truth. Still love the man.
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@utdxtra Wow.. reading the caption & listening to the whole vedio paints 2 different pictures. He actually has some valid points there.
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@utdxtra Tbf he does make some good points.
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@utdxtra The more o listen to him the more I question my own judgment, and wonder how the he'll I believed in him to start with
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@utdxtra Think someone was just caught out by a club ran properly without the blank chequebook
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@utdxtra Yet again fails to mention he spent over 350 mill 🤦🏽‍♂️
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@utdxtra The man spent like 350mil on players and was dogging all of them but Matic and Fellaini. Fellaini was useless and Matic’s form for like 2 months was awful. Jose killed everyone’s confidence, lost the dressing room. He was the toxic element of #MUFC. #ManUtd
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😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I mean he’s right
1 8
@utdxtra Fair enough. He makes some good Points. But he fails to see how Klopp has changed our play in 3 and a half years to progressive and aggressive football that us fans love to see.
There's no way United fans would want to see 3 and a half of years of the football he set out to Play
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Let it go on record that I love this man. ❤️
0 9
Absolutely love this guy🤣
2 6
Yeah well done Mourinho, you got the best/biggest team in England a europa league and a shit English cup 👏🏻 amazing, with millions spent, should be challenging for champions leagues and English titles not shit scraps ya bellend
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@utdxtra He is a good manager for only 3 years, beyond that, he becomes a wrecking ball.
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@utdxtra He spoke some serious sense!!!
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@utdxtra Glad he’s gone his only success depends on the cheque book he would of destroy our young players and got rid of Martial if he had his ways #MUFC
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@utdxtra Whatever club he goes to next i feel sorry for them in advance, it all starts perfectly, smiling and playing good football, later it guarantees to turn sour, players fall out with him and he'll make the club look bad.
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@utdxtra Mou still doesn't get it, @ManUtd is not Liverpool or city. We should b winning , not giving lectures in 'philosophy' #MUFC
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@utdxtra He’s getting desperate to take shots at us now
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@utdxtra I’m sure if he played backwards thinking football and just about fell out with everyone around him he still wouldn’t be there.
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@utdxtra He talks a good game.
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@utdxtra Savage... But true.. Love that
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@utdxtra I love jose just states facts 😂
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@utdxtra I love me some Jose mourihno. My day has been made
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@utdxtra @LeonceMongi pls take this class to houff....lessons that ur mob there needs
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Spot on as per from Mourinho. Not exactly like Klopp plays liquid football as well, yet he still garners all the clubs support.

Mou’s redemption is very near. Whichever club he joins next he will be gunning for vengeance.
2 4
@utdxtra Classic Jose! Intelligent on his point and very on point. #MUFC job taught him a big lesson and would make him wiser too. You don't jump on a plane that has no true plan to fly!
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@utdxtra he signed enough players to put out his own starting 11. he chose to play deadwood. deluded virus.
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I'm finished he's MikeLUHG in real life https://t.co/vERDirZKUc
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@utdxtra @manj_dosanjh He’s the bitterest man I’ve ever seen he has 400million to spend at united to listen to him he had 40p
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@utdxtra He don’t answers the questions, just has a dig at other mangers. He will go to Madrid there a match made in heaven
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@utdxtra He's going on about jurgen And pep
They play attacking football thats entertaining to watch And have brought the correct players wisely, that's why Jurgen has been given time
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@utdxtra Jurgen didn't fight his Players
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As much as I despise the guy he makes valid points
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I don’t know if it were the words or the accent. Joseeee 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
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0 6
I hate to say this but he’s making a lot of sense 🤦🏽‍♂️
0 6
I miss him already ffs
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@utdxtra Klopp and Pep didn't barny with everyone all the time.. I like Jose and its a shame it didn't work out - but he is wrong here in that he may well have had those conditions he was more positive!
2 3
Doesn't articulate it as he'd have liked to exactly but makes a valid point on how only super teams are capable of playing 'attractive' football to win a league while relatively weaker sides need to be slightly on the defensive if they've to get the job done. Correct
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@utdxtra Move on José. You failed, it was the right decision to sack you.
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@utdxtra MOU to perfectly right. The management of MAN UNITED was really disrespectful with him. When you choose a coach it means that you like the philosophy and tactics put in place by this coach. Today we see OLE win and everyone knows of joy. But accept when the latter starts to lose.
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@utdxtra I respect jose i even did not want him to be sacked, but this is not his philosophy, jose is coach who looks at football with results, he always buys big names because he wants results today and not after 3 years, don't tell me that this is not true...
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At least Klopp and Pep don't bore us to death with archaic tactics..
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His delusion is absolutely hilarious.
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The man will always be a wanker and it wouldn't matter how much time he would get because his football is shit but he's right on the likes of Klopp and Pochettino being under no pressure to win trophies.
1 3
No lies told tbh 🤷🏽‍♂️
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@utdxtra Dude shut up, why is he embarrassing himself????????? God
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@utdxtra Didn’t Klopp make year on year improvements. Didn’t Mourinho decline year on year?
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@utdxtra @mr_kay_bee This one likes throwing shades. I love this man. 🤣🤣
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@utdxtra @baino15 @Joshwalton_92 what a load of shit , take failure on the chin for once
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Get this cunt off my timeline 🤮
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hahhahahjsfajksfkasfhskhjhak this guy

i kinda love him
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I actually fuck with Mou as a coach so much. Speaking straight facts here! People act like Mou has never played attacking football in his life😂
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I’ll pay to hear him and wenger discuss football

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I hate that he makes quite a few valid points 😩
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@utdxtra Klopp and pep don't bore us to death
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@utdxtra I respect and love u Jose
Don't lemme hate you now.....After spending the amount you did,,u are expected to win like Pep.
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@utdxtra @TurayDavid sir, those two finish in the top four you on the other hand had the club below the belt.The club tried to give him time but things didn't work out.
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@utdxtra @Tarfashock I can't believe I'm saying this but he was right more times than not
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@utdxtra That's becuase liverpool are happy with mediocrity, we are not. We are the biggest club in the world and you have to win when you are our manager
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@utdxtra Ja he gave us the Europa League but I don't ever wanna see this guy again. Was his advocate till he lost me with that Fellaini & McTominay obsession.
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@utdxtra Drunk gent. He’s a David Moyes that got 3 years
0 3
@utdxtra @johnmerro1 He picked up a team averaging 7th in the league
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@utdxtra Don’t even José. We know you want to the club’s cash to go as dry as the Sahara desert.
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